Might and Magicka

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  1. Forward...

    The world of Eterion, a wolrld of magic and wonder, but it is also a world of danger and evil. In Eterion, Magicka, or magic, can only be used by those who are sensitive to it. At the Academy of Magika, those sensitive to magika are trained under the tutelage of the High Order of Wizards. Each new student is put through a series of interviews and tests to determine which Path* they will be trained in. Each path has a house specific to that path of magika. It is in this Academy that our story begins.


    What happened?

    It is three months to the Ceremony of Induction, where the Top Students are inducted into the Junior Council, a mock council. The Top Students are trained in the ways of the White Path, and given assignments and decisions to make, all to prepare them to be part of the High Council.

    The forces of evil are a known threat, but the two sides have had an uneasy peace for the past sixty years, since the leader of the Dark Order and the High Council made a treaty to end the war that had been ravaging the world of Eterion.

    One evening during dinner, Dark Mages came. They arrived in numbers, taking with them whoever they wanted. Beside the High Order, the Top Students fought back against the Dark Mages, long into the night until the evil invaders where forced to retreat, but they had taken with them more then thirty of the students.

    Our story begins the following morning after the attack, the High Council has ordered the Top Students to rescue the students that have been taken, they must go to the town of Triberion, which rests in the shadow of the mountain that is home to the Academy. They must find a guide to take them to the Land of Shadow, home to the Dark Tower, where the evil users have taken the students.


    Revan (Rob)- Top Student of Blue House. Called "Scorch" by his friends, he's always been a fire bug.

    Yellow Top Student.

    Red Top Student.- Taken by Sean

    Green Top Student.

    Guide. Vital to the story, decides the path that the characters take to rescue the students- Taken by Matt

    Leader of the Dark Order (main bad guy)- Taken by Chris

    Dark Mage (captured by the Top Students in the battle at the Academy) NPC

    The Dark One's Hand (Main bad guy's personal henchman, very well trained, very dangerous, very skilled in the dark arts)

    Das Rules

    Each Character may bring two weapons and a backpack. The weapons and contents of your backpack are of your choosing, but be realistic, it's a backpack not an infinite storage bag.

    Spells and Magic: The spells are limited only by your imagination, but be practical about your usage of magic, remember you have two weapons with you as well. STICK TO YOUR PATH, use magic that corresponds with your characters path.

    Weapons are limited to swords of almost any type, bows, staves, etc...

    Your characters must work together to rescue the children.

    Magic fights between two characters are determined by a pair of dice, don't fucking lie please. For example:

    "Reven looked at the Dark Mage, and readied a blast of arcane fire, he cast the spell at his opponent (8)"

    The (8) here indicates that Reven has rolled an eight, when the Dark Mage's turn comes around he must roll his own dice, if he scores lower than an eight then his character is hit by Reven's spell and must react to it, if he scores higher then Reven is hit by the Dark Mage's counter spell and must react to it. A tie means that the two characters are engaged in "Spell Lock" Spell Lock is broken one of two ways: 1. Intervention from other Characters, a character may choose to attack one of the two in Lock, if this happens they must react as such. 2. Re roll, same rules as before.


    There are no spell names or incantations, unless yous chose to use them. Magic is controlled by the will and mind in this world.

    Path descriptions:

    blue: A blue mage is a mage who's power is in his spells. Those who are chosen to follow the Blue Path have the strongest will. A Blue mage uses his Will to to bend and ifluence Magika to create powerful spells.

    red: Those on the Red Path focus more on enchanting weapons and armor to better suit their own situation. A Red Mage will have recieved additional training with weaponry.

    yellow: A Follower of the Yellow Path feels most at home when he's among nature. Yellow Mages use their power to manipulate the living world around them, they can twist trees and raise earth at their will.

    green: A Green Mage is one who works to preserve life. His spells and potions are used to heal people and cure them of their ailments. A Green Mage can heal himself in battle, making him a great threat should he have been trained with weaponry.

    White: Only a few Users ever reach the point where they can be trained in the White Path. White is most powerful of the "good" magicka, it employs the skills of all the colors with added training in the manipulation of Magika, all members of the High Order are members of the White Path as well.

    Black: Evil Magika, used for selfish purposes and malicious acts. People on the Black Path are cruel and only seek to further their own desires. Black Magika is limited only by is they users own cruelty, the more evil the person is, the more powerful they are.

