Midnight Chat RP: Metempsychosis

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    2052. The world's population surpassed a whopping 11 Billion people.

    With ever dwindling resources and and the increase of pandemics across the world, it was agreed that the planet's human population needed to be controlled.

    Before reaching puberty all humans were injected with a cutting edge suppressant that rendered them infertile until a second drug was administered. Couples that were ready to have children would be able to plan their pregnancy and have a child when they were ready. They would be limited to two, and the laws were not unreasonable. Exceptions and special cases were often made when a couple lost a child.

    Over time the population became more evenly spread. The problem solved.

    ...but the fertility suppressant seemed to trigger a natural evolution. More and more people were finding themselves still completely infertile even after the antidote drug was given.

    It's been 30 years. The youngest person in the world has just turned 30. Not a single new child has been born since then. ANYWHERE. The human race is at it's end, with no one but itself to blame.

    ...but someone who is baring a child has been found!

    When: 12AM Wednesday Morning of the 4th to 6AM Wednesday Morning of the 4th.
    Where: Roleplay City
    Genre & Atmosphere: Futuristic Modern Sci-Fi with lots of action and moral choices!

    It's 2182. There has not been a single kid born in 30 years. All of a sudden, here is this woman that is pregnant. AND THAT IS A BIG DEAL. Why she is pregnant, how she got pregnant, with whom... and whether or not people WANT it to happen. She could be what saves humanity from extinction - if she is allowed to exist.

    Your character and plot options:
    - You can play a friend of this woman.
    - You can play someone who finds out and wants to help this woman.
    - You can play someone who wants humanity to die and thus want to KILL this woman.
    - You can play someone who finds out and wants to TELL THE WORLD about this woman.
    - You can play someone who wants to be a scary person and experiment on this woman.
    - Or you can play anything I haven't thought of. 8D

    I am very open with any sort of characters people want to play from military, to scientists, to revolutionaries, to activists, to reporters, to the average joe. As long as it makes sense for the setting and the story! <3 If in doubt, ask.

    This time period is a lot like modern time period but with much better technology. No flying cars or anything like that. But there's tons of mass transit just about everywhere. Lots of "controlled" environments with police force, etc. So you can't go around doing anything too wild or they'll come down on you pretty fast.

    How this plot goes will depend on who actually shows up to play. 8D So lets find out! <3 I'll see you in the CITY CHAT at Midnight Central Time at Wednesday the 4th. (Tuesday evening for you West Coasters.)
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    *lunges at Diana*
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    Come play with me Asmo.
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    You know what...I just might be around for this...
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    Thanks for all the people that were able to show up for such a late RP!

    Here are the LOGS.

    We were not able to finish this RP in one session, so there WILL be a part 2. 8D It will be another Midnight RP either this week or next.