Military Misadventures

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  1. Kohana approached a gate in front of a a large facility. A chain link fence surrounded a few buildings inside and around the facility was a dense forest. She had finally arrived at one of the more permanent military bases. She pulled a paper from her pocket and unfolded it, scanning the slightly smuded black ink on the page stamped with a seal and finished with a signature that serves to prove she had been accepted.

    The werewolf, currently in her human form, walked over to the main gate were armed guards stood as sentry. They stoid taller when she approached, hands resting on the hilts of sheathed swords. Kohana held uo the paper and stopped in front of one of the guards. They read it over before nodding and stepping aside. "Report to the building straight ahead please."they instructed.

    Kohana nodded back and walked in between them. She spotted people in armor sharpening weapons, talking, preparing supplies, and some were even training in a yard in the distance. She scented other werecreatures as well as vampires, elves, dwarves, and the more human like mythics. The beasts were probably trained in a seperate camp.

    She recieved a few glances from soldier, and returned them with a loose and brief wave of her hand. Looming in front of her was a big wooden cabin like building with steps leading up to the front door and smoke billowing lazy from a chimney on the triangular roof.

    There was grass underfoot elsewhere, but a cobblestobe path led to the largest building. She looked to her right and saw a slightly smaller building that smeeled of food and she assumed was the mess hall. Then in rows were smalk cabins marked with squadron nunbers.

    Kohana reached the stairs of the main building, which was an assembly hall as well as an area where information was posted, leaders stayed in, and discussions were held. It also happened to be the place where soldiers were checked in. Kohana entered the building and looked around, seeing a series of desks and tables before her with doors in the back and stairs that led to other areas. Other newer and nervous looking soliders were sitting and filling out paper work or waiting in line to be checked in. Kohana walked to the main desk with cofident strides. She was still holding her stamped paper, so the person behind the desk knew she was new here. The man behind the desk was a well dressed elf and he handed Kohana a pen an papers.

    She thanked him curtly and took a seat at one if the empty tables. She looked over the papers that asked things regarding personal information.
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  2. A few minutes later, a woman in her early twenties walked in, a small smile on her face as she looked at the papers in her hand. She hadn't thought getting into the military would be so easy, but apparently her family name still held some worth, even if most of them were dead. Well, the most important family member wasn't dead, that is, her, Lea. Lea Kytes, to be precise. There was her big brother as well, but he hadn't joined. He already had one arm missing and wasn't willing to part with the other one.

    As she walked over to a table to sit down, she passed by a few people who looked at her strangely, probably due to the bright blue tips of her short haircut. She grinned at them and waved a hand, her long vampire fangs showing. She was simply being friendly, though she knew and probably enjoyed the fact that to some people those looked scary. Not that she would go on a biting spree or something. She had more class than that.

    "Hmm..." she murmured, chewing on the back of her pen as she read some more of the papers she had to fill in. Blah, I hate these questions. Who cares? Shouldn't they just be worried about more important things like whether I can poke someone with a knife?

    In her mind she could see her brother shaking his head at her and letting out his trademark sigh and eye roll. Why do you always have to make a fuss about things? Go with the flow. Lea scowled at the brother in her mind before huffing. "Easy for you to say, imbecile," she muttered before she smacked the papers on the table and started scribbling in information. She didn't really seem to care much that she was probably disturbing the other person who was sitting at the table.
  3. Kohana watched the newcomer enter and immediately recognized her as a vampire. She wanted to growl, but suppressed the urge. Though in Adareye, most mythics tended to be unified against a common enemy, the old rivalry between werewolves and vampires held true to some degree. Kohana knew of many werewolves who were fine with vampires whenever they had werewolf pack gatherings to discuss relevant new with other werewolf pacts in a peaceful manner. Kohana's pack had never been very fond of the pale, fanged creatures. Kohana looked over the vampire, noticing that she had dyed the ends of her hair a rather peculiar color. Has she no honor or was she that oblivious? In some werewolf packs, hair would be dyed with blood during ceremonies to represent ranking and respect, and now this chick was running around with a funny hair dye. She forced herself to look back down at her papers, scrawling with a bit more enthusiasm as she grit her teeth slightly.

