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  1. Adrian was really just your everyday guy, or, thought he was, anyway. He had a bit of problems at home, but as long as he ignored his parents, he was more or less fine to go. He didn't like the way his parents spoke about homosexuals, or transgenders, gender fluids, asexuals, bisexuals, everything that wasn't hetero and "normal" was just looked down upon. Adrian hated that with a passion. He wasn't a judging person, but he had yet to figure out what he himself was. He had sometimes wondered whether or not he was a gender fluid. It was a bit confusing and all, and he had decided to say for now that it was "okay" to refer to him as a boy.
    Since childhood, Adrian had liked dressing up; he also wanted to dress as a princess, have his hair long, and be pretty. But he also wanted to go back to being a boy, playing a ninja, playing soccer, playing video games, do "boy" things. But he had never told his parents. Sometimes he had imagined himself wearing things such as skirts, and the thought really appealed to him. At the moment, he had his hair shoulder long and falling in one eye, that way, it was neither a boy's nor a girl's haircut, and depending on how he styled his hair, it looked feminine or masculine. He had big, red eyes and his hair was ebony black, standing in contrast to his pale skin. He was extremely pretty for boy, and he appeared neither female nor male. He was fine with that.
    But then he came into college, and some things changed. He had felt attraction towards a lot of people, but he didn't know whether he liked males or females. As he had at some point even dated a transgender male, he could only conclude himself to be pansexual. He hadn't dated much, only a handful of people, and no relationship had lasted very long. He had moved into a college dorm and his roommate was an equally adorable boy. Adrian immediately began to "study" him. And somehow, he had drawn the conclusion that this guy... was a transgender female. Everything suggested it.
    And he sometimes also referred to himself as a girl, and he acted and looked slightly like a girl. He didn't seem to be aware himself, though, as if he was sort of... denying it. Adrian didn't mean to pry about it so he had never asked, but over the course of months of observing this roommate, Adrian had fallen in love. It was stupid and really odd, but he didn't want to say anything. He felt as if it would ruin everything they'd had so far, everything that they had built since they both entered college as outcasts and ended up in dorm together. But Adrian was so hopelessly in love that it was hard to hide. He sometimes snuck over to the other in the middle of the night, and sat down by the bed to stroke the hair of his crush. It was such nice moments, and he knew that he was the only one who'd remember them.
    So here he was, and now his roommate wanted to talk to him about something. Adrian immediately thought he'd been caught, but he obediently sat down across from the other. "Uhm... yeah... you said you wanted to talk? Is there something wrong?" He asked anxiously.
  2. Edward Malik was definitely not your typical uni student - he wore round glasses which hid his admittedly gorgeous green eyes, and he had never had a relationship before. Also, he was transgender. Ever since he had been little, he had known he was always meant to be a girl, but he had been born in the wrong body. He had trouble though embracing this new lifestyle now that he was away from his strict parents, which was why he was technically enrolled as Edward, not the name or gender he wished he was enrolled as -'Edwyn.'

    He glanced up at Adrian, and bit his lip nervously. "Yeah, but no. I mean..." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before the words came spilling out of his mouth, "I'm not really a boy, I'm a girl, but I'm in a boy's body, but I want to be a girl properly, and I don't know how to do it, because I'm terrified of what people think of me, and please don't think I'm weird for this, because you're my only friend here."
  3. Adrian was a rather accepting person, and he didn't want for Edward to feel forced into anything. He didn't want the other to be uncomfortable about, well, "her" gnder. Considering everyting, it was only reasonable to call his roommates for "her" because that was what she'd want if she was a transgender. And to be honest, Adrian didn't fall less in love with the other because of that. He was fairly happy about this whole thing, actually. That Edward was accepting who she really was - yeah, it definitely made him happy to think about.

    Adrian smiled softly as he looked down at Edward. "I never said that I was going to judge you... and... I didn't tell you this before, but I'm a gender fluid. It's basically... that I'm not really a guy or a girl, I'm just kinda... in between... and... well..." He stroked Edward's cheeks. "I.... I'm in love with you. I've known for a long while that you were a transgender, it's something that's hard to miss... and... I just ended up falling in love with you. I'll... I'll stop if you're not interested."
  4. Edward's eyes widened, and her mouth formed an O of surprise. She took a moment to try and collect her thoughts, but then after a second, Edward quietly said, "I'm more than interested."

    She leaned up and gently kissed his cheek. "Could we try this slowly? I've never been in a relationship before. Nobody ever wanted me."
  5. Adrian nodded with a deep blush. Whoa, that was pretty fast. He bit his lip slightly as he looked into her eyes, blushing heavily. "That's.... that's good.." He whispered as he looked into her eyes.

    He blushed as he wrapped his arms around her. "And... you're okay with everything? Also that you... have the wrong body at the moment..?" He asked softly as he looked at her. "Because... you must know what a relationship also includes... I just want you to know before something happens or you regret it."
  6. "I guess I'll just see how things go, and I know that sex will be a part of it at some point, but not yet." Edward shook her head, and lay back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling with a smile. "So, do you want to maybe go on a date tonight? Or whenever you're free."

