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  1. So I am stuck at the hospital with only my tablet. Writing is a nightmare and I cant really devote the proper attention to my 'real" roleplays.

    So to keep me occupied I just wanna write brainless smut.

    You need to be:
    -Over 20.
    -Wanting to write either MxF (as the female) or MxM (as a girly femme bottom).

    Everything else we can work out.
  2. I can play a female role (not very good at MxM), was wondering what sort of thing you were looking for, though. Just smut seems a tad vague.

    Also, sorry to hear about the hospital issue. Hope you're okay. :)
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  3. My post was totally vague XD. Drop me a message maybe we can hash something out.
  4. Bump because porn.
  5. Question: What is your definition of a girly femme bottom? Because it's different for each person, and sometimes I'm super cool with playing it. And other times I just can't :/