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    Name: Christopher Vinyard
    Age: 17
    Height: 183cm
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Looks: (picture above)
    Personality: Chris is a quiet guy who only speaks directly and never says more than what's necessary. He spends most of his time alone, but once you really get to know him, he is a quite nice guy, albeit a bit reluctant and secretive at times. He doesn't have a very big sense of self-preservation and he always puts other people first instead of himself.
    Short bio: Chris has spent most of his life moving around with his family and has never stayed in one place for more than a year at a time. It has caused him to not have any friends, and all he can think about is his eight year old sister, Lily. Because their parents are almost always traveling, he takes care of her and follows her to school every single morning.

    Chris' family had just moved, again. What time was it this instance? The 20th time? Chris couldn't keep track of how often they moved. But because he was soon going to college, they told him they'd at least stay here until he had graduated and entered a college. He was honestly not worried about himself, he had the brains and determination for college, sure. But he was worried about other things. When he left the house, what was to become of his sister, Lily? She wouldn't be old enough to take care of herself when he went to college... he really didn't know what to do. Just like any other day, he got up in the morning, made sure she got up as well and helped her eat her breakfast and check her things for school. He always packed his things in advance so he could help her. He took her to the car and she jumped in and sat on the rear seat. He drove her to school and walked her to the entrance. "Don't worry okay, Flower. It'll be okay, they'll love you." She anxiously pulled at the sleeve of his black jacket. "But... I don't want you to leave, big bro!" She whined and he crouched down, swooping her into his arms. "Hey. I'll be back to get you as soon as my day is over, and then I'll take you out to eat, deal? You can even have an ice cream." He felt happiness rise inside him when she stopped sniffing and sent him a bright smile. "Okay!" She let go of him and ran towards the entrance. "Be a good girl, okay!" He yelled after her and she just waved at him. When he looked at his watch, he realized he was getting late and sped to his car, driving on the way to the school.
    When he entered the building, it was as if all eyes were on him. The safety he had felt when he had been with Lily was long gone, and he hurried on his way to the principal's office where his new homeroom teacher was waiting for him. He followed the woman to the class and took a short breath as he entered the classroom. "My name is Christopher Vinyard, nice to meet you all." He said shortly before walking to his seat. He still felt as if all eyes in the entire room were trying to eat him up from the inside, and it made him feel rather uncomfortable. Why did no one ever like him? He looked down as he dug out his notebook, taking notes for the class. He hoped that Lily was alright. She was a good girl, so people usually tended to like her a lot, because she was always kind and happy and cheerful. He still worried, though. He didn't want her to get hurt because she was such a good girl. Maybe she'd even get bullied because she knew how to behave in front of other people nicely.
    He didn't realize that he was frowning and looking worried most of the time, and it would probably make him seem as if he was nervous about the whole new class thing. But after so many years of moving he didn't even care. He didn't socialize with people any longer, it just held no meaning to him when he'd have to leave possibly in a year's time or so. Chris had had a few relationships here and there, but nothing serious. It had been a pretty equal split between men and women, but by now, he wasn't interested in any kind of relationship, being it a woman or a man. He saw no reason to, because he almost never had time to even make their relationship seem like something serious. Long-distance didn't work for him either, and he'd almost entirely given up on trying to find a person that he could love and spend his life with. He didn't want to be alone, but he knew that he would probably never find anyone. His heart was just as frivolous as their habits for moving around, and he couldn't focus on one person for very long at a time.
    He was starting to feel sick already, as if he was going to faint. He grabbed the sides of the table as he tried to keep himself upright. The teacher immediately rushed over to him, with a frown of worry on her face. "Christopher, boy, are you alright?" It was the last thing he even managed to hear as the world blacked out for him. The next thing he knew, he was in the infirmary. He knew that he shouldn't overstress his body like he was, but his constant worry about Lily made him unable to sleep at night, as he was always haunted by this intense and burning regret and worry. Because he wanted to get her out, send her away before she got as horrible a life as he had been living so far. He wanted her to go out and find the person she loved, the person she wanted to be with forever, and going on like this wasn't going to help her. He cursed slightly as he sat up, but the nurse instructed him to keep lying down for at least ten minutes more until she was sure he didn't have any problems. He knew that the nurse was aware that his fainting had been of dehydration and starvation but she didn't say anything, probably by seeing the look on his face. It wasn't that they didn't have food to eat, but he was consumed by worry and it took all of his appetite. He made sure that Lily ate enough, though. He'd just feel worse if she wasn't okay.

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    Name: Naomi Sterling

    Age: 17

    Height: 165cm

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Heterosexual

    Looks: (Picture Above)

    Personality: Naomi is a very shy girl and it’s usually seen sitting alone at lunch, reading a book or playing the piano in the music room. However, that only happens when she is surrounded by boys and girls her age. When she is surrounded by kids, she is a totally different person. She could be seen playing with them, singing with them and laughing with them. This is due to her secret job as an afterschool piano teacher in an elementary school.

    Short bio: Naomi has always been a shy girl and very quiet. She would always be seen alone and would never hang out with others. Her parents would always be out of town due to business trips and she was raised by different nannies. However, all that changed when her parents decided to have another baby. When she heard the news that she was having a baby brother, she was super excited and couldn’t wait for him to be born.

    When Adrian was born, she was eight and she would always help her parents take care of him. Her parents were a bit surprised since they thought she would be a bit more jealous of the family member, but they were absolutely happy to see how much she loved her baby brother. She would always play the piano for him, and he would love it. But everything changed that awful day.

    She was at the park with her little brother who was six at the time. She was watching him playing catch with the other kids, while she read her favorite book on bench nearby. At some point, she got distracted by her reading that she didn’t saw when her brother chased after the ball. When she noticed that her brother was chasing the ball across the street, she witnessed how he got hit by a car and died instantly. After that day, she couldn’t help but blame herself and feel like her parents also blamed her. Her parents were out more than before and she got used to it. She also, became more shy and isolated with people, except with kids. So, that’s why she decided to work as an afterschool music piano teacher, but due to still being in high school, she wanted it to be a secret from everyone.

    Naomi woke up that morning and went on with her normal routine. Getting up, taking a shower, brushing her teeth, dressing up and only toast with butter for breakfast. Her parents weren’t home like most of these days and though she did felt lonely, she was used to it already. Getting her things, she looked at the clock before getting out of the house. ‘I still have time to buy a coffee on my way to school.’

