Midwinter's Reverie

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  1. <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"><span class="username"> </span> [Celine Devareux, the Countess of this nice and small little bit of land, was dressed in a dark green fur trimmed cloak and carrying a basket of mysterious contents. The sun was bright, leaving the world a beautiful sparkling snow blanket of white!] <span class="time">-02:53 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"><span class="username"> </span> [Nikolas Walentowicz pulled his heavy grey woolen cloak tight over patched tunic and trousers, his well worn boots leaving prints in the snow as he approached the Countess's gate.] <span class="time">-02:56 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine WAS in good spirits. On a pleasant mission to bring treats to a hungry friend... and there was her newest nemesis once again. Approaching her gate of all places. Normally she was running circles around him in the forest, so this was a surprise. Celine stopped at the gate, a little wary about opening it up. &quot;...this is a surprise, Warden... have you come to visit someone?&quot; <span class="time">-02:59 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas stopped, letting the cloak fall open. His left hand rested lightly on his sword, his right hung loosely. He appeared to be ready for business. &quot;I've come to speak to you about important business, M'lady.&quot; He seemed slightly on edge, blue eyes looking over her form with heavy scrutiny, lingering on the basket. <span class="time">-03:04 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;Hmm.&quot; Though she looked calm, inwardly she was in a panic. Did he find out? ...No, she had been very careful! This was very ill-timed, though. If she didn't go soon, there was going to be a very hungry someone and there would be trouble. &quot;I'm afraid now isn't the best of times... But if you returned tomorrow we could discuss anything you wish.&quot; Fully expecting him to accept her excuse, she opened the gate and stepped out quickly. Shutting it behind her so he wouldn't go sneaking on to castle grounds. <span class="time">-03:11 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He didn't wait, moving close to her. Though he dared not put his hand upon the noble woman, he did reach for the basket, intending to grab it and force her to either stay and talk to him via his hold on it or to drop it so he could see the contents. &quot;I'm afraid now will have to do. I'm getting tired of being sidetracked every time I try to talk to you, Countess.&quot; He gave her a stern frown, eyes narrowing with open suspicion. <span class="time">-03:14 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine was quick to pull her basket away and hide it behind her back. Which, as an after thought, probably looked more suspicious. But she rathered he -didn't- go snooping through her things! &quot;I am sorry that seems the case, but I really <i>do</i> need to be going and I am sure you're a very busy man! There is no reason to wait here, I will be away for some hours.&quot; She was already trying to side step around him so she could get going. <span class="time">-03:17 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He didn't block her path, but he -did- start to follow her. &quot;If you will not give me a moment of your time here, then I shall simply have to accompany you.&quot; He seemed set on his choice of action. &quot;You have been avoiding me for some time, and you are clearly hiding something from me. I aim to discover just what it is.&quot; He felt no need for subtlety; it cost precious time. Noble she might be, but she'd been doing something suspicious in his forest. <span class="time">-03:21 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Stopping suddenly, she turned to cast him a frown. The expression she wore gave the impression she might've also stomped her foot and pouted were she not trying to remain dignified. &quot;That's completely unnecessary... and an intrusion of privacy! ...Not that I wouldn't -otherwise- enjoy the company, but I am to meet a friend and it would be impolite to bring a guest. You <i>do</i> understand, don't you...?&quot; He had to make this so difficult. <span class="time">-03:24 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;I understand that you have played me for a fool. I may be a simple man, Lady, but I am not an idiot.&quot; He stepped forward, almost standing toe to toe with her. &quot;In matters that may threaten the safety of the kingdom within my forest, I do have the rights to question you. So I would suggest that you stay and be questioned.&quot; <span class="time">-03:28 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I don't mean to insult you..&quot; At <i>that</i> she did look apologetic about. The problem with keeping secrets, was that sometimes she had to do unpleasant things. He likely didn't deserve them, but it was something that couldn't be helped... &quot;All right. If it is only a few questions. But as quickly as possible?&quot; <span class="time">-03:31 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He gave a nod, stepping back a few paces. &quot;You've been acting suspiciously in the forest for some time. For a noble woman to travel without a retinue of attendants is suspicious on its own merits, let alone the times you have distracted me with tasks so that you could slip away. Just what is your business in the forest?&quot; <span class="time">-03:33 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I don't think it's so strange for a woman to want privacy when she goes on walks...&quot; she started slowly. Yes, it did seem he was getting really suspicious! Celine was going to have to be more careful. &quot;I like to talk walks in the forest. It's peaceful and beautiful. ...and I really don't <i>mean</i> to cause you trouble, but you are a little distracting when I am on my walks?&quot; It seemed like a perfectly reasonable explination. <span class="time">-03:35 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He clearly wasn't convinced. But if she wished to play games... &quot;It is unsafe for a woman, particularly a woman of means, to travel alone through the forest. I will accompany you until you reach your destination to ensure your safety. Distraction is worth you not being food for wolves.&quot; <span class="time">-03:39 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine wished she could just shove him over and run for it! It would be so much simplier than trying to come up with stories and lies! &quot;I really appreciate your concern, but it's completely unnecessary! The woods are very safe and I have been roaming around them for years without any trouble at all.&quot; <span class="time">-03:41 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF; background-color: #0;"><span class="username"> </span> <p class=ngm>As if on cue, just to disprove her words there came a loud hooowling growl from the line of trees. Except, it didn't sound like any wolf! <span class="time">-Celine</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> His gaze when to the tree line, and his hand snapped out, attempting to take her elbow and move himself between her an the trees. &quot;I'm afraid I am going to have to insist this time.&quot; His other hand went for his sword, drawing it with a soft ringing sound. <span class="time">-03:44 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Blast it. Celine knew this delay would be a problem. She should have left so much earlier in the morning! Celine was about to argue the point again, but the was the flicker of movement between the trees. Something large, white and very furry. &quot;...You know, I think I could delay seeing my friend for now. Would you like to join me inside the castle?&quot; She was moving back in front of him now. Her basket hooked on her arm as she pressed her hands against his chest to move him back towards the gate. <span class="time">-03:47 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He frowned and almost growled as he spoke. &quot;You go inside, then. I'll deal with this creature.&quot; He stepped to one side, advancing toward the halfseen beast. &quot;And don't try to run off. I don't think I'd have the slightest bit of trouble tracking you in this snow.&quot; <span class="time">-03:49 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine had to set her basket in the snow so that she could grab on to the back of his cloak in an attempt to hold him to the spot. &quot;It's so unsafe! ....the wolves, I mean! They could easily rip a man to pieces, I am sure!&quot; <span class="time">-03:51 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He stumbled, finding his cloak weighted. Turning, he threw out his free hand in exacerbation. &quot;What is wrong with you, woman? If that thing comes to hunt us, there is no possibility of my keeping it from doing so if you hold onto me like this.&quot; He reached up, unclasping his cloak. The cloak slid from his shoulders as he stepped toward the forest, falling to the snow. <span class="time">-03:54 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> To her alarm, he friend was NOT staying in the forest. The large furry form, much larger than a wolf and even several times bigger than a bear was shuffling out of the tree line looking confused and very hungry. Yeti never were the patience types. ...Celine almost squeaked in frustration. She jumped through the snow as quick as she could to catch up to the man, then she hopped on to his back. Circling her arms around his head so he couldn't see. Hoping he hadn't already and would take her silly screaming as a woman's fright! &quot;Ruuun~! Fleee!&quot; <span class="time">-03:59 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Something was coming out of the woods, but before he could get a good look at it, he had a screaming mad woman on his back. He cursed creatively and tried to flip her from his back or pry her hands from his eyes at the very least. &quot;Are you addled or something, woman?! What is wrong with you?&quot; <span class="time">-04:01 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine was barely able to hold on. She kept the one arm around his head to keep his eyes covered, while her other was waving frantically trying to get her Yeti friend to run back in to the forest. The blasted thing was scratching it's head in confusion, and looking a little concerned about her entire display. &quot;Wait! It's all right, I don't see a thing at all. I <i>don't see a thing over there by the trees that shouldn't be there</i>.&quot; She attempted to give a hint for the Yeti. <span class="time">-04:08 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> There was more cursing. Eventually, he leaned rapidly forward in an attempt to dislodge her and send her into the snow. &quot;If you don't let go, you raving mad woman, we might both be dead before I can figure out what to fight!&quot; She was insane! She had to be. He had a second to entertain the thought that she should be locked up for her own safety. <span class="time">-04:12 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Landing in the snow with a yelp, it wasn't him she was rising up quickly to look at, but the trees. Celine gave an audible sigh of relief when there didn't seem to be a single hint of a furry Yeti standing there, outside of the tracks in the snow. &quot;I am -not- a raving mad woman.&quot; <span class="time">-04:17 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He shook his head, stalking over to the tree line to investigate. &quot;If you have a wolf pack around here, there are precautions you are going to want to take.&quot; As he neared the prints, he slowed. They looked wrong, very wrong. He turned to the countess, crossing his arms over his chest. &quot;Explain.&quot; <span class="time">-04:19 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine was standing now, trying to dust snow off her cloak and dress. &quot;It was a wolf, wasn't it...? I know I over-reacted a little bit... but I suppose I have a soft spot for wolves?&quot; <span class="time">-04:23 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He beckoned her close, and whether or not she chose to approach, he gestured at the prints. &quot;No wolf would leave prints like these.&quot; He shook his head. &quot;I've had it with your lies and trickery!&quot; He closed whatever distance was left between them and attempted to take her arms in his hands. &quot;We're going inside and you are going to explain just what is going on.&quot; <span class="time">-04:26 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;You make me sound like a villain!