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  1. It was a new school year and Kelly was hoping to have a better year than the last. She walked through the double doors in the front of the school building while looking at her schedule and school map.
    Her first class was science. The first day of school was always easy, just sit down and listen to the teacher talk about what the class will be like and handing out papers.
    Kelly texted her friends to find out what classes they had first and sadly none had science with her, which meant she would spend that class alone.
    That never really bothered Kelly, but her wanting to have a better school year means being more social and positive about life.
    Kelly walked to first period and sat in the back of the class before the bell rung and waited for class to start.
  2. Nico had just walked into the building when he could feel it happening again. He looked down at his schedule, Science, a class he was good at, so a distraction like this would be easy to handle. Come on, you know you don't want to be here, why don't we go play a game, it's called slice 'em up. He heard it say. "I don't want to, that is not a game I like." He walked into the class and sat down in his chair, quickly taking note of everyone in the room. Nico, you know you can push through this, you know we aren't stronger than you if you think about it, His wiser side said. He had schizophrenia, that and insomnia, so his life got tough at times, especially when it decided he wanted to play.
  3. After waiting for a good five minutes another student entered the classroom. Class started in another ten minutes so Kelly took out her phone and decided to text the friends she didn't get to have class with.
    Kelly put her phone away once she didn't get any answers and sighed as she waited for the bell to ring. Once it did the teacher came into the class.

    "Hello students, my name is Ms. Griffiths. To start the class of how about we start by introducing ourselves, more so I can get to know you all better."
    Kelly hated these types of teachers. They were always so nice and the first day of school they would want to get to know their students and up making it a class thing.
  4. Stand up and introduce yourself Nico, it's the only way to get anyone to notice you. Sometimes his better half got the best of him, he raised his hand, and when he was noticed, he stood. "H-hi everyone, I'm Nico Black, I am nothing like," He got light headed and continued, "You know, people like to joke about having multiple personalities, but they don't know the truth. Ms. Griffons, I take it you have been told about me?" He said this and sat down. You're welcome for the help, young Nico. His wise side said softly.
  5. "Yes I have heard about you Nico. Nobody will judge you here," Ms. Griffiths said with a smile. Kelly looked towards the first kids who decided to introduce himself. Multiple personalities?
    Soon everyone in the class has gone except for Kelly, she was hoping she would be forgotten and the teacher would just start talking... but she wasn't and had to stand.
    "Um I'm Kelly and I'm sure a lot of you know me from last year so that's all I have to say," Kelly quickly said before sitting down.
    Last year was not her best year, she got in a major fight with two other girls who were well known just because she couldn't handle her anger, but this year will be difference.
  6. Nico smiled as he looked at Kelly, she seemed to be one to get right to the point. Nico, please let's go play.... I promise only one round. It said. Don't listen to him, stay in the class, and fall asleep if you need to. He knew his wiser side had the better side of it, so he mindlessly took notes for a bit, then he fell asleep and only could dream about it's game.
  7. Kelly noticed the new kid smile at her so she smiled back to be polite.
    The class was boring since it was the first of the school year. The teacher spent the rest of the class talking about what they would do over the school year.
    The bell finally rang and Kelly got up to leave. She would be the last one out but she noticed one kid sleeping. Nico was his name. Kelly remembered.
    After packing up her stuff she went to lightly tap his shoulder to wake him up.
  8. Drip. Drip. Drip. That was all he could hear, in a world of no color, and no light. His eyes opened, and he remembered that he had fallen asleep in class. He looked around, and was not as fazed as he though he would be. I would thank the person behind you young one. He turned and noticed Kelly, "Thank you for waking me, did I miss anything that is not usually stated on the first day?" He was much more composed now that it was not bothering him.
  9. "Just a bunch of talk. I ended up tuning the teacher out halfway through." Kelly said with a small laugh.
    "We should probably head to our next class. Where are you going?"
  10. He laughed and looked at his schedule. "Um, well, my next class isn't actually a class, more of a doctor's visit thing. I have one every day," He sighed. Come on, you can tell her, if you can tell a full class about me and it, you can tell her about a special needs class. "As it is, the class is a special needs class, do you happen to know where it is?"
  11. "Not really, but it can't be hard to find using the school map," Kelly said as she took out her own little paper with the map.
    She looked to find where they were before finding where Nico needed to be. "Um it's a bunch of turns, why don't you have a look." Kelly said as she she put the paper down so he can also see.
  12. She wasn't kidding, that was a lot of turning. He reached into his bag, and pulled out his map, opened it, and circled the room he was heading to. "So, where are you off to then? Since there does not seem to be a reason for you to go to the sped room."
  13. "I have geometry. I'll be heading in the same direction actually. The last turn right there is where we would depart," Kelly said, pointing to the map.
    "Come on, before we're late on the first day." Kelly picked up her backpack after placing on the floor to talk to Nico. She would have kept it on but the weight on her shoulders were beginning to be too much until she actually began walking.
  14. "Okay." He pushed all his stuff in his bag, which didn't even start with much order, and stood. "So, why wake me? You could have just left me, but you didn't." He asked as they walked down the halls, him glancing at his map every now and again.
  15. "Thought I'd be nice and not leave you," Kelly answered with a shrug, walking by Nico's side. She could have left him, but she knew if she woke up in the next class she would have an anxiety attack. Hopefully that would only be an exaggeration.
  16. As they got to the final turn, Nico turned to her. "Looks like here we separate. Thank you for your help and waking me." He nodded and walked down the hall toward his class. As he got in, they did small introductions. They mainly were centered around why the person was in there, and what, if the was one, their mental problem was.
  17. "Bye," Kelly said with a small smile before heading to geometry. The teacher seemed nice but not as cheery as the science teacher, this she could deal with.
    Math was always one of Kelly's strong points, she just never personally liked it.
  18. As he walked out of the class, Nico thought to who was all in there. lets see, one down syndrome, two with learning deficiencies and myself, not bad. He looked at his map, noticed he had PE next, and made his way toward the Gym, asking students for directions as he went until he got there. Remember, don't go all out, just slowly ease into your best, or else they will see it as being cocky. He thought a quick thank you to his wisdom, and walked into the class.
  19. Geometry was finally over. Kelly's next class was art, which was her favorite class.
    Once getting to the class she can already tell that should would like the class. The teacher was laid back and even had a sense of humor.
    This class, Kelly was hoping to learn about new art and techniques.
  20. As he entered the class, he was immediately given a locker and had to open it so the coach knew that it worked correctly. When he had done so, he walked into the main gym and saw everyone sitting on the benches talking, so he took a seat at sat thinking to himself. Occasionally he would mumble a thing or two under his breath, most of the time it had to do with something he called "Alchemical Chalk" or a chalk that he was working on making that would cause an extreme exothermic reaction to take place of an entire lab. "Now if only I could get my hands on the chemicals."
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