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  1. Midwinter

    Welcome to Käseriecht a peaceful town locked in the middle of winter. Snow shines on the roofs of the houses and halls and fills the streets. Children play and throw snowballs at each other as the banking of hammers and smell of freshly cut wood permeates the town.

    It is midwinter and everyone old enough is preparing for the festival of the solstice that will happen in a week, a full day of celebration and merriment lasting well into the night. All is safe and prosperous within the wall, the warm light of the lamps and from the windows filling the streets even after the early sunsets.

    All is happy inside the walls of Käseriecht. While outside, no one knows. No news from any other town has reached them in almost 30 years, a human generation, and no travelers have come through since then. But so long as they stay within the walls, they are safe.

    Ground rules:
    - No dark/evil characters, this town has been at peace for over a generation.
    - Any fantasy race allowed so long as it complies with the previous rule.
    - Comic violence is allowed and encouraged, but no showboating or scene stealing.
    - Your character is either local or has been in town for more than 30 years. No one knows why there are no longer any travelers and everyone who has gone to find out hasn’t returned.

    golden rule is to have fun!

    A Shout out to all Girl Genius readers! You already know the tone I want to set for this!
  2. Shiro stuck his head out of the small shed as the hint of snow dropped on his nose he shook it off and backed up inside he reached and placed his cap and wraped on his head that kept his face warm from the dreadful cold and snow even though his body was used to such tempetures heavy boots making thumping noises as he walked around looking for his bag, he was planning on looking around and finding something to do in the small town of his everyone was preparing for the festival yet he wanted nothing more then to leave the gates of the town and explore noone ever came to thier town as noone sent anyone either, His uncle was the last to leave the town on his own will he snuck out but never came back leaving the old shed to him. The cool air hit his face as he walked out and kept his head low as he felt in no mood to chat unless needed.
  3. Acaia always wondered why she never met anyone knew. 'Why the man who left town last never returned. Why life was just so peaceful. Was it normal.' All these questions ran through her head daily. She tried to ask the elders and even her mother. No one would answer her. She started to believe no one could. Her auburn hair curled up in the bun as a furred hood surrounded her head. Her sapphire green eyes poked over the scarf that was wrapped around her face. She hated the cold. As a result she ended up bundling up more than naturally needed. Acaia sneaked out of the house and went to the gate entrance. She sat on the ground beginning to think again. "Are these wretched gates ever going to open?" She thirsted for adventure but she knew it wouldn't be in her life time. Wasting a few more minutes gazing upon the unopened gate, she scurried to her feet. She looked for the little kids to watch and also play with.
  4. Shiro sighed as he walked around the snowfilled town he watched as the lumber man collected what was little left in the town since noonoe ever left the gates he was supprised there was enough food since all these house women were getting pregnat and all the childeren that were becoming, out of all the seventeen years in the town noone spoke about the gates nore bothered to try to open it he heard people of the town gossip and glance at the gate but they stopped talking when they spotted him it was probubally because his uncle was the man that snuck out and never returned, it bothered him and he missed him dearly but there was nothing he could do, while walking he spotted a girl buy the gate and watched as she got up she looked about his age but he could never be to sure so he called out tword her " hey you"
  5. From the edge of the forest within the walled town, the smell was not of burning wood or warm food. Instead, the warmth in the smell was not pleasant at all, but rather had the heat of rancid decay, as most tanneries do. Erei busied herself converting deerskin to leather for boots, as well as crafting decorated leather harnesses and other decorations for the solstice. This was her favourite time of year, mostly because she enjoyed not getting too hot while she worked.

    Being half-dragon, she breathed fire and so had her own internal warmth, and only the coldest winters bothered her. The summers, however, were a different story. But right now, there were lots of orders to fill, which she gladly did in exchange for finished products and food as well as gold. During such a time of festivities, there was no shortage of good foods coming her way.

