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fantasy, Magic, animal, medieval are the main ones but ill try anything once
Well here be a list of all my wee Characters, and a brief showcase of a world i have created. Sheets, and such in posts to follow.
Mostly for my own reference, and the use of any RP partners i have at the moment.
Forgive my probably awful formatting, im new to all this. Will fix it when i have more patience, and experience with all the different codes.
Please PM any critiques, advice, complains etc instead of posting here.


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fantasy, Magic, animal, medieval are the main ones but ill try anything once

  • banner.jpg
    Hello There! Im starting off strong with a bit of information about a world ive build from the ground up over the last few years. Well not technically true, ive been influenced heavily by popular media such as Avatar the last air bender, and a number of smaller books ive read (such as Nightshade), anime and other movies and shows. I've borrowed ideas from so many places its hard to remember where it all comes from. And this was very much a collaborative effort. This was originally a group role-play on another forum, that was loosely based off a wolf-quest RP group i took part in when i was twelve. This world died, and was revived four times by me on two different forums. Ive since drifted away from large group Rps for a variety of reasons but i still like to revisit this world in my own writings and one on ones. It is constantly evolving and changing as i myself grow but some things never change. So welcome to a land where wolves reign supreme, where blood truly is king.​

  • In the Beginning... There where five wolves; Water a beautiful she-wolf with the ability to breathe under water and command the very seas, Fire the fiercest of them all who burned as bright as the sun, Earth a strong noble male who made the ground shake with every step, Air who had wings and whose wing-beats could summon a fierce wind, and Sokol who was guardian of all and speaker of the great spirits. Sokol fashioned a perfect mate for his four companions, so they could have children. And from those children where born the bloods we know today. That is how the long lives of the wolves began, with their strange blood and powers they lived at peace for many years undisturbed by the warring outside world.

    Be it by accident, or deliberate actions on the part of the spirits more species came to be. The first where two littermates Black, who hid easily among the shadows and Death who carried lost souls to the afterlife and could kill with a single word. The pairs children where strong, and their kind grew. Next came Spirit, who is believed to be Sokols only child, who could commune with the great spirits of the land and speak their will. Lastly came Crystal, whose powers where are varies and mysterious as the spirits who sometimes came down to earth.

    Sokol was growing tired, he had spent hundreds of years watching over the wolves of this land, the other original spirits had long since gone to sleep in secret places, guarding the powers of their children, and watching over them. He was ready to join them, but he could not leave the land undefended, so he created guardians to keep the peace in his absence. He gave them strong spirits that would be reincarnated, and guides who would hold the memory's and experience of all those that came before to guide the new ones to their destinies.

    The first guardian was the Warrior, a wolf able to harness the powers of every blood, who would be destined to fight to protect and defend those that couldn't. Their path would be one of blood, and battle. Death and destruction in the name of justice would be their game. To contrast the bloody, fierce spirit of the warrior he made The Healer. Also able to harness all the powers this wolf would travel a different path, sworn to do no harm they would heal all wounds, soothe angry wolves and bring peace and light in the wake of the warriors destruction.

    Next he created four to keep the peace among the often hot tempered bloods.Those who could see the sides of those who often argued. A Redblood who controlled water and A Blue-blood able to harness fire who would work together to try and keep their species at peace. An Earth-blood and A silverblood who could control each others element as the two where known to disagree. It is said that they actually hold halves of the same spirits, which allows them to work so well together despite their differences.

    lastly he made those with strong minds that could move objects at will, and read the minds of all others, in order to find the cause of trouble, and a mysterious pair who where one with all the other species of the land in order to keep the peace with other races that shared the same space as the wolves.

    Legends tell of another guardian, who was born long ago with the blood of all the other species in his body. With his mixed blood he could harness the ability's of all the bloods better then the Warrior and the Healers could. His coming brought with it war as all the bloods fought to gain control of this mysterious wolf. The ground itself was shattered, the wind howled with enough force to tear down trees, fires burned unchecked and the sea itself turned red with blood. Many wolves died, and they cried for help. The Guardians Sokol had created tried to stop it, and they where all killed in the face of the terrible power they faced. Sokol himself woke, and in the dead of night he took this wolf who had caused such chaos and sacrificed him, merging the spirit with his own in the hope that it would never be born again. The war ended, but its echoes can still be heard today, many generations later.

    The redbloods lost control, and commited crimes so horrible they where cursed with red eyes and the need to drink blood to survive sparking the beginning of the line of cruel red kings. The deathbloods lost their compassion, and their vision and they turned from their path slaughtering hundreds in cold blood lust. The mixing of blood was banned, in the fear that another terrible war would spark.

    Time passed, and the wolves came to a fragile peace. But all was not well, the powers given to them by the original spirits where strong, and the wolves spirits and minds where too weak to control them. Very few attempted to master their powers, and many that did lost control and ended up killing themselves or those around them. It was chaos, until two wolves broke the sacred law. A blueblood and an Earhblood fell in love, and from their union came a child, a little male pup with the unique ability to bend not just the earth but metals and crystals. One day while he was experimenting he discovered that a certain type of crystal could focus, harness and even amplify magic. He had an idea, and after much trial, error and failure he made the first crystal by combining the blood of his mother with raw materials. When she was told to focus her magic through the crystal, instead of with just her mind she found that not only where her powers stronger, but easier to control.

