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  1. IC page: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/mind-games-ic.52128/

    Setting: You're in an uncharted island off the coast of Eastern Canada in the Atlantic ocean. The island has no vegetation, animals, or anything living besides anything associated with the AISE (Association of Illegal Scientific Experiments). This place is made entirely of stone, dirt, and metal. The weather is most often gloomy and cold, rarely ever a ray of sunshine touches the hard chilling ground. Life on the island is anything but exciting; it's dull, and there's never really anything much to do. The AISE's goal is to take children from their homes when they're young and bring them to this facility where they raise them to be strong and raise them as an army to take over the world, holding two things to the AISE's ultimate advantage: they are children, no army of soldiers would attack them, and they have special abilities, given to the kids through experiments done by scientists at the AISE. However the children are not taught the ways of any of the outside world, for what's the point? You're never going to leave anyway. Ever. This is where you will stay for the rest of your life. You'll never go back to your old life again....If you even had one.

    And here's the map:


    Your character: You are a child or teenager, 6-18 years of age. You have been assigned a number (ex. 24601[anyone get that reference? :p]). The clothes you have to wear are gray, black, or white, the occasional navy blue. You have been experimented on when you were first brought here and depending on when you came, you may or may not remember your life before here... if you had one. These experiments gave you abilities including you being extremely intelligent; your brain works like a calculator to solve even the most complex equations within seconds. Everything you do is what the AISE tells you to do and you never protest. They have taught you of nothing but their perspectives on politics and war. Education and combat skills are essential if you want to survive here. Regularly, after the age of 11 you are tested every year. These tests are sometimes deadly, and they get more and more dangerous as you get older. The scientists test your mental capabilities, physical abilities, and intellect. However if you don't pass, you are sent back to the lab to be experimented on more, and its painful, agonizing and tiring, dealing with too much fatigue to even think about trying to get out of the laboratory. And of course, there's never a guarantee you'll come back out.


    Opening for child (6-11) : you have been brought to this strange place. Nothing is familiar, everything is different and it's dark and cold. "I don't like it here! I want to go home!" You tug on the side of an official's coat. "Shut up, kid. You're not going back so don't ask!" He snapped. You're tired and in no position to argue. You go to the corner of the ship and sit down. You don't understand what's going on, who these people are, or where your going. Finally you reach the island and you stare at it. It's a dull, lifeless place. Just then you feel a sudden stabbing pain in your arm. You look over and see a needle and then you black out.... The next morning, or so you thought it was, you woke up in a cell. There's something you're forgetting but you're not sure what. You shrug and go on with your normal daily routine. Wait. How do you know how to do all this? You guess you just kinda know. Like instinct you guess....


    Opening for regular teen (12-18) : Ugh, another boring day... You get ready like usual and head out to the dining hall for breakfast. You see a bunch of young new children that seem to be slightly confused. new kids... I hope they're doing okay... you think to yourself, feeling a pang of sorrow and you frown. This place is terrible, you're lucky you still remember your past, but not everyone is immune to the injection to wipe your memory clean. Since the many years you've been here, the AISE has advanced in technology, making the children more and more brainwashed to think they're doing good. You sigh, I wish there was some sort of group... A rebellion... To stop all this madness! But there wouldn't be enough of us... We couldn't possibly have a way to get away from here... but little did you know there was. And they were scattered around the facility. A secret group. But you didn't know and you never found out.


    Opening for rebel (10-18) : You walk with your head low, glaring at everything. Hating this place. Everything looming around you was suspicious. Anything. Any ideas at all. Anything that could possibly help us escape. You try to come up with something as usual, it's part of your daily routine. It seems that it's the only thing you ever do, think, train, eat, sleep, and repeat. You crave more knowledge about the AISE, maybe then you'd have enough information to come up with some crazy idea that could actually work to get you and your friends out of this place. But for now you don't know enough. You can't know. And it frustrates you. This place is unjust, unfair. You walk by another kid and you exchange glances. They're also part of the rebellion, but you keep walking. You can't risk letting anything slip. You continue on your way to the dining hall where breakfast was served, but you couldn't help but wonder where the other member of the rebellion was going. You risked a look back but they had vanished... Oh well, guess I'll ask at the next meeting if I remember you shrugged it off and continued on your way. To where exactly? You had no clue.