    Walking, Naomi made her way to school, stopping at a near café to buy a small latte. Once she got her drink, she went on her way. Today, she could feel the cold weather of autumn make its appearance. She thanks God that she remembered to wear her scarf. She looked at the passing people, greeting some of the familiar faces she bumped into. Soon, she saw the elementary school, she worked in afterschool and a small smile appeared on her face. She loved working with kids, especially when she gave them piano lessons. The way they would laugh and were not afraid to say their true feelings, to her their innocence was adorable. However, that wasn’t the only reason for loving to work with kids. They would also remind her of her brother Adrian, when he was alive. He could see a piece of him on every kid she met and that would sometimes ease the guilty feelings she felt about his accident.

    Shaking her thoughts away, she sipped some of her latte as she looked up at the school. She watched as a student of the high school she attends left, what she assumed was his sister, at the entrance to the school. It seemed that the little girl was crying but the boy did a good job on calming her down, and she couldn’t but smile as got in the car and said good-bye to the girl. ‘Adorable. I wish I could’ve seen his face though…’ Looking away, she kept walking and finally arrived at her school, which wasn’t too far from the elementary school. Walking through the hallways, she spotted a trashcan and threw away the rest of her drink. She decided to not go to her locker today, and just head straight for the classroom. Arriving at the class, she made her way to her usual desk near the window and as she placed her things down, the starting bell rang.

    She saw as the teacher entered the room with what seem to be a new student. His blonde hair made him look cute in her eyes, and his eyes were captivating. "My name is Christopher Vinyard, nice to meet you all." Placing her elbow on top of her desk, she rested her head on it and just stared as the new boy took his seat. She noticed how the other girls in the room started to talk about him and how good-looking he was, and she had to admit they were right. ‘It would be great to be friends with someone as good-looking as him…’ Focusing on him again, she noticed the slight frown on his face. ‘He looks nervous? Is something wrong?’ Snapping out of her thoughts, she stopped looking at him and instead, decided to look out the window. It was a pretty nice outside, and she couldn’t wait to go to work. ‘I wonder if that little girl from this morning is going to be on my class today…’ Suddenly, she heard the commotion and focused on the class again. Seeing the new boy pass out, she couldn’t help but worry as the teacher took him to the infirmary.

    The rest of the day, she didn’t saw the new boy again and she had to admit that she still felt a bit worried. He did look a bit dehydrated and like he hadn’t eaten in a while. But, since she didn’t know him, she couldn’t do anything about it. Soon, she heard the bell signaling the end of the day and quickly picking her things, she went of the room and on her way to her afterschool job. ‘I wonder if he’ll be okay…’

    Making her way towards the elementary school, she didn't try acting subtle. Many of the students assumed she had another sibling since they always see her going inside the elementary school, and to keep her secret, she never deny their assumptions. Once, she was inside the school, she made her way towards her classroom. On her way there, she didn't notice the little girl from earlier in the morning, running in the opposite direction, and they ended up bumping into each other. Though, the one who felt the most impact was the little girl.

    Kneeling down quickly, she helped the little girl stand up and picking up her bag, Naomi gave back to her with an apology.
    "I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking. Could you forgive silly, odd girl?" She gave the girl a smile, and the girl couldn't help but chuckle.

    "Of course! I-I also wasn't p-paying a-attention..." She found the girl's stutter, adorable. Chuckling softly, she patted the girl head and gave her a warm smile. "Thank you! And don't worry, I use to bump on people all the time when I was your age as well...So, what's your name, sweetie?" Smiling at her, the girl quickly told her name. "Ah...My name is Lily. I'm waiting for my big brother to pick me up. He is kind of late, though. I wonder if something happened?" A sad smile suddenly appeared on the girl's face.

    Naomi couldn't help but marvel at the young girl's way of speaking. It seemed more mature than her age. However, seeing the sad smile, she quickly patted the girl's head, again.
    "Don't worry! I bet he just got caught in traffic, but I'm sure he is doing his best to get here as fast as he can." As soon as she finished her sentence, she could see Chris running towards them. 'Hm? What is he doing here?'
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  3. The mornings were always the worst for Chris. He would have to remind himself that they didn't have any parents to take care of them, and Lily would often ask questions in the morning. 'Isn't mommy home yet?' 'Where is daddy?' 'Will they come home soon..?' 'Do mommy and daddy not like us?' And stuff of the like and he just couldn't answer. He didn't know how to answer. He didn't want to break her heart by saying that their parents hated them. Because that was what they did.

    It had always been like that. Their parents hated them, and neither of them knew the reason. Only Chris had a hunch from what he had heart. They had discussed putting Lily up for adoption, since it was a "waste of money" to have a child. Chris was so angry. If that was the case, why did they have her in the first place!? It wasn't that he didn't like taking care of her, he loved seeing the smile on her face whenever he made her favorite food or took her out to play on the playground. But the curiosity in her face whenever she asked where their parents were, it wrecked him. He felt guilty that she had to live with his horrible family. He hoped that she would get a good life eventually, a life away from Chris, away from his parents. He knew that she'd have to detach from him in order to get her happiness. Because she'd be reminded of her parents if she saw Chris too often, because of their childhood and Chris being as good as her guardian.

    So at the times when he let her off at school, she'd always seem reluctant to let him go. Somehow, he had the feeling that she knew he'd try to cut ties with her one day. That day wasn't soon; he would wait until she had matured. But when that day came, he knew that he'd have to leave her. And that was why she always hugged him an extra time, always helped him out in the house, always ate her vegetables and went outside to play to keep herself active. She always listened to him, always did all she could to satisfy him. And it not only made him happy but also sad. He was happy that she was a good girl, but the thought of having to cut ties with such a good girl made him want to kill himself. How could he do such a thing to Lily? She was so kindhearted, gentle, and so, so fragile. He was afraid that his parting with her would cause in her heart breaking. How could he live with that knowledge?

    When he had come into the infirmary, he had instantly filled with worry. He felt as if his heart was breaking. What if he didn't make it to pick up Lily? What if she tried to get home and got run over by a car? What if he lost her, the only important thing in his life? But no matter how much he begged the nurse to let him go, telling her that he was fine, she wouldn't let him go. She did though, ask some questions. About his family. He didn't say anything. He told her that their parents were alive, and that he had a little sister named Lily. He didn't want to say more than that. He felt as if that was a dangerous topic to talk about. He didn't want Lily to separate from him and get into a foster family. He had tried talking to her about it, about getting away from the horrible home they lived in, but she had refused, cried and begged to stay with him. He just didn't have the heart to send her away. She was all he could think and worry about, and then he could care less what state he was in himself. He was just so worried about her all the time, it filled his heart with ice and broke him inside.