    As he was a kind hearted wolf he began to make crystals for as many wolves as he could find, and he wrote down the secrets of his craft. The law was amended, bluebloods and earthbloods could interbreed, as their children where the secret to the powers This new mix was honored with an official name: Ironblood. And it became tradition that as soon as a wolf was found to have powers they would travel to a settlement of ironbloods to create their crystal. And only then would they be allowed to find a master and fully train their powers.

    Things where looking up for the wolves of the blood, and many began to hope that perhaps they would be at peace for many years to come, they could not have been more wrong.

  • The different types of wolves live in different nations with their own species.

    The Bluebloods
    The Bluebloods, for the most part live in the sea or along the post. They are ruled by the water priestess in the City under the Sea, which is more just a cluster of houses, markets and other buildings around the main temple. They are a relatively peaceful people with most of them living in small family groups among the waves or on small islands in the sea. They are fisher-folk, and get along fairly well with the earthbloods, and the silverbloods. Their blood is varying shades of blue, and they have the unique ability to breathe underwater and control their home element. They mostly use this power for healing, but when they go to war the waves they create can cover entire cities.

    The Earthbloods
    The earthbloods are the largest, and most populous kingdom, bordered on one side by the great desert, and the other by the fearsome redbloods they are a hardy people. They live off the land, and many are farmers growing crops, raising animals, and creating many nessecary goods for the other kingdoms. They are a race of skilled craftsman, hunters and warriors. Their power gives them a strong connection to the earth, and many use it to farm lumber, mine stone, help their crops grow strong and healthy, or build homes. While long ago they where ruled by a king the nation is now democratic, and governed by a council of elected representatives. Their blood tends to be shades of green.

    The Redbloods
    The fearsome redbloods are ruled by a monarchy (or dictatorship depending on how you look at it), and their home is an inactive volcano surrounded by marshes, and pine forests. Their kings make their home in a network of caves under the mountain, with the entrances guarded by a great city of stone. They are a nation of warriors, and skilled blacksmiths, who use their power over the flames to forge some of the best weapons and armors in the land. They send out frequent raiding parties, and are the only wolves who actively partake in slavery needing to keep a steady supply of wolf blood to live.

    The Silverbloods
    The last great breed are the silverbloods. Unlike the others they are nomadic traders and shepherds, traveling far beyond the lands the others call home and bringing back exotic goods to trade along with news of the outside world. They are relatively peaceful, if a bit antisocial, rarely speaking with those outside their caravans except to do buisness. Once a year they hold a great market and festival in the abandoned city under the Stars. This is a place to trade, tell stories, show off your skills, and perhaps find a master in a craft you wish to pursue. Violence, beyond sanctioned sparring matches, is strictly forbidden. This is a rule even the redbloods respect. Many silverbloods have wings, and those that dont can run as fast as the wind. Their blood is silvery, and has been compared to liquid starlight.

    The Blackbloods
    The blackbloods are a fairly small race, and live in small, scattered packs. Theese packs are not friendly to each other or anyone else and cause mischief and trouble wherever they go. The largest pack lives and operates out of fort shadow, and work for the redbloods, often capturing and selling them slaves. Their blood is dark black or get.

    The Deathbloods
    The deathbloods where once a great race of reapers, whose job was to ferry souls to the afterlife, and bring the cold embrace of death to those the gods have decided should join them. They also had the strongest ability to heal, and could even bring those back from the brink of death. But that changed after the great war, and they are now cold blooded killers, using their powers, and knowledge of poison and anatomy to kill anyone they choose. Many have become assassins, killing for whomever offers the right price. They live in small family groups, the largest of which work out of fort shadow and are known as the kŭrvavi takiva, the bloodstained ones. Their blood can be anywhere from black to red.

    The Spiritbloods
    The Spiritbloods all live in the sacred grove at the center of the territories, where legends say the great spirits first touched the earth. They are highly religious, and spend their lives praying, healing and communing with the spirits. Some travel beyond the grove if they are called to advise leaders and kings of other bloods, and it is common practice for wolves to travel to the grove once in their lives to commune with the spirits. They have clear blood and haunting blue eyes.

    The Crystalbloods
    Last of all are the Crystalbloods, they are mysterious and not much is known about them. Small in number, and rarely spotted its commonly believed that they are extinct. They harness a power they call 'old magic' and use it to form illlusions, glamour, and weak elemental powers. The power they are most proud of is the ability to change into a 'spirit animal' a creature they say represents their souls. Seeing this creature in life is said to bring great luck and fortune. They are led by three elders: The wise, The Brave and The kind, and they call their group the Pack of Lost dreams. They move their home frequently, going wherever the elders choose.

    The Mixes
    While mixing blood is forbidden, with the exception of the ironbloods in recent years wolves have become more lax in the execution of this law and mixed breeds are becoming common enough that general names and descriptions have been given to some of them.

    The most common mix are the ironbloods, with their ability to create the crystals they are necessary to the present way of life. But many are also skilled metalworkers making beautiful jewelry, decorations, armor and weapons. Their blood can vary from blue to green, though as of late as they begin breeding among themselves a metallic silver or gold is becoming more common.