&quot; she said with a little offense, backing away from him not out of fear, but from having her feelings hurt a bit. ....granted, it was true! Her lies and tricks, but it sounded so terrible coming from him. Celine moved away to get her basket back. &quot;I'm really very late..&quot; <span class="time">-04:33 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He paused, frowning at her. &quot;I want to see what is in the basket. If you've nothing to hide, you will show me.&quot; Again, he reached for her arm, trying to catch her in a light grip and keep her there. <span class="time">-04:36 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> He caught her and she huffed. &quot;If that is what you want to see.&quot; Celine paused, holding her basket up to move aside the small cover and show him. Simple sandwiches. That's all it was. More than enough for several people. Celine still looked a little cross, but she was trying to be patient about it. At least now that her Yeti was far enough away. <span class="time">-04:40 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He frowned, appearing confused. Slowly, he released her. &quot;You could have showed me that at the outset and I would have let you go on your way.&quot; He strode over to his cloak, picking it up and draping it around himself. &quot;Have a good day. I'm going to track the beast that found its way here and see if I can be sure it poses no threat.&quot; <span class="time">-04:43 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;...He's gone back in to the trees. He shouldn't be a problem anymore!&quot; Celine really didn't want to have to jump on him again. That was awkward enough as it was. <span class="time">-04:48 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;It was likely startled by your shouting. Those are not wolf prints. Something dangerous is out there.&quot; He started for the forest, seeming inclined to leave her be for the moment. &quot;I know how to handle myself, so don't fear for me.&quot; <span class="time">-04:49 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> ....drats! Celine followed after him quickly. With the tracks as obvious as they were, she would have to intervene before he found the Yeti! &quot;There's nothing out there truely dangerous, really. Would you like to come back for tea?&quot; <span class="time">-04:56 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;You have already said you have somewhere to be. I'd suggest you hurry if you want to be on time.&quot; He crouched down, reaching a hand down to trace the outline of the print in the shimmering snow. <span class="time">-04:58 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I was going to be walking in this direction anyway...&quot; she responded slowly. Celine kept close at his heels, glacing around in to the trees seeing if she could spot it first. <span class="time">-05:04 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He made his way into the woods, frowning. This woman was either insane or he about had her caught in her lies. &quot;I'd rather you not come with. This creature, judging by the size of the prints, could probably swallow you in a few bites. And you're unarmed.&quot; <span class="time">-05:05 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> That had her grinning. But she seemed to catch herself and return to looking concerned. &quot;I am fairly sure I'm not edible. ...but, wouldn't you rather come and ask me more questions? I'm already late it wouldn't matter now!&quot; <span class="time">-05:10 Mar 20</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He grunted as he kept moving, checking trees for hair or anything that might identify the beast. Sword out again, he seemed ready to defend agianst wild things. &quot;I am tired of this game.&quot; He stopped abruptly, turning to face her. &quot;You keep treating me as though I'm a fool. I'm not. If you tell me the truth, I might be able to plead for leniency for you regarding whatever crimes you've committed.&quot; <span class="time">-05:13 Mar 20</span></div>
  2. <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Celine was being put on the spot by an angry warden. ...now she wasn't sure how to fix this!] <span class="time">-03:16 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Nikolas Walentowicz finally has the countess right where he wants her. At least, that's what he thinks.] <span class="time">-03:19 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;You cannot just accuse someone of crimes and tell them about their oncoming punishment and think you will get a reasonable response!&quot; she exclaimed first. The very scary thing was that she WOULD go to prison if he knew just how <i>much</i> she was involved in. And it might've even been worse than prison. She could be hanged..! She was visibly paling, but thanks to the cold of the season and her annoyance, her cheeks were still flushed red. &quot;You shouldn't assume I am doing something wrong.&quot; <span class="time">-03:23 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;Why? Because you are nobility? Do not think yourself above the law! I've seen princesses beheaded, Countess.&quot; He gave her a stern glare, squaring his shoulders and looking down at her in what he thought to be his most intimidating manner. &quot;If you are hiding something, your best bet is to come clean now, before someone else discovers this. You put both our lives in danger with your continued evasions.&quot; <span class="time">-03:26 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;You're insulting me.&quot; she muttered, her anger running away with her more rational thought. In a huff she stepped around him to continue on her journey. The conversation was terrifying and if she weren't careful she'd spill her secret by accident. And she didn't trust that he would understand. &quot;I refuse to be persecuted for taking sandwiches to a friend!&quot; <span class="time">-03:31 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He reached out, attempting to grab her and hold her in place. She was trying to get away, and that just wouldn't cut it. &quot;Countess. You will explain the truth of your actions or I will report your suspicious behavoir.&quot; He glared more. &quot;You must understand that the fact that I haven't already puts me in danger, as well as you, should we be found out.&quot; <span class="time">-03:46 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> He caught the sleeve of her cloak, and unless she wanted to slip it off and run away, she couldn't do any tugging. Celine frowned at him again. &quot;I am taking sandwiches to a friend. And that is all I am doing. I do a lot of things for friends. If you want to report me, you can go ahead and do it. I won't fault you for it.&quot; Though she might dislike him all the more. Celine tugged, trying to get her sleeve out of his grasp without fighting too hard. <span class="time">-03:57 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He narrowed his eyes. &quot;Very well. I will report your months worth of travels without an escort, the strange footprints on your property, which I do plan to investigate more fully, the evasiveness you have displayed, and the strange assault you carried out earlier when I was trying to defend you from what I can only assume is some woodland monster.&quot; <span class="time">-03:59 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine looked a little surprised. &quot;...I didn't assault you! ...Did I hurt you?&quot; Her expression went from surprise to concern, to very apologetic in the span of three seconds. She quit her tugging. &quot;I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to jump on you like that, but you're awfully stubborn...&quot; <span class="time">-04:03 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;I'm not the only stubborn one! Look at you! Just what were you trying so hard to stop me from doing, if my stubbornness was the reason you leapt on me?&quot; He sighed, looking around. &quot;If I suspect you are doing ill deeds, others will, as well. You do realize that I am not an immediate threat, depending on what you are doing.&quot; <span class="time">-04:07 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I was stopping you from hurting someone who is just hungry and confused and doesn't deserve to be killed.&quot; she admitted in a flurry of words. &quot;You patrol the forest with that sword and chase down innocent things just because a King has gone mad and decided entire races and cultures of people are suddenly terrible! You chase people out of their homes and break up their families and for real reason at all! You <i>are</i> a threat!&quot; Celine wasn't sure where all that came from and immediately regretted it once it was out. She clamped her mouth shit in wide-eyed surprise. Jerking her sleeve out of his grasp before picking up her skirts and taking off in a run. <span class="time">-04:17 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He stood there, utterly stunned by her words. It took him a moment to chase after her, moving carefully so that he could keep his eye on her footprints. Her accusations may not have been entirely baseless, but he had never heard his job described in such a way and couldn't quite decide whether to be repentant or angry. For the moment, he let the necessity of his job carry him forward. &quot;You may as well stop running. I can track you all day without tiring.&quot; <span class="time">-04:19 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine didn't turn around. She just kept running as fast as she could. The moment she saw an opportunity she ducked behind a tree to catch her breath. She might have called out to argue with him but -- Blast! He WOULD be able to find her foot prints in the snow! <span class="time">-04:39 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He kept up his steady pace, trusting in her to wear herself out with her panicked running. &quot;Would you stop and talk to me already? Suppose I'm not the monster you paint me to be?&quot; He slowed as he saw her footprints vere. The last thing he wanted was for her to jump out from behind a tree and nail him with some as yet unseen weapon. <span class="time">-04:43 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> He was nearby now, and Celine <i>was</i> considering knocking him out with something. But... there was no way she could carry him back to the castle and what if the wolves got to him? She huffed, staying hidden behind her tree. &quot;You've already proved that talking to you is a futile endevor. I'll be sent to prison regardless of what I say. It's better that you leave me be and go back to tell on me! Because if you come any closer I will do something regretable and you might never be seen again!&quot; The threat was an empty one, but she hope it might alarm him enough to move on. <span class="time">-04:49 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He stopped in his tracks, heaving a rather irritated sigh. &quot;You... you're an infuriating woman, you know that?&quot; He strode around the tree, coming face to face with her and attempting to grab her once again before she could escape. &quot;You're damn foolish, too. You really think I am the only person who is going to come poking around if you keep this u-&quot; There was a rather loud thunking noise as a tree branch smacked into the Warden's head. He slumped into the snow as the branch wielding Yeti looked down at the now unconcious man. <span class="time">-04:56 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Oh no...! Celine was horrified! That silly Yeti thought she was in distress. Which was incredibly sweet of it, but now they were in so much trouble. &quot;...blast it all, that was! Oooh. You really shouldn't have done that, Harold.&quot; Celine knelt on the ground checking the warden's head. Thankfully he wasn't bleeding, but he'd be awfully mad when he got up. &quot;Huff. Harold, take your basket and <i>go</i>! There are sandwiches for you and the boy. You really should stay away from the edge of the forest, I would have to adopt your son and I don't think that would be easy to explain.&quot; she muttered, taking off her cloak to tuck under Nikolas' head. She made sure the Yeti had the basket and shooed him away! <span class="time">-05:01 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas was out cold, a knot forming where he'd been hit. He seemed alright otherwise, but was quiet for a long while. He started to shiver there in the snow. A pair of crows perched on a nearby branch, peering down in search of their next meal. <span class="time">-05:08 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> It was freezing out. Had she not worried about him waking on the way or someone seeing, she would have asked the Yeti to help carry him back to the castle where it was warmer and safer. As it were, the sun would be setting soon, wolves would be out... and those crows were eyeing him like a next meal! &quot;Shoo! Go on!