    When the nurse finally let him go, he seized his bag and was on his way. It was already past his schedule and he hoped with all of his heart that she had stayed in the school, that she somehow still had classes or something like that. 'I'm so sorry Lily..! I'm coming for you now... please... please be okay... I don't want you to get hurt... please just... greet me with the smile that I always see on your face whenever I meet you... I didn't mean to be late....'

    He quickly jumped into his car and drove towards the school. He got more and more worried as he closed in on the building, as if he was expecting something very, very bad to happen to her. That he'd be informed that she had gone to the hospital with some sort of injury, that she'd been bullied by another kid, anything, anything bad. He ran out of the car when he got there, getting into the school. He successfully dodged a load of children before he saw her blonde head. He didn't notice Naomi at her side and just rushed over, scooping her into his arms and hugging her tightly.

    His relief could almost be felt in the people around him, and he patted her head softly.
    "I'm so sorry, Lily. I didn't mean to be late... I got a little caught up in school... it's okay... I won't worry you again... god... please don't cry like that..." He put her down again and sat on his knees in front of her, wiping away her tears.

    ".... Promise me." She sniffed as she looked at him with worried and sad eyes. "Promise me you won't worry me like that!" He almost broke as he hugged her tightly, his hands lightly rubbing her back as she cried into his shoulder. "I promise, Flower. Let's go and get you a cell phone, okay? That way, you can always contact me if you're worried... I'm so sorry you had to go through this, I was really scared that something had happened to you..." When he finally let go of her, she was smiling just slightly and patted his head. Almost as if she was the older one. "It's okay big bro... I'm a strong girl."

    He allowed himself a smile as he nodded at her, taking a deep breath as he willed himself to relax, calm down, take it easy. "Yes... I know you're a strong girl, Lily. I'm so proud of you. I really am. You're going to become such a great person when you grow up..." She hugged him again, and as he stood up with her in his arms, he finally noticed Naomi. "Ah.. uhm. Hi. I'm sorry... didn't see you. Here to pick up someone?" He asked her, thinking it to be a realistic question to ask.
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  4. Holding her hands behind her back, she observed the scene in front of her. A smile appeared on her face, at the adorable interaction between the brother and sister. Though, she did felt a pang of jealousy towards them. They reminded her of the times when she used to pick up her brother and how worry she would get when she ran late as well. When that happened, she would pick him up in a hug and she would apologize to Adrian, a million times before she felt any better.

    She also remembered the days after the accident; she would always wake up in a rush to get him to school, just to realize that he wasn’t there anymore. Then after the bell rang to announce the end of the day, she would go to the elementary school and would watch all the other students pick up their little siblings, while the pain and the guilt consumed her. She spent a few weeks way until a teacher offered her the job of becoming the piano instructor for the little youngsters. Apparently, the teacher was her neighbor and he had listened to her, playing the piano for her little brother before, so he thought that she was a good candidate for the job.

    Suddenly her train of thoughts was interrupted by Christopher’s question. Her eyes widen in sudden realization that she would need to give him a response. She couldn’t just shake her head, because then he would ask what she was doing there. Yet, she knew that if she tried to talk, she would stutter with her words like she always did when trying to talk to others that weren’t kids. After a couple of seconds deliberating with herself, which to Christopher seemed like she was just staring at him and that maybe he had asked the wrong question, she decided to try something different to answer him. Giving him a sad smile, she shook her head and making sure nobody was around, she got close to Lily, and whispered her answer on the little girl's ear.

    “Oh…Okay!” After giving Naomi, a small smile, Lily looked up at her brother and repeated her words, in that adorable voice of hers. “She said that she isn’t here to pick anyone. The truth is that she works here as a piano instructor for the kids that have to stay afterschool because their parents work ‘till late. Also, she wants to know if big brother could keep this a secret for everyone at school…” Finishing, Lily looked back at Naomi, a huge grin on her face and giving Naomi a thumbs up.

    Naomi smiled at the little girl and quickly gave her a thumbs up back, as sign to let her know that she did a great job. After doing that, she looked at Christopher and waited for his reaction. She didn’t expect for him to agree to keep her secret, but she really hoped he would. It wasn’t that she was scared of what people would think, but if they find out then they would find a way to tell her parents, and she knew that they wouldn’t allow it. So, tucking a strand of her short black hair behind her ear, she looked at him with a pleading look, her big blue eyes, shining with hope. ‘Please, say yes…’
  5. It was a very loving scene, filled with the worry and affection that Chris felt for his sister. He was always so worried, always trying to protect her from what could hurt her. If she was to get hurt while on his watch, he couldn't possibly forgive himself. He didn't want her to be hurt, and he didn't want her to blame him for things, so he did all in his might to protect and make his sister feel happy and safe around him. He hoped deep inside his heart that she wouldn't blame him, at no given time ever.

    Chris didn't have the current time for a job; but it didn't matter since his parents sent them money and he just had to administrate it and basically... take care of the whole house. But it didn't matter to him, as long as Lily was safe and happy. As long as she didn't ask about their parents. He tried to make her forget, put the pictures of them all together where she wouldn't notice it, distracted her by taking her outside and allowing her to watch TV in the evenings until she fell asleep so that she'd forget that her parents wasn't there. As long as he could avoid the topic with her, he would. It was as if something broke inside of him seeing her go through the same thing that he had when little.

    Chris allowed himself a smile as he looked over at Naomi. He saw nothing wrong with keeping her secret, after all, he had no reason to tell anyone about it. He didn't have any friends, anyways. He patted Lily's head and giggled as he leaned down to whisper in her ear, playing along with what Naomi did before, also to make Lily have a little fun. She smiled and nodded. "Okay... okay!" She ran over to Naomi and pulled at her sleeve. "Big bro says sure as long as you go with us to the restaurant tonight!" She exclaimed victoriously and looked over at Chris, who just gave her a thumbs up. She then looked back at Naomi. "I also want big sis to join us... you were so nice to me, I want to thank you! I'll show you how to play bowling!" She said as she looked at the other girl with an excited expression.

    It made Chris all warm inside to see her like that. He loved when she was happy, and he was relieved that there was other people who could make her smile and maybe even forget that she was so sad. When Lily came jumping back to his side, he looked up at Naomi and sent her a kind smile.
    "She really likes you. I'd love if you joined us, besides, the more the merrier, right? We'll just stick around until you're off and then we can all go there together... how does that sound, do you have the time? If you're busy you don't have to."