    Abilities: The children have been genetically altered or modified, so now they have special abilities. Most of these abilities has something to do with the mind, weather it be trickery or manipulation or illusions. For example, some can give the illusion they are invisible by making others purposefully not notice their presence. Others have physical abilities, like strength, speed, resistance to heat/cold, etc. Whatever the ability is, it's pretty cool. Be original! Extreme fatigue and weakness is caused if the ability is overexerted. They'll need a lot of time to rest before using their abilities again if they were overused.

    One thing to note: there's a difference between powers and abilities, for example controlling fire(all elements really) is a power, being able to withstand heat is an ability. Keen senses is an ability, being able to manipulate the matter of your body to become dense/less dense to phase through objects is also an ability. Flying is a power, x-ray vision is an ability and there are limits to it. Etc.etc.

    So to be clear, it is an ability that the kids have. Not a power.


    AISE Rules (can be broken)

    •No attempting to leaving the island

    •Do not defy or refrain from following through with instructions given by officials and high authorities

    •Romantic affairs are forbidden

    •Rebellious behavior is not allowed

    •All subjects are expected to report to classes daily

    •No one shall be out of their cells past 9:00 sharp every night. No excuses.

    •Pranks and practical jokes will result in fixing damages and spending 3 hours of their daily free time in service for officials for a week.

    •Mockery of the AISE is strictly prohibited

    •Insolence and defiance of these laws and procedures will result in unrestricted punishment and disciplinary actions will take place.

    (I can't think of any more for now but I will definitely add more later!)


    Rules for OOC

    •Please no perfect characters! (i.e. She was very beautiful and all the boys had a crush on her. She could control all the elements and manipulate people and be able to control them.)

    •You can have more than one character to RP if you like, but only up to three different characters.

    •In the password section put something creative (but lets agree to never be creative again) related to the first reference, if you understood the first reference. If not then the second reference that I just made in this section of the rules. And if you didn't understand either(I'm so sorry if you didn't) the first one is from Les Miserables, the second is Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (DO NOT WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY) and instead just put “Mind Games” in the password section. I know you're probably thinking “what the heck why do I need to do this?” well the answer is because some people don't actually read everything and just start to RP and then just kind of mess up a lot and then I have to go and say “no your outfit cannot be pink, please read the front page” and it's just a whole thing to deal with that's kind of annoying. So I just want to make sure that you actually read everything... Wow this section is long... okay! Moving on!

    •Romance is okay, but not try not to have too much unless it's plot relevant please...? This is an action and adventure RP, not some high school romance thing with vampires and werewolves.

    •No being mean/judgmental/rude to other people OOC because there is no room for that kind of ignorance here. If they are doing/saying something that you believe is wrong then tell them nicely or if what they're doing is irritating you then politely ask them to stop, however if it's something that goes against personal opinions/beliefs (for example the sexual orientation of a character, if they decide to add that in the form) please please please keep those comments to yourself as there is ZERO tolerance for discrimination of any kind; you guys can figure this out, I'm sure c:


    Joining Form
    (please delete everything in parentheses and leave it double spaced so it's easier to tell when the next section of the form is. Thanks!)
    (if you can, or if you want to, this is optional, put a picture of your character if you'd like at the top of your joining form)

    Screen Name :

    Character Name :


    Age :

    Appearance :

    Personality :

    History (optional) :

    Rank (child,teen,rebel) :

    Ability :

    Weakness :

    Number :

    Other :

    Password :


    Just some things about the RP you might want to know, but it's not necessary to read before RPing or anything so you don't have to read this part if you don't want.

