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  1. ((Apachean Helicopterus demands that everyone be a military hardware.))

    Apachian Helicopterus was just minding xer business when xer found xerself spinning wildly out of control!! Xer was embarrassed and blushing furiously, because xer found xerself staring hotly at a fuel tank. It was dropping in hot, oily fluids, reflecting vivaciously in the light of day. Xer was so hungry, xer couldn't take it! But Xer had to know who is it was, so Xer yells with a profuse, abject nervousness in xer tone. "IS ANYONE MIND IF EAT OIL DO I?"
  2. Barbicopta Lolitas reporting! Her two tanks a fuuuull of fuel so she delicately flies off to her poor compatriot Apachian, "HERE TAKE MY MELONS FULL OF FUEL FOR YOU!!"

    Apachian Helicopterus stares in absolute disgust at the pink-toting toycopter. "Can you even camoflage, bro??" Xer sighs in frustration as Xer stares at the fuel tank longingly. "I WANT TO KNOW HOW OWN THIS PERSON YES!"
  4. Legotis was having another normal day. Complaining about his wings getting chewed on my his caretaker timmy, the local autistic kid. As well as admiring Barbicopta's tight little steel frame, and fantasizing about Chinook's fat aSymptote. But today... it would be the end of his poor young thug.

    As 140 pounder, timmy was walking through the halls of unkempt house, Legotis found himself in quite the pickle. Timmy began to run through the halls and soon was approaching Legotis at high velocity. Legotis could not fly at the moment because of his chewed up wings.


    But it was too late, the foot of young timmy collided with the defenseless legotis, sending all of his little itty bitty parts flying across the hall

    "...I did it... Im soaring the vast skies finally, what a view...."


    He'll be rebuilt eventually
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    Barbicopta flies faster around Apachian and hovers lower to connect her melons of fuel to Apachian. "HERE TAKE ME, TAKE ME!"
  6. Predatus Drone enters, his wing and propeller tips painted black to help grope with the darkness in his soul. "Oil, pfft." He pfft'd. Everyone knew that without his help that they wou'd have any of the delish desert crude they so fawn over. They knew it. He knew it. They knew he knew it. He knew they knew that his contribution to knowing just where the oil was got the oil. Still, they despised him, like he was some sort of mnster or something. How was he worse than the others? What did he do that made him so despised? They were all eveil machines, with hearts black like midnight coal, but he was the bad one, he was the onw the others looked to blame when a hospital or school got blown up.

    He went in the corner and brooded. His camera shifting shiftily.

  7. [​IMG]
    Voughti looks n w/ distate as barbicopta flirted w/ that dick apachious. why did girls always go for hte big dumb jocks and lok over nice honest guys like voughti? "this isn't fiar" he loudly mutteredunder his breath quietly

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  8. [​IMG]
    Xer glares angrily at the approaching drone and starts spitting out several pieces of hot lead in frustration. "ITS THE BULLY THAT HURTS ME PINK HELI (what is xer name lol??) CIS SCUM DRONE! DISTRACT IT WITH YOUR MASSIVE MELONS WHILE I CAN HELP CALL FOR THE." Xer dramatically pauses and then initiates radio contacts. "XER NEEDS HELP BY THE UNKNOWN FUEL TANK BECAUSE BULLY DRONE IS HERE! pls"

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  9. Charlie Tankaru loudly putters into fuelling depot. "Why so much noise?. I am try to sleep and you all are make two much noise!?" Charlie Tankaru groaned loudly. She hate such constant fighting over so stupid things.
  10. As the various vehicles flutter about spasmically, attmpting to make contact with one anther, one vehicle stands out by remaining hidden. Mii-2 Rekt watches from the edge of an immense cliff, gadgts spurring and whirring furiously as he attempts to collect vital data.

    Mii-2 is too scared to interact with the others, but hopes by watching them he'll build up the courage. :D
    (but Mii-2 is very sad because he is having trouble identifying Legotis's remains)
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