Midna's Servant OOC Thread

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  1. Can I join? If so, could I be Zelda/Sheik?
  2. Yes! Please Do!
    Wait. Sheik was in Ocarina of Time. You can be Zelda, but not Sheik. Sorry.
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  3. ((Is ThatOnePasta still roleplaying as Link?))
  4. Hey guys. This is the out of character thread. This is where we will discuss things like character abandonment, future for the rp, etc. Well, get to it.
  5. Hello There!

    I have moved a couple of out of character posts to this thread for you!

    Good job for creating your own OOC, Keep up the good work and keep using it! Love your work!

  6. Thank you, Red Velvet.
    Now, on the topic of Link. I can wait until Friday, but then I will have to let someone else take over.
  7. Link is officially open. Sorry to the old Link, but We have to move on.
  8. I will play for Link for now, if anyone is still interested in this role-play. I'm doing a role call. Anyone still interested, post to let me know.

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  9. I will be traveling for the next 2- 7 days. I will have no way to get to the internet. Please be aware of this.
  10. ((Just a small side note I will delete this post later after everyone has seen it. My character is quite the distance away from everyone, he didn't direct any attention toward Vivi 'nor did he see her wherever she was right now he is using his scope to watchover Zelda, Link and Epona. I slightly doubt that she would be able to pick up his scent because he is in a tight seal suit, so nothing will enter or exit whether it is airborne or not. Just my 5 cents to clear things up. ))
  11. Is this still going? If so, would it be okay to have Gerduo's still living in Gerudo Desert and I play a male Gerudo?
  12. Hey mate, I am still here. Finally managed to get to the OOC thread. :-)
  13. I'm actually not sure. I think he was, since his character is one that remains hidden. Pretty much, assume he is, because he is a highly trained spy/ super soldier. Unless his suit malfunctions or he shows himself, he is invisible, except for maybe a faint distortion in the landscape.
  14. Currently he is uncloaked, as I previously said he uncloaked as he approached Midna from behind.
  15. I'm sorry, I missed that. My bad.

    So, where do we want this to go plot wise? Do we want to quest to save Link, or what?
  16. It's the same to me, Montross will do what Midna says. He has no gain in any of this besides having someone to follow, or perhaps something more than that. But that would be developed throughout the RP. *wink, wink; nudge, nudge* :-D
  17. Okay. @EtherealLights Are you still interested?

    We need Zelda to respond. If you are not interested, I will play her, but she will leave the RP. I am already playing many characters, and I cannot effectively play more than I already am.
  18. I have given Zelda to CuccoLady, forgot to mention it.

    In answer to your question, Epona brought Vivi to Ordon in order to keep her involved in the RP. Zelda showed no signs of returning, and I wanted to let her stay involved. @CuccoLady
  19. Oh wow y'all, so sorry I haven't been conversing! I hadn't recived any alerts! Okay, should I make a reason then?