    'I wonder what I'm doing... I'm being really friendly and I barely even know her... I don't even know her name. But she seems like such a nice girl... and... she seems like she could use some company. I'm sure that Lily can bring her to smile more, just as she makes Lily smile so happily...' He didn't speak again and just held Lily's hand in his own. They looked so much alike, and it was clear to see that they were siblings. A lot of cuteness much like Lily's still remained in Chris' features, even if he was so much older than she was. They had always been the adored siblings and it was surprising to most that they were in such trouble.
  6. She didn’t need the work since her parents own a major business and they paid all her things. However, money can’t buy happiness and due to them being out most of the time, she felt lonely. That’s why she accepted the job offer, though that wasn’t the only reason. She knew how much her little brother loved the piano and she knew that he would her to teach other kids like him, how to play it. Naomi wanted to make his wish true, so she accepted; besides, in every kid she had met, she saw a bit of her brother in them.

    With her fingers crossed, Naomi observed as Chris giggled and leaned down to whisper his answer in Lily’s ear, like she did minutes before. Soon, she watched as Lily came running towards her and tug on her sleeve.

    "Big bro says sure as long as you go with us to the restaurant tonight! ...I also want big sis to join us... you were so nice to me, I want to thank you! I'll show you how to play bowling!" Naomi knew she couldn’t say no to Lily, the girl’s charm was too irresistible; besides, Chris was going to keep her secret and she really appreciated him for that. Yet, she knew that she had to work, so she couldn’t go with them even if she wanted to. But, that’s when Chris offered to stay around until she finishes work.

    Thinking it over again, she decides to accept their offer. Nodding at Chris as a response, she motioned at them to follow her. Walking down the hallway, she could feel the stare of Chris eyes on her back and that made her nervous. ‘I’m glad he’s okay. I want to ask him, but I don’t want to make Lily worry.’ Glancing back, she looked at Chris; she was a bit worried about him herself, but she wasn’t sure why since they don’t even know each other. Maybe it was the fact that, he resembles her brother a bit.

    Suddenly, they were startled by Lily. “Wait! I haven’t introduced you yet...” At her words, Naomi’s eyes widened in realization and her body stopped abruptly. Lily was right; she didn’t even give him her name. Quickly turning around, she stared at a Chris, her mouth opened as if she was about to say something. However, the words wouldn’t come out. A bit embarrassed, she closed her mouth and looked down at the floor. Her cheeks were turning a deep red.

    Lily finding Naomi’s action a bit funny chuckled softly and decided to introduce them properly, not knowing that Naomi already knew her brother’s name. “Okay! Big brother this is Naomi-chan. Big sis, this is my big brother, Chris.” Naomi couldn’t get enough of the little girl’s way of talking. Such a little girl, speaking in such a clear voice; Naomi could really see the resemblance between the siblings even if their age was different. Looking at Chris, Naomi smile and nodded at him, trying to let him know it was nice to meet him. After that, she spent a couple of seconds just looking at him before turning around and starting to walk again. ‘That was a bit awkward…’

    Soon, they arrived at Naomi’s classroom which was already filled with little kids. She was a bit late and she felt a bit guilty for making the kids wait, yet she didn’t blame Lily or Chris for her lateness. She saw as the teacher sitting on the desk, who is the one that supervise them until she arrives, quickly made her way to her. “Naomi! You are finally here! The kids were asking for you, they thought you wouldn’t be here today.” Naomi gave the teacher an apologetic smile and quickly made her way inside. As soon as the kids saw her, they all cheered and clapped excitedly. “Yay! Nao-sensei is here!” She was a bit nervous, since she would need to speak in front of Chris and the other teacher, but seeing all the smiles on the kids face made her nerves more bearable. “H-Hey, munchkins. I-I’m sorry for being late, but I would make it up to you all with a new song. Is that okay?”

    At the prospect of hearing their sensei’s new song, they all cheered. Naomi chuckled at the kids’ joy, forgetting she was being watched by Chris or the teacher. “Yes! Sensei’s going to play a new song for us!” All of the kids hurried and sat around the piano that was in the middle of the room. The other teacher sighed in relief and smiling, she left the room leaving Naomi to do her work. Naomi turned towards Chris and Lily and told them to come inside the room. As soon as the kids noticed the newcomers, they started to ask questions while pointing at Chris and Lily.

    “Oh! Is that your boyfriend, Nao-sensei!? Are you married!? Is that your daughter!?” Naomi’s face became redder by the second, as she was overwhelmed by the embarrassment at the kids’ questions. ‘W-What!? M-My b-boyfriend!?’ For the first time, she didn’t know what to do and she became paralyzed due to her nerves. ‘W-What am I going to do!?’
  7. Chris really wanted to have a job. That way, he could also earn some money to spend just on him and Lily, and those money wouldn't have to be their parents' money. But he really didn't have the time, considering he had to look after Lily and he couldn't work while she was at school because he was in school at the same times as she was. Maybe when she was older, she could be home alone, but now, she was only eight. He didn't want to leave her alone in the house, and then he'd rather not have a job and then get to take care of Lily all day.

    He was also happy when Naomi seemed to accept their offer, and the way Lily seemed to be quite fond of the other female made his heart warm up. If she could keep up that way she'd get tons of friends and he wouldn't have to worry so much.

    The way that she seemed reluctant but then eventually accepted made him calm down. He was also glad upon seeing the relief in her eyes when he told her that he would keep her secret from the other students. He was supposed to be alone and now he suspeced that he was getting himself a friend, of sorts. They would probably meet again after this, considering that she probably worked often and he picked up Lily every single day. It didn't really matter to him. He really wanted to be her friend, to see her smile more and be happy. It was like something heavy was weighing down on her.

    When they walked down the hallway together, he was looking at her. It wasn't anything particularly uncomfortable, it was just because he was behind her and looking straight forward that his eyes happened to land on her back and not move away again. ' I wonder if she's alright. She seems like a nice girl and all... but she looks so devastated. Did something happen to her in this school or something? I'm kinda worried about her... I hope she'll be happier after we take her out, I guess...' When he looked up again, she was looking at him and he just blinked, surprised at the worry in her eyes.

    He was, though, interrupted by Lily insisting that she introduced them. He didn't manage to say that Naomi probably already knew his name as she gingerly introduced them to each other.
    'Well whatever... as long as she's happy, I guess... plus it's nice to see her so social with other older people than just me...' He was a bit surprised that Naomi just looked down and left the job to Lily. Perhaps she was a nervous person? Or was it a bit awkward for her to be around Chris?