&quot; she chided at them. Jumping to swat them away just for the sake of keeping herself moving and her blood flowing. Her teeth were chatting without her cloak and though she <i>could</i> have ran back to the castle... she felt so awful leaving him there. Celine knelt by him again, poking gently at his cheek to see if he'd awake. <span class="time">-05:14 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He sat upright at the poke, blinking several times before looking at her in confusion. &quot;My head. Did you hit me?&quot; He seemed greatly confused by this prospect, looking at her as though she were incapable of such a thing before looking around the forest in confusion. He was clearly disoriented, but at least he was awake. <span class="time">-05:19 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;No, he-&quot; Celine cut herself short. &quot;I mean... yes. I did. I warned you, didn't I? And I am SO very sorry...&quot; Celine was glad he was awake. Still concerned, she rose both her hands to his head to see if the swelling had gone down any. <span class="time">-05:21 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He flinched away. &quot;Why do you have to touch it if it is obvious that it hurts? You some sadist?&quot; He stood slowly, glowering at her. &quot;Just what do we do now? Do I carry you back kicking and screaming or do you sucker punch me again?&quot; <span class="time">-05:27 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Celine is insulted!] <span class="time">-05:31 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I...!&quot; How rude! Though it wasn't her that actually hit him, she still apologized for it! She even waited for him to awake instead of abandoning him. With another huff, she snatched her cloak from the ground. It damp from lying in the snow so long. Her face was flushed and she was seething as she pointed and poked a finger in to his chest. &quot;I might JUST hit you again! If you would listen to me, you would not be in so much trouble! But you're stubborn and rude and- <i>achoo</i>!&quot; Oh blast it all, her tirade was ruined by a sudden sneeze. It must have taken all her sense with it cause she couldn't get back to what she was saying. &quot;You just... You're MEAN.&quot; <span class="time">-05:34 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He blinked twice, then growled low in his throat. &quot;Come on. Let's get you back to your castle before you catch cold.&quot; He pulled off his own cloak. Thankfully the lining wasn't wet, so he wrapped it around her, not looking too happy about doing so. He started trudging through the snow, weaving and stumbling and clearly not as in control of himself as he wanted her to believe. <span class="time">-05:37 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine didn't want to go, and for a moment considered stubbornly standing there just to be contrary. ...but she finally opted for trudging behind him. Pulling his cloak tightly around her and grateful to have something to shield her from the wind. She was <i>freezing</i>. Celine was still glaring at his back, but the expression soften as she watched him weaving. &quot;Does it hurt terribly much...?&quot; <span class="time">-05:41 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;It hurts. Why does it matter how much it hurts if it hurts?&quot; He glanced over his shoulder, noting her expression and quickly veering to avoid a tree when he looked forward again. His tone gentled, but only slightly. &quot;You really think you are going to get away with helping all the poor unfortunates?&quot; He snorted softly. &quot;You're going to end up in a great deal of trouble and there's not much I can do to help you once you've dug in.&quot; <span class="time">-05:45 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I know the consequences...&quot; she said quietly. That fire she had before was gone, replaced by her concerned wonderment if he'd pass out in the snow again. Maybe she could drag him the rest of the way? &quot;If someone was hungry, or hurt, or scared would you just leave them? Because it was a law?&quot; Celine asked curiously. She wanted to know the answer. <span class="time">-05:49 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He thought about this for a long time as they walked. It would have been easier, but each thought was punctuated by the throbbing of his head. &quot;It would depend. If they had done something like murder children, they should suffer the consequences. But innocent people? I'd do what I could to help, I suppose.&quot; <span class="time">-05:53 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> <font size=1 face=verdana>[<font color=red>Celine</font> has timed out.]</font> <span class="time">-05:58 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;Hmm. And if they found out you broke that law, because you brought someone food and gave them a place to sleep. And sent someone to come and get you and those innocent people. Would you let them come and take everyone away?&quot; she continued. He <i>almost</i> seemed to understand, but... <span class="time">-05:58 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas grunted, refusing to answer. He just kept walking through the snow until they got to the gate. &quot;So let me ask you a question. Is it alright to protect those who might hurt defenseless people? Whatever left those tracks could likely tear a child in half.&quot; <span class="time">-06:00 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine stopped at the gate, turning to eye him with a thoughtful expression. Examining his face as if it would tell her what she wanted to know. &quot;You could tear a child in half if you wanted to. If you walked in to a strangers village should they attack you for it? I don't think we should pass judgement on anyone so quickly... even if they are big and furry and have a lot of teeth. For all you know, they have something the protect too.&quot; <span class="time">-06:09 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He considered for a moment, then nodded. &quot;Fine. I won't turn you in, but you need to stop these activities before someone else catches you. You can't keep doing this and expecting to get away with it. Someone is going to have you hanged if you try!&quot; <span class="time">-06:14 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> She shook her head with a frown. &quot;I can't just stop... You don't understand...&quot; If she explained just how <i>many</i> she was helping, he might not have been so readily offering her such advice... <span class="time">-06:32 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> By now, he was starting to shiver again. &quot;Look, can we have this lovely conversation inside?&quot; he growled, looking toward the castle. If he didn't get inside soon, he was going to have to climb the fence. It was so cold and his head hurt and she wasn't making this easy at all. <span class="time">-06:36 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine cast a look at the castle, biting her bottom lip in indecision. She finally moved to open the gate, however, and let him step through. &quot;I will let you in... but you can't cause any trouble!&quot; <span class="time">-06:40 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Snorting, he nodded. &quot;I give you my word. No trouble until I've passed through this gate once more.&quot; He strode toward the castle, teeth starting to chatter as the temperature began to dip. &quot;Tell me, are you always so stubborn and infuriating?&quot; <span class="time">-06:43 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;That doesn't seem to be something people describe me as very often.&quot; she admitted. It seemed he was the first to draw out that much from her. Normally she wouldn't be so difficult with someone. Crossing the grounds, Celine was relieved when they made it to the door. But she was having a hard time getting it open with her fingers being so frozen! <span class="time">-06:47 Mar 23</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He waited as patiently as he could before reaching out to help her with the door. His hands were just as cold, but somehow he managed to be of aid. &quot;Maybe I'm just special.&quot; He shook his head, rolling his eyes to the heavens. <span class="time">-06:49 Mar 23</span></div>
  3. <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Celine is leading the Warden in to her castle. Probably the biggest mistake of her life! ...because helping people could never be a mistake.] <span class="time">-02:59 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Nikolas Walentowicz is not incredibly happy with the lady he is confronting. He's also rather cold.] <span class="time">-02:59 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I am not sure about special.&quot; she responded softly. With a little bit of worry, she glanced around the empty main foyer. There were two huge stair cases, and luckily not a person in sight. Celine hope they all saw the Warden coming and were hiding appropriately. &quot;Um... this way. The fire should be going.&quot; she led the way across the large hall to a doorway. Past it was a comfortable and blissfully warm room. Likely a family room with a huge fireplace and several very plush chairs. ...but to her alarm, there was a very furry werewolf laying on the floor trying to disguise himself as a rug. &quot;Um...!&quot; <span class="time">-03:05 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas was freezing, so much that he welcomed the warmth of the room. It took him a moment to register that something was very wrong. He narrowed his eyes, staring at the 'rug' and making his way over to it, nudging it with a boot. He'd all but forgotten the chill in his hands, all attention on the strange collector's piece. &quot;What an oddity and a grotesque thing to find in a Lady's home.&quot; <span class="time">-03:10 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF; background-color: #0;"> <p class=ngm>The "rug" didn't move. Even when kicked. ...but was that a cringe...? <span class="time">-Celine</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine cringed herself! Poor thing. What was it thinking? It's not even a believable rug! &quot;...it's ah... My father was very eccentric. And I haven't the heart to get rid of it...?&quot; Celine moved to grab his arm. Guiding him -around- the silly wolf and to the fireplace where he could warm himself up faster. Just as much for herself too. <span class="time">-03:12 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He turned as she dragged him, trying to keep an eye on the rug. He wasn't convinced of its innocence, and pulled away from her, reaching down and attempting to pry its eye open to look at it. &quot;Masterful job. It feels so warm against cold hands...&quot; <span class="time">-03:17 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;Please don't!&quot; Celine grabbed his hand, pulling him upright again. &quot;It's really old and likely to fall apart at any moment. It's better not to touch it.&quot; Celine cast an apologetic look down at the rug. <span class="time">-03:19 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF; background-color: #0;"> <p class=ngm>The rug's back leg twitched a little. But otherwise didn't move! <span class="time">-Celine</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He frowned, turning to face her and giving her a glare. &quot;Tell your friend to get out of here so that we can talk. Or I can take him back with me, if you would rather.&quot; He narrowed his eyes, keeping them on her and paying the rug no mind for the moment. <span class="time">-03:24 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine looked horrified, and like she was about to continue denying it. But she finally nodded, reluctantly turning away from the warden to gently nudge the werewolf on the floor. &quot;...You should go upstairs. I'll be okay here.&quot; <span class="time">-03:26 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF; background-color: #0;"> <p class=ngm>The rug didn't seem to want to give up his ruse at first, but after a moment he rose up on his paws, and warily - but quickly - when skittering out of the room. Leaving the Countess alone with the Warden. <span class="time">-Celine</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Turning to face the fire, he held out his hands to warm them, flexing them to regain feeling. &quot;You know you could get in a lot of trouble for what you've done today. You could well be hanged or beheaded. As could your refugee friends.