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  1. Heyo, Term here and I have a question for the Iwakuians of, well, Iwaku. If

    Minecraft = yes;
    Title_equation^ = Miners;
    Give = Miners(Thumbs_Up.png);

    That means You people are awesome. But, seriously. If you do have the game, for PC, mobile, or console? And so, what is your favorite thing about the game? Do you have any hobbies in the game? I.e. fishing, mining, etc.
  2. My favourite thing is building group projects with people.

    Giant Castles, Big Railroads, Nether Raids etc.

    I've only been on one Server (which I still use) though where that ever happens, because everywhere else people have the idea of "Group Server = Run off 2k blocks and isolate from everyone". Which only has me scratch my head and wonder they didn't just do singleplayer.
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  3. Which server? I've been thinking of hoping back into MC for a while now, even if its only a couple hours a week.
  4. I hate the game, not gonna lie.
  5. What's so bad about the game? It literally plops you into a bunch of coded textures! Endless things to do (:
  6. I can't say I really know why I hate the game. It is, by no means, a BAD game, I simply can't get into it. I played it for a few hours then got bored. I guess it's just not for me.
  7. Sadly it's a white listed server a friend of mine runs, and it's reserved mainly for those of us who met in High School, +2 People everyone in the High School groups knows (one from D&D, one is one of the friends little brother).
  8. Any minecrafters for Playstation 4?
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