    Then the vampire approached and set her papers on the same table. Kohana ignored how close the bloodsucker was as she answered the simple questions, until the vampire spoke up. "Easy for you to say, imbecile."

    Kohana lifted her head and looked at the vampire with prideful amber wolfish eyes. "Excuse me? Who are you calling an imbecile?"she asked, wondering who this chick was referring to since she hadn't been talking to anyone. Had she been trying to direct a jab at Kohana?
  4. Lea looked up from her papers and glanced over at the woman who spoke to her. She of course recognized her as a werewolf. Lea herself didn't care too much about rivalries and other such things, having something else she hated more than old feuds, but she had to admit that sometimes werewolves tended to annoy her. Their stubborn pride maybe? Or how they seemed to find disdain in everyone else? Well, she couldn't say any less for vampires of course; most of her kind were vain with their noses stuck up in the air. However, she and her brother were a little different than that, especially after they lost their family and relatives.

    She was extremely tempted to irk the werewolf a little more, perhaps ask who who she thought was being called an imbecile, or maybe even tell her not to get her panties in a twist... if she wore panties anyways; she was flat chested enough to seem like a boy. But, regrettably, Lea resisted the temptation. She hardly wanted to be through out of here based on a silly joke on her part, especially right after she got here. Besides the obvious repercussions, she just knew Sven would tell her off in the most boring manner possible with just the right words to irritate her as well.

    "My brother," she said with a little grin as she looked over the werewolf, taking in her odd coloured hair as well as her amber eyes and that scar. She was rather curious how that came to be. "You see, he likes to talk to me in here." She tapped her temple a little. "He's kinda annoying, even if he's just in my mind. I'm Lea, by the way. Lea Kytes." She put out a hand, just to be polite... and also to see if this werewolf was the vampire hating kind.
  5. Kohana didn't look too happy with this interaction. She listened to the vampire and figured the girl hadn't called her an imbecile since she knew many mythics had telapathic capabilities. She kept her teeth locked together to prevent baring them. She had heard too many stories about these bloodsuckers to like them. Also, she had fought a few in her time in the arena. If one were to see under her clothes, they'd find that there was the scar of two fang marks at the base of her neck.

    Though Kohana wasn't fond of vampires, she didn't want to make an enemy now since she'd rather do it with her sword in hand. She reached out and grabbed the outstretched hand with her own, making sure to avoid crushing the girl's hand or shaking too hard. Then she withdrew that arm, which was the one covered in trible tattoos, and decided it was only fair to give her name too since the girl best know now to remmber her name. "I'm Kohana, Kohana Biloxi."she replied.

    Then the werewolf returned to her paper work and finished signing and marking everything. She stood up and walked to the main desk, turning in her papers. The elf behind the desk gave her a paper explaining the different times training, eating, free time, and sleeping were to be done. On the paper it also mentioned what squadron, cabin, and bunk she'd be in until the troops would move out. For now, the new fighters would learn the ropes, not quite ready to leave for the battle lines.

    She thanked the elf man gruffly and turned. She gave the vampire one last look before she exited the building. She began to make her way to her new cabin. It was marked with a 13, which was the number of her squadron. Kohana entered and looked around. It was a rather simple one floored cabin with wooden floors and walls occasionally disturbed by windows with metal bars to prevent easy breaking. Up against the wall on either side were bunk beds with simple green blankets and hard mattresses. Not a problem, she was accustomed to sleeping on the forest floor or even on a pelt or two. The bunk beds had numbers on them and she had to find her corresponding one.

