INTEREST CHECK Military Base Operation? (M.B.O)

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  1. This would be a role play based on a futuristic version the military:

    Army (A)

    Navy (N)

    Airforce (A.F.)

    Marines (M)

    Combined Special Forces (C.S.F.)

    It will take place in the year about 2049. All the branches will be combined in one building complex, and each mission will have some from each branch. This complex isn't supposed to exist, according to the government, and so the people here are also trained to slightly be spies, just for precaution.

    I'm not going to put too much thought into until I get a good amount people. Once I get enough people, I will post an OOC thread and an RP thread. Can't wait to see who will join!

    Here's a rough draft of what one of the OOC first posts might look like, depending on how everything goes:
    Name: Jay
    Age: 20
    Birthday: 10/10/2023
    Branch: TBD (Which means you just entered.)
    Rank: Major
    Appearance: ect
    Personality: ect
    Family: ect
    Likes (opt.): ect
    Dislikes (opt.): ect
    Specialties (opt.): ect
    Your first RP post would be whatever.
  2. I'm interested in this.
  3. Hooray =D Ok. I guess we'd only need two or three more, then we might be able to start...
  4. It'll give me time to think of a character and backup character. xD Nice sig btw.
  5. Thanks, and ok XD Don't rush =) Have fun.
  6. Thanks, you too. ^^
  7. Name: Shichiroji Cryptic Yamashita "Bonez"
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 210
    Eye Color: Slightly blacker then normal, the inner eye itself is a red dot
    Hair: Ear length, black hair, the tips are slightly curved upwards. Bangs reaches down passed his eye lashes
    Position: Either one. Better at being a student, never to good at teaching
    Talents: Being able to take command in battle with tatics. Taking out enemies quickly and quietly with just a winchester double edge knife
    Personality: Quiet most of the time, unless spoken too. Very easy to get along with, only has problems when someone demands something of him
    Weapons of choice: A Scar-H Assualt Rifle, with a grip holder. Led sunfire flashlight to the left equiped with a red dot Acog scope. A 9x9 mm Waltherp99, German semi-automatic pistol. Winchester double edge knife
    Class: Ex - Spec Ops
  8. Thanks, but this isn't the OOC thread. This is just letting me know you're interested. There's only 3 of us, so we need 2 more before we can start. Thanks for the enthusiasm!
  9. Oh sorry, But I am interested though.
  10. It's ok. Only 2 more people left, but if it takes more than a day or two, we'll go ahead and start.
  11. Oh crap, I haven't made my character yet! o.o
  12. It's ok Necroay, you've still got plenty of time =D

    Branch has been taken out. There will be different parts of a bigger incorporation, but everyone is pretty much the same thing. Rank can be TBD, and if you want, I can choose. Also, Specialties, Weapon of Choice, Likes, Dislikes, Family, and Talents are optional. Here is a BASIC profile:

  13. Name: Meinrad Jaeger, A.K.A. Scorch
    Age: 26
    Specialties: Demolitions expert and major pyro.
    Weapon of Choice:
    Other: When on mission carries a rucksack full of explosives and rations.
    Personality: Very optimistic, especially when he has explosives. Brightens the mood whenever he can.
    Rank: Seargent
  14. That took me a whole hour to put together.. Lulz >...<
  15. Well, If I can i'll like to be apart of the RP.
  16. You can deadreaper, I'm just waiting on 2 more people so we can have a full squad. Unless you both are ok with starting in an op squad mission...
  17. I'm working on an OCC page right now, I'll post the link when I'm done.
  18. I'm fine with it just us, but it's your decision to start or not.