    Another common mix has been dubbed the Purplebloods, a mix of redblood and blue-blood this once unlikely mix is common because of the redbloods tendency to take blueblood slaves. They often have the ability to bend either of their parents powers, and many have the strange ability to bend light to create rainbows, warming rays or damaging beams of sunlight.

    When earth and air come together a breed called the leafbloods are born, they have silvery-green blood, are sterile and for some reason find it impossible to bend any sort of magic. Because of this they find it hard to fit in anywhere, and many end up leaving the land.

    In recent years, since many Deathblood families have allied with the red king mixed pups have been popping up. They are called scarletbloods, also unable to breed they command weak powers over death and fire, and they share the same nasty streak both of their parents have making for some pretty unpleasant company. Their blood tends to be red or black.

  • Coyotes map.jpg
    Here i will give a brief description of the land, along with some landmarks for reference

    Ocean Of Tears
    The shallow sea that runs along the land, it is home to most of the bluebloods, many species of sea life live here, and there are also some mermaids, and nymphs further out to sea. It was named this because legend says that when the first spirit came to be it was so lonely it cried and filled an entire sea with its tears. And from this sea sprang the others spirits, brought forth by its grief. The sea is scattered with small blueblood settlements, and great kelp forests.

    The City Under the Sea
    Though the other wolves have taken to calling it a city, thats not really an accurate description. The 'city' is mostly a temple dedicated to the gods, it is decorated with coral, shells and crystals. The water priestess lives here, and it is here that all bluebloods come to marry and the annual great whale hunt is held. The city is surrounded by homes, a market and fields where the bluebloods grow special kinds of medicinal kelp and algae, the southern side is bordered by a great coral reef.

    Port City of Waves
    This is a proper city, the only one the bluebloods have really built. It was built to provide contact with the rest of the land, it has become a place where any wolf, regardless of blood is welcome and is a great trading capital. In recent years outside nations have sent ships to trade, and some silverbloods launch their ships from its harbor.

    Dolphin Cove
    This is the third largest blueblood settlement, home to twelve blueblood families who make their living by selling fish, medicines and other valuables found in the sea to nearby earth villages. This is also the childhood home of the current Warrior, Coyote.

    Great Desert and Sandstones Memorial
    Long ago the land was attacked by raiding vikings from across a vast, great plain. The bloods lost many in the battles that ensued, and eventually to stop the fighting the warrior at the time, an Earthblood named Sandstone used the last of his lifeforce to create a desert to protect the land. It was so wide, and oasis's so scattered that only those who knew the path could survive the journey. A memorial was built for him, at the place where he died. It is a simple structure, a temple with a grave and a statue of the mighty wolf. Engraved above the door is a message that reads: "Here lies a great warrior, who gave his life to save us all"

    Earth Capital
    The capital of the earth kingdom is a great city of stone built on the shore of a massive lake, at the border of the desert. It was built centuries ago by the first earth king, a decade after sandstone died. He built the city here to guard the desert, and watch for any who would dare approach. The city is surrounded by a tall, thick wall of solid stone, which was built with the combined power and strength of a hundred earth wolves. It is said the city is unbreakable, and any siege will fail. There is a great market held every half moon, and many ironbloods come to the tower of the crystals to learn the secrets of crystal making.

    The Red Mountain
    A large, inactive volcano nestles on the edge of the wind mountains. It is home to the red kings court, and a large amount of the elite redbloods. It is said that the mountain is full of secret tunnels carved out by lava flows thousands of years ago and the efforts of earthblood prisoners trying to escape. The air in here is hot, and smells of death. On the slopes of the red mountain is a spread out city where the majority of redbloods live, so they can be close to the slave pens for their necessary nourishment.

    Scarlet Lake
    A large, shallow lake beside The Red Mountain, its full of sediment and minerals that make the water look crimson. Redbloods ceremonially drink the water on important occasions, believing it to be the blood of the gods.

    The Dead Forest
    This great forest has been scorched by countless fires, and is now an endless expanse of dead, hollow trees. The floor is blanketed with ash and there is very little new growth for miles around the red mountain. There are marshes, and groves of sickly looking pine trees.

    Fort Shadow
    Located on the border of the red kingdom, in the marshy pine forests is Fort Shadow. It is home to the largest pack of blackbloods, and a family of Deathbloods. Those who operate out of the fort guard the border, and sell slaves to the red mountain.

    The Great Planes
    A massive, hilly grassland, that streaches for many miles south of the traditional borders of the land. This is home to many silverblood shepards who care for their herds of sheep, goats and sometimes cows or llamas. The wind is unchecked, and blows in great gusts and many herds of bison call this home.

    The Long River
    Stretching from the ocean of tears, to the mountains this river is often used to ferry goods to the great yearly market. It is wide, and slow moving most of the year, but in spring snowmelt makes crossing dangerous.

    Shepards Rest
    A small town on the bank of the long river, it is a place Shepards, or travelers heading to the market can rest. There are farms, and a few permanent residents who keep the place clean, and provide a hot meal and lodging for a small cost.

