Midnight Moon Pack (Open)

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  1. Midnight Moon Pack


    They are the midnight Moon pack. They are one of the most strongest packs in America and they are loyal from the start. Imagine yourself being in this pack alongside the most strongest of people. Wouldn't you love that? The midnight moon pack is located far north of America and it contains a ton load of members. They live in the woods and there resides a huge mansion where they live. Imagine the things you could do. Come on and join the midnight moon pack. There will be adventures to seek! There will be fights! And of course there will be romance. Join now and become a member today!

    1. Must be active and post a few times per day
    2. Cursing is allowed
    3. Make the amount of character genders.
    There should be the same amount of boys and girls in the rp.
    4. Sexual content will be in Pms
    5. Be neat and with good grammar
    6. Respect Others
    7. Have fun :D

    Character Sheet:
    Looks (Realistic):
    Ranking (Must ask):
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