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  1. You have been invited to stay at a real castle this summer! Mysteriously enough though...You receive a broacher in the mail, telling you all about this grand old castle, MIDNIGHT GRANDIFLORA. There is also an even more mysterious letter inviting you written in neat hand writing you do not recognize. Still, it gets you intrigued, and you could certainly use an exciting vacation! However, the only way to get to the castle is by a Ferry boat, as the castle is on an island far from the mainland. There is no name on the mysterious envelope you receive in the mail. There is also a room key for you, and the letter assures that finances will be covered during your stay.


    However, do expect to loose a pint or two of blood during your visit at night. For a vampire lurks through the halls, feeding upon his guests. No one ever sees the true owner of the castle, only his butler. Still, there is plenty to do at the castle. From fishing to hiking to reading.

    (Castle Owner. Will be my main character.)

    (The Maid. Will be my side character.)

    Participant Requirements
    When you create your CS, please include a writing sample. It will be required for you to manage at least 2 - 4 paragraphs per post. I detest one-liners, so if that's your game, I'm afraid it just won't work. If your writing sample meets the standard, I shall approve of you and get you the link to the RP via PM; if you don't make the cut, well...you're just plain out of luck - sorry.

    Please don't use anime or cartoon photos to show what your character looks like. Real life images are much more easier to visualize.

    If you aren't going to be able to make a post for a while, please let us know instead of vanishing!

    I would rather you write in 3rd person please.

    And please try to use proper spelling / grammar. I know occasional mistakes happen, we all make them, but there's just a fine line to walk on that.

    Some swearing is fine, but please keep that to a bare minimum since this isn't in the Mature section. Think PG13.

    Also, I would rather you stick to just one or two character minimum for the RP.

    All I'm really going to require is Name, Nicknames (if any), Age and Gender. You can get more detailed if you want, but it's not necessary. Oh, I shall also want to see a Writing Sample and Appearance.

    Writing Sample:
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  2. This sounds splendid! Ooh there's a word I haven't used before...Splendid...Bleh.

    Name: Alyss Malone
    Nickname: Her father and friends call her Al, her mother and younger sisters call her Lyssie.
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Writing Sample:
    Alyss stared at the thing in front of her. The hideous, grotesque, putrid smelling creature sitting less than a foot away from her and chewing on her favorite scarf. It's disgusting drool was all over it and Alyss knew that even two thorough washes weren't going to erase the fact that a hideous rat dog had gotten it's creepy oral fluids all over it!
    Why! Why had her aunt have to visit? Why couldn't she have just stayed in New York with her stupid dog instead of coming to visit Alyss and her family! Or at least why hadn't she left the dog behind! Or even better yet, why had she even gotten a dog! Dogs were loud, smelly, creepy and ugly! Who in their right mind would want one! And why was Alyss stuck baby--dog sitting the creature? It was her aunt's dog not hers! And yet here she was at home with the ugly monster, while her aunt was at the movies with parents and little sisters. True, Alyss hadn't really wanted to see the movie, but if she had known that her choice of staying home would end up with her having to watch the dog, she would have gone. But now here she was, having a stare down with a demonic chihuahua.
    "Let go of that you little demon!" Alyss hissed, as she inched her way closer to the tiny dog. The dog in questioned, leaped to a standing position, the beautiful aqua scarf hanging from it's jaws, and growled at her. Alyss let out a shriek of horror and jumped backwards, crashing into the lazy boy behind her. The dog let out a yip of triumph before dashing out of the room, down the hall and right out--
    "NOOO!" Alyss screamed as the small dog raced out the door and right into the path of a speeding car. Even if Alyss hated the thing, she didn't want it to die! She scrambled to her feet and ran outside just in time to see the driver of the car swerve to the side just in time, scream some unnecessary words and zoom away. Alyss allowed herself to let out a breath of relief that soon got stuck in her throat when a large shadow was cast over her. She dragged her gaze upwards to the sky where a hawk was making a beeline towards the little dog.
    "No no no no no!" Alyss cried as she ran towards the dog, hurling herself towards it, and just as the hawk swooped Alyss grabbed her scarf, that the dog still had a tight hold on, and yanked. The bird let out an angry squawk of surprise and released the dog.
  3. Name: Devon Jacob Covington
    Nickname: DJ
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Writing Sample:

    It was his great failing.