    Finishing the last of her orders for the day, she loaded up her small sled with deliveries, strapped on her own pulling harness, and set off. Her tail helped to keep the sled straight, and her wings wrapped around her shoulders like a cloak kept the cold breeze off of her. Along with her boots, specially made to fit her dragon-like feet, she was ready for the snow as she headed into the center of town.
  6. Hearing a semi distant voice, she turned to see who was trying to find who. With how they called out she hoped it would have been a traveler although she knew it was impossible. Seeing him looking at her she pointed to her self and called out. "Who me?" She didn't really recognize him but she may have been just over looking him. Acaia pulled her hood down and slowly walked towards the boy. He had to be the same age as her.
  7. He nodded his head as the girl pointed tword herself he had only saw her a handful of times and durning those times it was either at a festival or some type of party gathering he never spoke to her he glanced at her a few times out of habit he looked at everyone atleast twice, he watched her make her way over tword him " yes you what were you doing sitting by the gate" he looked over her shoulder breifly to watch the snow fall from the trees outside the gate and then he looked back at the female.
  8. Sophia stood under the overhang of her home, watching the gentle snowfall for a few minutes in peace. Her heartbeat was slow, but her mind was racing. The festival was fast-approaching, and she couldn't tell if she was excited or dismayed - the same festival, year after year... She wondered what life outside Käseriecht was like, and what kinds of stories the people would have from the outside. She had been raised to believe they were the only ones, but she had read books, and although she found Kaseriecht to be beautiful and a place of peace, she wanted to know hardship.

    Taking a deep breath, she let the thoughts of longing drift away with her exhale, and a smile pulled at her lips. She took a step out, and another, deciding to venture down Kaseriecht's main street for a walk.
  9. Acaia went quiet when he asked about the gate. Many memories, hard and easy to handle, began to cloud her mind. Her head dropped and her thumbs twiddled. "That man was a dear friend. He would tell me stories about how he thought the world was outside these walls. He told me about his family. I never caught his name..." She looked up at the boy and smiled. "But that man was brave and very kind... He opened my eyes to the world unknown. So I'm just curious if he found others out there... I want to know. Don't you?" Acaia's head shook and her voice lowered. "I'm sorry for just blabbering... The name is Acaia Metriolle." She looked at him closer recognizing him more and more. Acaia saw the boy many times and has wanted to talk to him. She also remembers him being with the man quite often. She sighed lastly resizing she just made a fool out of her self. "He was your uncle. You're the boy he used to make adventure stories about. I'm sorry..." Thats all she could push out of her mouth to say to him. She felt like an idiot.
  10. Shiro listened closley as more and more of what she was talking about described her uncle his uncle used to be a friendly man who chatted with everyone of the village but he was diffrent he craved adventure and liked to tell him stories before he went to bed about what were the possibilites if we left the gate and he often wondered the same thing when she mentioned him he stiffened hearing about him always was a sensitive subject and he blocked people out but he didint this time looking at her face he was beggining to remember her from their early childhood he saw her with his uncle on more than one occasion " yes he was brave and kind man and yes he's was my uncle hewipped the snow off his clothes " names Shiro Randon"
  11. Haru was crouched behind a snow-pile, listening to the conversion between Mr Shiro and Ms Acaia. She'd seen them before, seen everybody, but she wasn't sure if they'd seen her. She tried not to be seen too much, being dreadfully shy and self-conscious, especially about her strange feline ears and bushy-tail. The fact her mother dressed her in fur coats really didn't help with the image, and so she mostly flitted around, hiding in the snow and eavesdropping. Like she was now.

    She was young, but not too young - a bit younger than Mr Shiro and Ms Acaia, and she didn't recognise the man they were talking about - but she kinda wished that she did. He sounded...amazing. "Like Mr Shiro," she thought to herself with a quiet giggle, leaning in to hear more when...SPLOOSH! The snow she was hiding behind and leaning against collapsed under her and she fell flat on her face, at their feet.

    Her non-furry cheeks flushed and she dared not lift her head.

