MiNaGi and Becca Malik

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  1. So... girl/girl romance....

    What have you in mind?
  2. Uhm.... I don't really know, I was thinking something with a bit of tradegy... maybe something with a lot of complications, but I don't really have that many ideas... I might post a character later :3
  3. I'm honestly up for anything at this point - I am so bored!
  4. Etou...... I will throw out what is currently at my mind.
    Maybe the setting could be... I was thinking either a high school, or maybe a campus or university of some sort, in present time. I dunno how we set up the romance because I usually just take things as they come to me, I pretty much work on intuition. Set a loose setting that gives you a bit of freedom and then make a few character (ex. the main characters aka the soon-to-be or couple and maybe friends, a teacher if it's school, a boss at work... stuff like that) and then I pretty much just do on feeling and don't really like to have really strict rules xD
    Uhm..... I was thinking that maybe the characters that are going to be our couple should be in the same class because then it would make more sense for them to suddenly start talking.
    But I dunno... what do you think? xD
  5. Yeah, that's good :) Want me to set up the thread for it?