    Grey: Grey users are users who are neither good nor evil, they practice Magika but work for neither side.

    Character Sheet:

    Character Name and Color:

    Age is 18, unless you aren't a Top Student.

    Your two weapons


    What you're bringing in your pack (top students and guide)

    Types of spells or fighting style.

    Character Bio:
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    Claims to Red,.. more info will be coming soon

    Character Name and Color: Draydur, but goes by Red

    Age: 18

    Weapon: Long Sword, ball and chain

    Appearance: zeagul_by_emantuohtiweno-d52xaot.jpg

    Backpack: small shield, Hunting knives, large brown cloak "ragged" used for traveling, rations.

    Character Bio: Doesn't come from a proud wizard family, born on a farm and was raised by his is uncle and aunt. Never knew his parents, at the age of 14 he had began to show signs on prowess in the magic arts, so he was brought to the Collage. There he found out that he had an uncanny skill of enchanting material objects, although unable to enchant himself, and other living creatures, the seemed to be nothing he couldn't enchant, because of his abilities he was placed into the red faction of the collage, where he was instructed to take as many combat training classes possible. he was taught in all sorts of combat types, his two favorite where the one handed swords, and techniques that involves a ball and chain.
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    Ill be the guide
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    Character: Grillock the Grey

    Appearance: xfsvh.jpg

    Age: 37

    Weapons: Doesn't use any particular weapon uses his hands and mind for spells.

    Pack: Several tomes of ancient knowledge, your standard campsite materials (fire starting kit, tools), and a mysterious object that has no origin or purpose.

    Spells/fighting style: Arcane skillset, the archon form (in extreme circumstances). Very aggressive in large fights but has wisdom in these circumstances

    Character Bio: Grillock comes from a long line of prestigious wizards in the realm of Eterion. Like all other magika sensitive children, the Order sent him to the Academy where he was placed in the blue house. Grillock, however, was different from most other students. While his skills were almost unparalleled, he showed a lack of interest towards either side of alignment for the magika spectrum. This "neutrality" granted him the ability to a hidden and dangerous form of magika known as the archon form. When in the archon form, the user is transformed into an ethereal creature as a result of the combination of both white and dark magika. The archon is near unstoppable but if more than five mintues is spent in this form the user will die. Because of this Grillock decided to rely more on his natural affinity which was air to better his arcane abilities. Upon graduation Grillock was offered a place in the High Order but declined and left the academy to seek a place free from the regulations of the white side of magika and the evils of the dark side. His current location is unknown but many a night spent in a tavern will bring a tale of a mysterious man in grey attire that roams the lands.
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    Character Name and Color: Reven the Blue Mage

    Age: 18

    Weapons: Staff and sword

    Appearance: Coming soon

    Bringing: Rope, blanket, two loaves of Elven bread, flask of blessed water (capable of cleaning wounds)

    Can create almost any construct out of arcane fire, can create spells using almost any element. Skilled swordsman.

    Character Bio: For as long as he could remember, Reven could make fire. Never on purpose, no that wasn't until school, he would get mad and things would suddenly burst into flame. Then Angomar came. Angomar said he was from a school for other children who were special, and that Reven could come to the school and learn how to control the fire. Fast foreward almost thirteen years, Reven is now a young man, known as "Scorch" by his friends. Making fire is only one of the things he can do. Reven is one of the most gifted students in the Academy, and one of the best Blue Mages in the history of the school. He, along with his three best friends, is a Top Student. He is a very gifted spell caster, he can create almost any many of spell with any kind of arcane energy, but fire is his element. For the past ten years he has carried the same staff, made of a white wood, he can channel his magic through the staff to make his spells more focused and powerful. Alongside his spells, he is a gifted swordsman. His signature move is called the "Burning Hand", at the snap of his fingers his hands are covered in a magical blue flame that he can manipulate with ease, this flame can manipulated to take any shape and lasts until Reven dismisses it. In times of extreme emotional stress, Reven can lose control of his "Burning Hand" and it will spread to cover his body, releasing his pure magic form. This form is extremely taxing on Reven's stamina and he will often be found unconscious after this form is released.
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    Claiming The Leader of the Dark Order
  7. Character Name: Althea

    Character color: Green

    Your two weapons: Though not considered weapons, she carries with her a petrified elf's tear and a small pan flute. The tear is a small crystal pearl worn around her neck to amplify her healing abilities, while the flute is meant for bringing life and boosting morale to buff her allies.

