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Min Choi
June 12, 1998
Busan, South Korea
Parents (disease) Older Brother (alive)

Physical Description

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 72 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Soft facial features. Skinnier than most people his age, not much muscle
usually wears large hoodies and skinny jeans. Loves Vans


Personality: Usually quiet, he likes to stay by himself a lot. He doesn’t have many friends
Skills/Talents: Amazing Photogroapher
Favourites: Loves going to art museums
Dislikes: Leaving his house
Goals/Ambitions: Become a famous photographer
Strengths: Knows good art when he sees it
Weaknesses: Not good at talking to people
Fears: being betrayed, that’s why he doesn’t have many friends
Hobbies/Interests: taking photos, drawing, listening to music
Regular Routine: Wake up, go to work, take pictures, go home and edit his photos while eating and watching TV
Attitude Toward Death: Not scared of it
Religion/Beliefs: Not religious
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: He’s a a little masochist
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: watching his parents die
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: Gay Male, came out when he was 13 to his older brother
Education/Special Training: high school graduate, graduated early at the age of 16
Occupation: Day care emplyee
Work-related Skills: Knows how to take care of kids
Past Occupations: Baby sitter, Volunteer work 1F2F18F2-2CB3-4106-A86D-435CE16FD68A.jpeg