    1. This RP is based off a novel that I'm currently in the process of writing and I would appreciate it if you didn't steal any ideas and claim them as your own.
    2. I DO plan on publishing the novel
    3. If you like I can post up chapters once in a while
    4. this is mainly to see how people like the idea of something like this and if people would actually read the novel
    5. There might be some errors and for that I am truly sorry ^_^''
    6. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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  2. Screen Name : ShadowJade
    Character Name : Celeste Sheinora
    Gender: Female
    Age : 19
    Appearance : Her skin is rather pale, as she spends most of her time in the underground secret base of the Rebellion, and she has a few freckles on her nose. Her expression always seems stern and serious, rarely does she ever smile. She has medium length light brown hair that's always put up in a pony tail or bun to keep out of her face. Her eyes have a cold staring look to them, as if distrusting or suspicious; they're a hazelish-blue color with flecks of green. She stands at about 5'9, being tall and slim, however you can see she's built strong and agile. The clothes she wears are a gray long sleeve shirt with a black sort of sash around her torso and she wears black leggings and combat boots. She has a belt around her waist with small pockets she uses to store useful tools that she had managed to steal from the AISE.
    Personality : Will come off as stern and serious, that being the expression she most often wears. She never lets her guard down and is usually strict and narrowminded. Everything she does is to protect as many people as she can, to find a way off this island, and to get as much information she can from the AISE, making as much for them difficult as possible without letting them know she's there. Deep down, she's a compationate and caring girl, she only had to grow up too fast. She'd be willing to do anything to keep her companions safe and will stop at nothing to try and bring down the AISE.
    History : Celeste has a long and complicated history with the AISE. She was brought here when she was 11 years old, taken away from her family, who were actually scientists themselves, though they had no idea what the AISE was capable of, so before she came to the island she was well-brought up in a nice home with a stable lifestyle. The AISE had tried to erase her memory when she was first brought here but they were unsuccessful. Growing up in the AISE she was definitely a troublemaker, always doing anything she could to give the AISE trouble, and they didn't take her rebellious behavior too well. At the age of 12 she had found out about the rebellion and she was one of the largest contributors to finding information and gadgets from the AISE. She was 15 when the first leader of the rebellion, the person who showed her the rebellion and was her best friend, was taken away for testing and never came back. She trusted him more than anyone, rumor has it even loved him. In his place, she became leader, and has been leading the rebellion strongly for 4 years and counting. But still, ever since he was taken away she was left heartbroken and vowed to herself she'd never let herself be attached to someone like that again, hence why she seems so closed off, always on guard. She promised herself that she would find a way to stop the AISE from everything they were doing or trying to accomplish by taking the children here and raising a super-human army. A year later, a week after her 16th birthday, she had gotten into so much trouble that the AISE wanted her dead. And boy, did they have a time trying to catch her. She never slept in her cell where she was supposed to, she slept in a hideout, made with things she'd found or stolen, but it was still much nicer than the cells. By now she'd uncovered too many secrets about the AISE for their comfort and they tracked her down, chasing her down towards the cliffs. She knew there was only one way to go from here. Only one way to escape, and that was to jump off. However, she had a plan. As she would jump off she would wait until she was almost within reaching distance with the sharp jagged rocks that the cold ocean crashed against. There was no way anyone could survive falling, that is, anyone normal. When she was sure they were watching her fall she disappeared as a shadow in time to maneuver herself to the cave at the base of the cliff. The officials chasing her didn't know about the cave, and they assumed it was a suicide, that she had died, so her plan succeeded. Ever since then she's taken refuge in the secret underground base of the rebellion, living her life in secret, while the AISE believes she's dead. And it's been 4 years since then, they probably wouldn't remember it recognize her if she did step foot outside, but still, it was too risky. She went down as a legend among the other children at the AISE who didn't know about the rebellion, just the girl who almost made it, just the girl who almost escaped, but somehow word of the rebellion never got out, and the people in it intended to keep it that way, especially the secret that the AISE's worst nightmare was still alive.
    Rank : Leader of the Rebellion
    Ability : Shadows. Basically creating illusions and trickery, "making" the shapes and creatures she creates out of shadows seem real and if she uses them to attack the opponent is likely to be actually affected by the shadow. She can also give the appearance of disappearing, making a shadow in her place so she can go about moving unnoticed.
    She also has the ability of shadow travel, which allows her to move into one shadow to the next, within 10 feet of each other with the area of being able to fit herself into them.
    Weakness : AISE's knowledge of her (makes more sense if you read History)
    Physical Weakness: long distance attacks aimed for her and an opponent that can match her speed/agility in combat.
    Number : 413
    Other : the only person she's opened up to genuinely making an effort to care about is Mya, she's like a little sister to her.