    Her tail twitched in embarrassment.
  12. "You kids had better get away from the gates before my friends out there reach through and grab you," Erei teased the children as she passed. Her path always took her past the somewhat foreboding structures. They weren't necessarily forbidden; the adults mostly just ignored them and got on with things, but the fact that nobody came in or out no doubt had fostered many tales of suspicion, if only just to scare children for the amusement of the adults who told them. And Erei, being half monster herself, liked to pretend she knew something they didn't.

    The fact was that her mother, a human, had been one of the last travelers to come into the town, but died shortly after giving birth to the leathery egg that eventually became Erei, so she was as much of a child of the town as they were, albeit much older. But of course that didn't stop her from teasing the children. She'd been through the same time herself. When her wings had erupted as a teenager, she'd thought that one day she would fly over the walls and see the world but, after numerous broken bones following falls from trees and buildings, she settled into the comfortable, solitary life of the town tanner, which suited her just fine.
  13. Acaia gave him a soft look then smiled. "Nice to officially meet you Shiro." She looked around a bit and realized a few eyes on them. "Guess we have an audience..." She giggled trying to lighten the mood. She knew how painful it must be for the boy. She herself lost her father at a young age, though she really doesn't know how or even what happened. Her mother never liked talking about t. No... Her mother refused to talk about it. Acaia looked around some more and never really realized how many different races she lived among. Her eyes caught back to Shiro. "Shiro..." Her hand reached out then hesitated for a few seconds. It reached the boy's shoulder to brush off the snow he missed.

    Hearing a low collapsing sound, shifted her attention to a young girl. She looked at Shiro to apologize but she ran over to the girl. Acaia honestly wanted to talk more with Shiro but it all took a turn to this girl. She knew she never talked to her before but at least she knew something about her. "Haru!" Acaia ran and dropped beside the girl. "Are you okay?"
  14. Haru flinched at the town tanner's playful teasing, not exactly the bravest girl in the village, and then found herself stunned as Ms Acaia came over and asked if she was okay. Was she okay? Was she ever! Pushing herself up to her knees, her tail flicked from side to side in a manner of shy pleasure, "Ms...Ms Acaia knows my name? I...I..." she stammered and stuttered with ever-reddening cheeks, not sure what to say. She never knew what to say.

    Looking around at the Dragon tanner and Mr Shiro, then back at Ms Acaia, she bit her bottom lip and bowed her head, "I'm sorry I was listening...just...I...I'm very sorry," she stumbled out, looking up with hopeful eyes, feeling all the shyer for having Ms Acaia be concerned. Standing carefully she brushed off the snow, her tail brushing off her back before wrapping around her so she could hug it nervously, her eyes flickering between everyone again, "I just...the Mister you were talking about sounds like a...a wonderful man like Mr Shiro, and I couldn't help myself"
  15. A young male who seems in his late teens sat in a wooden seat inside the comfort of his home. His pale blue eyes look from the window, watching the busy people. It was about that time of year again it seems. His home was filled with the sweet scent of his mother's cooking accompanied by the crackling flames from the fireplace. The boy got up from his seat and picked up his black jacket from the coat hangers.

    "I'm heading out mother to walk around. Maybe to get Kala something for the festival," he said walking to the front door. It moan with a creak as he opened it to peek outside. The cold tickled his face as it brushed against it.

    "Okay Karasu, just don't stay out too long. Come back before dark for supper!" His mom said from the kitchen before he headed off.

    Karasu took slow steps in the snow, listening to each crunch it made. Now and then a soft cold breeze would ruffle his dark hair. "I bet Kala would like one of those dolls they always make during the festival." The boy said to himself as he continued to walk. His pale eyes then looked up to notice a small gathering at the gate. Curious, he approaches closer til he was in ear reach. He gazed at woman who passed the kids, not quite making out what she said to them.

    His mouth slowly open to say something, but a loud crashing noise stopped him. Karasu headed over to where a little girl fell, "You guys alright? What are you doing out here so close to the gate?" he said in a soft voice. The tip of his nose now slightly red from the cold.
  16. Acaia smiled at Haru and hugged her. "It's okay... I'm just glad you're okay." Hugging was her normal responce due to the fact she took care of some of the younger ones. She couldn't come up with an excuse to why she knew the girls name. She knew almost everyone; almost. She looked over to see another boy right beside her. Acaia smiled at him and answered softly. "I think she's fine." She tossed one of Haru's arms over her shoulder and helped her up. Again her focus flipped to the boy. Acaia lost her words and couldn't really figure out what to say to anyone.

