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  1. We are in London. The current London, of course. The modern city with traces of its time of glory back in the day. Modern London was thick with traffic on weekdays and weekends alike. There were people almost everywhere. The story about to be told takes place in a bar. Just a bar; not really a special one or anything, just one of the many in the large city. At the night in question, the bar was packed with people. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun, talking and drinking together. It was a blur of sensations; talking voices, the sounds of glass hitting glass as people toasted, the smell of alcohol and people, the dull sound of music in the background... all of it were intoxicating on its own, without having had any kind of alcohol. In the very corner of the bar sat a person alone, though. He was a handsome young man, maybe in the start of his 20s. He seemed to be deep in thought as he rotated the glass of whiskey in his hands, not making any move to drink it. After not long, a girl had sat beside him. He had been captivated from the first glance; her long, flowing locks of hair, and her bright eyes.
    He had gotten along with this girl; chatting with her like nothing was wrong in the world. Eventually, the girl had invited him home, unknowingly of what she was actually doing to herself with this very action. She hadn't known that the man she had brought home was a vampire. No one else than the vampire simply known as "Cecil". No one knew his last name, only this name was what was remembered by the victims. See, the victims usually survived, if only barely. But this night, Cecil had gotten out of hand. He had been intoxicated; by her smell, her face, her body. He hadn't thought it through. When he awoke from his daze, he had a woman's dead body in his arms. Back then, he had run away. He couldn't look back. Even after those hundreds, well, maybe even thousands, of years that he had lived, he hadn't done anything so reckless, not even when he was still "young". Now he had a dead woman on his conscience.

    After the incident, Cecil had locked himself in his home for a while, refusing to go out. He was thinking about what could be done and what would be safest to do. One day, he decided to get out again. His first stop was the graveyard, where he would visit his own, empty grave. That was the place he'd been reborn so many years ago. A smell had caught his nose, a smell awfully similar to the woman he had killed. He looked towards her grave and standing there was another woman. She looked a bit younger, though not much, and her hair and eye color were exactly the same. He guessed them to be sisters. For a while, he stood there, looking at her. She had been crying; crying over the loss of her sister. He finally realized the circumstances of what he had just done. Seeing as she didn't survive, she wouldn't return to her family members, ever again. And now he was here, watching her sister cry, without being able to tell how sorry he felt; he had finally come to terms with the fact that he'd remain nothing more than a monster. That time, he had turned around and walked away from the graveyard, going back to his mansion and willing himself to pass out at the floor in the entrance hall.
  2. Saki had been sitting at home eating when she got the call. The call that changed everything she knew. "Saki, hun. You're sister... she's... she's dead..." Saki felt her heart drop. She dropped the phone as she fell to her knees, crying.

    Weeks later, after the funeral, she was at her grave. Not a day went by that she didn't break down and today was no exception. he rain was falling ever so gently, almost as if the world itself was crying. She just sat there and wept.
  3. He had watched her cry for a while, before he had left the premises to walk back to his mansion again. He had spent the whole day in his study, surrounded by books. He did this so that his butler would leave him be. He spent the time thinking. Thinking so hard that his head was hurting. He had eventually lied down on a cushion, but found himself unable to relax. Vampires didn't need sleep, but if desired they could fall asleep. He wanted that more than anything. If he could just bury himself in a black dream world, he wouldn't have to think about his action.