    Kohana found it. Bottom bunk, number 20 in the back corner of the room. Kohana didn't see any bathroom area and figured it was outside somewhere. She looked at the back of her paper, which was a map of the facility, and found she was correct. Kohana sat on her bed and observed the paper further. There was only some noise in the room since a few other new people had found their places. It seemed the veterans of this squadron were out training right now.
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    "Hm... nice name," Lea said, not really caring too much about how it was nice and thinking more about what kind of nicknames she could come up with the name. She let that thought go however and sat back down, looking at her hand, a slight smirk on her face. She could tell the werewolf, Kohana, was rather strong and didn't just look it. Interesting. She also figured there was no reason to come up with a nickname since the possibility of them having to talk much again was nigh.

    She finished up what she considered tedious paperwork and stood up, stretching out as if she was sleepy and stiff, even thought she was neither. By this time, the werewolf had already left. I should call her Koko next time I see her, Lea decided with a silent snicker before she put a pleasant grin on her face and handed the papers to the elf. "Here you go, enjoy reading all about me." She liked to tell Sven she couldn't help herself sometimes and being conceited; he'd just reply that she didn't care to.

    She took the paper the elf gave her and started walking as she read the paper. Schedules, another thing she didn't really like much. She liked doing things when she wanted to. But, she knew what she liked or didn't had nothing to do with why she was here. She was ready to play her part, for the most part.

    She finally made it to the cabin that she'd be treating as her home for... she didn't know until when. She entered and looked around, scratching at the rose tattoo on her neck, ignoring the sting as her sharp nails scratched the skin. Hm, it wasn't half bad. It certainly wasn't like how it used to be back in her home. No one would dare force her to share a room then... but these were different times and a completely different situation. Besides, it was clean. She didn't have to worry about bedbugs and in some cases fleas trying to suck her blood. "I'm the blood sucker!" she had once complained to her brother a couple of years earlier. This is intolerable!

    She made her way to her bunk and stopped in her tracks, blinking. Huh. She could just hear fate laughing at her, probably pointing a finger at her as it did. "Ehhh... so looks like I'm your bunk buddy, Kohana," she said.
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    Kohana was in the middle of reading her information paper when she heard a familiar voice. She inhaled quietly, scenting that same bloodsucker. She lifted her head and saw who she knew was there, face not betraying that she was not happy. However, it didn't appear she was happy. "It appears you are."Kohana answered curtly.

    She looked back down at her paper, stealing discreet glances at the vampire. Same height asher, but certaintly not as sturdy looking. She figured she could topple her over. She also noted this girl seemed to have nails that were sharp as claws. No matter, she had them too Iif she willed her nails to do so. Kohana noticed the bow and daggers and assumed this girl took a more distanced approach to fighting, which could prove dangerous if this girl tried to slit her throat at night. The more lean, distance type people tended to have that sort of devious strategy. There was no honor to it.

    Kohana focused more on the paper for real this time. It explained what time they had meals or were expected to get up for training. There was training tomorrow early in the morning for new members and training later with her squadron. As for this evening, she was free to do as she pleased. Oh, wait. After dinner tonight the new soldiers were expected to meet for a meeting of sorts. So much for being completely free. Oh well, she had to get used to a tighter schedule anyways.

    Kohana folded the paper and pocketed it. She noticed under her bed was a small compartment with a lock. She placed her satchel in there and set the combination and locked it, making sure no one could see her combination. Then she casually sat back down on her bed and pulled the sheath that held her sword. The werewolf freed her large sword from its leather sheath and placed it carefully upon her lap. She pulled a small grindstone from her pocket and ran it along the length of the blade, wondering if she would later be given a blunted sword for stupid saftey reasons.
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    "Yep," Lea replied, a slight smirk on her face, wondering what the werewolf was actually thinking under that impassive face. She waited a few moments for something else, maybe another comment, but didn't receive anything. Hm... She shrugged slightly before looking up at her bunk. "Awesome, I got the top, I love the top." She tossed her papers and her pack up and easily got on the top, laying there splayed for a moment, enjoying the feel of a clean bed. She grinned against the mattress before she sat up and pulled off her bow. Once done, she reached into her pack and took out a locked book and pencil. She unlocked it with a key she kept around her neck before noting a few things inside. It seemed like the book had been used a lot, the pages a little dog eared.

