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  1. It's been quite a while, huh?
    I think I'm allowed to post this here but if not, well then poo.

    For probably the fiftieth time, I've returned to Iwaku!
    Though things are a little bit different from my previous history. It's been so long that I felt the need to introduce myself again fresh and new, plus give a bit of a small rant.
    I'm surprised I remembered my password!

    Iwaku is so different! Everything is all smooth and crisp. I can finally have a super attractive [BCOLOR=#ff99cc]black[/BCOLOR] on pink theme!

    So as some of you know (I think anyway) I suffer from quite the list of conditions and illnesses that have slowly stacked on top of each other over the years. The world being lung cancer; Which I've had for a very long time.
    Things were looking quite well but for some reason, I flipped completely over and have been in critical condition for several months. I was told I had to be resuscitated two times! I spent probably less than a quarter of the time actually conscious.

    Scary stuff. Knowing you've technically died.
    TWICE! D:<

    I'm still very disoriented from all that's happened and need to stay in hospital care, I've been 'awake' for maybe two weeks now but I can't say for sure. It's really hard for me to tell time right now.
    Chances are I won't be back to respond for who knows how long after today. But things are looking good! I hope anyway, I don't have any intentions on kicking the bucket quite yet.

    All I want to do now is rant and talk with people. I don't ever remember being this social! So please; Harass me! Ask me questions! Poke me! SMOTHER ME WITH LOVE!
    Or hate mail.
    But gentle hatred.

    Lastly, I'm doing a COMPLETE workover of all my information and profile stuffs. Some stuff might be accurate but most others may not, so please bear with me!
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  2. Welcome back.
  3. That situation you're in... does not sound. Well, I guess that's all obvious. You seem to be very resillient, though, so I hope you keep on pulling through.
    (Personally I almost always forget my passwords, hehe)

    Be careful with that "Black on pink" theme. Players can actually choose what theme they want the forums to be in. The default is MIDNIGHT, but there are other shades of black and white, leading all the way up to pure white. I myself use MIDNIGHT and I'm sure a lot of others do, but. Yeah.
    (If you're curious, the options are near the bottom of almost every thread/board you post on. There's color options and there's styling options.)

    I like your interests and genres and your re-introduction was fun! Does that count as love? ❤

  4. I really like this on-screen keyboard.
    I'm using the Midnight/Lust combo, to clarify what I meant. Easy on the eyes and, well.
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Black o[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ff99cc]n Pink.[/BCOLOR]
    It's a nice look, no?
    I feel pretty fine honestly, stiff and probably the skinniest I've ever been in my life, but positively great.
    The only downside about right now is that I need to shut down and head on to bed after I finish posting this.

    Here's to hopes I remember to hop on Iwaku when I wake up so I can do those things I said I was going to do but actually never did.

    I tried to spam a bunch of hearts up above but just one of them showed. SO HERE YOU GO
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