    The City Under the Stars
    Located in a valley, between two great mountains is an ancient, and abandoned city. Long ago before the silverbloods became nomads they called this home. But now it stands empty. Except for once a year, on the second week of summer the great market is held. Silverbloods return from trading all around the world, and travelers from all over come here. It is a place to trade, show off your skills, buy from craftsman, and talk peacefully with even your worst enemy. All violence is strictly forbidden, and no wolf from this land would dare disrespect this law.

    Wind Mountains
    A great mountain range that borders the eastern edge of the territorys, the mountains are tall and many are capped with snow year round. There are few safe paths through them, and few would dare to try. But some silver-bloods call these slopes home, and know the secret trails well. It is said that the original wolves have come to rest somewhere in the mountains, no one has ever found them. But many have tried.

    The Sacred grove
    Located in the center of the territories this is a sacred place. Ledgend says the spirits first touched the earth here, and it continues to be the place easiest to commune with them. It is a grove of flowering trees around a small, still pool. The spiritbloods call the grove home and live simple lives here. Every wolf comes to the grove once in their lives to commune with the spirits.
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fantasy, Magic, animal, medieval are the main ones but ill try anything once

  • guys_wake_up____by_neytirix-dbzfhyc.jpg
    Art Commission By Neytirix, find them on Youtube or Deviantart
    Coyote is one of the first characters i ever created and wrote with, she is also the oldest i still use. I first Created her years ago for my first roleplay in the game wolfquest when i was about 11 or so. And she later appeared in my group RP The Chosen One (renamed The Bloods), shes also stared in many of my short stories, poems and artwork throughout and was my character of Choice for many solo RP's. She holds a special place in my heart and is often seen at many different life stages and mental states.

    While is is normally just a wolf, sometimes she has taken on a werewolf form, and once she was even a god.

    She usually does well in fantasy, either medieval or modern plots, adventure, exploration and just general fun. 'Save the World' fit her best. And of Course she fits perfectly in my world The Bloods. Ill Consider romance for her too, but no slice of life. It just doesn't suit her.​

  • A female Blueblood, age ranges from 5ish to old as dirt depending on the story
    She is the Warrior, The Protector and Guardian of The Land

    Her Mother was a Blueblood healer named Mist
    Her Father was a Blueblood warrior named Stone
    Her sister is a Blueblood magician named Agua
    Her Brother is a Blueblood warrior named Bear

    Her Spirit Guide takes on the form of a Coyote named Dust

  • IMG_0692.JPG
    Her natural form is that of a small, scrawny wolf with soft sandy brown fur and yellowish eyes. Because of her small size, and coloring her parents joked that she was a coyote pup that had snuck into the den. And thus she was named Coyote. At a young age the first scars of battle are shown on her body. The most prominent being a deep bitemark on her neck and a long, thick scar running along her right side. As she got older her collection of scars grew, and her fur became matted and unkept.

    Her human form is equally as small and scrawny, standing at only about 4’8 and looking like she hasn’t had a good meal in months she is anything but intimidating. Her features are plain, and rather forgettable, the most prominent being her startingly yellow eyes. Her hair is light brown, and cropped short, the longest strands falling just past her ears. The cut is messy and uneven, like she used a knife to do it, and she probably did. Her skin is a caramel brown. Even at an old age very few grey hairs show.

    Around her neck she always wears a simple chain necklace with a single, bright blue crystal on it. If one looks closely it appears to be filled with water and constant swirls, eddies and currents can be seen in it. Occasionally little pebble floats by, and flashes of lightning can be seen in its depths.

    Her eyes glow with a faint light when she uses her powers, and her blood is a deep blue.

  • Coyote is.. Well interesting to say the least. At first look she seems like a normal girl her age. Funny, sweet, curious, loves to play games and joke around. But little things about her stand out. She wont sit with her back to a door, she glances around constantly, like she fully expects to be attacked at any moment And she is brave to the point of recklessness.

    She also has a strong sense of duty, and loyalty, she takes her role as a guardian very seriously.

    The first hint of madness has set into her, the stress of her powers and responsibilities have taken their toll on her. She has seen much more then anyone her age has, and she has already been in the heat of fierce battles. Shes known to laugh at things that aren’t funny, mutter to herself, and leap joyously into battle without the faintest concern for herself. Sometimes its almost like she doesn’t care if she dies.

    As she grows older the madness grows more apparent, and she begins to rave, and ramble, she never looses her love of battle.

  • Coyote, like all blue bloods, was born in the sea. Her mother was in wolf form when she gave birth, as was tradition, and she nursed her children among the coral at the bottom of the bay she called home. When they where two weeks old she took them to the surface to meet their father. Her childhood home was a bay called dolphin cove that opened into the ocean of tears where the bluebloods lived.
    They grew fast, like all of her kinds children. At two months they where playing on the sand, at a year they had started learning to swim. When they where five they shifted into their human forms for the first time. And they began to learn to harness the powers of water, like their parents. While her siblings excelled at this, Coyote struggled. Their constant teasing got to her, and when they where allowed to travel to get their crystals and harness their powers properly, she couldn’t even make a ripple in the tide pools. She grew frustrated and angry at this, and ran away, determined to discover her powers on her own and not return until she did. She left with only her wits, and a small pouch containing a copy of her fathers map of the land. She was only eight years old at the time.