&quot; <span class="time">-03:30 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;They will all be gone from here, and not a one would be caught if you do! So it will just be me in this castle and if something happens to me I don't care.&quot; she was so serious about it. Scowling at his back with enough ferocity she was debating throwing something at him and chasing him out of her castle. &quot;And you promise you wouldn't cause any trouble while you were here...&quot; <span class="time">-03:34 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;And I have yet to cause trouble.&quot; He spun on his heel, crossing his arms over his chest in a semi-aggressive stance. &quot;You are asking me to overlook something that could have us both killed, though. Have you considered that? You DO put others in danger, all those who will be killed if it is discovered they have failed to take care of the problems in the forest. Including me. You can't blame me for being quite angry.&quot; <span class="time">-03:41 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine looked surprised... and almost as if she were about to apologize. But that was quickly replaced by anger again. She pointed a finger at him and stomped her foot. &quot;But people will be in danger anyway if I don't! It might not be you or me, but what about that wolf's family! He has one you know. A lot of them do. And <i>you</i> hunt them, so I am very sorry that I might get you in trouble but... If I have to I will capture you and keep you in the dungeons to protect them!&quot; In fact... it was seeming more and more that it's just what she would have to do. Celine was trying to subtly look around for a decent weapon. <span class="time">-03:46 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He blinked a few times, then burst into laughter, nearly doubling over. &quot;You really think you can overpower me a second time? Lady, you've got a lot of guts, that's for sure. But you're an idiot. A hopeless fool of a woman bent on bettering a world too far gone for her help.&quot; He straightened up, wiping away tears of laughter and grinned at her. <span class="time">-03:48 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine was offended! She stomped her foot with a huff, rushing to stomp to the fireplace. She grabbed up the first fire poker she could actually lift, then was pointing it at him in challenge. &quot;You shouldn't assume things like that. Assumptions are why the mythos are in trouble. So I want you to follow me to the dungeon now, please.&quot; <span class="time">-03:52 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He shook his head, drawing his sword with one hand as he grabbed at the fire poker with the other hand. &quot;Do you really want to play stupid games? Because I will win.&quot; He attempted to lightly tap her cheek with the flat of his sword. <span class="time">-03:55 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> To her credit, Celine didn't go cowering away... she just leaned away from the tapping, huffing in frustration at trying to get the firepoker out of his grasp with furious tugging. &quot;You could at least be a little bit accomidating! I am not trying to play a game here, you <i>have</i> to be my prisoner. I simply can't trust you to leave now!&quot; <span class="time">-03:58 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He tugged the poker toward him with a flick of the wrist aimed at pulling her to his chest and spinning her back to him so that he could put his blade across her collarbone. &quot;Please, I don't want to have to hurt you. You're really not making this easy.&quot; <span class="time">-04:00 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Now she was a little scared. Celine stiffened, pressing her fingers to the flat side of the blade to push it away gently. &quot;...No one has to be hurt, you only need to walk with me to the dungeon. Usually people are much more cooporative than this...&quot; Most people were usually more than happy to fullfill her requests. It was a bit surprising to her that he wouldn't. &quot;...Are you worried that you'll be mistreated? Because I am very nice to the prisoners. I have beds and you'll get to come out for dinner.&quot; <span class="time">-04:03 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> There was something almost funny about her confusion. He snorted, keeping his hand on the poker but lowering his sword. &quot;Why are you doing this?&quot; He shook his head, attempting to shove her away with his forearm. &quot;You really are a spoiled thing, aren't you? Expecting everything to work out without consequences.&quot; <span class="time">-04:06 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I understand consequences just fine!&quot; she complained, nearly stumbling when she moved away from him and released the poker. Celine stepped behind a chair to use it as a shield. &quot;Unfair laws have tragic consequences for families. And I know I am breaking a law and that there will be consequences for me too... but sometimes it's worth you, don't you think? To do the right thing? You even said so earlier yourself!&quot; Celine didn't like being called spoiled either, but he didn't know her. And he clearly didn't understand the situation. &quot;I don't want to hurt you. But you are going to hurt them. And if putting you in a jail makes me a bad person, then I'll accept that too.&quot; <span class="time">-04:12 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He tossed both poker and sword aside, growling with frustration before slumping a bit. &quot;You are infuriating,&quot; he whispered, then continued, getting progressively louder. &quot;You are troublesome, irksome, tiresome, overwhelming, underbrained, foolish, idealistic, impulsive, trusting, and you are causing yourself a world of trouble.&quot; He turned, heading for the door. <span class="time">-04:15 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> That surprised Celine a great deal. ...after all he tossed his own weapon aside! At first she moved to retrieve the sword. ...but as a second thought, she left it where it was and went chasing after him! &quot;I can't let you leave...!&quot; she squeaked, right before jumping on his back again! <span class="time">-04:17 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He stood there a moment, sighing before walking over to a chair with her on his back. &quot;You can either use this chair to step down or I can sit on you,&quot; he stated plainly. He clearly was not amused. &quot;What do you honestly think you are going to accomplish?&quot; <span class="time">-04:24 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I'm... I'm not sure.&quot; she responded honestly. Celine was a little out of breath, but she wasn't letting go yet. &quot;I'll let go if you promise not to tell on me..? I'm getting a bit dizzy, so I'll let you escape if you promise.&quot; <span class="time">-04:27 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;First, get off my back.&quot; He frowned, contemplating. &quot;You are really adamant about this. How do you know none of your menagerie are going to turn on you?&quot; <span class="time">-04:31 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Reluctantly, Celine slid off. Stepping on to the chair and remaining standing there. &quot;I am fairly certain. Why would they?&quot; <span class="time">-04:34 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He turned to face her, looking up at her for once. &quot;Because you are naive and an easy way for them to find a safe base of operations. You're a soft touch, through and through.&quot; He turned to walk to the door again, clearly intending to leave without giving her the promise she'd demanded. <span class="time">-04:36 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;...No one would really do that would they?&quot; she asked seriously. Celine jumped down from the chair to follow again. &quot;You are forgotting your sword. ...and don't forget that you can't tell on me! I did let you go.&quot; <span class="time">-04:37 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;I never agreed to that deal,&quot; he said. He paused, turning to her and looking actually concerned. &quot;You see? How easy it is for your hope to let you think the best of people. If you are going to do this, you need to find someone who can judge the character of others. Honestly.&quot; <span class="time">-04:39 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;But I can't do that. I had to let go of all my staff so they wouldn't get in trouble if I were caught.&quot; That meant it was just Celine in a castle full of mythos. And she still hadn't mentioned how many she were hiding. &quot;I am doing all right so far.&quot; <span class="time">-04:42 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;So far. What happens when that isn't far enough. When someone turns on you?&quot; He didn't really think about what he was doing, or why, but as much as he didn't want to die, he also didn't want some hellraising creature to rip the idiot woman apart. &quot;I'll stay and help you, but you have to find a better way to do this.&quot; <span class="time">-04:45 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Now Celine was standing there stunned. A little unsure if she heard him correctly, or if maybe he had gotten the jump on her after all and now she was dreaming. &quot;You're going to help me? You know the laws... but...&quot; ...He was so sure someone would turn on her. Celine really did want to show him she had it all under control. That everything he believed was all just bad assumptions. &quot;All right. Should someone come here, I will say I made you my prisoner and threatened to kill you. Then you won't get in trouble?&quot; <span class="time">-04:50 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He snorted, mostly at how silly her story sounded, but nodded. &quot;Now, if you don't mind, I should go home. My head is throbbing and I feel like I'm going to vomit all over your floors.&quot; <span class="time">-04:53 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine nodded quickly. &quot;I am <i>really</i>, really sorry about your head. I truely am. ...Maybe you should stay here for the evening so I can make sure you don't have a concussion?&quot; <span class="time">-04:59 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He considered. His head did hurt, and it wouldn't be a terrible inconvenience to live in the lap of luxury for a night. Still, he'd best make his acceptance as gruding as possible. &quot;I really should go home. But, I suppose, if you insist. I will stay.&quot; <span class="time">-05:00 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> She smiled wide. Not her trying to be sneaky smile, but a genuine one. &quot;Come with me then. I have plenty of open guest rooms.&quot; Celine took his hand to lead the way. ...if only because she was worried he'd wander about and then greet some of her other hiding guests. <span class="time">-05:03 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> It had to be the head injury, but now that the immediate conflict was over, he found himself actually looking at her for the first time since they'd encountered each other back when. She wasn't unattractive. Still, she was a noble, so who knew what snobbery the pretty exterior hid. He chuckled to himself, letting her lead him to a room. &quot;No chance I can get a bath while I'm here to warm up, is there?&quot; <span class="time">-05:05 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine turned to glance at him as she led the way up a set of stairs. &quot;A bath would be all right, yes!&quot; she cast a wide grin at him. A pleased one. &quot;The water faeries helped make running water pipes. It's really very amazing! I think there is a bit of magic to it...&quot; <span class="time">-05:09 Apr 03</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He stopped on the stairs, blinking several times. &quot;Running water? Hot running water?&quot; He seemed amazed, then shook his head, regretting it immediately as the throbbing in his skull sent him to one knee on the stairs. <span class="time">-05:11 Apr 03</span></div>
