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  1. So, I just sent in a request to have one of my RP's removed from the graveyard. The request went through just fine, but, when I got the alert that notified me that the thread was moved back, what confused me was the part of the alert that said "Might want to add some content tags to help make the forums easier to peruse".

    And what it seems that this comment is saying (my apologies if I'm misinterpreting it) is that I should add content tags so that it's easier for other people to see, thus giving it more activity. But more visibility won't really help me any in that regard, because the RP is closed to new members (and has been for a long time). Not only that, but the RP was never really dying, just slow -- the RP has a fairly small number of members, and all of them know that the RP is still going and that I've simply been too busy to write certain important posts, hence why it's currently halted the way it is, with the other players patiently waiting for me. The RP has reached plenty of similar slow points before, and I wouldn't want this sort of thing to happen again, with whoever moved it thinking that the reason why it wound up in the graveyard is because it still doesn't have any content tags, and recommending to me again that I should add some... despite the fact that it doesn't need any. (Unless I'm misunderstanding the point of content tags.)

    So then I got to thinking that maybe the message meant something else -- perhaps wanting me to add a content tag that would make it easier for the staff/volunteers to know that the RP wasn't dead and wasn't simply suffering from a lack of visibility. But... what should I tag it as, then? "Not dead"? :/ Sorry if this is coming off as snarky -- I'm just legitimately confused as to what exactly this message means and what it is that the staff want me to do.

    Sorry if this isn't the right section for this sort of thing. I probably sound like I'm really overthinking things, but I really scratched my head at this message -- and I didn't want to assume that it was just an earnest but misguided attempt at helping me make the RP more active if there was actually something else to it that I was completely missing. I would've just asked the staff/volunteer member who moved it if the alert didn't make it anonymous.

    Edit: I should also note that I never used tags at all before the genre categories were removed, so it's possible I'm just missing some other use for them besides helping players find RP's...
  2. You're overthinking this a little bit Kaga. ^^

    A mod (not sure whom since I don't know which roleplay it is concerning) probably just decided to inform members about the content tags so that if they are searching for new people to join their rp, those people can easily find it. Even if you don't accept new people at the moment (or never will accept new people) content tags can still be a good option so that people at the very least can read along if they search for certain tags and find your roleplay interesting. There are people who read other people's roleplays without joining them. ^^

    The reason a mod might decide to inform people about content tags is because we want people to get used to the tags, which is why we don't have the roleplay genre sections at the moment. If we give people reminders, it will make it easier for them to think about doing it. (There is no official rule for us to do this right now, and I have personally not thought about it myself, but it is a good idea to remind people of this feature now when we want it to be used more)

    Whether your roleplay has tags or not does not make any difference for the mods right now, though once/if we go back to having genre sections, the tags will make it easier for us to place them in the right section instead of us having to read through part of the roleplay to figure it out.

    So shortly:
    Firstly, tags are for the convenience of those who are searching for players
    Secondly, they are for the convenience of the players and even if it's a roleplay which people can't join at the moment, it can still be good for people who likes to read roleplays.
    Thirdly, it will make it easier for the mods to move the threads once we go back to the genre sub-forum system again.
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  3. I'm about 99% sure the person who moved it (not me, thus the room for error in the estimate) simply meant that you may want to add content tags so people can find it by using content tag based searches. They probably just were not aware that it was closed to new members, because there's not really a lot of need to go read through the OOC info of a thread before reviving it from the graveyard. If you don't want to add content tags because you don't care about people being able to search up your thread, cool, you're absolutely welcome to do that. I think it was just a friendly suggestion/reminder that was made in ignorance of your roleplay's player status.

    Also, standard policy is that they should have bumped the thread once revived in order to avoid anyone throwing it back into the graveyard by mistake, so I don't see why anyone would suggest using content tags to prove activity. We graveyard things based on last activity date, specifically 1 month of no activity across IC and OOC threads equals a trip six feet under, and using our bump thread mod power makes the last activity date show as the time at which it was bumped. Don't worry about content tags as far as graveyarding goes, it's all about the last activity date.

    EDIT: Damned Swedish ninjas. >:[

    She makes a good point about content tags being used to sort roleplays back into genre-based subforums though, I didn't think of that one.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. AKA: A CV was being clever and helping people learn about content tags!

    ALSO AKA: A CV was dumb and forgot to bump the roleplay when they necromancied it so another mod wouldn't ice it again. 8D

    Redblood is a terrible teacher, we'll blame her.
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  6. How many times do I have to remind them to bump the thread before it stops being my fault? D:
  7. It will never stop being your fault.
  8. Now I understand why dawn-senpai quit being a cv trainer :(
  9. Oh, I honestly didn't know about the bumping thing. I can see now that it was bumped. :/ Still, I was thinking less about it being graveyarded again in the near future as much as, say, several months down the road if/when another activity lull happens.

    Thanks for the answers, guys. I kind of knew I was overthinking it, but it's nice to know there wasn't some obvious meaning that I wasn't picking up on. ^^"
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