    She traveled alone for months, and her wandering eventually brought her close to the border of the red kingdom, there she was surrounded by a hunting party lead by the young prince of the red bloods, the wolves cursed to live off the blood of others. She ran and the prince gave chase, eventually cornering her at the base of a cliff, he attacked, and bit into her neck to feed. In her panic, and fear believing she was going to die she finally tapped into the powers she had struggled to find. She pulled rocks from the cliff and flung them at the princes guards, killing several of them, and she struggled free. When she ran she flung more rocks, one hit the prince, shattering his left rear leg. She forgot all about this event, remembering only the red eyes of her attacker, and the scar he left on her neck, and avoided the land of the redbloods at all costs.

    Not long after this her spirit guide, Dust found her and told her what she was, and helped her harness her powers enough to create one of the crystals all the wolves relied on. For without them to focus their magic, and their minds it was hard to control the great power they often wielded. After this she traveled the land, learning all she could from masters of all the different bloods, and making her name known. For the most part all was peaceful, until word came to her on the wind. A silverblood messenger told her the red king held her family hostage and would kill them if she didn’t come immediately.

    Coyote ran faster then she ever had before, determined to save the family she had left six years ago. She was hustled through the caves in the mountain and brought to the massive chamber where the red king held court. There she saw her family in chains, bleeding, and weak from being fed on many times. The prince was there, he had healed from his accident, and was stronger than ever despite the twisted leg. He demanded justice and was furious when she didn’t remember him. In his fit of rage, he killed her parents. When he turned to her siblings, she begged him to stop, said she would do anything if he would only let them go. He demanded she stay here and be his slave. If she did this, he would let the rest of her family live. And she agreed. She stayed with him for three years, until whispers of chaos reached her. She was needed out in the world.

    She attacked the prince, and his guards and escaped, with a deep wound on her side, and she disappeared to do her duty, whispering to her captor on the way out that he would never be able to hold her again. Much of what happens after this is a mystery, and there are only vauge myths and legends about her life. All that remains are the history of great deeds she has done such as killing the Red King Acadia, stopping the return of the Powerful One and many others. Legends say that after her death she ascended to godhood, and continues to look over us all.

  • As a warrior she is a skilled combatant, making up for her lack of strength with speed, agility and skill. Both in wolf form and out she is a force to be reckoned with, but her true strength comes from her use of elemental powers.

    Water allows her to heal, breath under water, and control the tides. She can summon tidal waves, shape it into any shape she wishes, freeze it into shards of ice and use it as a deadly weapon. This is the element she is strongest with.

    Fire lets her create blazes out of nothing, burn anything she pleases to ashes, or simply to light a candle. She can also summon lightning.

    Earth lets her dig ditches in an instant, lift boulders with her mind, and fling chunks of rock or earth with great force. She can also influence the growth of plants, shape wood with her mind, or tell trees to grow a certain way. She also has a strong influence over metal and crystal.

    Air allows her to form tornados, summon fierce winds, and harness the wind to let her run supernaturally fast.

    The combination of all these powers let her control the weather to some degree, control magma, create mudslides, alond with many other supernatural phenomena.

    Other powers she has include a sort of clairvoyance, where she can sense incoming danger, the ability to speak with others telepathically, though she cannot read thoughts, she can only hear what one directs at her. She can bend shadows and light to become almost invisible or make anything else almost impossible to see. She can communicate with almost any species and has a strong connection to spirits and the gods. There may be other powers she is not yet aware of.

    Because of her young age, and inexperience she is not fully in control of her powers yet, and she has much to learn, but with more experience and age she becomes an almost unstoppable force.

Sinera Firefang

  • I originally created Sinera to be a sort of Rival to Coyote, he didnt have much substance to him to begin with, he was merely a side character to flesh out the world i was building. But this quickly changed. He grew, their rivalry turned into something else. His Hate for Coyote softened, and dissapeared, he grew obsessed with the little she-wolf he had spent so long hunting. And at some point, it became clear to any who saw him, or read passages about his actions that he was madly in love with her. It would be a long time before she reciprocated these feelings, and even longer till they where together, but at some point in some stories the two did become mates and have children.

    Im some ways despite the drastic changes and character development Sinera is always a side character, a shadow to support Coyote's Story. Maybe someday he will be the star of his own.

    He fits well in anything Coyote is in. But adventure, Fantasy, action are also great for him solo. He is not a slice of Life character, he needs adventure and the heat of battle to thrive.

  • A Male Redblood
    Crown Prince of the Redbloods, The Fierce, The Relentless

    His Father is the Redblood King Acadia The Cruel
    His Mother is a Royal Concubine Smoke
    His half Brothers are the Twins Blaze and Magma (The Useless)
    His Half Sister is General Lava The Indomitable

  • His wolf form is massive, and pitch black with blood red eyes. He is muscular, and powerful a force to be reckoned with. His rear left leg has clearly been badly broken in the past and sits at a weird angle. As he grows older he accumulates a small collection of scars and battle wounds.

