Minecraft? PS3? You know you wanna!

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  1. SO. I've obtained Minecraft for my PS3 and I was wondering if anyone would want to add me up on the PSN and play sometime! :D I think it would be really fun, plus you'll be entertained by me killing myself stupidly ._.''

    Anyways, if you have Minecraft for the PS3 and would like to join me in a Minecraftian adventure (or just to add me on the PSN for any other game), post here! :D
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  2. ~ Sad Faced Fijoli has only the 3ds ~

  3. :O I also have a 3DS!
  4. O.O

    ~wonders if there is online co-op 3ds games, Flies to Google, trailing a vibrant flowing rainbow behind her~
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  5. That is the one thing I don't have Minecraft for. I got it for PC on my laptop a long time ago, then a few years back I got it on my 360, and then about one and a half to two years ago I got it on my phone. *scratches forearm* I don't have a problem. I can quit whenever I want.
  6. Can PS3 people play with PC users too? Because I have no consoles in my possession, but I do have the PC version of minecraft and it has been a while since I had some minecrafting fun with my friends. Alone, it is really not much of an adventure because I have no one to show my creations to, not to mention that I think it is always better to play games in groups rather than alone.
  7. Nope. Everyone's confined to their own system.
  8. Xbox version over here....and tempted to get it for my phone....and pc.
  9. One would think that the people who made Minecraft would make it possible for different systems to play with each other. I believe Portal 2 could solve it so that the XBox players could play with the PC players, so the same solution could be applied to Minecraft. Oh well.
  10. In the case of Minecraft, some of the game mechanics are entirely different to start with (such as crafting), and they're all in different stages of development. There may eventually be some kind of functionality like that, but I really doubt it, as much as it sucks.
  11. One of us... one of us...
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