    After she had written whatever she had, she locked the book and shoved it under her pillow along with the pencil, thereafter picking up the paper and reading through it some more. She didn't really like reading things in particular, that was more her brother's thing. She liked action, not the gung ho type, but something that tested her physically rather than mentally. Still, she figured it would do to remember the things written here so she fit in well.

    She had just finished putting the paper away when she heard the sound of the sword being taken out of the sheath. People tended to classify vampires with bats, but Lea tended to be more like a cat... and that also included curiosity. Without further ado she lay flat on her bed, the top part of her body however leaning down so she could see what was up. "That's a bloody big sword," she commented with a whistle. "Gotta name for it?" She knew some people like to name everything from their pets to their weapons to their body parts. It was in her opinion a legitimate question. Her blue eyes once more returned to look at the scar for a second before moving back to the sword.
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    Kohana heard the vampire ask something and paused her sharpening for a moment. She looked up to see te vampire peering down at her. Apparently this girl didn't know how to stay out of other people's business. However, she was glad the vampire had noticed the sword and showed that she believed it was large, which was a sign she may actually heed it. Also, she always loved to take pride in her weapon and share it's name. "Its name is Steel Kiss."she answered.

    "I got it from my mother."she added before running the stone down the blade again. The hiss it made satisfied her. She liked to keep her blade rather sharp since a dull blade rendered her sword more like a metal club than a slicing weapon. Kohana wondered how long it would take for someone to ask her what had happened to her eye since a large scar ran across it. It was evident she hadn't just suffered a knick, though she was glad she didn't have her eye split open. She had been fortunate enough to avoid her skull being split open as well.

    Kohana held the sword up with one hand as she examined the damascus patterning and how shiny it was at the moment since she had polished it this morning. She couldn't fight well by holding a two handed sword with one hand, but her werewolf strength allowed her to carry it with one. Once satisfied she slid it back into her sheath. Then she slung it back over her shoulder where it rested on her black and white striped shadow cat skin. She decided to take her free time to explore and stood up. Kohana walked towards the door, hoping the nosy bloodsucker would keep her distance.
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    "Steel kiss eh?" Lea had to admit that it was one big bad sword, probably able to damage her quite good if it ever came up against her. Damage her as in probably cleave her in half. If it even gets the chance, cuz I'll be long gone, looong gone by the time it gets the chance! Yes, Lea was arguing with the sensible part of her mind and obviously not really caring of what it said. Her blue eyes seemed interested as she watched the stone run down the blade, though the hissing sound wasn't too pleasant to her ears. Sure she kept her own weapons sharp, but that didn't mean she liked every aspect of it.

    "From your mama?" Lea pushed her right side bangs away from her face and behind her ear, looking away from the sword and up to Kohana, taking in her person. She looked... rugged, to say the least, and pretty much the opposite of Lea. Like all vampires, she had pale skin and dark hair. That was one of the reasons she had rebelled and gotten a funky colour into her otherwise dark hair. She liked being different rather than looking like any random person. "I got my good looks from my mama," she added with a slight snicker, even though it was true. Sven however had taken more after their father, tall with brown eyes, and a much more sober approach to life.

    She was about to ask where the scar came from when Kohana stood up and walked to the door. "Huh..." Obviously she didn't want to talk. Well, Lea thought the werewolf better get used to hearing talk because she liked to talk and they were obviously bunk mates. She stuck her bottom lip out, wondering if she'd annoyed Kohana. Maybe she should follow after her and she if she could bug her some more? She smirked at the thought before rolling over and staring at the ceiling. Nah, better to not get murdered on the first day.
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    Kohana was nearing the door when it burst open. She took a step back as a group of people entered. They flooded the room with their voices and laughter. They all filed I and hopped onto their bunks, finishing up their jokes and stories. Kohana wondered why the hell a lot of the squadron just showed up. She still wanted to leave.