    He hoped that it wasn't his fault. He didn't recall doing anything dumb. Maybe she had been pressured to accept the offer to go out to eat? Had he gone too far by saying that? He was very worried that he had ruined his chances with a girl that Lily really seemed to take a liking to. But then Naomi looked at him and gave him that smile and he wasn't worried anymore. He just bowed his head and gave her smile in return, hoping that that was enough. When they started walking again, his hands dug into his pockets as he thought about a few things here and there.
    'Well that was sort of... awkward... hope it's okay... and that she'll be fine with going out with us two later...'

    When they arrived at the classroom, there was filled with kids. Lily immediately hid behind him for safety, and he could feel her hands shaking when she grabbed his shirt and looked up at him with an anxious expression on his face. He allowed Naomi to go up and do whatever she wanted, because he knew that he was pretty much unrelated to the whole thing. The way the kids seemed to flood around her like magnets to iron made him find them rather charming. They really, really liked Naomi. Well, not that he didn't understand why. She was a really nice girl... and well, he probably liked her too, to some extent. At least enough to invite her out to eat. But it didn't seem much like a first date, considering that there was an eight year old girl involved, not to mention that this girl was Chris' sister. Chris just smiled as he watched her interact with the little kids, how they were so happy about seeing that she was there.

    They were also happy about the song. They seemed to cheer and roar slightly and all of them ran around in happy circles. But then they noticed him. Even if it was embarrassing and made him blush that he was mistaken for the boyfriend with their child, he still approached the little kid calmly and sat down on his knees so that he was the same height as the kid.
    "Me and your sensei are just classmates, little friend. We happened to meet here when I was picking up my little sister, Lily." He smiled and gestured at Lily, who was hiding behind a set of chairs and tables, because she was scared to talk to anyone.

    "And Lily said to me that she'd really like to try and play the piano with you guys, but she's really shy. Do you think you can go over and ask her to come out? She's really nervous and just wants to be friends with you guys." He smoothly avoided the topic about him being Naomi's boyfriend by turning the attention to his sister. And she had been practically beaming when she heard the word "piano" so he knew that he was right. Plus he wanted her to have friends.
  8. Naomi didn’t know how to express the gratitude she was feeling towards Chris, at the moment. Hearing how he responded to the curious questions with such a calm voice, made her admire him. Although, his appearance made him look a bit tough, his obvious ways with kids grabbed Naomi’s attention. ‘I don’t think he knows it, but he has a way with kids…’

    Feeling a bit more calmed, she watched as Chris directed the attention of the kids towards his sister. Upon seeing the little girl all of the kids smiled and quickly started to pool around Lily. The boy that was talking with Chris, made his way slowly towards Lily since he noticed the way she was hiding behind some chairs and tables. “Hi! My name is Leo. Do you wanna play the piano with us?” Extending his small hand towards Lily, he waited for her to take it while giving the nervous girl, a friendly smile.

    Seeing that the kids were a bit distracted with Lily, Naomi made her way towards Chris and with her soft, shy voice, told him how grateful she was for saving her. “T-Thank you…for saving me just now. I let my nerves and embarrassment, get to me…You are v-very good with kids, you k-know?” Her cheeks still a bit pink, she gave him a warm smile and quickly looked away. Feeling her face starting to become red again, she didn’t wait for a reply and made her way towards the piano. Her attention went back towards the kids, and her eyes landed on the smiling Lily already starting to get along with some of the kids. ‘How cute…’

    Pressing one of the keys of the piano, she watched as the kids quickly made their way towards her. Smiling, she sat down on the stool in front of the instrument and closing her eyes, Naomi started to play her newest song for them. As the notes left the piano she lost herself in the music, the kids following her along with claps or moving their hands with the music.
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  9. Chris chatted gingerly with Leo for a little while, and the boy seemed to take a liking to Chris. He had never known that he had a way with children, since the only child he had interacted with was Lily. But Lily gave him reason to be nice to kids, and he thought that it was maybe because of that that children flocked around him. Despite his appearance, Chris was a soft-hearted person when it came to kids. He just couldn't bring himself to scold them or treat them badly.

    Chris sent Leo off in Lily's direction. She was hiding under a table that had a chair in front of it, and she was scared to come out. Chris knew that he wasn't the right one for convincing her to show herself. When Leo came towards her, the small, blonde girl crawled out from her hidings, looking up at him with her sparkling eyes. She was teary but then he spoke to her and she looked up at his hand. "I-is that really okay...?" She asked as she reached out for his hand. For her age, she was quite a bit smaller than Leo, and her hand was quite a bit smaller than his.

    At this, a smile curved Chris' lips. She was getting friends. He was aware of the fact that there was no way in hell that she could go on without friends her age, and it pleased him immensely to see her happy and at ease.
    "Ah... that's alright, really. I just seem to be a kid magnet because I look different and I'm tall and well... male." He chuckled slightly and looked at the kids. "And there's no need to be a bundle of nerves, really..." He looked over at her and smiled. "And to be quite frank with you, the only child I have ever associated with have been Lily... but I guess I am a natural parent... or whatever that's called. I just want her to be happy. She's all alone without our parents. That's why I'm so grateful for this... I don't want to see her down like she is when our parents never come home..." He looked over at his sister with sadness shining in his eyes, knowing that she was depressed because she couldn't have her parents, but only Chris.

    Lily was also following along with the bunch of kids, guided by Leo who excitedly told her about Naomi's piano playing and how amazing it was. Lily was completely engrossed in what her new friend was saying, and she got so excited when Naomi began playing. Chris settled in the corner of the room, standing against the wall with a smile on his face. This was Naomi's lesson, and he wanted her to have it to herself as he figured that she wanted to.
  10. Finishing the last note of the song, she opened her eyes and gave the kids a smile as they clap and asked for another one. Chuckling, she shook her head and told them that it was time for one of them to play a bit. “I’m sorry guys, but if you want to hear another song then, one of you has to volunteer to play something for us…” As soon as she said that, many hands went up in the air. Looking around, she quickly spotted Leo’s hand and smiling she motioned for him to come forward. “Hm? Leo? Why don’t you come and play something for us?”

    After giving a quick smile towards Lily, Leo nodded at Naomi’s words and quickly made his way towards her. Noticing this, Naomi couldn’t help but chuckle softly at the boy’s charm. Shaking her chuckle away, she made some space on the stool for the boy and once he sat down, she told him to play whatever song he wanted. “Okay Leo. You can play whatever song you want and if you have any problems, I’ll help. ‘kay?’

    Knowing what song he was going to play already, since it was the only song he knew; Leo nodded at her words and placing his small hands on the piano keys, he started to play his favorite lullaby; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Smiling, Naomi let the boy play alone and with the other kids, she started singing the nostalgic song. How she missed singing that song for her little brother. What she wouldn’t give to see his sleeping form after she sang the song to him at night, so he could fall asleep?

