Midnight War

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  1. I have a plot worked out and looking for roles to be filled. I am looking for some one who can Rp their main charcter but also npcs with in the story.
    High fantasy/ romance/ action/ war/ Fae/ magic/ medieval

    I have two male roles that I would like filled and though I sound specific it's just for the set up once it starts the charcters are open for progressive change or diffrance.

    1) Captain of magical (Fae/elf)(male) guard to the kingdom of Adarnel. Blood oath to it King binds him to the kingdom. Adarnel is a peacfull and kind kingdom yet with a strong army.

    2) second squad captain (Fae/elf)(male)within the magical guard. For the kingdom of Gravadear. Blood oath bond to the king and leader of the second most lethial infantry. Gravadear is a kingdom with a king filed by power her expands and shows no kindness to any kingdom that resists. Commanding his bonded officers to kill anyone who resists wemon and children alike.

    Depending on which role you want depends where the story picks up but the basic plot of the story is.

    Deiana is the captin of squad one blood oathed to the king of Gravadear. Though she comes of cold and collected in truth she is more loyal to her soldiers then to her king. As the Kings tatctic grow more blood thirsty she is forced to make a dessision. She crossed into the kingdom of Adarnel and asked them to take in her small army they wanted to rebel against Gravadear tired of killing innocents and taking over the lands in a pointless power hungry war. Their she meets adarnels captain of the guard.

    But, she was forced to leave behind a close friend someone who could have been her mate (the captin of the second gaurd) and as her old king grows nearer to attack Adarnel the blood oath pulls her back to him to obey can she break the oath or will she go back to him.

    Sorry it's short and sweet here but anyone intrested I will fill in more.

    The Fae race.
    Magic of one type.
    Animal shift
    Animalistic traits
    loyalty and mating for life through ritual and bite
    Slightly pointed ears
    Males are protective of the females of their race and females are protective of those weaker then them by instinct .
    Imortal to a point.
    You can add whatever you wish these are basic details.

    My charcter.
    Name: Deiana
    Age: 150
    Eyes: gray
    Hair: black
    Ears: slightly pointed
    Athletic build

    Magic: shadows emphasis on fighting enhancing her own streangths.
    Animal shift: a black wolf

    When she was born the goddess of darkness blew out all the tourches in the college so her painted named her Deiana after the goddess Deiazan .

    My Rp skills will change to better fit with my partner I can take the lead role or share the lead role in progressing the story. I like multi para but as long as you have a para I can work with.
    I'm active and would like an active partner.

    Pm Rp please.