    The last to enter was a tall man with a brown beard stubble and slicked back hair to match. Brown feline ears protruded from his head and a tail snaking from the back of his pants marked him asna werecat. He wore simple black trousers and a white tanktop that revealed his well muscled biceps. He looked down at Kohana, taking her in. "Where do you think you're goin', scar face?"he asked with a chuckle.

    "I was heading outside."Kohana answered without hesitation.

    "'re a rookie here, so you should stick around a while so I can explain the rules in this squadron. Sound nice, scar face?"he replied smoothly.

    Kohana shifted her weight slightly, amber eyes locked on the other man's eyes. "As you inisist. But I am not scar face, my name is Kohana."she responded.

    "Alright, Kohana, my name is Fergus and I'm the squadron leader. You best mind your attitude."he said, elicting a few chuckles from those sitting in their bunks.

    "Attitude? I'm pretty sure I was just introducing myself and following your orders."she couldn't help but add after she had sat down on her bottom bunk.

    There were a few that snickered or said, "ooohhh..." Fergus' mouth had formed a tight line before it eased itself into a smile. "I'll ket you off the hook just this one time, newbie."he said.

    Kohana offered a small smirk, knowing it would secretly set the werecat on edge. Fergus rested his arms behind his back and collected himself. "Alright, moving on. I don't want people hiding up in their bunks during the meeting cause I can't tell if you're listening, top bunk people better get to a lower bunk quickly."

    A few of the new people moved down, but the veterans had already taken the bottom bunks knowingly.
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    Lea was just about to close her eyes when the door burst open. She huffed slightly before looking over at the commotion. Hmm... noisy bunch, kinda like me... But of course, she always thought that was her right. Her eyes moved over the last fellow, taking in his form with interest, mainly due to the ears and the tail. She'd seen a lot of shifters, but only rarely the ones that had animal parts while in their humanoid forms. She guessed he was a werecat, but she had only heard of them, unlike with werewolves, who she'd heard about since she was small and met on many occasions.

    She raised a black eyebrow when she heard him call Kohana 'scar face'. Dude... not cool... Even she wasn't that ridiculous to point out an obvious flaw in someone else, especially when it might end up making the person upset or with hurt feelings. Sure, she could be annoying, but it wasn't really ever to hurt someone's heart. She smirked somewhat as she heard the conversation between the two. The squadron leader was obviously being a douche bag and was trying to put her down so that she looked stupid... but it seemed to have backfired. She didn't care much for either, though she tended to side with females more than males, usually. And in this case, for sure. He was just being an a**hole for no reason.

    Then came the call to the people on the top bunk to come down. "Ehh..." Lea huffed a little before slowly grabbing her bow and quiver before she slid off the top and landed on the ground with the grace of a cat. She leaned against the bed, not willing to sit on the bottom bunk. Her blue eyes looked at Fergus, once more sizing him up. First impressions didn't usually faze her, as she often gave rotten ones herself, so she was willing to see more of this person before making a solid judgement. And of course, she was willing to give the same courtesy to the rest of the squadron, or her bunk mate at least, seeing how whether they liked it or not, they were going to see more of each other than they had thought.
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    Fergus began to walk up and down the line of bunk beds, looking at soldiers new and old. "Alright. Let's start with the basics. I tolerate no tomfoolery in this squadron, only order. Lights out at 10 pm, check the sun if you aren't sure. We will go to the mess hall as an organized group for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast at 5 bright and early, dinner at 7. We will sit at a table together too so no slipping off to converse with the other squads."he said.

    He turned to Kohana as he added, "Secondly, you will all obey me for cooperation sake. Also, if I am not present you will listen to Bria, my second in command." He looked away from Kohana and pointed to a woman that sat in the top bunk closest to the door. She was quite tall with as sharp chin and brown eyes. She had short, brown hair styled into a mohawk and wore a choker collar around her throat. She offered a small wave and a casual smile. Koahana decided that Bria didn't look like a bad person.

