Million Dollars, But...

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  1. The idea for this game is shamelessly ripped off from a series of videos with the same name.

    It's pretty simple: someone proposes a scenario where you get a million dollars, but you have to take some weird or negative thing as well. You answer whether or not you would take the million dollars with that cost, maybe explain why or why not, and then give a new scenario for the next person.

    For example, player 1 says "You get a million dollars, but for one week of every month for the rest of your life your left hand is glued to your butt."
    Player 2 then come in and says "Sure, I love squeezing my own ass! Next player, you get a million dollars, but every morning you wake up with a random animal in your bed."

    So on and so forth. Just be cool and have fun, be as silly or as serious as you like, but don't make any personal attacks on people (ie "but you have to kill <Iwaku member>") or do other asshole things. If someone forgets to give a new scenario, just go ahead and answer the last one given and propose a new one.

    Here's one to start things up: You get a million dollars, but every time you sneeze for the rest of your life you pee your pants just a little bit.
  2. Take it. Just grab underwear where it won't mean much.

    You get a million dollars, but must surrender the Internet and all it's wonders.
  3. Just keep your money, I don't need it! No one can buy my loyalty over the internet.

    You get a million dollars, but you can't scratch your itchy skin for the rest of your life.
  4. I could do that.

    You can have a million dollars, but Gwazi (or someone else if Gwazi posts next) has to follow you around, watching everything you do.
  5. Absolutely not. I place a very high value on my privacy.

    You get a million dollars, but your left hand and left foot swap places forever (or right hand/foot swap if you're left-handed).
  6. That would mean not being able to write, so no million for me.

    You can win a million, but, whenever you open your mouth to speak, your tongue flops out and interrupts you from speaking.
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  7. Take the money. I can always write to talk.

    You get a million dollars but everything you eat from now on out tastes sour.
  8. No deal, I like my food too much.

    You get a million dollars, but you will spend your life a virgin.
  9. Hell yes. That was always the plan, but now I'd just have a legitimate reason to go through with it.

    A million dollar shall be bequeathed unto you should you go jousting every Sunday morn. (note: tournaments will be made available in any town, city, or village you find yourself living in or visiting)
  10. Money, fame, and, Glory?! Sign me right up!


    A million dollar is yours! But wait, there more, you will permanently see humans as Cthulhus and Cthulhus as humans.
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  11. Nope. I'm essentially getting paid to become mentally insane... if I'm lucky.

    You get a million dollars, but you need to count it all in single dollar bills.
  12. How is this even a question? Of course I'll take it. Less effort to toss it at strippers.

    You get a million dollars! But.. sorry.. It's all glued together into a massive paper brick.
  13. Does the Bank still take it? If so yes.

    You get a million dollars... but you must forever be bald.
  14. Take the money....could I wear a wig?

    You get a million dollars but you have to sneeze constantly, all day every day, forever.
  15. No wig. :P

    And take it, I'll just have tissues always on hand.

    You get a million dollars... in monopoly cash.
  16. Dammit.

    Pass!! Pass!! Pass!!

    You get a million dollars but you have to swim in shark infested waters to get it.
  17. Take assuming normal situations. Pass if there's blood, they've been starved etc.

    You get a million dollars but you are in slaved for 10 years.
  18. Enslaved by whom? By @Diana ? Ok! Take it! By @Asmodeus? Hell, f**k NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    1.000.000 DOLLARS! But you get rainbow color-changing eyes that clearly reflects your emotions like a overhyped snowflake-traited Mary sue.
  19. Yes. The first thing I'd buy is contacts/shades to cover the eyes up, and to complete the Gary Stu facade, wear clothes as though I was plucked directly from the protagonist cast of The Matrix

    You get one millions dollars, but you must give up using any electronics for the rest of your life.
  20. Nope, not worth it.

    One million dollars, but you'll never be able to receive income from any source—including interest—for the rest of your life. Pick up a penny off the street and you'll be stricken dead where you stand.