  4. <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Celine was leading her guest up the stairs, when he dropped to one knee. She is concerned!] <span class="time">-01:49 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Nikolas Walentowicz had fallen, taking a moment to collect himself before standing slowly.] <span class="time">-01:50 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine shifted quickly moving to take his arm to help steady him instead of just his hand. &quot;...I am now very glad I made you stay. If you passed out on the streets I never would have forgiven myself. It's just a little further, you can hold on to me if you need to!&quot;&quot; <span class="time">-01:52 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He gave a grunt and made a show of stepping away from her and proceeding up the stairs on his own. &quot;I don't need to hold on to you. I can do this on my own.&quot; He paused, forcing himself to look at her. &quot;But thank you,&quot; he said, almost as an afterthought. <span class="time">-01:55 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> She bit her bottom lip, but didn't force her support on him. ...she did, however, stay close enough that she could catch him if he tumbled again. &quot;I don't think I ever caught your name... I've been calling you Mr. Warden in my head.&quot; If he wobbled her hands would reach out to steady, but she'd snatch them back again before he saw. At the top of the stairs, she gestured down a long hallway. Still not leaving his immediate side. Here and there little bits of movement could be seen in the hall, but no definite sighting of anything alive. <span class="time">-01:58 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He paused, looking down the hall before striding down it, trying to purposefully outpace her. He stubbornly refused the help of the naive woman. &quot;My name is Nikolas. Which room is it?&quot; <span class="time">-02:00 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine caught him by the sleeve before he walked off too far and passed the door. &quot;This one.&quot; She opened it up with ease, tugging him gently through the threshold. Furnished with rich, deep colors in heavy fabrics and warm woods, the room looked more than adequate for a quest. There were no little skitterings or suspicious looking things in there. Celine beckoned him further inside and pointed to a door across the room. &quot;There is a water closet with a very nice copper bath. Would you like me to fill it for you? I can also fetch some fresh linens! You might need a doctor also...&quot; He was being stubborn, and she was still watching him with that concerned expression. Celine was itching to push him to bed and take a better look at him herself, but she wasn't so sure he wouldn't drag <i>her</i> down to the dungeon for it. <span class="time">-02:09 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He gave her a strange look before stepping into the room. It was far more richly adorned than any he had ever stayed in, and for a moment, the warden found himself in awe. It was certainly going to be nicer than a scratchy bed full of straw and blankets that time had worn holes in. He walked around, checking beneath the furniture and opening the door to the bathing chamber. &quot;I don't need a doctor,&quot; he grumbled, turning that stern look upon her again before he sat down on the edge of the bed and began to unstrap his boots. &quot;I would be appreciative if you would fill the tub, though. I'm not sure I could figure out exactly how.&quot; <span class="time">-02:15 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> There was a moment of hesitating lingering as she watched him... but Celine finally bustled away to the other room. Now it was her turn to examine and make sure no one was hiding! A quick glance was all it took, then she was fussing with knobs sticking from the walls above the tub. There were two shutes. One where the cool water poured out and one with the hot. ...it STILL amazed Celine how it worked. So she wasted far too much time trying to get the temperature &quot;just right&quot; as she knelt on the floor. <span class="time">-02:22 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He tugged his boots off, tossing them aside. He didn't seem to care where they landed or anything about the mess of tracks his snowy, muddy boots had left. He was finally warming up, and the sound of water was enticing. If the bath really was hot, then it would be a true blessing. He unfastened his vest, setting it aside. Standing, he walked over to the bathing chamber, untying his cuffs. &quot;I don't believe I've ever seen a noble woman on the floor before.&quot; <span class="time">-02:26 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> He surprised her. Celine jumped a little bit, but didn't rise off the floor. It was clear she found the contraption too amazing to take offense at his comment, though. She gestured towards the water. &quot;Look, steam! I've yet to find out how they get it so hot, and on a whim too... but I will! Imagine how amazing it would be if every house had running water. Tired people could have a bath whenever they wanted.&quot; <span class="time">-02:31 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He grunted again, trying to disguise his own amazement and failing miserably at the task. He offered her a hand up, more as a courtesy than anything. &quot;I'll settle for having one tonight. I'd rather not grow soft and catch cold. If I tried this in my own cabin, I'd freeze on getting out.&quot; <span class="time">-02:36 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine took his hand to pull herself off the floor. The smile she cast was amused and teasing. &quot;You are supposed to dry as soon as you get out. Then you'd not freeze. ...I'll fetch some linens for you.&quot; <span class="time">-02:39 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;Not everyone can afford such luxuries as warm towels and ready changes of clothes,&quot; he grouched, splashing the water in irritation. &quot;You take so much you have for granted while people live without!&quot; <span class="time">-02:41 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I never take anything I have for granted and I do my best to share it.&quot; she responded with offense. Celine frowned at him again, huffing as she brushed past him. He had such an off way of being nice one moment, then turning around and hurting her feelings the next. He didn't have any manners at all! <span class="time">-02:45 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> That woman! She was infuriating! Naive and spoiled and thinking she was helping people instead of letting them fight their own battles! He made to go after her, but his head was throbbing and the steaming water was calling to him. He stripped his shirt off, hanging it over the door handle and shutting the door before stripping down the rest of the way and climbing into the bath. She could leave her precious linens outside. Nikolas felt he couldn't stand any longer, and the heat of the bath was welcome, intoxicating. He leaned back, enjoying the water for a moment and trying to forget about the woman and her rattling manner. <span class="time">-02:49 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine was absolutely fuming. Stalking down the hall like she was on the path to war. Surely he had good parts to him. He offered to stay and help her instead of telling on her. ...But the things he always said...! It was as if he didn't believe there were nice people in the world at all! From a large closet out in the hall she pulled several fluffy towels and a few cloths for washing. She ought to let him stay wet and cold after his bath. Another huff, and Celine was stalking back to his room. She didn't think about the chamber's door being close when she marched in. &quot;I think you could do very well with a few manners, maybe you wouldn't be so-...!&quot; ...and he was already in the bath and...! <span class="time">-02:59 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He had been nearly asleep, the water lulling him. Then the door flew open and she was there. He flipped onto his stomach, coming a hair's bredth from hitting his chin on the side of the tub and instead half submerging his face and sputtering in the water. &quot;Merciful magic, woman! Don't they teach you noble lot how to knock on doors? Or are you just curious about what men's parts look like, locked up here in your sheltered tower?!&quot; He reached up, snatching a towel and dragging it into the tub so that he could hide himself without drowning in the process. <span class="time">-03:03 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I am... so sorry!&quot; Her face was probably three shades of red and now her eyes were squeezed shut. Celine must have been paralyzed with shock, because she couldn't seem to force her feet to move so she could flee and spare herself some dignity. &quot;I hadn't realize you would already... be... <i>in</i> the bath!&quot; That was more man than she had ever seen in her life! Celine was almost tempted to open her eyes again. <span class="time">-03:07 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;I didn't expect you to come back. Let alone come IN!&quot; She was embarassed looking and he figured she must be upset, and he was torn between whether to yell more or to go easy on her. Eventually, he muttered something about becomming a soft hearted fool and the influences of women on the male mind before speaking up. &quot;Look, lets just forget this happened. You step back about five paces, I reach out and shut the door again, and your fragile and delicate sensibilities can remain intact and untarnished by the sight of a naked man.&quot; <span class="time">-03:11 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I am <i>not</i> so fragile!&quot; Celine took a deep breath and starting stepping backwards. Her back hit a wall first, before she fumbled for the doorway and nearly tripped herself right out of the room. <span class="time">-03:18 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He leapt out of the tub to steady her, very nearly slipping himself before he reached for her arm to keep her from falling. &quot;Easy, there.&quot; The other hand was still holding the towel in place and there was the steady sound of water droplets impacting the floor. &quot;I didn't mean it like that. I know you aren't some fragile flower. Naive, yeah. Spoiled rotten? Probably. But it takes a lot of guts to put others before yourself, even if you are doing it in the most foolhardy way possible.&quot; <span class="time">-03:23 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;You are very often so rude, I am never sure if you are complimenting me or insulting me.&quot; She definitely felt insulted. Celine opened her eyes to glare at him, but found herself staring at the chest of a very wet, and still very naked man. Her face was still flushed, but to spite him and all his comments, she was taking a deep breath and -trying- not to behave like the fragile delicate, naked-man-fearing woman he seemed to think she was! &quot;Why must you stomp around making assumptions about everything!&quot; <span class="time">-03:30 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;I was complimenting you. How could you not understand that?&quot; He seemed truly baffled, and was still holding onto her arm. &quot;And I don't stomp. I like to think I can move damn silently when I have a mind to.&quot; His lips quirked upward in what might be a grin. <span class="time">-03:33 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Bother. Why did that make her flush more. He was so confusing! &quot;I see...&quot; she responded slowly. Celine was at least not staring at his chest anymore. With her face tilted up to examine his own in curiosity. &quot;~Silently~ skulk around giving noncompliments and being confusing.&quot; she voiced her thoughts out loud, without meaning to. Celine wondered if he ever smiled more than just that hint of a grin, and supposed it might look rather handsome if he did... <span class="time">-03:46 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He released her arm, watching her for a moment. She was pretty, he found himself realizing, and not for the first time. As usual, he shoved the thought from his mind. &quot;Uh, can we possibly have this discussion when I'm dressed? I don't suppose you have a male cousin about my size whose clothes I can borrow?&quot; He gestured to his own, now sodden, clothes, soaked when he had leapt from the tub. <span class="time">-03:49 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine cleared her throat and backed away a step. &quot;I... yes! I will bring some of my father's old clothes.&quot; She turned around quickly, fleeing as fast as he feet could take her. &quot;I -will- be right back!