    Screen Name : ShadowJade
    Character Name : Mya Sarynn
    Gender: Female
    Age : 12
    Appearance : One thing about Mya, when you first see her, you might mistake her for a ghost out of the corner of your eye. Mya is a very small girl, but mode definitely doesn't look hopeless. Though she stands at 5'1 and is quite thin, she's definitely stronger than she looks. Her skin is a light cream color, very pale from lack of sunlight. Her hair is cut short, just above her shoulders and very blonde, almost white, it's slightly silvery at the ends, and this is an effect of the draining tests and experiments with her. Mya's eyes are a silvery-blue color, sort of cloudy and gray, as she is blind.
    Personality : Mya is very timid and shy to others, and she often keeps to herself; isn't easy to trust anyone. Since she's blind she's always cautious and careful, however she does trip over things occasionally when she doesn't sense them, often making herself seeming clumsy to anyone who doesn't know her. Deep down inside she can be kind and if she does open up to you she must really trust you. The few friends she has, if any, she keeps close and would sacrifice anything to keep them safe. But she's not too introverted, she loves making new friends and will help anyone in need. Most of her time she spends at the training center, training for herself and helping younger kids who've been brought to the AISE.
    History : Maia was 4 years old when her home burned down. Something happened during the fire that caused her to go blind, so she's been sighless ever since. Because of her experience with fire, she's extremely afraid of it. She was constantly being called worthless and unimportant by her parents because she was blind and wasn't able to do much on her own. She was brought to the AISE when she was 7 and was immediately taken in by Celeste, the leader of the rebellion. Celeste helped train her to find and use her strengths despite her weakness, one of the combat weaknesses they share. Mya looks up to Celeste and is the closest person she's had to a family. When she was first brought here, the AISE tried to get her sight back, as she was "imperfect" without it but to no avail. Her eyes used to be a bright electric blue, even when she was blind, but the experiments faded and clouded them.
    Rank : Rebel
    Ability : What she lacks in brawn is made up with agility and speed, being small allows her to really take advantage of a situation in hand-to-hand combat to slip away from an opponent easier. The ability she was given to by the AISE is keen senses, extraordinary hearing capabilities and smelling and touch/vibration sensitivity allows her to sense where people are or where something is if it's significant enough to stop a vibration of footsteps on metal. It's how she navigates around the facility and identifies where she is.
    Weakness : Sight. She is blind, so long distance attacks don't end well for her unless she can hear them before they attack and she can move out of the way in time. With guns, she knows how to recognize what they are by the clicking noise it makes while being loaded. By then she knows that whatever she does she has to do fast or she won't be able to avoid it.
    Number : 10024
    Other : I'll probably add something later.
  3. The reference is to either the Diiclonius from that anime or to Les Mis. I forget. Either way, have any objections to my character having more potent power than the rest, but is insane so has very little control over it? Don't want to make a character that's going to piss people off is all.
  4. Yup you got it! Les Mis haha, but, for the ability, what did you have in mind? Because it really depends on what it is and how powerful it is, as well as if it's a power, not an ability ^_^''
  5. Well, i want the character to be maybe 95% unpredictable, so I thought that maybe her ability could theoretically be anything, and does have a trigger to activate it and a way of focusing on what it will channel as, but her subconscious, insane mind turns it on and focuses it as it pleases, so she may randomly turn invisible, or electrocute something. The ability would be based upon the idea of psychokinesis, so it would only activate if it could find a way to do the desired effect with such ability, for example invisibility would trick the eyes of those around it into thinking it is seeing the pattern of light from directly behind where she is standing, as IR camouflage works on tanks. Electrocuting would be harder, given that it would have to trick the nervous system into thinking it's being attacked from many points at once. The ability used would also reflect her current mood. if she was feeling shy then it'd be more likely shed turn invisible rather than anything else. If she's particularly angry then something destructive might happen. I also plan on her being kept in a special chamber with walls designed to dampen her abilities and with a gas released into the air that subdues her, as originally she wouldn't take calming pills.
  6. hmmm... alright I guess that would work, like as an experiment that went wrong by accident or something and the result is over-powered and unpredictable... sorry just seeing if I'm understanding that right? It could sort of work... I'm just a bit worried about how powerful she would be...
  7. I despise overpowered characters so I would naturally try to keep her average. Her constant battle with sanity would leave her constantly tired and weakened anyway. She may do overpowered things from time to time, out of rage, but as her emotional state changes every few seconds anyway then it would be for a very short period of time. Her ability would get distracted and do something else. I may have her insanity be caused directly by the ability. Perhaps the presence of it physically creates another consciousness inside her head.
  8. Alright! That works! Can't wait to see the completed form for your character! ^_^
  9. I'm not anyone but I'm someone...
  10. [​IMG]
    (Official art from Sukitte Ii na yo.)