    The air started to thicken and it began to get a bit chilly. After a few minutes it passed as if nothing had happened. The weather was strange but it was a normal occurrence. Still the girl was lost for words all she could spill out was a simple "hello" to the two. She felt so stupid. Just to save her from embarrassment yelling and cheering echoed in the walls. The festival events had begun. She sighed and hoped someone else had something to say.
  17. Haru looked at the new boy, recognising him from her frequent scouting trips - he was nice boy, thoughtful - it made Haru more comfortable, "Mr Karasu! I was just watching everyone and-" she froze again as Ms Acaia hugged her - not used to the contact, but smiling anyway before speaking again, "And aren't the gates safe as long as we don't pass them? Or as long as Ms Dragon lady doesn't ask her friends to get us?" She was so helplessly naive, jumping at the sudden noise of the market livening up

    "Oh! It's starting! Should we go? We're all here and it might be nicer maybe..." she trailed off, her shyness overcoming her when she realised she'd just asked OTHERS to go with her to the market. her heart thudded as she waited for someone to say something - hopefully not laugh. She couldn't bear it if they laughed at her.

    "Not that we should go as a group...unless maybe you'd all like that? or...oh...oh I'm sorry!" she bowed repeatedly again, wishing she hadn't opened her mouth. Oh why oh why did the snow have to collapse!
  18. A small visible breath of air escaped his mouth as he sighed in relief. He then realized who the girl was after she spoke, "Haru, you don't have to call me mister you know. I'm not that old yet." Karasu replied with a faint smile. She is probably one of Kala's friends, he has seen her around before. He looked around to the other faces, familiar.. but none of them her knew well enough. The thought of the gate fell upon his head again after he looked at it's structure.

    "Yes it should be safe with it closed, but you can never be to careful." His eyes looked over to the older girl and then to the boy. He hoped none of them had idea of leaving the town. Every now and then you hear stories of people wandering off and never returning. Karasu then turn back to Haru, glad of her suggestion. "I wouldn't mind at all. I was actually planning to go to main street, to look around what they have set up so far. That is if you two would like to come as well." The boy with the blue eyes said.

  19. [​IMG]

    The fair haired Bran had just spent the last half hour pestering the cobbler until the older man had kicked him outside into the snow. Literally. Bran picked himself up from the cold wet mush he'd fallen and rubbed his backside. Perhaps he had been a little pushy...

    Erei hadn't delivered the last bit of leather though! Bran wanted his shoes now! They were to go with his Winter Festival Outfit this year and he didn't have them yet. It made him puff up his cheeks and look around the town wandering where the lady dragon was. Because seriously, he needed those boots! The boots needed straps though.

    There was young people surrounding the gate looking excitable. Young people always looked excited, the half elf thought to himself. Not that he was too young, at nearly thirty-four winters he wasn't too older either. Somewhere between. At least for a half-elf. Young excitable people were always problematic but they were future paying customers...

    Oh there was Erei! Bran ran up to Erei his short very blond curling hair bounced with every step he took. "Erei! Ereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei!" He called. "Are you taking the finished straps to the Cobbler! The blue ones? Do you have them done?" He curled his fingers into his off-white sweaters sleeves and wished that his Mentor had told him to put on a cloak. He missed the old man, he'd been gone for nearly four years but without him Bran was a little lost. "Oh I needed to talk to you about some deer hide laces too! Something red, I think."
  20. A sigh of relief came from the girl. She wasn't used to talking to people her own age or anyone close to it. The city was filled with small children and the elders. Not many teenagers were in the city which was naturally odd. Acaia shook her mind from those thoughts and gave a sweet sugar filled smile. She didn't want to think about that weird fact. A weight lifted off of her as it was nice to be around others of the same age.