    In his human form is is tall, about 6’4” and had the muscular body of someone who works out often. He has a dark brown skintone, and his eyes are the same bloodred. His black hair is close cropped, and he has the air of a military man. He doesn’t let his oddly shaped left leg slow him down.

    He wears a chain, with a crystal that is many shades of red, orange and yellow that flicker and change, much like a flame. His blood is a deep red, almost human in color.

  • Having been raised as the crown prince to a nation as brutal as the red kingdom Sinera is almost as cruel as his father. He is used to getting almost anything he wants and can get pretty angry if things don’t go his way. His fury is as hot as fire, and he is passionate in almost everything he does. But he can rein in his temper.

    He is possessive, demanding, and all in all not a pleasant person or wolf to be around. But beneath the rough, king to be exterior he has a bit of a soft heart. But he has buried it under stone and fire, and his compassion rarely shows. He is a firm, brutal leader, but not unnecessarily cruel, unless someone makes him angry.

    He is determined to get revenge on Coyote, who he believes has wronged him, not once but twice. He will stop at nothing to make her pay for ruining his leg, and his pride.

  • Sinera was born as the oldest son, and crown prince to the red king Acadia, his childhood was full of brutal training sessions, and lessons in what it took to rule a kingdom of bloodthirsty redbloods. It was common practice to keep other wolves as blood slaves, and at fifteen he went on a hunt to capture his very own. He encountered Coyote, and the young blueblood seemed like an easy target. Barely more then a pup he assumed he could take her quietly and raise her in the kingdom to be an obedient servant, and eventually concubine like his mother. He couldn’t have been more wrong, he chased her for hours before he and his guards finally cornered her at the base of a cliff. When he approached, he realized her scent was very sweet and alluring to him, and so he decided to feed from her right then and there. And in the process, he left a permanent scar on her neck, a mark that would forever mark her as taken to any redblood that saw her.

    Memories of what happened after that are hazy, rocks flew from the cliff and killed several of his guards, she ripped herself away with surprising force, and when he tried to chase her a boulder flew from nowhere and struck him, shattering his leg. His remaining guards dragged him home. He spent the next six years recovering, and training. Fueled by hate and rage he clawed his way back to the top and became one of the strongest wolves in the kingdom. During this time, he had sent spies to find out as much as he could about the little, she-wolf who had harmed him. Finally, he found out who her family was, and captured them.

    When she came to save her family, he took her a slave, and for the next few years he fed off her, and doted on her, his obsession for the little wolf growing. Until it all fell apart when she escaped. And he vowed to catch her again and make her his forever. He never succeeded, but he would spend the rest of his life chasing her.

  • Sinera is a brutal, efficient fighter. He is extremely strong, and skilled. In wolf form he can easily tear things to shreds with his teeth and strength, and as a human he is skilled with martial arts, and blunt weapons. He is also a trainee swordsman.

    With a militarian upbringing he also learned other combat tactics, how to direct troops, and several torture methods.

    As a redblood he is a master of fire, able to start a raging forest fire with his willpower alone, but he is weak against water, as it can put out his fire.

    Being a redblood he also needs the blood of other wolves to survive.

Acadia Firefang

  • Every good fantasy story, or epic needs a worthy villain, someone to fight against. And for this i made someone so evil, and cruel and twisted you couldn't help but wonder, why? how does one have so little good in them you can hardly believe its there? Thats a question i cant really answer. Acadia, king of the redbloods and father to Sinera was born in a tale of blood, deception, backstabbing and crimes so horrible i need a NSFW tag to tell you all about it. He is not for a feint of heart, and i cant even really bring myself to play from his perspective. Hes a side character, a villain and he exists solely to be defeated. But doing so is no easy feat.

  • A Male Redblood
    King Acadia the Cruel, fifth of his line

    His Father was King Firestorm the Flayer
    His Mother is unknown, and was probably a royal slave or concubine
    He has no surviving brothers
    His three sisters are generals in his army (Blister, Scarlet, and Cardinal)
    His sons are Prince Sinera, and the twin Princes Blaze and Magma
    His Daughter is Lava
    He has no wife, but keeps a harem of around 5 to 10 females.

  • In his wolf form he is quite an impressive specimen, massive and muscular. His fur is deep black, and his eyes glow a deep, dark crimson. His most prominent battle scars are a long, wide scratch on his left side starting at his shoulder and wrapping around to the inside of his thigh, and a torn off left ear. There is also a pale scar across his nose.

    His human form is just as imposing as his wolf, about 6'3 muscular, a clear military man with dark skin, and close cropped black hair.

    Like most wolves he wears a simple chain necklace and on it is a blood red crystal, that has been chipped, and cracked in many places, it looks like it was at some point twice the size.

  • To say the king is cruel is a bit of an understatement. He will do anything to get what he wants, execution, torture, removal of limbs or even killing his enemies families are common occurrences. There is little he cares about besides power and reveling in it. He reached his current standing covered in blood, and he will spill oceans more to keep it.

    His children mean almost nothing to him, they are merely a necessity so the throne has an heir when he dies. His anger is not burning, it is cold and calculating. Behind those scarlet eyes is a calm, steady mind. He sees a goal, and takes the necessary steps to reach it.