    Screen Name : Finhawk

    Character Name : Kai Reuen

    Gender: Male

    Age : 17

    Appearance : As seen above. He's about 6' tall and usually wears a grey long sleeved shirt and cargo pants that are a slightly darker shade of grey. As for footwear, he's always seen walking around in black trainers.

    Personality : Kai's usually quite laid back and doesn't seem to take anything seriously. However, in case it's needed, he's more than capable of pulling himself together and working hard if he just finds the motivation for it. He also has some trouble following orders in case he doesn't trust and respect the one giving them to him. For this reason, Kai may be seen doing as he pleases from time to time and eventually ending up in a lot of trouble. Being not too fond of the boring life he has at the moment, Kai tends to joke around and mess with the others to entertain himself and possibly others who might consider the stuff he pulls off funny. Even though he seems to express his thoughts freely and comes off as the happy-go-lucky type of person, Kai has trouble voicing his emotions, especially to those he cares about. Talking about feelings or anything related to them makes him uncomfortable and he just ends up making everything a joke like he always does.

    History : Kai was brought to the island when he was a nine-year-old, Even though he couldn't remember his life before, he was never quite okay with AISE or what his life was like. To pass his time and to deny the fact that he hated his life, Kai started making eveything a joke and occasionally pulling pranks which never ended quite well for him. By now, he's quite accustomed to spending his time in the service for the officials. Kai never trusted AISE much and when he learned about the rebellion at the age of 12, he was quick to join it. Despite being a mere joke in the eyes of everyone, Kai was quite serious about joining the rebellion and it's pretty much the only thing he won't make a joke of.

    Rank : Rebel

    Ability : Teleporting. However, there's a lot of limitations to it. Kai can't teleport long distances (so he can't just teleport off the island) and even a small trip exhausts himself quite a bit. He can teleport other people with him but that takes even more of a toll on him. At the moment his limit is two people at a time besides him. Also, if someone is touching him, they will be teleported with him whether Kai wants it or not. For example, if someone has him in a headlock, he can't just zap away and be all like 'suckers~!' Using his power also results in very unpleasant headaches.
    (If you consider this as a 'power' instead, I can change this to something else. I'm not quite sure which this is myself. :d)

    Weakness : He doesn't match most of the others in physical strenght and is pretty much bound to lose in a fair hand to hand combat. Also, he has trouble focusing on even a simple task and doesn't pay too much attention to his surroundings at times.