    Sarcasm ruled him and increased tenfold when weary... or agitated. At the moment, he was both, the latter more so than the first. This was a well known fact among any in the presence of the royal prince longer than five minutes, so Arliss knew this more so than any, an additional fact that made Kerian all the more irritated at his friend's inquiry to his state of mind. He could avoid a direct confrontation a little longer, but he could rarely ever lie to Arliss. The man knew him too well.

    “Of course I'm fine. I’ve trampled the land of a hard working citizen, my armor bearer six years my junior has taken to giving me sage advice, I have bandits and a network of thieves in my backyard more aggressive than old maids at a country dance and oh yes, I forgot, black sorcerers seeking to set fire to every village south of the river. Oh no, Arliss, I’m just dandy. And how do you fare this fine evening?” His horse, in anticipation of a ride to battle stomped eagerly and Prince Kerian gave him his head allowing him to trot away from Arliss a few paces before he could answer him.

    A rider interrupted any retort his good friend had prepared, which was a welcome distraction judging by the look on his face. “Prince Kerian! A rider from the rear has reached us, he says Dreliane and his men are less than two hours east of us and Marion reports the fires on the west of town are finally out.”

    “Ah, good then, we wait for nothing. Let’s move!” As the head of the column shifted to make room for their prince to lead them, Kerian brought his horse close along side Arliss. “Truly, I will be fine. I lack a little sleep, but nothing to slow my hand in battle.”
  4. Name: Ivory Silver Thanatos
    Nickname: Ivy
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: reese-witherspoon-wallpaper.jpg
    Writing Sample: (This is a sample from a mutant based rp)

    Xypher looked down at Nosalis as he returned covered in blood frowning she looks at him questioningly "Nosalis what did you do? Your covered in blood! It better not be yours or anyone innocent" Her voice is concerned taking on almost a motherly tone. Seeing the creature - Blade get up and speak to her she tensed up a bit at the knowledge of it being a mutant hunter but it didnt seem to be threatening them or anything. Before she could respond to it a jet flies over the park dropping off some man...Or well mutant it looked like.

    Xypher was wary of him sense he was aiming a gun - though awkwardly, and had a energy blade along with a bunch of other gizmo's it on him. She couldnt help but giggle softly at his reaction to Nosalis and Nosalis's obvious look of disdain toward the man. "Dont worry Nosalis is...Relatively friendly, I wouldnt threaten him though he's done nothing to warrant your concern. Who are you? I assume Blade is yours? Considering he showed up right before you. Would you please lower your weapons? I have no intention of attacking you but I dont like weapons pointed at me or my friends." Her voice is still calm and friendly but has a deadly undertone.

    Noticing Ross's frightened look right before she went completely invisible she frowns but understood, she says softly in the direction of where Ross was."Hey its okay I wont let anyone hurt you Ross. Ignore Baker hes just a grouchy pants"
  5. If time allows, I might create a male charrie for this as well. Only if I can manage it, and if Storyteller approves the idea.
  6. Hmm...I think it would be best if everyone just stuck to one character at a time. Otherwise it might start getting a little difficult to keep track of whose who.
  7. Name: Vladimir Royale
    Nickname: Vlad
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male


    Standing at 6'2 200lbs, long wavy black hair that stretches to the middle of his back, his bangs flowing to the right side of his face. His smooth forehead lacks any marks that show age making him appear to be much younger than he is. He has very defined eyebrows not too thin and not too thick that make his crystal blue eyes appear to shine in the light. His unwavering gaze is hard to behold his complete confidence in himself makes it hard to look him in the eyes for any extended period of time. His cheekbones are normal not too convex nor too concave though clearly defined seeming to overshadow his cheeks. Vladimir has a definied jaw line that leads down to his narrow chin coming to a smooth point to complete the portrait that is his face. His shoulders are broad and defined clearly showing his physical prowess through his garbs, that exudes a confident almost intimidating aura.

