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    Having trouble coming up with a good one x one plot involving one of your custom made characters, or do you have a group roleplay idea but can't think of a perfect recipe to make the perfect plot. Well come to Midnight's Recipe Plot Shop where with a little imagination, magic and some good old fashioned roleplay intuition we'll make the perfect idea for you.

    Some information
    • ideas that are created can be used by the shop owner or anyone else unless specified
    • if there is a custom character that you want a plot added around, please pm me and let me know
    • sexual content plots are fine, but some sexy bits may be lacking.
    • characters will be in the forum of [Muse A] and [Muse B] I can bold the character roles if you would wish to only play a specific role
    • For group idea, I can also discuss which characters would be added, since you might want only certain types during the roleplay
    My Forum
    • one x one or group:
    • custom character added or original character:
    • is it based on a certain fandom:
    • copyrighted or non: (basically can other people use the idea or no)