    Number : 5361

    Other : -

    Password : Mind Games (I'm an uncivilized and stupid fella. :p)

    (I tried looking but I couldn't find any specific rules concerning art and pictures so I hope what I did is not breaking any rules. :I)
  11. (Is this still accepting? I'd like to enter, if it is...)
    And are those the only openings? I'd like to do something involving the rebellion, but start out as a normal teen. No memories, like in the other opening, and not already a part of the rebellion either. Somebody who was once compliant and scared and perhaps...changes for the worse or the better over the rp.
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  12. @Finhawk , I would consider that closer to a power, but I will accept it anyway since it's not too over powered! Thanks for joining!

    @Vinyl yes! This RP will be accepting for a long time, I'd like to eventually have a big group to RP if that's possible ^_^'

    Another yes, developing the character through the RP will always be encouraged so you could totally go with that idea! And if you want you can make your own opening too!
  13. Character Name : Bentlee NineFiftyFive

    Gender: Female

    Age : 16

    Rank: Rising Rebel

    Ability - Bentlee can introduce airborne hormones and pheromones into the air around her. With extreme concentration, she can guide them in a certain direction, but it takes complete imobilization and focus.

    Weakness: While generally useful, Bentlee's abilities are still a little rough around the edges. She can produce just about any pheromone, but the process is a lot like searching a large pantry for just the right bottle. Without knowing what they are or what they do exactly, the results can range from useless to disastrous. On top of this, despite pheromones being completely odorless, they still must be inhaled for the effect to take place. Gas masks or long periods of held breath can produce nullification, to an extent.

    Handicap: During testing, one oblivious scientist sliced into Bentlee's wrist with an infected blade. For a few moments the team tried to save the extremety, but ultimatley gave up, and so Bentlee lost her left hand. It's just a bit of smooth skin below the wrist. She tries to cover it up with long jacket and coat sleeves, but after a while, one can't help but wonder why she's always doing things with one arm.

    Number : 5955

    Appearance :

    Personality :


    Other :

    Password : Uh...Mind...Games?

    Screen Name : Vinyl

    WIP....just reserving a place c;
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  14. Screen Name : MrBriWolf

    Character Name : Sasha Becsa (bay-ch-UH)

    Gender: Male

    Age : 16

    Appearance :

    Personality :

    History (optional) :

    Rank (child,teen,rebel) : Rebel

    Ability: What the scientists did to Sasha was very... Interesting. They did not alter him much physically so much as mentally, with a few abilities that could be used on the mind of the enemy. When it came to physical enhancements, he was given the smell of a dog. Though this is merely a passive ability, his mind was also altered to make him a strategic genius- he can sense movement in almost slow-motion as it's happening. This takes intense pressure from his brain, and as such can leave him immobile in the left arm for up to three hours should the ability be used consecutively for more than four hours (say, if during a large-scale battle).
    For the sake of science, the testers made him a walking weapon, with the power of god-like alchemy, but at a heavy cost. If he were to conjure up a full steel suit of armor for himself, it would cost him years on his life due to the time it would take. A sword, maybe minutes. They inject him monthly with a medicine meant to keep his mind at bay and his body in check. They allow him walks outside into the abandoned city once a week in the night accompanied by a female guard. She has him essentially in chains with a neutralizing serum injected in to keep him from using his powers for the three to four hour walk. If that fails, she has a gun where he doesn't.

    Weakness : He cannot summon anything without it taking time off his life. Though if not using his powers his life is extended, when he does use them there's a chance he could take years off of his life, or maybe the thing summoned could unknowingly kill him right then and there. Nobody knows, yet the scientists have figured out that his body is weakened by the darkness and cold of night.

