Military Companies Inc. Arc 1 "Shadows under Shadows" (Signups/OOC)

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  1. So this is my first time doing this and i didn't know if i should have posted this in the Modern Section or here in the Miscellaneous Section so i'm doing it here. If there are Area's in which i could improve please tell me and i will do my best!

    The Background

    The year is 2010, 50 years after World War 3 had occurred and Nuclear Missiles had landed in every country. The Radiation had finally cleared and Technology was booming. Though one thing had changed in the world, Military Companies full of Mercenaries had popped up. The Military Companies were groups of people who were Pardoned by the new United Nations, they would be allowed to build their HQ anywhere on the planet so long as they didn't disrupt the United Nations Projects. There are 4 Military Companies that are known to the world along with some others but these particular 4 where the largest MC's throughout the world, though all 4 were based in the USA. These 4 Companies names are The Devils of Blood, The Gorsk Mercenaries, The Peace Keepers, and finally The Shadows of Death. These 4 companies are the main sources of employment and weapons. They were always hired for public operations but who's to say they didn't have private and silenced operations either?

    The Setting
    The place is Los Angeles, California, the first private operation in which all 4 Main Military Companies and a few minor one's were active. The Operation was Code Named "Shadows under Shadows". Each group had different objectives and they were all located in one place. One of the United Nations Research Facilities, the place where one of the United Nations most prominent Projects were being held. The surrounding area had been cleared of Civvies for 5 miles wide so that they didn't get dragged in.

    Who You Are
    You are one of the people/soldiers selected by your company to carry out your objective for your respective company. All you were told was to follow orders without questions, if you complete your objective the MC that you are working for will be paid very much, and that should you abandon your objective you will be Shot on Site.

    Character Sheet

    Age: (Above 20)
    Race:(Can be anything but must be human (E.G. Black, Caucasian, African ect ect) )
    Appearance:(Be descriptive as possible and if you can/want, upload a picture)
    Training:(What you were trained in, it can be anything from Guns to Swordplay to CQC/Martial Arts)
    Company: (You can make your own Minor Company, but must describe it, also the other companies strengths and personalities will be listed afterwards)
    Skills:(Can be anything from pistols to short swords to boxing to Hacking to Stealth, Maximum of 4)
    Weapons:(What weapons you're best with and have. Maximum of 4 Weapons, must list Ammunition for it too)
    Gear:(Anything from laptop to Auto-Hacker. Maximum of 2)
    Weaknesses/Fears: (Minimum of 2, others will not know what your fear is unless seen/told in the Story)
    Past:(You don't have to post you're characters past but it's preferred, don't want everybodies past to be mysterious and broody)
    Special Gear/Skill:(Something only your character can do or has, Maximum of 2)​

    Companies Personalities and Expertise
    The Devils of Blood: The Devils of Blood is a company that is more focused on public operations that sports a series of Medics, Assaults, and Snipers as their primary soldiers. They tend to make everything they do flashy or explosive to get their name out in whatever operation they are in whether it is public or private. They are rumored that they named themselves The Devils of Blood because they partake in bloody rituals since they reportedly started in Africa before coming to the USA. Their base is located somewhere underground in Denver, Colorado, not even the UN can find it if they tried.

    The Gorsk Mercenaries: The Gorsk Mercenaries are Russian Mercenaries that are trying to restore the Strength and Popularity for Mother Russia, they are led by a mans whose dreams for Mother Russia are almost fanatical, his second in command is his only Daughter who usually participates in Objectives and Missions than leading the others, though everyone in The Gorsk Mercenaries treats everyone in it like family. They focus more on open combat and Hacking. It is reported that their base is located somewhere in Alaska. (Only one person can choose to become the Leader of The Gorks Mercenaries's daughter, must be a female character obviously)

    The Peace Keepers: This is an Erratic company that never stays in one place, no-one has managed to dig up anything on them, just that they sport the Highest Count for Public Missions Completed and that they are good with Martial Arts and Long-to-Short Range combat. Their base has not been reported or found because every time their Missions are completed a Helicopter picks them up and it leaves Radar Range.

    The Shadows of Death
    : A very secretive company that focuses more on Silent Combat, Stealth, Long Range, Hacking, and if needed Martial Arts. They have reportedly the highest number of Private Missions Completed. They're base also hasn't been found and nothing is known about them except that they are deadly and should be avoided.

    The Rules
    Rule 1: No "Boss" Characters, meaning no Overpowered, Impossible to kill characters.
    Rule 2: Romance and anything regarding it is allowed but if it goes above the Mature rating then please do it in a PM or in the Mature Section, do not post it here.

    Rule 3: You're post length must have at least 2 sentences.
    Rule 4: You can post whenever but if you neglect to post for more than a week and a half then you most likely might die.
    Rule 5: Do not whine about getting killed, remember this is a Militaristic Roleplay, meaning that some of you will get killed. You don't have to worry though because once this is over and Arc 2 starts then you can come back in and join with a new character!
    Rule 6: Nanomachines and things like it are allowed but no Androids, robots, ect ect, because this AU may be more advanced than ours but not THAT advanced, robot prosthetic's, nanomachines, ect ect are allowed.