    "Third, cooperate with your fellow squadron members. I'd like to keep quarrels at a minimum. You can settle things with a fight in the training yard, but not in here. It should be pretty peaceful in here. This cabin is for sleeping, talking, and down time when you are allowed a free block of time. I will tolerate no rowdy behavior or parties. Go to other squadrons cabins for parties. That way they had to deal with the mess." Fergus added.

    "Training for our group is scheduled around 3:30. Be there on the dot or you have to do conditioning longer. I expect to have a finely tuned group of soldiers."Fergus continued.

    He looked over all of the soldiers again and said, "And lastly, I'd like to keep a squadron 13 tradition. See the soldier closest to you, the one you were assigned to bunk with. Say hello to your first buddy cause that person is your designated watch dog. They will watch your tail, keep you in line. If your partner steps out of line, you'll get the punishment too, so there is your motivation to care. For those not very willing to work with others, suck it up. You and your designated pals are going to be real close. Wouldn't you agree, veterans?"

    The veterans muttered happily, some slapping their partners on the back with a smile. Kohana felt her stomach drop. She glanced over to the vampire. Assigned...parteners? Damn it! There was no way she'd cooperate with a bloodsucker. She worked better with others since her species was rather social, but it was different when it came to cooperating with another species. especially a vampire. She hoped the vampire chick would keep her distance and that they'd have a mutual silent demeanor towards one another, but she knew that the nosy vampire and that jerk Fergus wouldn't allow that to happen.

    "So, now that I've been over the basics, you are free to explore or chill here. I expect you all to be here ten minutes before 7 to have a headcount and move out to the mess hall. It is 6 o'clock now. Have fun, soldiers."Fergus said, shooting Kohana one last look before exiting with Bria and a few of his other close soldiers at his tail.
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    Lea kept her eyes focused on Fergus the whole time he walked before the soldiers. She had to admit that although at first he came out a bit of a prick, he made a lot of sense in what he was saying. She was glad she hadn't judged him right off the bat... okay, well she did, but it hadn't been written in stone or anything, she had been open to change her opinion about the man. She didn't exactly like the fact that they'd have to sleep so early, she was quite naturally a night owl... or perhaps bat would be the better words.

    She looked over to Bria, once more sizing her up. She looked pretty imposing with her height. Lea wasn't really fond of the mohawk hairstyle or the choker collar, but she did like the way the female seemed a bit less uptight than Fergus or even her bunk buddy Kohana. She wouldn't mind listening to her orders she supposed. Not that it would have made a difference if she minded or not, of course. She would do what she had to do. As for parties... Lea quite liked them, especially when someone drunk was easily willing to let her drink their blood. She didn't mind the no parties in their cabin rule though. She liked clean sheets and would rather not have to clean hers.

    It was soon becoming rather boring for Lea and she had to swallow a yawn before her eyes widened. What the hell did he just say? She looked to Kohana and saw the werewolf was looking back at her. Aw s***, she thought to herself. I've been assigned with a rock that can talk a few words. Poof went her ideal for not judging. She felt slightly guilty but on the whole, not so much, as she would bet a whole lot of money if she could that Kohana didn't want to be partnered with her. The thought made her give the werewolf a grin before she turned back and looked to Fergus. It'd just be a challenge and she'd overcome it, by hook or by crook.

    She watched him leave before letting out a small breath and turning toward Kohana. Might as well try now, right. "Hey watchdog," she said with an amused look.
  15. Koahana was still a bit shocked. She couldn't believe that she would have to socialize with someone of the species that had nearly ripped her throat out. Most werewolves were allies with vampire, but Kohana wasn't a fan thanks to her time in the arena and a bad run in with one at the edges of the territory where she used to live. Now she had to eat and train with this vampire and even look after. She also didn't like that this girl would be sleeping above her. To make things worse, not that Kohana feared Lea, but noting the swift and almost silent movements combined with those deadly sharp nails and those knives....Well, Kohana would be sleeping a bit lighter than usually for a little while. The silent kind could be deadly, but more often than not proved to be at a disadvantage when it came to an honorable fight. Too bad honor didn't seem to matter for the bloodsuckers. She noted the vampire's grin with a growing sense of dread in her stomach. Well, maybe they'd actually become companion...No. That was unlikely in her opinion.