    Appearance: 3425665434565443.jpg
    (I take no credit for this picture)

    What you're bringing in your pack: Vials of assorted potions, a blanket, a bit of food and water, a map, a small knife, and a notebook with a few quills and ink.

    Types of spells or fighting style: Althea, when in combat, likes to stick in the back and help her allies from afar. Although not too skilled offensively, she will give everything for the safety of her party. She can heal any wound with the help of her elven tear. She can produce many defensive spells, and is known for making one of the most powerful shields in the academy. She can also make her allies stronger by lifting their spirits with her flute. The closest she'll get to violent is maybe putting her enemies to sleep or distracting them by playing a horrible song to buy her allies some time, but that's as far as she'll go.

    Character Bio: Althea was invited to the academy, of course, after discovering her special gift of healing. Wanting to stay by her sick brother's side, she at first declined. However, when they mentioned that they could help her find a cure for her sibling she reluctantly agreed, and has now become one of it's top students. She excels at just about every subject, except hand to hand combat. Being such a kind and gentle soul, she does not believe in violence, so she doesn't mind the barely passing grade in this area. Always smiling and never bitter, she is quite popular, attracting students from all over the school just to hear her play her flute, which is how she likes to pass the time when she isn't making a mess of a new potion for her brother. Making others happy is what makes her happiest.

  8. I like it, I can't wait to start.
  9. Well, here goes.

    Character Name and Color: Spwack (Grey mage)

    Age: 67

    Your two weapons: Assorted chemicals, wand

    Appearance: An ancient, shriveled mage. Normally hidden in his cloak, avoids sunlight.

    What you're bringing in your pack (top students and guide) Various assorted chemicals (includes herbs, metal dust, and possibly a gremlin), alchemical equipment, staff, obscure tablets.

    Types of spells or fighting style: Normally potion or alchemy based. Mixes random substances together, and hopes for the best. This will either result in healing spells or buff (possibly to the enemy), powerful combustion, or just a cloud of rather smelly smoke. Spwack does not work well in a team at all, preferring them to get on with setting fire to things, and let him get on with the science. Do not rely on him, but you will thank him some day...

    Character Bio: Seen almost every day, but never noticed, Spwack is the school janitor. Ineffectually seen sweeping the floor, his hidden gaze can be felt probing everyone, and everything, in his way. He appears to be hiding from someone (or, knowing magic, something) He can't be found on any payroll, and any efforts to remove him from the school fail mysteriously. He avoids communication, instead writing on scraps of paper, and leaving them on the floor. Spwack is probably insane.
  10. Hm... Well, I posted on this a little while ago, can I have some confirmation?

  11. well the Guide (grey mage) was already claimed,.. but idk if there can be more than one,.. gotta wait for demosthenes
  12. Oh... I thought they were just magic styles. Or are they actual positions?
  13. well i am pretty sure there might be able to be another grey mage, not sure, but i do know there can only be one guide, which is a grey mage.

    but i am not the rp master,... but i know the slot for yellow mage is open, so yeh... but other than that i am not sure man. also you could be the darklord number one,... up to you, but talk to Demosthenes117, the rp master, and he can give you more info man. :D
  14. I like the direction you're trying to go, but what significance would an insane old wizard play in our tale? I suggest using the Yellow position, or the main bad guy's henchman.
  15. I see your point(s). If it's open, it would be cool to be the Hand person. Is that like an assassin, a saboteur, or just the bad guy that gets destroyed at the end?
  16. Um... hello?
  17. like a bad guy's minion, so its most like undecided,.. you'll have to find out in the end,.. but he is sent out by the command of the main evil guy, and so on and so on
  18. A minion, aye... Hm. He would be mostly under his own command, correct? Just hack, burn and kill anything and everything?
  19. IS YELLOW TAKEN?!?!?!?! Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh pleaaaaase lemme be yellow if it's not!!!!

    Oh, and one more thing...set of dice...2 d6?​
  20. If I recall correctly Sil, Yellow isn't taken. :3