&quot; she warned over her shoulder. <span class="time">-03:52 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He watched her go before wrapping one of the dryer towels around his waist and drying off with another. He wondered why she was so irritating to him. Never in his life had someone irritated him so much AND been able to keep him around. <span class="time">-03:54 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Disappearing down the hall in to another empty room, Celine was silently browsing through a bureau searching for something simple and fitting for her strange guest. Despite all of the odd creatures hiding in her home, Nikolas was definitely the strangest one of the bunch. It took her several moments longer than it should have... she was so wrapped up in thinking about him before he grabbed a towel. ...and then chiding herself for doing so! Huffing, she retrieved the clothes. Returning to his bedroom door, and -this- time making sure to knock before she came charging in. &quot;Is it safe for me, Nikolas?&quot; <span class="time">-04:01 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;Perfectly safe.&quot; He was still naked, but at least the towel was covering him from belly button to knees. The other had been draped over his shoulders. &quot;Did you find something that will fit without making me look like a lace curtain?&quot; <span class="time">-04:03 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine was still a bit wary about coming in, but she did so with her head up... and her eyes closed! She held out her arm full of clothing. &quot;I did. My Father was not much larger than you, and was very indignant about fancy things. He would always say that men who dressed in lace and sparkles belonged in a dinner theater, not running countries...&quot; <span class="time">-04:09 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He accepted the clothing, actually laughing at her words. &quot;Sounds like your father was a wise man. Thank you for the clothes. I'll get dressed and we can continue our talk.&quot; <span class="time">-04:14 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Nodding, Celine backed up and turned around. Her rushed exit was mostly to hide the fact she was flushing again, and wondering about what she might of missed when spying in the bathroom. Men were very different shapes all together! She stepped out to the hall and closed the door behind her. Throwing her arms in exasperation with herself. &quot;...why is this so strange...! A wolf is not so much trouble!&quot; she exclaimed to herself in the empty hall. <span class="time">-04:19 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He dressed quickly, appreciating the clothes that didn't have patches and rough thread. They may not have been lacy, but they were still much more comfortable than anything he had ever worn. He could get used to this. He shook the thought from his head. As soon as his clothes were dry, he would change back into them. He stepped back into the room and found a place to hang his wet clothes. &quot;All dressed,&quot; he called, a teasing edge to his voice. <span class="time">-04:23 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine hesitated in entering again, but this time she had her eyes opened. She was fussing with the hem of one of her sleeves as she stopped in the center of the room. ...She was feeling a little awkward now, and with no idea why! This was just another guest in her house, even if he WAS an evil warden out to imprison all of her friends and potentially her too should even the slightest thing provoke him. &quot;Did you want to speak more about my guests? I feel awful keeping you awake when you're injured. ...I still think a doctor would be wise, unless you allow me to take a look.&quot; <span class="time">-04:43 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He stood there, barefoot but dressed. His hair was beginning to dry. He still looked quite the scruffy warden, however. He watched her worry her sleeve for a moment before talking. &quot;If you want someone to look at my head, that's fine. Just do it.&quot; He sat on the edge of the bed again, so she could see his head. &quot;Only right you should tend it. You did inflict it.&quot; <span class="time">-04:46 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;Yes, ...I did that.&quot; Oh dear. She definitely couldn't let him know it was the Yeti. He'd be furious. Celine crossed the room, stopping just in front of him. She hesitated, unsure if maybe he'd bite her if she wasn't careful... before leaning over him and gently brushing her fingers over his head and through his hair. <span class="time">-04:54 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas tensed, blinking in confusing. It hurt, of course. But... He tried to remain still, to not focus on her in his field of vision or her hands in his hair or how she smelled. Damn women! He growled softly. &quot;Are you done yet?&quot; <span class="time">-04:57 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;It isn't so easy to look in two seconds.&quot; Celine mumbled softly. His hair was soft and Celine was surprised. A scruffy huffy Warden shouldn't have soft hair. Celine made sure to keep her attention on examining. Looking for any serious bumps, cuts, or bruises. There was a knot to be sure, but he would be fine so long as he didn't go around getting clonked by anymore yeti. ...she really should have stopped lingering! <span class="time">-05:03 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He tried to go over other matters in his head, thinking of tactical combat scenarios and the like. But she was there and he could feel the warmth of her hands on his scalp. He reached up, grabbing at her wrists and standing, trying to force her to move back. &quot;Gah, that's enough!&quot; His pale blue eyes held an expression of confusion and perhaps something more. &quot;I... you! Why are you so confounding?!&quot; <span class="time">-05:09 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;Did I hurt you?&quot; she asked, a mixed between confusion and surprise at the sudden movement. There was a tinge of red to her cheeks. She really did linger too long, and she knew she had... did he realize it? Celine didn't even move back when she should have. There was a fleeting though that maybe he was a mythos after all, and using some sort of male enchantment on her. &quot;I don't mean to be confounding!&quot; The phrase wasn't even what she wanted to say, but apparently she had lost all common sense. <span class="time">-05:14 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Why wasn't she moving?! He couldn't figure out if he should shove her away or pull her closer. He was too close, he could feel her breathing and it was far too much. He let go of her hands and reached out, running surprisingly gentle fingers over her cheek in pure curiousity. &quot;Please,&quot; he said, voice roughened. &quot;Step back.&quot; <span class="time">-05:18 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> She was trying to. Celine even stepped a foot back, even though her body didn't follow. There was the strangest, flittering sensation in her stomach the moment her touched her. And suddenly she doubted she could move an inch without being dizzy. Her hand came up to brace against his chest, probably to help push herself away from him. ...but that didn't work either. Celine just found herself chewing on her bottom lip and gazing at his face. Thinking she should say something in response, but not finding the words. <span class="time">-05:27 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He struggled to gain common sense, fought for it and thought, for a fleeting instant, that he had it. Then her hand was on his chest and all he could focus on was the fact that she was right there. He leaned close, the hand on her cheek moving to tip her chin up. &quot;I'm going to regret ever setting eyes on you, aren't I?&quot; He hesitated, lips half an inch from hers. <span class="time">-05:31 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine shook her head gently, a soft almost unnoticable movement if he hadn't been so close. ..and he <i>was</i> so close. Celine had never felt something so thrilling or so terrifying in her entire life. She could feel his heartbeat under the fabric of his shirt. That quick thumping seeming to match her own. &quot;..I hope not...?&quot; Her voice was quiet and breathy. Celine was sure it couldn't even be heard. <span class="time">-05:37 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He gave up. The faint sound of her voice was too much. He moved that last half an inch to capture her mouth with his. His hand slid from her face to her hair, gently grasping a handful as his other hand slid to her back, pulling her into the kiss. <span class="time">-05:40 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Unexpected delight was what she got. Had he not been holding her, Celine would have dropped to the floor as her knees gave way. It was such a silly thing to swoon, but she never thought a kiss would feel like <i>this</i>. Celine returned the kiss with a tentative brush of her lips. Her fingers curling in to the fabric of his shirt. <span class="time">-05:48 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He felt his desire for her increase, deepening the kiss and lightly nipping at her lips. His brain was fogged over and he simply wanted to- no. No. She was a noblewoman. He broke the kiss, releasing her hair and just holding her for a moment. His eyes were slightly darker, though it might have been that his pupils were slightly dilated. In between gulps of air to steady himself, he spoke. &quot;I shouldn't have done that. But damn, I think it was worth it.&quot; <span class="time">-05:52 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine hadn't realized she closed her eyes. They were still closed, because she was certain it was all a dream and she decided she didn't want to wake up. The rush was so amazing... it was simply a kiss, but she felt as if her whole body was humming from it. Celine did finally open her eyes, shifting only enough to make herself more steady on her feet before she ended up leaning too far in his embrace. &quot;You are...&quot; she shut her mouth. Celine wasn't even sure what she was going to say and all she could think was asking him to kiss her again. <span class="time">-05:59 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He groaned softly, watching and wanting her, needing to taste her lips again. It took all his willpower to restrain himself. &quot;I think you need to go. If you stay, I can't be sure I won't do horrible, wonderful things to you.&quot; <span class="time">-06:02 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;Right...&quot; she started off saying. &quot;I should go.&quot; Horrible <i>and</i> wonderful...? Celine couldn't even imagine! However, she was very aware that this was a strange moment and that if she didn't untangle herself, she might very well be in trouble. Slowly she stepped back, a little wobbly on her feet, until she was an arm's length away. Her own arm to be specific, because she still had her fingers clutching her shirt and she couldn't seem to loosen her grip. &quot;It's late and we should be going to bed..?&quot; <span class="time">-06:09 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He nodded, still staring at her with lusty eyes. &quot;Yes. Goodnight. Sleep well.&quot; He looked away, gently pulling her hand from his shirt and being sure to keep his eyes off of her for the moment. <span class="time">-06:10 Apr 05</span></div>
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    <div style="font-family: "Verdana",verdana,serif; color: #FFFFFF;"> <font size=1 face=verdana>[<font color=red>Celine</font> logged out of the chat.]</font> <span class="time">-((06:11 Apr 05))</span></div>