    Kohana heard the vampire talk to her and turned her head to look at the girl. She noticed that she had been referred to as 'watchdog,' using that a**hole Fergus' lingo. "I do hope this isn't a racist joke, being that I am a canine. But I will assume you are just reusing that dumb phrase the cat man used."she replied, voice a bit gruff.

    She got to her feet, ready to go exploring after the minor setback. She smoothed out her clothing and made sure her sword was secured on her back. She sighed lightly and looked back over her shoulder at Lea. "I suppose my 'designated pal' would like to accompany me. Or in other words, will probably end up following me."she said, saying the last part quietly.

    With that curt offer set out, she walked towards the door. Her gait was rather fluid and careful like that of a wolf or other predator, though it was observable that she tended to favor her right hip when walking casually. Kohana opened the door and exited, assuming the vampire would follow if she pleased or if she had more bothersome questions. Kohana wondered if she could find some other werewolves to befriend.
  16. ((nyehehe I love the way they're getting 'along'))

    Well, it had half been a joke, though not really a racist one in Lea's opinion, she just thought it was a little... punny? "I s'pose," she said with a nod, though from the way she looked it was hard to tell what her intention had been when she used the phrase. "Obviously you don't like it, so I'm guessing you're not gonna want me to use it again, right?" Hm, she'd have to find something else then, but she didn't mind. It wasn't like her to use something someone else made. Lea liked to be a leader... in mischievous things anyway.

    She was surprised though when Kohana continued. She had thought that the werewolf would set up boundaries sooner rather than later, but she was actually alright with Lea coming along. Well, it wasn't explicitly said, but Lea guessed she'd resigned to her fate. Well, she wasn't the happiest at having the werewolf as a partner either, but she figured she might as well get used to it. Besides, maybe it wouldn't be so bad? She actually snickered a little at that in her mind. Yeah right. But it was best for her and Kohana to get used to this earlier rather than later. Lea knew about werewolves and their honour and all that stuff; it might not be so bad to have someone like that watch her back.

    "Yep, I'm coming too," Lea agreed, her fangs showing as she grinned and followed after the werewolf, watching her as she walked. She half expected a tail behind Kohana, seeing how she seemed wolfish even while walking. Really, was watchdog such a bad term after all? Well, maybe wolves didn't like being compared to dogs? It certainly wasn't as offensive as 'bloodsucker', a term Lea knew her kind were referred to. It was rightly given, of course, but seriously, why not just call cats 'mice eaters' or call dogs 'cat chasers?'.

    Shut up and keep following her, her brother's imaginary voice chided in his head, and so Lea quickly caught up to Kohana. She walked in a rather bouncy childlike fashion, completely different to the way she moved when it was the night and she was the predator. "So, where're you going first?"
  17. Kohana scented the air discreetly, as she often tended to do. She liked to get a feel as to who or what was in the area. It was a bit overwhelming to smell all sorts of people, but nothing was too out of the ordinary. She scented a few faint trails of werewolf mixed with various other werecreatures or shifters of sorts. She also scented vampires, some sort of elves, dwarves, and a few miscellaneous species. it seemed this base didn't have fighters that had permanent bestial forms, as accommodations and communication would be different. this camp was made for those able to walk in a biped fashion and wield weapons and such. It also wasn't meant for avian type mythics since she didn't see anyone in the sky.

    She ignored the comment on whether she liked the silly nickname, deciding that a lack of an answer could actually serve as a response. The werewolf looked over to see that the vampire had decided to follow her. She observed that the girl seemed to have a peculiar and almost excited way of moving about. She had half expected the vampire to slink around like others of her kind had usually been seen doing. The childish gate almost reassured Kohana that this potential killer wasn't in hunting mode. Kohana on the other hand, had a gait that usually stayed the same. the only difference between her casual and more formal way of carrying herself was that she was more balanced in her more respectable walk.

