INTEREST CHECK Midnight Sleeps Soundly While Mid-day Strikes

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  1. "Midnight Sleeps Soundly While Mid-day Strikes"

    No one ever wanted this to happen. The two sides were at peace. There was no need for war between the Minuit and Amiază clans of the 'Insulă de Magix' [Island of Magic]. Not until two very different leader came to power. The clans of the Island were of the same religion; Nycthemeronist. This means that they worship the twenty four hour period that includes both day and night. But no, the two new leaders both wanted to worship the day and night as separate religions. So, the leader of the Amiază clan declared war on the Minuit clan, because they thought that the day was better than the night. And so the Minuit people were tracked down and murdered. Most of them ran, and tried to survive, but the Amiază clan wanted them to die, so they took in people from the Minuit clan as spies and made them hunt and find their friends, lovers, and family. It had seemed like the Amiază leader had killed off the other clan, but what he didn't know, was that a small group of people from the Minuit clan had survived the mass extinction of their people and had elected a new leader, that hopefully might lead them to victory and rebirth of their people.

    Nycthemeronist- This was the two clans religion before the two leaders came to power. This religion was meant for worshipping the twenty-four hour period between each day. There was two main idols of worship. The Sun God Corneciuls, and the Moon Goddess Meleternia. Each person of faith would have an alter dedicated to both the sun god and the moon goddess on the same alter. They lived in harmony, and only wanted nothing but peace. The sun god brought good crops and fertile soil as well as good weather, while the moon goddess brought the mystery of the tides, and the time where the soil rests before it is tilled. She also brought back life after the winter.
    Diuranlithist- The Amiază clan has proclaimed a new religion where you only worship the day. You only worship the time from when the sunrises to where it sets. The people of this religion do not stay up at night and go to bed immediately when the sun sets and wake up when the sun rises. You also only worship the Sun God Corneciuls, and your religion tells you that anyone else who is different must parish.
    Nocturnalithist- The Minuit clan has proclaimed this as their new religion since the two clans split. They only worship the night, they wake up immediately when the sun sets and go to bed when it rises. Some say they are vampires. The Nocturnalithist worship only the moon goddess Meleternia.

    The Island and Beginning Clan:
    It seemed that Earth was getting more polluted and more diseased as time went on. The world had almost completely died off save for a rag tag group of people mostly consisting of French and Romanian people. There was a few of other ethnic backgrounds. But it was mainly French and Romanian ethnic backgrounds. They needed to live, they would not let the entire human race die out, so on the year 2045 they set off on a ship out into uncharted oceans. They had been going for days and days, when finally they spotted land. They settled on the land and sooned found out it had magical properties, in the water, and in the air. It was different, they couldn't quite explain it, but it was magical. They lived longer than a normal human, and they were fertile in all aspects. So they named the island "[/I]Insulă de Magix" or "Islands of Magic" with a mixture of French and Romanian languages. The clan consisted of two smaller clans: The Minuit Clan which in French it means Midnight, and the Amiază clan which is Romanian for mid-day. The clans had begun to build magnificent, but eco-friendly buildings. They would not pollute this small savior of an island, like they did earth. It was difficult communicating with each other, being of different backgrounds, but when they drank the water, they could communicate in a universal language, that sounded the same. Which ultimately sounded like english. But they could all understand each other. Than the two long lasting leaders of each clan died, and two new, and very different leaders were elected, and war broke out.]

    Alright! I think I've told everything I could tell for you guy's to be interested! So you want to join? Comment here, or message me! I'd love to see this come to life! Any questions? Ask me! :D​