    <div style="font-family: "Verdana",verdana,serif; color: #FFFFFF;"> [Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (Save the cbox, save THE WORLD.)] <span class="time">-06:11 Apr 05</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Celine did not sleep very well. Several concerned castle guests spent all night asking frantic questions!] <span class="time">-03:31 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Nikolas Walentowicz has slept a rather uncomfortable sleep on a bed that is far too soft.] <span class="time">-03:31 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> So very weary from lack of sleep, and perhaps a small headcold from all that nonsense yesterday, Celine was a zombie on her feet. It didn't help at all that she was also a little dreamy and confused about the exchange with her newest guest. ...and no one was helping at all! Several faeries decided they were on a mission of love, while the werewolf was hoping to eat him and spare Celine any trouble. For the moment, Celine was fighting in the kitchens with an oven occupied by a gnome, who wouldn't get OUT so she could make breakfast! &quot;Please get out! Ovens are not beds and everyone is hungry!&quot; <span class="time">-03:38 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas rose from bed, giving the bathing chamber an accusing look. It was all that damn bathtub's fault, and if he had his tools, he'd rip it out of the room. Instead, he gathered his own clothes and dressed, bucking on his boots before heading out to snoop around. It was really snooping, he reasoned. He just wanted to know where everything was. Eventually, he found himself standing in the doorway to the kitchens, trying not to laugh at Celine. <span class="time">-03:41 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>The gnome was determined not to move. In the stove was toasty warm... and HE could see the warden in the doorway. There was no way he was coming out now. <span class="time">-Celine</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;If you DON'T come out, I will have to cook you!&quot; Celine banged on the stove with a wooden spoon. ...then stood straight in surprise when she realized she was not the only human in the kitchen. &quot;...you're awake!&quot; <span class="time">-03:45 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas strode in, grinning rakishly. He strode over to the oven, taking his time. Leaning down, he gave a rather dashing smile up at Celine before turning his attention to the gnome. &quot;Morning. You know, you might as well get out of there. I really don't bite unless I'm asked. Besides, I'll bet there are better places to sleep.&quot; He figured he might as well try what little charm he had. After all, he was hungry, too. <span class="time">-03:48 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>The gnome snorted. And to add insult to injury, blew on his pipe and ploofed black soot all in the Warden's face. "Ah dun be charreemed bah tha lahks o yooo!" <span class="time">-Celine</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine was very surprised the warden even knew how to speak kindly to someone. Unfortunetly, it was before she could warn him that it -might- not be the best idea to try with some of her less.... pleasant... guests. She cringed. <span class="time">-03:58 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas frowned, then knelt down, glaring at the gnome. &quot;Fine, have it your way,&quot; he coughed. &quot;I was going to give you the name of my contact who sells the best pipe tabacco in the next mark over, but I guess you don't want to know. Pity, he's friendly with your sort, too.&quot; <span class="time">-04:02 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>He poked out his head. A dirty little form with a bushy beard, and looking mighty suspicious. "Yoo laiah! Dun got no bettah than gnome tabacah. Ah chase yoo rahgt outa da Contessa's home if she let meh!"" <span class="time">-Celine</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;...no one is chasing anyone today! Please, just get out of the stove so I can make breakfast?&quot; Celine wasn't sure if she wanted to laugh or be nervous about the whole exchange. But she was surprised at how patient the Warden was being... That really wasn't helping those still lingering feelings from the previous evening. He was very adorable... <span class="time">-04:09 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas stood, shrugging and walking over to a nearby fireplace. &quot;You'll never know, now. Of course, I could be made to reconsider...&quot; He pulled a small pouch from his belt. Somehow, it had managed to not become soaked the night before, and when he opened it, the rich scent of pipe tobacco filled the room. &quot;Don't smoke myself, but I have friends who do, and it's nice to be able to fill a traveller's pipe.&quot; <span class="time">-04:10 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>The scent alone was enough to get the gnomes interest. He almost fell out of the oven head first in his scramble to tackled the warden's let and swing his pipe at his knees. "GIVE! AH LET YOO FREE!" <span class="time">-Celine</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> The warden really wanted to tease the gnome, now, but kept it to a minimum, shaking the bag once before closing it and dropping it for the gnome to catch. &quot;Enjoy,&quot; he said in a growl before grinning over at Celine. &quot;Your stove seems to be free.&quot; <span class="time">-04:14 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>Off the gnome fled with his new prize. With only a momentary shaking of his fist in the doorway before he vanished. <span class="time">-Celine</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine was clutching her spoon to her, almost like it were a shield. It was a silly thing. She moved to the stove, now attempting to keep herself focused on the task of preparing the morning's meal. &quot;Well...! Thank you very much. Sometimes it is a little difficult to manage the strange ones.&quot; <span class="time">-04:16 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He snorted before looking around the room. &quot;I was just hungry, that's all.&quot; He found a chair, dragging it over next to the fire and sitting there, watching the flames. &quot;You look tired. Didn't you go to bed last night, or were you afraid of dreaming of me?&quot; <span class="time">-04:20 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> She stiffened, almost dropping her kettle full of water before a quick save. Celine set it on the stove top then was kneeling at the floor to light up the inside of the oven. &quot;I will have breakfast soon. Do you like porridge?&quot; She deliberately didn't respond to his other comment. <span class="time">-04:27 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;You mean a fancy lady doesn't have cooks and elaborate breakfasts and fresh eggs and meat?&quot; He stood, walking over to her. &quot;You sure end up on the floor a great deal.&quot; He crouched down next to her. &quot;Honestly, I didn't think noblewomen knew how to cook. Porridge is fine.&quot; <span class="time">-04:30 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine was flushing again. Why did he make it sound like it was such a strange thing? &quot;Sometimes guests help with things. But yes, I cook and I clean and I care for this castle myself. Most of the staff left because they didn't like what I was doing or feared what would happen. The rest I sent away so they wouldn't have to worry.&quot; Celine lit the coals in the oven, and shut the door tight. She cast the warden a curious look. &quot;...Do most not know how to cook? I though it was important to have skills and help the people you house?&quot; <span class="time">-04:37 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He frowned, rising and looking her over. Even exhausted, she was beautiful. He tried to shake the thought from his head. &quot;Most nobles are lazy courtiers who prefer having their attendants dress them and playing with courtly intrigue. Foolish people who aren't worth the chairs they sit on.&quot; <span class="time">-04:42 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I haven't met a lot of nobles...&quot; Celine admitted. Her father hated the court, and though he had many friends, few of them were people that boasted about titles. Celine herself spent most of her life at the castle or in the local village. &quot;Maybe that is why they don't understand what they're doing to the mythos is wrong.&quot; Celine said thoughtfully as she rose to her feet and dust off her hands. &quot;I have been thinking I should go and appeal to the King in person about it. Somewhere there must be a lack of communication!&quot; <span class="time">-04:47 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He shook his head. &quot;Bad idea there. First thing he'll do is launch an investigation and then where will your friends be?&quot; He stalked across the room, beginning to pace leisurely. &quot;At least get this lot relocated somewhere safe before you do it. And realize you'll be risking your neck going against the king. I may not be a courtier, but I know how royals react to adversaries.&quot; <span class="time">-04:50 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;Well, I certainly don't intend to leave without planning it properly first!&quot; At least she was wise enough to know that her guests would need to be safe somewhere. But Celine was sure that all she needed to do was explain to the King just how much hurt he was causing, and the man would understand. While her water was boiling, Celine dragged over a heavy bag of oats and was measuring out several cups full in to a large iron cauldron. It was clear she was going to feed a -lot- of people. &quot;Once people understand, I'm sure we can work out a good solution.&quot; <span class="time">-05:00 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;I hope you're right. But explaining the rights of gnomes is one thing. They are cranky but mostly harmless. How are you going to convince the King that the neighborhood dragon deserves the same rights as a child of the realm?&quot; <span class="time">-05:02 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I would <i>like</i> to introduce him to a very nice dragon. But I know that would be a silly thing to do.&quot; Now Celine was dragging out a very large bag of sugar, and a slightly smaller bag of raisins. ...This was so much easier when she wasn't exhausted! Were the warden not in her kitchen, her guests wouldn't be hiding and she'd have a little help. ...Although... he was nice company... Celine huffed to herself. &quot;I'll think of something. I will have to write a speech, I think.&quot; <span class="time">-05:05 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He watched her haul her foodstuffs around, figuring that if she wanted help, she would ask for it. Until she did, he wasn't about to offer. &quot;So you know a nice dragon? One that isn't all teeth and rage?&quot; <span class="time">-05:21 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine cast a wide enigmatic smile. &quot;If I tell you, and suggest that she might live in this very castle, you might not be so keen on staying here.&quot; Her water was boiling. A little mixing, a little measuring, and then she was stiring with her big wooden spoon. Occasionally testing with a finger to see how it tasted and adjusting accordingly. <span class="time">-05:24 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He walked over to her, peering over her shoulder. &quot;Smells good. The porridge, not the dragon. I'd love to meet a dragon, honestly.&quot; He grinned, lowering his chin to rest on her shoulder and murmuring against her neck. &quot;Though I doubt even a dragon would be as intriguing as some things here.&quot; <span class="time">-05:27 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> He caught her by surprise again. How did he keep doing that? Celine kept stirring and made no motion to move away from him. She nibbled on her bottom lip a moment, before managing to catch her senses. &quot;Hum..! I can introduce you after breakfast?&quot; <span class="time">-05:34 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He leaned in a bit more, playfully kissing her neck before walking away. He wanted to do more, but she was cooking, and teasing was amusing him. &quot;Maybe.&quot; He snorted again. &quot;Though if the welcome is as warm as that gnome's, I'm not sure I want to get to know anymore of your friends.&quot; <span class="time">-05:39 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> She shouldn't have allowed him to do it! And certainly not let him get away with it. When she was sure he wasn't looking in her direction, Celine took in a deep breath. Trying to still that thumping of her heart and that rediculous smile trying to creep up. &quot;Most of them are very sweet. But you do have to understand you are the Forest Warden and they might not trust you, even if I do.&quot; The porridge was ready and Celine abandoned her spoon to a wall of dishes, where she was grabbing as many bowls as she could carry. It was a delicate act of balancing. <span class="time">-05:43 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Again, he found himself watching her. &quot;You're going to drop those.&quot; He leaned on the wall near the fireplace, crossing his arms and smirking. &quot;Such a pretty dress, and it'll be all covered in porridge.&quot; <span class="time">-05:48 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I am not going to dr-&quot; Oh! She almost did! Celine made it to the table and as she was setting down her tower of dishes, they nearly toppled. She saved it at last moment. Giving it and HIM a triumphant look. Celine went about setting out all the plates. &quot;I am starting to think that you really are a wicked man.