  • He was born the fifth son to the previous king, and he immediately wanted the throne. But being the youngest he knew he was not the heir. So he made a plan, throughout the years unfortunate accidents befell his older brothers, hunting accidents, capture by rival troups who somehow knew where they'd be, slave revolts and the live, until the only brother remaining was the oldest. Acadia knew it would look suspicious if every royal son died an unfortunate death. So he made it deliberate. He challenged his brother to a duel, on the grounds that he had touched his personal slave. The fight was tough, and bloody and ended with him standing victorious, now the soul Heir to an old and dying king. But he was not unscathed, and was left with a deep wound on his side and belly.

    He was forty when his father died and he took control unopposed, no comment was ever made about the death of his brothers. His three sisters where given posts in the military, and his fathers harem was dismissed. He quickly set to work reshaping his new nation. The slave trade increased, he forged an alliance with the deathbloods and blackbloods, and he started a new harem. He soon had his first Son, Sinera, and shortly a daughter and then two more sons. His children he treats with calm indifference, training them in whatever he thinks nessecary, and grooming his oldest to one day take his place. He set his sights on ruling the other nations, and began his assault on the earth kingdom, which he believes to be the only real resistance between him and an empire.

  • He is a brutal, efficient fighter. He is extremely strong, and skilled. In wolf form he can easily tear things to shreds with his teeth and strength, and as a human he is skilled with martial arts. He is also a master swordsman, and skilled with several other weapons including a whip and morning-star among others

    With a militarian upbringing he also learned other combat tactics, how to direct troops, and several torture methods.As king he has experience with the more tame side of running a nation, court, finances, trade and the like.

    As a redblood he is a master of fire, able to start a raging forest fire with his willpower alone, but he is weak against water, as it can put out his fire.

    Being a redblood he also needs the blood of other wolves to survive.
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  • I created Ari a few years ago for one of my first one on one role-plays, i made him originally to be very suggestive, flirty and manipulative. He was raised by a kind old woman who thought he was just a cat, and after her death he searched wildly for a new home. As he evolved, and was used in other stories i eventually changed and tweaked him to have a twin sister. Though he was longer as suggestive or manipulative he kept his desire to find a better, comfy life.

    Though now i call him a werecat he and his sister have done their stints as shapeshifters, fey and once humans.

  • He is a 19 year old werecat
    His twin Sister is Ariella
    His Parents are Unknown
    His adoptive Parents were two hunters named John and Gregor

  • In his human form he is about 5’6” and slender with a toned, athletic build. He is clearly built for speed and agility, much like a gymnast. He has pale skin, and short, shoulder length, silver-blonde hair. His almond shaped eyes are a bright golden, with catlike pupils. He has an elfish face with high cheekbones and a narrow chin.

    His most familiar feline form is that of a large housecat with long, luxurious fur and golden eyes. His fur is a reddish, gold color with stripes on his face, and white paws.

  • He is very mischievous and a bit of a prankster, finding joy in an otherwise awful life by pulling practical jokes on anyone he can, except for his sister. He can also be very out there and flirtatious, quite a contrast to his sisters’ shy nature. But much like her he is stubborn, and cares deeply for his twin. He would do anything to make her dreams come true.

  • He and his sister where born to a single, mother in a cabin somewhere deep in the mountains, not wanting, or caring to care for her children she left. It was a miracle that they were found and taken in by a couple of hunters. The Two men took care of the twins to the best of their ability and taught then everything they knew about woodcraft and hunting. When they were 11 it was discovered they were werecats. Their adoptive dads didn’t care and encouraged the two. Until news of the unlikely pair spread, and their found family was killed by angry, god loving villagers.

    Alone again the two fled, and stuck close together using the skills they had learned and newfound powers to their advantage. They stole, lied, and even killed to get by. For years all they’ve had is each other, and they don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  • Ari is fast, and agile much like his sister, living similar lives they developed similar skillsets. But where she focused more on keeping them alive with her hunting and foraging, he turned more to the combat arts. He is not nearly as adept with a bow as she is, but he is amazing with his throwing knives, and has even taught himself basic swordsmanship.

    He is much more comfortable with the thieving arts they learned on the streets and is much more adept at pickpocketing and lock picking, and has even taken part in a large coin forging operation in the past. And he still remembers how to do it.

    He can also shapeshift into any feline like his sister, and while he has a familiar form that is much easier to shift into, he has taken to training himself to take on other forms. Those of big cats so he can better protect his twin. And his starting to figure out how to hold and use these shapes in combat.


  • I created Ariella at some point during Ari's life time. Originally she was just his female counterpart, but i shaped and changed her to fit other roles, and at some point i decided they would be twins. She is usually very strong willed and confident in herself. Shes done a few stints as werewolves, and shapeshifters pulling her away from her original werecat role.

  • She is a 19 year Old Werecat
    Her twin Brother is Ari
    Her Parents are Unknown
    Her adoptive Parents were two hunters named John and Gregor

  • In her human form she is about 5’6” and slender with a toned, athletic build. She is clearly built for speed and agility, much like a gymnast. She has pale skin, and long, silver-blonde hair that falls to her waist. Her almond shaped eyes are the blue of a deep, calm lake, with catlike pupils. Her facial features are very angular, and elfish with high cheekbones and a narrow chin. Her feminine features are subtle, with slightly wider hips then her brother, and a hint of breasts that are barely visible when she wears clothes.