    Writing Sample:

    (From a zombie survival rp)

    Slowly awaking Dax's body acked in defiance, turning a simple task of sitting up into a mental battle. Sitting up in his makeshift bed he remembered where he was, an old abandoned house in the middle of the woods... "oh yea, almost forgot." he whispered to himself referring to the condition of the world. Upon remembering he reached into his backpack and pulled out his half drank bottle of scotch and took a big swig from the bottle. He reluctantly stood up and walked over to the boarded up window and peered through the cracks between the boards, seeing nothing but rotting bodies slowly wandering aimlessly through the woods. He took another swig from his most trusted companion at the depressing site that has become the new world that he lives in. Slowly making his way back to his newspaper bed on the floor he bent over and picked up his backpack and had a seat in the rotting chair in the room. After a short search through his backpack he pulled out a can of tuna and the can opener and placed them on the cardboard box he has called a table. Staring at the morbid meal he was supposed to consume he slowly pulled out his silenced 9 mm from its holster underneath his left shoulder and slowly placed it in his mouth. "What's even the point anymore?" he thought to himself as he felt his grip tighten on the pistol, hands shaking his eyes started to water as he told his finger to finish the movement and end his morbid existence. 'Click' was the only sound he heard as he pulled the trigger..."Guess its not loaded...my lucky day." he said as he returned the pistol to its home under his shoulder and stood up.

    Walking over to the rest of his belongings he slowly put on his coat, picked up his katana that was leaning gracefully against the wall in its sturdy sheath and slung it over his back that would rest under his backpack. Walking back over to the table he began to open his can of "chunk light tuna in water" it was a great source of protein for the body and also stored a bit of water, that if you don't mind the taste of fish, was actually quite refreshing. He pulled the lid off the can and emptied the contents into his mouth, slightly cringing at the dissatisfying taste of tuna he reluctantly swallowed and tossed the can aside. "Well, its not a number 7 from McDonalds...but it'll do" he joked to himself knowing that tuna was going to be his main diet for the remainder of his existence. He turned towards the door to leave the small house when he noticed a distant sound, a sound that was very familiar to him, he cautiously opened the door making sure the walking dead weren't going to ruin his day. Looking up he found the source of the familiar sound "A helicopter? Haven't seen one of those in a long time." he said to himself as he exited the run down shack he spent the night in.

    Watching the helicopter get closer and closer through the tree line, he wondered wether he should have stayed in the shack to avoid being spotted. Though his fears were quickly neutralised when the helicopter started spinning out of control, he watched from a distance as the helicopter quickly found its way to the ground, with a loud boom the ground shook as the helicopter and most likely its entire crew found its final resting place. He found himself slowly walking toward the direction of the crash, but then thought better of it. Not only will the loud crash bring hordes of dead, but also anyone else that happened to see or hear it as well and these days people have proven themselves to be far more dangerous than the mindless zombies. "Better keep my distance." he reminded himself as he changed directions to slowly make his way around the crash site. "Won't be able to help any survivors anyways" he told himself to try and convince himself to not get involved. "Besides, crash like that usually leaves fatal wounds, if anyone did survive they won't have long to celebrate it before the hordes of dead arrive." he said as he continued to cautiously make his way around the crash site.
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  9. I'll probably be posting soon to keep things moving, unless the handful of the missing players actualky post in. I just didn't want to over post and not give others a chance in.
  10. Hi hi. I'm here. Just had sickness swamp me. I'll get a post up in a few. Sorry for delays.
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