MIDNIGHT SKYLINES ★ a fantasy high school rp



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MIDNIGHT SKYLINES ★ a fantasy high school rp

[blockquote][blockquote]「 It's the year 2011 - the world has just escaped the embittered war between the three realms of the universe : heaven, hell, and the middle ground : earth. In an attempt to reconcile differences between the three races, the heads of the worlds have created a brand new academy : Mr. Scott's Academy for Intelligent Learning. With the hope that this academy - whose population will consist of the children of major figures from all three realms - will allow for the future generations to be at peace with one another, important figures and commoners alike are required, by law, to send their children here.

Regardless if they've applied or not, the governments of each race will seek out a balanced population of children of both important, and unimportant figures in their world, and they will be sent to this school.

The damnation? A single letter, sent home, with the golden engraving : "Congratulations - your child has been accepted to Mr. Scott's Academy for Intelligent Learning."

Children of CEO's and celebrities from earth are experiencing, first-hand, the other races, formerly only seen by the SWOT and military men. The children of army generals from the war and councils from heaven and hell, too, are shipped off into the halls of this grand school, located in the middle ground of Earth.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. _____. Your child has been accepted into Mr. Scott's Academy for Intelligent Learning. Thank you for applying.