    Number : 1911
    Other :
    Password: Mind Games

  15. Screen Name : PhantomNight

    Character Name : Kyoya Oshiro

    Gender: Male

    Age : 15

    Appearance : Kyoya has dark blond hair and red eyes that seem to glow. He is physically fit, although it doesn't really show. His teeth give off the appearance of fangs, but only because he has purposely sharpened them that way. He wears black pants with a navy blue shirt. He has combat boots and wears black gloves with finger slits.

    Personality : He is very quick tempered and is generally a loner. Although he seems off putting he really does care about the well being of others. He doesn't have much control of his anger, and he often reacts without thinking of the consequences.

    History (optional) : He was taken from his home only a short while ago. For some reason he didn't forget his past when he was given the shot. As a child he was rejected from society. His own parents didn't care too much for him either. He ran away from home when he was 14. That was when he was taken.

    Rank (child,teen,rebel) : Teen

    Ability : He is extremely quick in his movements and very strong, however his strength is quickly exhausted.

    Weakness : His quick temper often leads to him getting in unnecessary fights, which makes him use his powers very often. Because of this, he is often extremely tired.

    Number : 201

    Other : He has a hard time making friends

    Password : Prisoner 24601! Gotta love Les Mis!
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  16. Screen Name : Alien_Timetraveller

    Character Name : Lee

    Gender: Female

    Age : 15

    Appearance : Lee is short, skinny and flat chested, but oddly charming, and has very long and VERY frizzy red hair ((like Merida from Brave, I suppose)). One of her eyes is green and the other is hazel. Normally she lets her hair down or plaits it messily, entwining flowers into it. She is hardly ever seen without her trench coat, which is the only artefact she has from her life before the island. She can often be encountered hiding out in a desolated place, writing poetry or sketching something in a book she never parts with.

    Personality : She is courageous and troublesome, although this is shown on the rarest of occasions. Normally, she appears to be constantly daydreaming, humming a tune quietly to herself or debating her philosophical views with anyone who'll listen. She is good at reading people's body language and over the years has become a trustworthy fiend to many. She is an attentive listener, and will offer support to anyone who needs it. Although rather shy at first sight, she is somewhat cynical, nearly always sarcastic and has a good sense of humour. Far from naive, she is quick to jump to decisions, has the precious ability to think on her feet and never looses her head in any situation, however critical it gets. Lee never follows orders and will fight to the death for what she believes in, even if she knows it is a lost cause. She is extremely stubborn, and would rather die than do something she doesn't wish to. Also, she is the unluckiest person you would ever come across.

    History (optional) : Prior to being taken to the island, Lee was the only survivor of a car crash, which erased her memory. She invented the name Lee for herself. Upon arrival, she found herself misunderstood and could spend days barricaded in her room, pondering the meaning of life. She soon, and completely by accident, encountered a band of the rebels, and so became one of them.

    Rank (child,teen,rebel) : Rebel

    Ability : The ability to alter her own appearance, whilst remaining human. (i.e. she can't turn into an animal or such, however she can change the way she looks.) She hasn't quite gained full control of this power yet, and to change her appearance fully requires a lot of concentration, and she prefers not to use it as it causes her agony - when her DNA was altered after she got to the island, something went wrong, causing this anomaly. However, once she had resumed the desired form, she can stay looking like that for as long as she needs to. Also, she can only assume the appearance of the people she had seen somewhere before.

    Weakness : When in her true form, she finds it difficult to concentrate on specific things, is very weak in physical strength, and is deaf in one ear. Also, she

    Number : 13

    Other : -

    Password : Mind Games
  17. Awesome character! But one thing that would have to change is the flowers part since they don't grow on the island. ^_^''
  18. Okay, sorry about that
  19. Oh it's no problem! just making sure everything stays consistent :3
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