    He ended up with no sleep and walked to one of the bookshelves. Somehow all titles reminded him of how he'd killed a woman. He couldn't bear it. He caught his own gaze in a mirror and noticed that his fangs were out again. Not because he felt thirsty, he just simply didn't have the ability to hide them again. In hiding or not, he was a monster. That wouldn't change, ever.
  4. Saki eventually got up and went home. She lied down on the couch, hoping to fall asleep, but that was of no use. Over the past weeks she had only gotten maybe 20 hours of sleep total but her mind kept wandering to her sister. It was still like a dream to her and all she wanted to do was wake up. She had lost her job, was getting evicted, and now this. Luckily her landlord was kind enough to extend her eviction so she wasn't on the streets, but that would only last so long.
  5. He sighed deeply and ran a hand through his hair. He had lived for so many years and a thing that was so likely to happen one day brought him down completely. Simply the face of the sister had made him feel extremely bad. He had done something unforgivable. He would never be able to make amends for killing a human being. He wished that he needed sleep so that he would get exhausted enough to fall into the dream world, but it was impossible. He was stuck in time and space as a monster. And now he was truly a monster. He had taken the life from another being, and awakened the monster sleeping inside of him.
  6. Saki decided to go for a walk to try and clear her mind. After locking up she starts, slow at first but she starts picking up speed. Soon she's broken out into a full on run, not caring where she goes, as long as its away from home. She starts staring at the ground and crying, not paying attention.
  7. He sighed as he got up from the cushion, fighting himself in a jacket as he stepped outside. He stood a little on the road before a person bumps into him. They both fall to the ground and he looks at her with slightly wide eyes. It was the girl he'd seen at the graveyard. She looked sick up close, like she hadn't taken care of herself.. after he'd killed her sister. He knew he couldn't do much about it.
    "Are... are you okay?"
  8. Saki just sits there. "I don't know... I just don't know..." She tries standing up but collapses from hunger and exhaustion.
  9. "Oh, dear god, you're in bad shape.." He couldn't let himself let another person die on his watch. He hooked an arm under her shoulders and half carried, half dragged her to the mansion. He sent the butler to make tea and snacks as he helped the woman into a chair. "Now.. stay put. Drink some tea and tell me what happened." He had a sick taste in his mouth, lying like this to her. But seeing what shape she was in, it was the only way. There had been no reason to her death. Vampire marks disappeared as soon as the vampire in question removed his or her teeth, which is why his victims went unknowing of what happened. All they had found was a body empty of blood and no exterior wounds. He felt horrible. But all he could do now was try and help this person, the woman's sister. He had to do something.
  10. Saki looks up at him. "Thanks... I lost my job, on the verge of losing my home, and..." She starts crying again. "My sister is dead. I think she was killed but I have no proof..."
  11. He was looking at her intently as the butler poured tea for them and left the snacks on a tray on the table. There was a few sandwiches and some cookies, and a little bowl of chocolates in a bright red wrapping. "I... I'm sorry to hear that. I'm amazed that you're even managing.. you look like you loved your sister a lot.." He smiled sadly as he looked down into his tea cup. He was feeling nauseous. It made him feel so bad. He had killed her sister. He was a killer. And here he was trying to comfort her? He almost laughed at the thought. He had to be going mad.
  12. Saki smiles. "Its okay. Its not like its your fault. Thanks for talking and the food." He grabs a sandwich and takes a bite.
  13. "Mhmm... I still feel a bit sorry. I don't like seeing people suffering." And it was his fault. It was all his fault. He had her life in his hands, and he took it, took it away like a monster.
  14. After eating a bit more she bows. "Guess I should be heading out. I don't want to overstay my welcome. Thanks again." She starts heading out but turns around. "I almost forgot. I never caught my savior's name. I'm Saki Masukita."
  15. "Cecil. You can just call me Cecil." He smiles and looks at her. "Feel free to come over anytime. And don't hesitate to come if you're in trouble." He wanted to be a help to her; he couldn't let her fall into depression because of his actions. Until the right time came, he would keep it a secret. There was no way he could tell her; she'd hate him. He didn't want to be hated.
  16. Saki smiles and leaves, heading home. She only makes it a few feet before some guys start harassing her. "Hey sexy! Why not come have some fun with us?" Saki ignores them. "Hey, don't ignore me!" One of them grabs her arm and she turns, slapping him. "That's it!" The guy raises his hand, about to hit her. "Cecil!!!"
  17. He storms out at the loud voice and steps in between them, stopping the guys' arm. His eyes had started glowing bright red. "Don't even try... if you as much as think about laying a hand on her, I'll rip your body to pieces and make dinner of you. Now leave my premises immediately!" They were actually still standing in Cecil's front yard, and the grounds legally belonged to him.
  18. The guys take one look at him and run off screaming. Saki looks up at Cecil, still shaking from the encounter. "Th-thanks... That's twice in one day that you've saved me now." She smiles slightly.
  19. He rubbed his eyes as they faded from red to green and he offered her an assuring smile. "That doesn't matter. For now, will you come with me to my house? I can't have you wandering around. I'll prepare a room for you, and you can stay as long as you'd like." He owned this girl his life. The only fair trade was that he gave her everything she seemed to need. It was the only way he could repay her and try to atone for his sins.
  20. She nods "If you're sure." She grabshis arm and clings to it. "Thanks..."
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