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Mid's Art

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mid, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. My other thread seems to be missing some art stuff with broken links so...I'm just gonna make a new one. :D

    In the event that you guys are interested in looking at some more of my stuff, here's my facebook page.

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  2. These are awesome :D Good job Mid :D
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  3. Thank you, Arcadia. /beats up in a friendly manner
  4. D: Why must you beat me D: But I really like how it's digitally rendered and stuffs. It just looks really professional :D

    Thank you tho. It really means a lot <3
  6. Hey, it's good :D Better than any shit I could make, by a long shot. XD Like, this is nigh on professional XD
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  7. What I'm currently working on. :3

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  8. I have a sudden urge to siphon your talent. T_ T!!

    Keep the awesomeness up O.,O! I'll stalk.
  9. Thank you, Puzz <3 x3
  10. And here we have @Muna

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  11. Oh my :3 Maleficent! Without pants!
  12. I started to realise that after lol. I was thinking about Disney stuff tho, tbh xD
  13. @Melon, you're always going on about how you've been wanting a pixie cut...so I cut your hair. <3 u 8'D

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  14. Thank you soooo much Mid! It looks so good!! <3
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  15. @Uneasy Goat , Midgoat is ALIVE!

    NSFW...sort of?
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  16. ARGH! Gov't computer blocking me! You should email it to me! :D
  17. ...I don't get notified when I have replies ;^;!!! But yes unless can you see photobucket links?
  18. I saw it :D Meant to post that I did. I love it ^w^
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