Military ranking structure

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for those of you curious of how any military structure works I'm going to break it down for you using the monkey tree metaphor

now, when a group of monkeys gather into a tree, the older stronger monkeys get the top branches, leaving the younger weaker monkeys the bottom. Now when said young monkey looks up all he sees are a bunch of assholes, and if he's unlucky he gets shit on.

that is all.
So all the Cadet Monkeys from West Point are all parade monkeys that don't know nothing?
a lieutennant is lower on the totem pole than a sergeant major is, despite what mister west point grad may think.
the thing i love most about the military rank structure, is that the Military Police force has more authority than all the monkeys in any of the trees! :D lol
those are the dudes standing outside the trees...with guns.
The military and hospital staff share something in common. Shit rolls downhill.