    Having heard what Lea had said, she replied, "I am going to check out the training yard to get a feel for what we will be learning and how we will be taught." She wanted to know what fighting styles they would be urged to use or how they would be disciplined. Kohana had gained experience in the arena and plenty of punishment, but she hadn't been able to refine her skills to be more careful. She had only known swinging, biting, and hoping she'd live.
  18. "Ooh, sounds fun," Lea said with a grin. It was hard to tell whether she was sincere or simply being sarcastic as she followed after Kohana. She had of course learned different styles of fighting that her uncle had taught her, but she figured there were other things she could learn as well. Perhaps a more rough and tumble way of fighting, like wrestling or kick boxing? She wouldn't mind learning those. And weapons, of course. She had use for small weapons, blades and needles, arrows and her bow, projectiles that were easily hidden, unlike that almighty sword that Kohana had on her back. She wondered if her stature would allow her to carry such a weapon? Maybe she could try picking up Steel Kiss one day... though she had a feeling that would totally piss off the werewolf.

    "So I bet you did a whole lotta fighting before, didn't you?" Lea continued, wanting to have some communication open between the two. She didn't like the quiet and she figured it was best to know more about her partner before the actual training started. "I mean, you seem pretty... er..." She didn't know the right word to use. "Well you've have tumbles before, haven't you? Like with that scar? I bet you got other ones too, dontcha?" Was she being intrusive and nosy? Yes. Did she seem to care? Not really. It was all, according to her, necessary research. She was sure her brother would tell her she was being an idiot, but how else was she supposed to size up the werewolf if she didn't ask personal questions?
  19. Kohana processed the vampire's questions, wondering why she had to end up with a nosy vampire out of all soldiers. She would have been happier with a mute so long as they weren't a vampire. But no, she had to deal with Lea. She did decided she had to act somewhat polite so Fergus wouldn't take that as an excuse to try to humiliate or punish her. She hadn't started off on the right foot with that man and unfortunately he had the power to make her life hell. "I have fought many times before and I do indeed have many scars besides the one across my eye."she answered curtly.

    She observed the area around her. She was walking on a dirt path that wove between rows of wooden cabins marked in numbered order of the squadrons. She finally passed all of the cabins that had been situated on either side of the path and was approaching a giant grassy area. Here there were a few people in one area arranged in a line as they shot at targets with their bows. In another area was the clash of steel as swordsmen practiced. Further back was an obstacle course of sorts with a climbing wall, wooden poles of varying thicknesses and heights, among many other obstacles meant for leaping, climbing, crawling, or evading. There were soldiers in each area and there were two squadrons practicing at the obstacle course. Kohana watched as a werebear(from the scent, not the looks) was hollering at a group to climb over the wall faster. Kohana can see them struggling and panting even from where she was.

    (I just had a good idea! What if we had them go through hazing? You know, the process rookies undergo where they are broken in and harassed for a little while.)
  20. ((Nyahaha that is an awesome idea :applause:))

    "I got some too," Lea said, provided unasked for and probably unwanted information. "My uncle taught me, he was bloody awesome." It pleased her a little to do this. She could tell by the curt tone that Kohana really would rather she shut up, but the vampire didn't like shutting up so easily, especially by a vampire. Only she had the right to shut herself up!

    Me too, the imaginary brother in her mind said, to which she promptly replied ,Shut up, this is my head, go away. She scratched at her neck again, wondering if she'd gotten a mosquito bite or something, which would, once again irritate her as she was the bloodsucker, not the one that blood was sucked from.

    She looked over the path, taking note of the cabins as well as the grassy area where people seemed to be training. She smiled a little, seeing the archers. Now there was something she could ace. The sword fighting... well she'd just have to see how that went. Maybe she could suck a lot at it and they wouldn't ask it of her? But then, she hated being bad at something. The obstacle course looked rather fun, once again something Lea thought she'd be good at.