    This was bloody awesome - Edward had finally told Adrian about being in the wrong body, and he had been cool about it, and Adrian actually fancied her! This was the best day ever!
  7. "I-I didn't mean now! I-I mean... I need to prepare myself and all... and uhm... I didn't mean that... uhm... I'm not that kind of person..." He blushed heavily as he looked at Edward shyly. "Y-yeah... I'm free most of the time, I don't have anything I need to do... sorry about the misunderstanding."

    Adrian looked at Edward, running a hand from her shoulder down her arm affectionately. "Uhm... what... what do you want me to call you? "Edward" isn't exactly a fitting name for you..." He blushed heavily looking at her.
  8. "How about.." Edward brainstormed. "How about just Ed for now?" She suggested, sitting up slightly so her upper body was propped up on her elbows. "Eventually I'd want to just be a female, but since I'm technically enrolled here as Edward, male, I might as well just finish out this school year, and then re-enroll next year as a girl."
  9. Adrian nodded slightly and smiled. "Okay. I might just call you darling or sweetheart or something like that... but really, I'd even call you by a name that didn't "belong" to you, as long as you think it's okay." Adrian looked into her eyes with a smile. "That's sad, then we won't be in dorm together anymore." He said with a little giggle, looking into her eyes.
  10. "Yeah, but we could get an apartment or something offcampus together if we get enough money saved up." Edward suggested, and checked her watch. "I have to get to history of art, but I'll bring back some Chinese takeaway, and we can watch Scary Movie 5." She suggested, as she stood up and grabbed the bag from the end of her bed.
  11. "Yes.... of course..." Adrian smiled as he got up. "Next time food's on me, then." He said as he took off his jacket, leaving him in only his button shirt. He watched her grab her things and then took her hand. "But... there's one thing I'd like before you leave." He said. He didn't specify what he was going to do, as he leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. He pulled back and smiled. "Safe trip."
  12. Edward was left blushing madly at the kiss - her first ever. She brushed her curls back from her face, and smiled happily as she left.

    She headed out to the campus courtyard, and caught sight of her only other friend across the way. "Hey, wait up!" She called, hurrying over. "You heading to class?"
  13. Adrian smiled as he waved at her. When she was gone, he settled on his bed with a book. He had an early day and because of their different schedules, he had the day off until Edward came back.

    It didn't really work for him because he was so happy. Instead he took a shower and dressed nicely, in a pink, fluffy sweater and his favorite pants. The sweater had the head of a bunny on it, and was one of his favorite possessions.
  14. After class, Edward headed back to the dorm, picking up cartons of Chinese food on the way back, and also renting a DVD from the shop. She headed up the stairs of the building, and unlocked the door.

    "Ad? I'm home." She smiled over at her...boyfriend?, and shrugged off her bag as she entered. Hopefully she'd be able to save up enough money for a gender reassignment surgery, because she wanted to be in the right body, and not have people stare at her. She added her spare change to the tub beside the door, and carried the food over to their beds. "I got the movie and food."
  15. Adrian paced back and forth in the room, deciding to braid a little of his hair. He looked like an equal mix between a girl and a boy, and that was what he preferred. He heard the door unlocking and smiled.

    "Hi, welcome home." He said as he kissed her cheek and then her lips, before her took the food from her arms. "I'll put it in the living room, take off your shoes and we'll be ready." He smiled softly as he carried the food to the living room, setting it down and getting them chopsticks, forks and knives, along with glasses of water and cans of cola. "Great, anyways let's get eating, and watch that movie." He smiled and kissed Ed's forehead. "You're beautiful."
  16. Ed blushed and sat down on their sofa with a smile. They were lucky to have a dorm which was like a small apartment, with different rooms, whereas some other dorms were just a big bedroom. She kicked off her Doc Martens, and ran a hand through the curls which cascaded down her forehead and neck to mid-neck length.

    "How much is it for gender reassignment surgery?" She asked curiously, looking up at Adrian.
  17. Adrian had taken off his socks and unbuttoned some buttons of the white shirt he was wearing under the pink sweater. The hair that wasn't braided fell in front of his eyes and made him look even cuter. He wrapped an arm around her when she entered the "living room" of their dorm, opening a few of the boxes of chinese takeout.

    "Well... I can't give you a price, but I can tell you that it's not going to be cheap, okay?" He said softly as he looked at her.
  18. Edward rested her head against his chest, internally smiling at how comfortable she felt around her roommate, even before they had gotten together. "I'll just save up my money for it." She glanced up and smiled. "You're awesome, Ad, you know that?" She pecked his nose. "And you are looking so adorable in that sweater."
  19. Adrian stroked her hair as they lied there for a while. He began feeding her with the chopsticks, simply because they had such a high level of comfort together. "I'm just scared. It really takes years, you have to talk to a psychologist and then wait for it and if it goes wrong... I just don't want you to get hurt forever." He said softly and smiled as he stroked her cheek. "Thank you. It's my favorite."
  20. Edward chewed and swallowed the bit of food in her mouth, and slowly said, "Even if it takes years, I'm willing to wait. Even if it means that I'll never be able to have kids, I don't care. I can adopt, but I want to be a girl." She rested against his chest. "So, explain the term gender fluid to me, please? I don't fully understand it."
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