    Her most familiar feline form is that of a large housecat with short fur, similar blue eyes and a silvery tabby pelt. The cat is larger then normal, but slender, and delicate looking for its size.

  • She is quiet, and thoughtful with a deep stubborn streak. She wishes for nothing more then to have a life where she and her brother are comfortable, and don’t have to worry about food or shelter. A life where stealing isn’t necessary just to survive.

    Her brother is the most important thing in her life, and she is very loyal to him, and distrustful of strangers.

  • Her and her brother where born to a single, mother in a cabin somewhere deep in the mountains, not wanting, or caring to care for her children she left. It was a miracle that they were found and taken in by a couple of hunters. The Two men took care of the twins to the best of their ability and taught then everything they knew about woodcraft and hunting. When they were 11 it was discovered they were werecats. Their adoptive dads didn’t care and encouraged the two. Until news of the unlikely pair spread, and their found family was killed by angry, god loving villagers.

    Alone again the two fled, and stuck close together using the skills they had learned and newfound powers to their advantage. They stole, lied, and even killed to get by. For years all they’ve had is each other, and they don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  • Fast, and agile she is a master woodsman, able to survive with her wits alone in the deep forests and mountains of the land. Her cat-like instincts and nature give her the edge she needs to move silently through the trees and climb with ease. She is also a master with a bow, and fairly adept with a knife.

    Her life in the wild taught her how to navigate, find safe food, water and shelter.
    Life on the streets of human settlements taught her other, less savory arts, such as thieving, pickpocketing, lock picking, and begging for scraps from kindhearted old timers.

    Because of her nature as a werecat she is able to shapeshift, at will into almost any feline in the world. Though this takes great concentration and will power. And in most cases, it is very difficult to hold the strange form for long. But this has one exception, there is one form she can hold with ease, and transform into in a blink of the eye. She is very comfortable in that form, and can hold it as long as she pleases.

Juralyn Frostwings

  • Juralyn is a character i created a few years ago for a dragon shifter RP i took part in. She was brave, and curious, quite typical traits for a baby dragon. But as she grew she became quite the formidable beast. Though she never lost her curiosity and sense of adventure. The perfect traits for a scout or treasure hunter. Perhaps her next rider will be a pirate, or a loyal soldier or a fugitive looking to redeem himself? I suppose we will find out.

    She is not as well devoloped as some of my other characters, i look forward to getting to know her better.

  • She is a female ice dragon shifter, like most dragons she can live thousands of years

    Her egg was originally laid in a clan of riders
    Her mother is the Ice Dragon named Icicle Snowstorm
    Her father is a wild Ice dragon Spike Frostwings
    she has no known siblings

  • P1010082.JPG Juralyn.jpg
    (Picture on the left by me. Picture on the right shows her build, and scale)
    Her dragon form is delicate, and slender, built for speed rather then strength. She has soft purple scales, with lighter plates on her underbelly. Her eyes glow an icy blue. Her whip thin tail has sharp spines along the tip, and her claws are sharp and serrated for easily gripping onto ice or catching slippery prey like fish and seals. She has sails along her back, and between her legs to help guide her both in air and water. She often wears a helmet to protect her head.

    Her human form is very similar to her dragon one, small, only about 5'"2 with slender, graceful limbs. Her hair and skin are both pale, as many ice dragons are, and her eyes are the same shade as in her nautral form.

  • Juralyn is very curious, and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she can often be seen poking and prodding at things for answers. She is also extremely loyal to those she calls her friends and would put her life on the line for them without question.

  • Her mother and father met while her mother, belonging to a clan of dragon riders was out hunting with her rider. The pair quickly hit it off and before long became mates for a brief time before the wild dragon moved on, unable to settle near the rider clan. Her egg was laid in the clan and waited over a hundred years before finally finding her rider.

    As a newly hatched dragon she was very brave, and curious and had a knack for learning things. She quickly picked up human speech much faster then other dragons. She grew quickly, and before long was learning how to fly. The rest of her story however, remains to be seen.

  • As an ice dragon she posses a few appropriate powers. She can comfortably survive in sub-zero temperatures, can freeze water, and the air around her with ease. And can breathe frost, and chips of ice along with having a slight control over weather and wind. This is not a significant ability, and merely allows her to fly safely in any weather. Some other abilities makes it impossible for her rider to fall off accidentally, freeze to death or suffocate in low oxygen environments.

    She is also an insanely fast, agile flyer, with very few able to catch her if she chooses to run. But this comes with the cost of her strength. She cannot beat most dragons if it comes down to force, or wrestling and she relies heavily on her speed and agility darting in to deal quick blows or blasting them with her breath before flying out of range.

    She is able to communicate mentally with her rider from great distances, and can sense if they are in pain or injured. They are able to sense similar things about her. This makes for a very close connection between the two. The connection gives her rider control over certain dragon magic, and a much stronger ability to use human or elvish magic. The connection also grants her rider a much increased lifespan, increased physical strength and faster healing abilities.
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