&quot; <span class="time">-05:56 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;I am not a wicked man. You're just easy to rattle. It's fun!&quot; He laughed, walking over and dipping his finger in the porridge. He was clearly going to stick it in his mouth, but at the last instant the heat caught up to him and he flicked the porridge off before sucking on his finger with a pained expression. <span class="time">-05:57 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Had Celine caught wind of what he was doing fast enough, she might have beat him with the spoon. Instead, she was standing there scowling at him with her hands resting on her hips. &quot;Why did you even think that was a good idea? Are your hands even clean... YOU! Come and sit in this chair and don't touch a thing!&quot; <span class="time">-06:00 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He stared at her, for the moment looking like a child caught stealing cookies. Still sucking on his burnt finger, he moved to do as she said, but made a show of crossing his free arm over his chest and putting his feet on the table. <span class="time">-06:03 Apr 06</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Celine is going to do something about this wild man. Especially if he is going to stay in her home!] <span class="time">-02:56 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Nikolas Walentowicz has managed to burn himself and is now sulking.] <span class="time">-02:56 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> Celine moved to shove his feet off the table, then swatted his hand out of his mouth. &quot;This is terrible behavior for a grown man! Do you not have any manners at all? I know everyone teaches them!&quot; <span class="time">-02:57 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He shot to his feet, towering over her with one of his glowering expressions. Rough calloused hands reached for her wrists. &quot;Must you hit me quite so often? As for manners, what use are they? A bunch of frilly do this do that made up by someone who wanted to appear to be better than everyone else. Probably because they didn't have a brain in their head to carry on interesting conversation.&quot; <span class="time">-03:00 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> There he was glaring and growling at her again. Celine was still a little intimidated, but she was slowly getting used to it... she frowned up at him and snatched her wrists out of his hands. &quot;Manners are what makes us civilized society and not a bunch of brutish monsters like those in the badlands. ...They are common sense courtesy that have nothing to do with... that other stuff!&quot; <span class="time">-03:04 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;Manners are frills, just like lace on clothes. They are meant for people who don't trust one another to talk with integrity!&quot; He took a step closer to her. <span class="time">-03:08 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;That is a very silly way of thinking. You should be ashamed of yourself.&quot; Celine took a step back out of reflex. &quot;Who would want to eat on a table covered in feet, or... deal with a man who burns himself because he didn't have sense enough not to stick his finger in a hot pot!&quot; <span class="time">-03:10 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;Well, let's see. Mad, beautiful countesses, apparently.&quot; He smirked victoriously. <span class="time">-03:10 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;That is... not what I!&quot; Celine was visibly flustered. She was expecting an argument, and that was not the sort of comments she thought would come out. &quot;...you are just trying to excuse bad behavior.&quot; <span class="time">-03:16 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;I'm not behaving badly. I can if you want me to,&quot; he said, pressing the advantage and trying to get her riled enough that his embarassment with the porridge was forgotten. <span class="time">-03:19 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I can't imagine you acting any worse!&quot; she exclaimed without thinking. In a frustrated huff, she was turning away from him to focus her attention on setting out those bowls. <span class="time">-03:23 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;Oh really, now?&quot; He reached out in an attempt to grab her shoulders before she could turn away fully and pull her in for a long kiss. <span class="time">-03:25 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> He did it again! Caught her by surprise, and where she really should have slapped the crazy out of him, standing there like a deer caught by latern's light and returning his kiss in confusion. When she finally regained her senses, she was pushing him back with a hand. &quot;..that is... a completely different problem all together! <span class="time">-03:29 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;Oh, I think your only problem is you enjoy being around me and don't want to admit it!&quot; He let her go, moving back to his chair and sitting down, once again with his feet on the table. <span class="time">-03:31 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I would enjoy you more were you not so confusing..!&quot; Celine hadn't meant to say she enjoyed him at all, but he seemed to have a way of making her forget her OWN common sense. She moved to fetch the big pot of porridge with a couple of pot holders, struggling to drag it over to the table. She ignored his feet on the table this time, though it was clear she was casting him dirty looks for it. <span class="time">-03:34 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> Nikolas watched her for a moment, then finally spoke the thought that had been on his mind for some time. &quot;Don't you ever ask for help? You can't do everything alone, and as you have no servants, you really should use what you do have.&quot; <span class="time">-03:37 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;My guests help where they can, and help often! They're just afraid of you...&quot; she responded with a huff. She had her pot by the table now, and went fetching a big ladle. &quot;I've made due just fine so far. What would I need help with?&quot; <span class="time">-03:42 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;Suit yourself,&quot; he said, not lifting a hand to help and seeming amused to watch her continue on. &quot;Your guests are going to have to get used to me if I am staying, you know.&quot; <span class="time">-03:44 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;You could expedite the process by not being such a terror to them... They have no reason to trust you.&quot; With a ladle in hand, she filled a bowl. The she shoved his feet off the table and set the bowl in front of him. &quot;They're very kind to me, and many say you're just trying to sneak in here to kill them all off or kidnap me.&quot; <span class="time">-03:49 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> His boots thudded against the ground and he snorted softly. The throbbing in his head was coming back and he no longer cared for the arguement. &quot;I'm sure they feel they have good reason,&quot; he conceeded, standing and scooping up the bowl. &quot;I suppose you want me to eat in the cellar so I don't offend your friends?&quot; <span class="time">-03:53 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;You'll find the cellar a little crowded...&quot; she responded sheepishly. There really were creatures in every crack and corner. Celine mid-way through filling another bowl. &quot;.... <i>are</i> you going to kill them all and kidnap me?&quot; <span class="time">-03:58 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;Do you think I would waste my time kissing you if I planned to kill you?&quot; Oh, now that hadn't come out right at all! <span class="time">-04:00 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;...I didn't mention anything about killing!&quot; That was little alarming. And the look on her face matched the thought. &quot;That still means you could kidnap me. And I have a lot of chores to do today, I don't have time to be kidnapped.&quot; And how was kissing involved in it! Now she was blushing red again. She ought to chase him out with her spoon. <span class="time">-04:04 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> &quot;I mispoke. I meant kill them or kidnap you and I meant... kissing you certainly isn't a waste of time. I won't kidnap you! Confound it all, woman. You are the most confusing person I've ever encountered! How do you live in your own head?!&quot; <span class="time">-04:05 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;Kissing me is not a waste of time...&quot; she repeated the phrase. So much for pretending like hadn't at all. Celine was wondering how she lived in her own head, herself! &quot;<i>You</i> are confusing...&quot; It was a terrible response. Celine just.... focused on filling more bowls! Maybe if she ignored his presense, she could get her sense back. <span class="time">-04:10 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He seemed apologetic as he approached her, suddenly quiet. &quot;I won't hurt them. Or you.&quot; He even started handing her bowls to fill. &quot;And I won't kidnap you. Well, I might carry you off and do unspeakable things if you ask nice enough.&quot; <span class="time">-04:11 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;That is the second time you've spoken of unspeakable things, and I am growing curious...&quot; Blast it. She was supposed to be ignoring him. Celine took the bowls he handed to her, filling them and setting them out in rows neatly on the tabletop. She was still flushing. Glad he wouldn't hurt anyone... but still a little off-kilter about what the rest meant! <span class="time">-04:14 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He coughed, almost dropping a bowl. That had not been the reaction he had expected. &quot;You should be careful with that curiousity. It's likely to get you into all sorts of trouble.&quot; He let his gaze wander over her, curious if she was as naive as she acted. <span class="time">-04:19 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I am not sure what's unspeakable.&quot; she responded honestly, despite the fact the entire scope of the conversation was probably inappropriate. &quot;Kissing isn't unspeakable. ..not that I...&quot; Celine huffed! This WAS inappropriate! She should put it to a halt right now, just as he suggested. She had no idea what she was talking about anymore. The bowls were all filled and she was lifting up her pot to return to the oven. &quot;...it doesn't matter! I have chores to do!&quot; <span class="time">-04:26 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He picked up a spoon, following her and eating as he talked. &quot;I can help you with a few of those. Hrm, how are we going to explain my presence here. I am supposed to take care of this forest, after all.&quot; All of this was said around spoonfuls of breakfast. He leaned against a doorframe, watching her. <span class="time">-04:28 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> &quot;I will worry about chores. You can do your work in the forest as you always do. ....Minus chasing my friends.&quot; The pot set aside, Celine moved to a wall where several strings were tied to a stick, with the rest disapearing up in to the ceiling. Very selectively, she plucked a few of them. Ever so often the faint sound of a bell could be heard echoing through the castle. She was calling guests to fetch the breakfast. &quot;For now you can finish quickly and vanish from this kitchen!&quot; Celine finally tried to ease past him in the doorframe, seeming to forget all about breakfast for herself. How could she think of eating when he was so.... so there! <span class="time">-04:33 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #DB2645;"><span class="username">Nikolas Walentowicz: </span> He did as she asked, setting the bowl down and heading out, making it about halfway to the gate before realizing he'd never gotten his cloak back and it was still damn cold out. He rushed back, bursting into the room in a hurry to get warm. &quot;Where's my cloak, anyway?&quot; <span class="time">-04:35 Apr 11</span></div>
    <div style="color: #78AB46;"><span class="username">Celine: </span> When he returned back inside with such a rush, Celine had giant basket in her hands. She looked a little startled and confused. &quot;Oh! Um...&quot; Where -did- she leave his cloak? He gave it to her to keep her warm when they were outside... and then. &quot;...Bother, it is upstairs in my chamber. You can come and fetch it.&quot; <span class="time">-04:37 Apr 11</span></div>