    Putting a smile on her face, she focused on not letting the already forming tears, fall from her watery eyes. She didn’t want for the kids to see her cry, so pretending she had something in her eyes, she cleaned a few tears that managed to escape her eyes. Quickly recovering, she stood up and letting Leo have the spotlight, she went and joined the kids on the floor. Leo didn’t noticed this, since he had was concentrated on playing the song and trying not to make any mistakes, though he still held a happy smile on his face, and Naomi found that very adorable.

    Sitting on the floor, she spotted Lily next to her and smiling at her, she patted her lap. Nodding at Naomi, Lily made her way towards her and sat down with her. Naomi found the girl very cute and though, she just met her, she felt attracted towards the little girl's charm. Noticing Naomi sitting on the floor with them, the other kids gathered around her also, and kept singing along to the song.

    After a minute or so, Leo finished playing the song and as soon as he noticed that Naomi wasn't next to him, his face tainted a shade of red in embarrassment mixed with nerves. Clapping alongside the other kids, Naomi gave the boy a gentle smile, doing that seemed to calm the boy a bit and he returned the smile while getting down from the stool. ‘He resembles him so much…’

    "Okay little ones. Lets start cleaning up, since class is going to end soon."
    Though, some of the kids protested, they still did what they were told. Naomi couldn't help as another chuckle escaped her lips. For a moment, she had forgotten that Chris was also in the room and observing everything that was happening.
  11. Chris smiled as he watched her play the song, clapping when she finished. He wanted to make her happy like this, make her feel like that when she was with them. Of course, he knew that he was just thinking too much about it. He just wanted them to be friends, and he was going to do this for Lily and not for himself. He didn't want to allow himself to think that he might have a chance of liking Naomi just a little bit. Liking her would mean doing things with her that he had never done with people before, like being close to them and telling them about his true feelings.

    He observed as well as Leo made his way up to the piano, and saw Naomi smiling at Lily. It warmed his heart to see her smiling to his sister, and he just wanted to hug her to make that smile stay on her face forever, for as long as it would stay. Or so he thought, anyways. He didn't really act on his thoughts as he watched the little boy. Leo was so happy to get to go up there, and from the way Naomi was looking at him, he knew that she was aware of which song he'd play.

    Chris, though, didn't know that it was going to be the little lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but it didn't surprise him. It was probably one of the first songs that they learned, and he didn't see a reason why it wouldn't be that in the first place. Naomi let him play, which Chris knew was a good thing, to let the kids do the things themselves to make them feel more responsible, and instead she sang along to the song that everyone knew so well. It was a nostalgic and yet sad song that brought back all sorts of feelings in Chris' being. But then he saw something.

    When he looked over, Naomi's expression was changing. Before, it had been loving. It had been devotion, total devotion to make these kids happy and smiling in front of her. But now, her eyes showed sadness, immense sadness and something that he didn't see how could happen. He thought about the possiblities and realized that Naomi probably saw someone else when seeing the playing Leo's form in front of the piano. He let his mind more on high speed and figured that it must be someone she loved. Maybe even her brother.. just thinking about it made his heart wrench. How would he not feel if he lost Lily?

    He saw her tears but didn't say anything about it, and certainly not with how she was trying to hide it. Lily immediately obeyed to go into Naomi's lap because she really liked Naomi. Lily, too, had noticed the tears but weren't saying anything, instead made sure to hug Naomi extra tightly so that she would be happy. Lily knew that it was sometimes a good idea to cheer people up without words.

    That was something Chris had taught her, that if she just hugged the person and made them feel comfortable, they could also cheer up. Sometimes, words weren't needed. She knew that her brother was clever, and had not hesitated to take his word on it as the truth. She also clapped at Leo and smiled as he got back down, running up to hug him and congratulate him for his amazing performance.

    When it came to cleaning up, Chris helped along as well. When the children were occupied, he walked over and wrapped an arm around Naomi's shoulders, giving her cheek a kiss. It was an act of comfort and didn't mean anything else than that to him at the moment, even if he had feelings stronger than just that of friendship for her. For now, he just wanted that frown off her face, and then everything else in his life came second, basically. Though Lily did see them and giggled to herself.
  12. Naomi was a bit startled by Chris act of comfort but it still brought a smile to her face. She had totally forgotten that Chris was there and it was quite a surprise to her. Yet, she took the action as one of friendliness and comfort; however the kiss still made her blush quite deeply. Never a boy had tried to comfort her before that is, if you don’t count the many times her little brother comforted her. Chuckling, she gave Chris a smile of gratefulness and in a quick motion; she gave him a quick hug in return.

    Noticing that Lily saw their friendly interaction made her blush deepen. Still, a chuckle of her own managed to escape her lips. Making her way towards the little girl and the other kids, she started to help them clean. She didn’t know why, but she felt compelled to get closer to the adorable girl. Maybe it was the innocence but mature personality of the girl or how she looked so fragile, which made Naomi want to protect her.

    After finishing cleaning up, she patted Lily’s head softly and with a warm smile, she let Leo drag the girl away from her to sot with the other kids. She watched as they interact and talked with the girl, loving how they started to include her in their little group. ‘They sure fell for her charm as well…’ She started walking to her desk, to wait for the parents to start picking up their kids.

    Looking back at Chris, she saw him watching his little sister talking to the other kids, and watched as a smile formed on his face. Smiling, instead of waiting by her desk, she decided to go over to him. Once next to him, she was surprised at herself for being the one to start the conversation. She never had the courage to start a conversation with anyone but kids, however, something about the boy next to her made her feel comfortable. “S-She looks so happy, doesn’t she?” Naomi asked Chris with a stutter still noticeable, while looking at Lily laugh and a talk with Leo and the others.
  13. Chris hadn't meant to be a surprising person, in the least, but he had wanted to comfort Naomi the best way possible. Well, Naomi also seemed to have forgotten his presence while with the kids, so maybe she was just surprised over his sudden reappearance into the scene. Or maybe she just hadn't tried it before, getting close with someone and hugging for comfort. Chris didn't mind it either way, he was even okay with being pushed away from her. But just as he was about to pull away and apologize, she gave him a hug in return and that was all that mattered.

    He looked over and spotted Lily in the crowd, and for what he could see, she had seen everything that had happened. At this, he blushed. How much could this girl sense, anyways? He watched as Naomi went over to join them with cleaning, and Leo beckoned him to come help as well. The kids also liked the handsome guy that their Sensei had brought along, and most of the girls flocked around him. He just laughed and talked to them, making them hug and run around him all of the time.

