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  1. I remember we once had a Studio Ghibli marathon. Well, lately I've been bitten by the Jodorowsky bug again, and since it seems I'm normally awake when much of the site is asleep, I think it's somewhat appropriate that I offer to host something like what's titled above. I don't have a day in mind yet, but I do have a time (midnight central time -- or at least I think site time is central time) and, at least for the first round, a set of movies, all involving Alejandro Jodorowsky, essentially the king of the midnight movie:

    El Topo -- let's call it a bloody, surrealistic western
    The Holy Mountain -- let's call it a mystical adventure film
    Santa Sangre -- a Felliniesque variation on the Freudian themes of Psycho
    Jodorowsky's Dune -- a documentary about a movie Jodorowsky almost made

    If this catches on, the next marathon will probably be more diverse, involving classics I haven't watched, such as Pink Flamingos, classics I have watched, such as Rocky Horror, and classics that I don't think were really midnight movies but are sufficiently weird, revolting, or titillating enough to fit in. Or maybe I'll branch out to other, more artsy non-midnight movies that I like....

    Anyway, I'm just not sure how I could set this up, or if anyone actually wants to join in. Because of the possibly disturbing nature of most of the films (particularly El Topo), this event may get restricted to all the 18+ members. Thanks for considering!
  2. I almost forgot: since I can feel most of you have heard nothing of these films, some trailers.

    The films are all about 2 hours long, bar the documentary which is much shorter. El Topo's the only film wholly in Spanish.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.