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    Blackwatch is a steampunk type city where mice and thieves scurry underfoot, danger lurks at every turn, steam and fog fills the streets, blood runs in the water, and fear, desperation, and hopelessness permeates the thick and stifling air. MC happens to be the greatest thief living on the streets now, infamously known as Midnight, as that's usually when he is out roaming the streets. He has an obsession with very unique gens and diamonds. Opals and pearls of massive sizes, diamonds so pure and glittery they could blind you, and sapphires and emeralds that were so deep in color you could drown in them. Some of these gems he sold, some he kept, and maybe even give to the other poor saps down in the muck and filth, slowly sinking in Blackwatch.

    YC happens to be the captain of Blackwatches soldiers, also known as the Black Guardsmen. YC prides himself in being able to catch any crook, murderer, or thief running amuck in YC's city. YC gets wind of this thief known simply as 'Midnight' and is hooked in. Determined to catch this criminal if it was the last thing he did. YC sets up a trap for MC. YC's father happened to be very close friends with the mayor of Blackwatch, Vort Svatten. He happens to a very precious and very priceless jewel in his position known as the Blue Swan. It is a pure silver swan that encompasses a giant dazzling blue sapphire in its wings... It is a one of a kind piece. MC can not stay away. Not only is the Blue Swan suppose to be an extraordinary prize, but it is said to have powers of its own... And that's how the mayor, a very cruel and awful man, ever managed to become mayor of Blackwatch.

    MC goes right into the lions den... Into the mayors manor where the Blue Swan surely waits for him to snatch up... Oblivious to the fact that YC had led him right into a trap. And the jaws of the trap already was descending on him. YC suddenly springs the ambush on him. MC, thankfully for him, is quick to react and starts to make a run for it. However he has to run through the manor to try evade YC and his Black Guardsmen when he runs right into the room displaying the Blue Swan on a high glass pedestal proudly.

    So before MC could think otherwise, he makes a dash for the Blue Swan. In the mad flurry to get to it and get away, the glass pedestal falls and it shatters... With the Blue Swan. There is suddenly a big and dazzling flash of blue, the sounds almost defeating, like thunder... Though MC could swear he could hear a man scream through that. It took a long moment to regain his sense. When he opened his eyes, he found he couldn't quite see out of his left eye. YC and his guards were still blinded and dazed from the flash and the pedestal and the Blue Swan shattering everywhere. MC steals off into the night, half stumbling but manages to get to his hideout.

    That night was just the beginning of the wild goose chase MC puts YC through trying to catch him.... And the beginning of unraveling a whole lot of secrets and lies and betrayals... It only gets darker from there.


    1. I am looking for a dominant/seme.

    2. I would like 1-3 paragraphs, and in third person. Please also have proper grammar and punctuation! I understand a few typos here and there, but I do not like when people completely slaughter a reply!

    3. I'm pretty much fine with any kinks besides: bloodplay, vore, and potty play! I am fine with having rape or mpreg in this rp!

    4. Realistic or anime pictures are allowed. ^.^

    5. This will be taking place on a thread.

    6. If you ever want to talk to me outside of a rp, go right ahead! I don't bite.

    7. Please pm me or comment below if interested!
Thread Status:
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