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Mind-Blast.net is a multi-genre, multi-game RP forum brought to you by the same imagination that is responsible for games such as Clan Tempest, Crimson Dancing, Dark Pretenses and Stonehythe to name a few. On Mind-Blast.net you will find talented intermediate to advanced roleplay at a pace that suits you, as well as great games and brilliant players.

M-B.net has just opened, so it's a perfect time to jump in and make new friends because everyone is new! We are also looking for Moderators for various parts of the board too.


M-B.net uses roleplay grades to identify the roleplay pace which members are happy with. There are three grades;

Hardcore - Members in this grade like to post very frequently, sometimes multiple times a day.
Casual - Members in this grade like to post between once and a few times a week.
Social - Members in this grade like to post once every few weeks.

You can learn more about these grades and how they are used by clicking here.


There are three Games currently being played at M-B.net;

Celestial Illusions:
An Anita Blake style RPG set in the city of Las Vegas. The Master of the City went mad, and as a result an execution was sanctioned. There is now a new Master of the City, however, the switch over of power is not going smoothly though and the city's preternatural community is splitting. Those loyal to the old Master believe that there was foul play and are trying to prove that the new Master, an old friend of the former Master is responsible.

Welcome to Las Vegas, a City where everything could change on the toss of a coin.

Dark Pretenses:
The University of Reading, UK, is home to many students and not all of them are human. A safe haven for supernaturals, the death of several members of their community has rocked their world. Have hunters entered the area or is something more sinister at foot?

Studying, partying, magic and vampires - just a normal University.. right?

The world of Azzaria has been at war for centuries, all because of a mysterious stone that was stolen by an Elf. The stone has become an item of myth to many, however, there are some who never gave up hope of finding it to gain power, restore peace or simply study it. When the stone resurfaces in Stonehythe after centuries all the races of Azzaria race to find out if the sighting is real.

Azzaria is in a time of great change. Whether it is for the better or the worst, that is yours to decide.


None of those Games catch your fancy? Don't worry :) M-B.net has a random roleplay area, as well as a system set up where members can petition to have a new Game started. It's an easy process which just requires 5 people to be interested in the idea!