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  1. Name: Paige
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Long pink hair with light blue eyes, dressed in a school outfit with a skirt, dress shoes and polo.
    Basic plot: Paige isn't actually 16, she's older but looks the part. She's here to learn more information about someone by becoming their 'friend', looking for someone else to be that someone. If this actually progresses and becomes something, I'd be interested in making it a non jump-in roleplay. :D

    Paige stormed into the room, her face the very definition of pissy. She had a bagel with a single bite taken from it grasped in one hand, an mp3 player in the other. She hurriedly seated herself and tried not to look obvious as she searched the room for the very person she'd come to find, learn more about and possibly befriend.
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  2. Name: Ikki
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Black hair, wears button down shirts and sometimes suits. Brown eyes that look more red and pale skin.
    Other: Trouble maker. Often creeps teachers out by making blood leak from his eyes.
    (The point of jump ins is so people dont have to do all the prep for non-jumps)

    Ikki is sitting in his desk, calm for once when a girl storms in the room, seemingly dragging hell behind her. He sighs. 'Wonder what crawled up her ass and died' he thinks. He goes back to drawing in his notebook. 'She's new. Can probably bleed and freak her out. Maybe add a faint.' He smirks a bit before sitting up and looking at Paige.
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    Paige grabbed a few books from her bag and pulled them out, setting them on her desk. She could feel eyes on her, so she looked around and found them. A boy was staring at her, but she wasn't quite sure why. "Hello?" She greeted, a confused expression on her face. She wasn't used to anybody paying much attention to her in this school. "How're you?" She questioned awkwardly.
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    The red eyes continue to stare, unblinkingly. Almost as if he were just staring off into space, but when she moved, his eyes or head moved as well. His eyes seemed to get more read, but then she realizes there is blood leaking from his eyes and running down his cheeks. Not a lot. Just a few drops.
  5. Name: Sera (Short for Seraphina)
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Long black hair, silver eyes that seem to glow, very pale, wearing a black skirt and a red sweater with black leggings and combat boots.

    Sera looked up from her sketchpad to see the new girl. She wondered why she seemed so angry. Sera looked back down, too quiet and nervous to ask. She started to draw the the girl, liking how she was so unique and interesting. As she did this she sipped from her "water bottle" though it did not hae water in it. Instead it was blood, something she needed to have daily in order to keep on living.
  6. She raised an eyebrow, staring at the boy's eyes. Was there something wrong with him that he didn't realize, or was this a scare tactic? She wasn't sure. Either way, she wasn't about to let him win if he was indeed trying to unnerve her. The young girl reached a hand into her bag, fishing around for a moment before pulling out a small bottle of eye drops. Keeping his stare, she placed the eye drops onto his desk. "You may just require these more than I do," she said softly, giving the bottle a single push towards him. "My name is Paige, who are you, strange boy?"
  7. His straight face breaks and he laughs. "Very funny. Ikki is my name" He passes back the eye drops and uses a tissue to wipe the blood from his face. He looks over the shoulder of the girl in front of him, having smelled more blood than his own. he sees her drawing and immediately forgets the smell. "That is a good drawing, miss."
  8. Paige grins at the boy, then glances over at the girl. This girl in particular was a shade of pale that Paige had never seen before, how odd. She decided to remain polite and not comment on it. She returned her attention to the boy. "Nice to meet you, Ikki," she said, her voice ringing with enthusiasm.
  9. He looks incredulously at her. "You seem excited. People dont get excited to see me. They get scared. There is something wrong with you. I like that."
  10. "Why would anyone be scared to see you?" Paige asks, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She playfully stuck her tongue out at him. Paige wasn't usually the sort to speak to others in a classroom setting, but Ikki seemed different from the usual people she dealt with. Much less annoying, a little more creepy. Suddenly, a horrific look came across her face. "The... THE HOMEWORK. I didn't do my... HOMEWORK." She frantically began digging through the mess of papers seemingly stuffed in her bag, looking for the unfinished homework for this class. Instead, though, she found the unfinished homework for every other class. "Wait... I forgot, I never do my homework. Silly me." She giggled and sat back in her seat. "So do you get good grades?"
  11. Sera looked over her shoulder at Ikki and smiled shyly. "Thank you...it's nothing." she said quietly. It was hard to hear her voice but since they were closer it was a little easier. She turned back to her drawing, still sipping from the bottle. She watched the new girl and had the drawing finished in no time, making it look just like her.
  12. "Do I look like I get good grades?" He laughs a bit. "I'm barely passing." He taps his fingers on the desk. They are longish and end at a point, but for the most part, his sweater sleeves are so long that they cover his nails. He looks thoughtful and the fingers resting on his arm start to dig into his skin.
  13. Paige nodded, understanding him completely. School had never been her strong point. It wasn't that she wasn't intelligent enough for it, she just lacked the ability to care for her studies. Her eyes returned once more to the pale girl and she noticed the drawing. She also noticed that it was a drawing of her. She felt a mixture of creeped out and insanely flattered. "Beautiful drawing, you really brought out my hair," she said, tapping her head with her index finger while smiling at the girl.
  14. Sera looked up and smiled. "I'm glad you like it." she said. Sera flipped the page and started on a fresh one, this time watching Ikki and drawing him instead. She even included the blood from his eyes.
  15. Paige noticed that the girl now seemed to be drawing Ikki. She giggled as the blood in his eyes was portrayed, as well. "Where did you learn to draw like that?" She asked the girl.

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    Sera looked up again. "I've had many years of practice." she replied, giving a small smile. Sera looked at Ikki and put in the finishing touches. Sera was what people these days called a "Vampire", a fantasy creature that no one believed in. Sera had lived for hundreds of years as a vampire, and through most of it she sharpened her art skills. She had come to this school with her father and older brother in search of a calming life in this new town. She rather liked it so far but it was crucial that she kept her secret hidden from anyone.
  17. "That does help, I imagine," Paige muttered. The way the girl carried herself let her know that she was well beyond her years. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but something about this girl was a little odd. It wasn't her place to mention it, though, so she let it go. "My name is Paige, what's yours?" She asked, not extending her hand for a handshake as to not freak out her new acquaintance. This girl seemed very shy.
  18. Ikki leans back in his chair. He was considered strange for many reasons: His claws, his eyes, the fact that he is usually bleeding, his tendency to eat spicy foods, and his tendency to drink straight hot sauce. Nobody ever associated with him, so he was a loner.
  19. Sera gave a polite nod, a habit from older days. "My name is Seraphina Vindred, nice to meet you Miss Paige." she said. Sera looked at Ikki, liking how he was different like her and Paige. "Your name is Ikki, right?" she asked.
  20. He nods. There is something off about him at the moment. He looks paler than he was a moment ago. His chest moves more quickly as his breathing gets heavier and faster. His heart rate escalates and his pupils get smaller and the red in his eyes become more pronounced.