    When cleaning was over, Chris instructed them to go play with Lily and not himself, seeing as he didn't have any right to take friends away from Lily. The girls nodded as they went to the group, talking to Lily and smiling happily. It was so cute, to see that she had been so suddenly accepted into their little group of kids, but Chris was aware of the charm she held. Unlike himself, she was someone lovable.

    Chris couldn't help that smile. It was like a faraway dream to see that Lily was happy and smiling and he wasn't at her side at all moments. It showed that she could be happy even without him being there, and that was what made him so happy. He didn't want to cry so nothing happened, but before he knew, Naomi was just beside him, and his heart started pounding, for some reason. "Yeah... it calms me down to see her like that, happy with someone and completely forgetting about the sadness she feels when she's home..." He said as he wrapped an arm around Naomi's waist, though not saying anything as he did so.
  14. Not knowing how to respond to that statement, Naomi just kept quiet. She knew what was like to feel sad even in the comfort of your own home. She felt like that every day since everything at home reminded her about her deceased brother. Feeling tears start to form in her eyes due to her memories, she was grateful of Chris’s sudden interruption of her thoughts by placing his arm around her waist; however she couldn’t voice her thanks due to the shock of surprise that came after.

    Naomi never interacted with people her age, less alone, boys her age. However, feeling Chris arm around her didn’t cause the familiar feeling of panic and stress that she usually felt when interacting with girls or boys her age. ‘Am I actually starting to like his presence? Or maybe it’s because he is good with kids as well…? Argh! I don’t even know anymore…’ Still lost in battle with her thoughts, she didn’t notice how tense she had become at Chris action

    Snapping out of her thoughts, she realized that her face was becoming seriously heated and that she must look like a walking tomato by now.. She didn’t want him to think that he had done something wrong, but she couldn’t help her body’s involuntary actions towards his sudden movement. Quickly, she excused herself and made her way to the door where she could see some parents waiting for their kids. “P-Please, e-excuse m-me…”

    Taking breaths to calm herself, she distracted herself by starting to call the kids to the door and saying goodbye before they left with their parents. She watched as the kids said their goodbyes to Lily and told her that they couldn’t wait to play with her tomorrow. This made her smile and she also couldn’t wait to see them tomorrow as well.

    “Bye, Leo. See you tomorrow.” “Bye, Nao-sensei. Bye, Lily. See you tomorrow.” Waving goodbye to the little boy and his father, who were the last to leave, she finally turn her head towards Chris and Lily. Now that she was calmer and relaxed, she finally met his gaze with her own. She felt a bit guilty for walking away like she did, with no explanation whatsoever. Looking down at her fidgeting hands, she decided to apologize for her behavior. “I’m s-sorry for m-my strange b-behavior e-earlier. I-I was just a-a bit surprised…” With her gaze still on her hands, she waited for his reply; though, if he didn’t reply and just leave without a single word, she would understand. She had been rude and she didn’t know if she had hurt him with her strange actions. Looking at Lily, she decided to send her an apologizing smile, just in case, he decides to leave without looking back.
  15. Chris was staring at Lily the whole time, but he knew he might've said something a bit bad in terms of talking about the sadness felt when they were home. He hadn't thought that it might be a sensitive topic for Naomi, and he bit the inner side of his cheek as he thought of a way to get himself out of this. At least, she seemed just a tiny bit calmer when his arm wrapped around her waist, and that made his heart slow down a little bit, at least. He smiled a little, seeing as Naomi couldn't look at his face in this position.

    This is strange... I thought I'd never feel comfortable around anyone but kids and yet... yet this girl makes me so strangely happy... I guess I've started enjoying her company, by now. That's really strange... Chris smiled slightly when these thoughts invaded him, knowing that Naomi against all chances probably felt a similar feeling like himself. A feeling that she had somewhere to belong, someone to talk to so that the loneliness would go away eventually. That sort of feeling...

    "Y-yeah... s-sure." Chris ended up saying as he watched her. His blush was still evident and he tried to hide it as he coughed. Oh god. He felt so strangely embarrassed already. He wished he could disappear somewhere, feeling mostly like he had done something wrong. He stood there in silence and watched her back as she said good bye to the kids one after one, wondering how she felt about what had happened. The feeling that she was angry nagged him, and he tried not to think too much in that direction.

    When he was watching her, it was like the world shut out. He couldn't hear the things around him, he couldn't feel anything as if his body was numb, and nothing else than the sight of her reached his senses. It was the first time he'd experienced such a thing, taht he could close his attention in such a focused manner to just one person. Maybe he truly did...

    "Oh no, no, it's really okay. I-I wasn't very nice, either. I didn't warn you or anything... sorry." Chris quickly said as he looked at her. He took her hand tightly and looked into her eyes. Lily was, surprisingly, near them and not saying anything. She was watching the scene unfold with interesting eyes. It was the first time her big brother had been like this with someone else, and she wanted to know what he felt about it. When Chris didn't take notice of his little sister (well, none of them would with how she was hiding) as he gently moved down and kissed Naomi's palm, looking up into her eyes. The blue in his own was a shocking color, and he straightened up and looked at her, putting his hand on her cheek. It took him a few seconds, but soon enough he tipped toward her and pecked his lips against hers. He took a moment to print the feeling into his mind, and when he was done, he pulled back.

    "There you go, a charm."
    He said while Lily was blushing and staring at them. That was so bold of her brother!
  16. Naomi felt relief wash over her seeing and hearing that he wasn’t angry at her. A blush crept unto her face at the feeling of his lips touching her palm. However, the biggest surprise was when she felt his lips against hers. The kiss was quick and didn’t last very long but it was enough to shock her. As soon as Chris stepped back, she lifted her hand and placed upon her lips. ‘Was that…? Did he just…? My first kiss… A charm?’

    “A charm..?” Her eyes were wide in shock and she didn’t know how words could come out of her mouth, since her thoughts were all jumbled up in her mind. Noticing how hot her face felt, she realized how red she must be. By now, her face resembled a cherry with blue eyes and black hair. Her blush had covered her whole face and part of her neck. “T-Thank y-you…” Not able to look at him in the eyes, she placed her gaze on her fidgeting hands.