    Once Sign-ups are done everyone will be put into squads with 1 character in it as their leader, the squads will consist of a minimum of 2 characters from the same company.
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  2. Gosh darn it! Choosing a company was sooooooo hard!

    Name: Nixon Orion Black
    Epithet/Nickname: Fox, Nix
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Nixon is a tall (6'3), physically fit man who weighs around 187 pounds. On most occasions, Nixon has stubble or something, giving him a more relaxed appearance, but he never lets it grow into a full fledged beard. He has a series of scars on his body. Two especially notable ones are the ones that cut through his eyebrow, and the one that hits his lip. His has a flew littered scars on his chest, back, and legs, but he never talks about where or how he got them. He had broad shoulders, good posture, and a strong silohette.

    Nixon (open)

    Training: Marine Sniper, Self-Employed Thief
    Nix is a smooth liar, a playful friend, and a passionate guardian. All that goes out the door though when he has to work. He has his priorities set, a goal in mind, and a life he wants to survive. He is known for his patience, probably due to his profession and past experience, and is extremely tolerant with most people. He, like any other person, has his ticks, but more often then not, Nix is a lax guy with a carefree personality. He is fine with just enjoying someone else's presence in the silence or catching up with them and having a blast.​
    The Shadows of Death
    Close Combat (Decent-ish/ More defensive for a getaway)​
    • Knuckledusters (Brass knuckles)
    • Sniper-A S50 (50BMG)
    Lockpicking kit
    Backpack that carries his sniper & bullets​
    Aichmophobia (Fear of Sharp Objects)
    Brontophobia (Fear of Thunder/Lightening)
    Ommatophobia (Fear of Eyes)​
    (Leaving time gaps for the sake up getting to know him)
    Nix grew up in a family of four, including him and excluding his dog, Hunt. As a younger child, Nixon was a delinquent. He often went around as a pickpocket, or even taking smaller jobs to steal things from specific places such as recipes, contracts, and blackmail items (never kidnapping though). He was never caught, and therefore had no trouble finding work. Eventually, he slipped out of the habit of being a thief and grew up.

    His parents were fairly old when Nix's baby brother came into the world, and his mother died of birth complications. At the time, he was 18, getting ready to apply for the Marines. His father raised Nix's brother, Cole, but eventually died of a "broken heart" (it is possible, search it up) three years later. Nix got custody of Cole and supported him as much as he could. Nix deployed every once in a while, leaving Cole with a distant relative when he had to. When his contract ran out, Nix raised Cole by himself.

    Cole had no memory of his parents, but after a while of explaining from Nix, he was informed that Nixon was indeed not his father, but his brother. At that time, Nixon took up small jobs, often working as a construction worker until he was scouted by the Shadows of Death. He then took up work with them because they paid well, and has been working for them for about two years now.
    Special Gear/Skill:
    Good Anticipation skills​
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  3. Nice CS, Accepted ^^
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  4. Though i don't think a lot of people will be joining this RP...
  5. You never know, it might have needed that someone to take the first step. .-. Some people do not like being the first to apply.
  6. Lol, that sounds a little weird, i would like to be the first to apply on things so it sounds weird to me naturally, but whatevs :3
  7. Is this still happening?
  8. Name: Alex Woods
    Nickname: Buzz
    Age: 30
    Gender: M
    Race: Caucasian
    Appearance: without armor he is very muscular. He has short brown hair and eyes, scar going from the bridge if his nose down to his jaw on the left side and looks like a lumberjack made love to an uber soldier.
    Training: wrestling. Trained to become a heavy soldier for the UN. They canceled the project and he uses the skills to aid his employer.
    Personality: tough and jolly yet mean.
    Company: The Devils of Blood
    Skills: brute strength and stamina. Moderately smart.
    Weapons: minigun belt fed by a large backpack. He also carries two .44 Magnums with 24 rounds each and a compact chainsaw.
    Gear: HUD displays medical status and outlines targets.
    Weaknesses/Fears: large quantities of bullets, a speedy enemy, has a fear of cramped spaces.
    Past: Raised in a tough family. He was very into fitness and big guns from a young age.
    Special Gear/Skill: Can lift a truck.
  9. @Orbital Sorry for the late reply, this only JUST showed up on my alerts. Yes this is still happening and your CS is accepted. Interesting choice in Company too! Like his weaknesses and his description (lumberjack made love to an Uber Soldier XD)

    Also for those who plan on applying or some such, i will be acting as each companies Base Operations Commander. Which means included in my posts (if this does get enough people to start) will be the orders for each company and such as i will be their commanders. This is all to help the story progress better with the storyline i have set up, though some things may change depending on what you guys do when this does start.
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  10. Seems like i might just have to close this down, seeing as a lot of people don't seem to want to participate, as we need a minimum of 8 people to actually start this (2 for each main company)
  11. Try a banner maybe?
  12. That might work, i'll start working on it now, thanks ^^.
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