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  1. So Im enlisted in the United States Marine Corp, I go to boot call in March Abd I'm just wondering if there are a any other Military members here, active or reserve regardless of country.

    Anyone else around here Military?
  2. I'm a captain in the US Air Force Reserve.

    Good luck to you in training and hope to welcome you as a brother in arms in the next few months.
  3. March 23, 13 weeks so I should return late July/early September.
  4. I'm not. My husband was before we got married. He was over in Afghanistan in 93....94....I can't remember exactly. He doesn't like talking about it, so I don't bring it up. =/
  5. I can't say that I'm in the military yet, but I plan on joining the Nation Guard while I'm in college for some more money.
  6. I wanted to join for the longest time but due to health issues I can't.
  7. I'm planning on going during college as well. I may go once a month as a volunteer afterwords because I like doing stuff.
  8. Back in 2005 I was in the Canadian Forces reserve as an armoured reconnaissance crewman.
  9. Armored recon sounds awesome, and Badass as hell.

    I'm sorry to hear about your husband :/

    If you want to be in the reserves in college, it's one weekend a month and a week in the summer.

    A lot of health issues can be waved
  10. Good luck.

    I never went through boot camp so I wouldn't be able to offer any real advice.
  11. Still a Sergeant in the National Guard,

    Combat Medic attached to an Infantry Company.
  12. Thank you for your service Sergeant, and you to captain. I was just offer tot go to boot early actually, but i turned it down.
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  13. Best advice I can give to anyone about to go through boot is pretty much always tell yourself it's just a game. No matter how much shit gets thrown at you and how hard you're pushed, it's just a game and they want to see what your limits are. As long as you don't give up and try your damnest, you'll make it through, even though for the first three weeks, you probably will want to do nothing more than give up. As my Master Corporal liked to yell at us during "motivational" PT, pain is weakness leaving the body.
  14. Pt drill, all day long, motivating from dusk till dawn
  15. Also what is armored recon cause that sounds fucking sweet
  16. Drive a light truck or armoured vehicle with your team and another vehicle, go behind enemy lines, set up surveillance positions, report enemy locations and composition back to HQ, they send in the appropriate response to deal with it is the cliff note's version.
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