    Soon, she remembered that Lily must have seen the whole thing and -though it might seem impossible- her blush deepened in color. Trying to divert the attention from herself, she decided to quickly change the subject by reminding Chris, his offer of taking her out to eat with Lily. “S-Shouldn’t w-we be h-heading to t-the r-restaurant? I t-think I'm g-getting h-hungry...” As if on cue, her stomach chose that very moment to emit a growling sound, increasing her feeling of embarrassment.
  17. Chris smiled as he looked over and saw Lily. "Oh there you are, pumpkin. You shouldn't be spying like that, you know." Lily looked apologetic, but Chris patted her hair and scooped her into his arms, picking her up. "It's okay, you were probably just there coincidentally." He said, knowing that she hadn't meant to spy, but obviously when it had happened in front of her, she got a little curious. Anyone would. But especially a cutie like Lily would get curious.

    "Brother, does this mean that Naomi-sensei's your girlfriend?" Lily asked all too innocently, and this time, Chris actually blushed. He looked at her again as the blush faded and he smiled calmly. Okay... somehow dealing with this smoothly. "That's up to Naomi to decide, I think." He said, Lily looking puzzled. The small girl didn't say anything more and looked at Naomi as she said she was hungy. "I'm hungry too! Let's go get food!" Lily said happily as she jumped from Chris' arms, grabbing Naomi's hand with her left, and Chris' with her right.

    Then, she began walking with the two teenagers at hand. She wondered if they were nervous, with the way their hands were shaking. Lily knew what it was like to be nervous, and she could usually sense when someone else was. But this kind of anxiousness... it wasn't a bad one. It was warm and nice to feel. Was this because Naomi and her brother liked each other? They got nervous in this warm way because they liked each other. That sounded like a nice thing, so Lily went with that. The entire time, Chris was looking at his thoughtful little sister, wondering what was going through the little girl's mind now. She was more clever than she let on.
  18. ‘His girlfriend…? Do I want to be his girlfriend?’ Naomi couldn’t help but ask herself that question. Watching Chris blush made –as if it was possible- her face become redder or at least hotter. She knew that if she didn’t calm down soon; she would faint from all the rush of blood flowing to her head. However, as soon as she felt Lily’s hand on hers, it made her relax a bit. She knew that she would have to answer Chris indirect question, but for now she would just get some food and enjoy the night with them.

    As they walk out of the school, she could feel her hand shaking due to her nerves, but seeing that Lily wasn’t questioning it she smiled. The girl could be sweet and adorable but she also had a maturity that she hadn’t seen on any other kid, except her own little brother. Not wanting to go there, she just distracted herself by looking around while Chris directed them to the restaurant. As her eyes wandered around the streets, she couldn’t help but land her gaze on him. Involuntarily, she lifted her free hand and placed it on her lips, remembering the sweet kiss he had given her. ‘He sure is cute and he is sweet, and he likes children…’ She liked how his blond hair frames his face and the way his blue eyes light up when looking at his sister. She could see how much he loves her and how she would do anything to make her happy. That thought brought a smile to her face, yet it made her thoughtful. ‘Would he look at me like that someday…?’ She couldn’t help but wonder if he would be happy with a girl like her. ‘What if he finds out about the incident? Would he blame it on me as well? Like my parents did? ...I don’t know if I can trust him yet. They all end up leaving me when they know the truth. My friends, my family…’

    Shaking those thoughts away, she noticed how she was staring at him and quickly looked away, a blush appearing on her face again. ‘I really want to make this work…’ With that last thought, she let herself be guided into the restaurant by the adorable little girl and her lovable, big brother.
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  19. Oh crap. Oh, crap... I'm the new king of lame, aren't I! I totally screwed that up, she must think I'm a complete idiot by now... I've never confessed before and the first person that happens to steal my heart I meet and fall for in one day... does she even know what she's doing, making me all strange in the chest like this? In return to Chris' anxiety, Lily was holding onto his hand and not asking him why it was shaky and slightly damp with sweat, and why he was blushing red like a tomato. And of course she didn't ask why he wasn't facing them, either.

    Chris had always been the child that everyone admired. His life was supposed to be easy, but he was actually left behind by his parents. Chris discovered at a young age that he was a person who fell in love with a personality, a smile, and not a gender. When he was 15, he had briefly dated a guy. His parents had obviously figured out, leading to their breakup shortly after. Of course, Chris had been broken up over it, but he had gotten past this. At that moment, he knew that his parents' love for him only stuck as deep as him being a good boy. Once he wasn't the Chris that they wanted him to be, there would be no mercy for him. His treating children well had come from this knowledge. The feeling of a child with no one to take care of them. The loneliness and pain, the reach for a parent figure that was never there. When he thought about that, he couldn't help himself but treat children like precious jewels.
    There's no doubt... she would hate me if she knew what kind of person I am... I know that it doesn't make much difference now when I love her, not to me... but if she knows, she might think I'm some kind of weirdo who is cheating with everyone because I can fall in love with both males and females... I don't want that... I'm not like that... I'm a remotely normal guy!

    When Chris realized he had been staring anxiously ahead of him while giving directions, he quickly composed himself and tossed away his thoughts. Would Naomi turn out to be such a person? The thought made his fragile heart ache, and he wondered what would happen if Lily happened to say something about it. Lily had really liked Chris' boyfriend, and they had had a great relationship. But the interference of Chris' parents had shattered what affection was between the two males, turning their love into bitterness, and they'd ended up on different paths. At first, the memories had hurt Chris, but now they were dull, playing for him in black and white like another person's life.
  20. Naomi noticed how thoughtful he seemed but didn’t comment on it. ‘I wondered what he is thinking about. Is he regretting his actions already? Though, is not like I’d be surprise if that is what he is thinking about…’ Not wanting to be pessimistic, she decided to start a conversation with Lily to distract herself from her negative thoughts. “So Lily, does your brother bring you here often?”

    She asked, while Lily guided both of them to a table, since Chris was obviously lost in his own thoughts. Though, her question might have snapped him out of them. Smiling the little girl nodded in response, while taking a seat on the table. “Yes, he brings me here a lot because I really like the food; it’s really good. Though, big brother’s food is really good as well.”

    Looking back at Chris, Naomi couldn’t help but chuckle softly. A sudden image of Chris in an apron, cooking for his little sister, had appeared in her mind and it was too adorable, that she couldn’t hold in her soft laughter. Naomi never was a judgmental girl. She would always accept people how they were and would never ask them to change for her to be their friend. This quality was something her little brother always admired and she always felt great knowing that her brother liked that about her. “W-Well, I wouldn’t mind tasting your brother’s food someday.” She took a seat next to Lily and smiled at the little girl.

    Nodding in excitement, Lily smile at Naomi and then at her brother. “Wouldn’t that be great big brother?” Both, Naomi and Lily, were now looking at Chris, one with a smile on her face, while the other waited anxiously for his reply.
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