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  1. Warnings. this is NOT a Romance between Midna and Link. Also, Link can talk in this role play. You have been warned.
    Rules: You can make up characters if you want to, but be reasonable. Don't give a Zora the power to fly and breathe fire.

    Iwaku Rules Apply

    No characters from other games allowed. That means no Pokemon trainers, no Mario, no Sheik, and no Tingle are allowed. I know that's devastating, because who doesn't want to shout Koo Loo LIMPAH?

    Finally, don't let it die. Try to avoid long battles, as this causes boredom, confusion, as they have killed more than one great rp.

    Now for our story. It takes place instead of the whole Midna destroys Mirror of Twilight drama.

    After Link returns Midna's true form, he and Epona began the long journey back to Ordon, Zelda went back to fix her kingdom, and Midna went back to the Twilight Realm. Or so they thought. Midna entered the shadows and followed Link back to Ordon. She was afraid that the Twili wouldn't accept her right to rule after the mess she caused. Midna thought she needed the Blue Eyed Beast of Legend to help her, and she luckily knew where she could get one.

    Link and Epona were welcomed back into Ordon as Heroes. As Midna watched, the whole village congratulated him on saving the world. She made her move. Entering from the shadows, Midna gave a fearsome wail. Rushing from the Shadows, she appeared next to the villagers with darkness swirling about her.
    "Shadow Beast" yelled Talo, and before anyone could stop him, he slashed with the wooden sword. Midna grabbed the poor boy with her shadow hand and held him high.
    "Link, I'll make you a deal. Someone must be punished. You can take it instead of the boy. But be warned. This will be terrible to bear."
    "Midna, why? I thought we had a partnership." Link didn't know why she was being so cruel, but he wouldn't allow any of his family or friends to be injured.
    "Make your Choice now Link, or I will choose for you."
    "I'll take the punishment. Let him go."
    With an evil smirk, Midna took the amulet (thing that makes Link a wolf) and shoved it deep into his forehead. Before he could react, shadows swept into him, changing him into a wolf. The villagers gasped.
    "That's right, he himself is a shadow beast now. When the children were taken, he was left behind. Rather than come get help, he stormed into the shadows to save them. It changed him into the doggie you now see. He was frightened and alone. I freed him and aided him in his quest, and he agreed to become my servant. Of course, he returned here to help you, and you attacked him. You ought to be ashamed. Since he's fond of you, I'll let you keep him until the first full moon of the new year. Then I'll take him to serve me in the Twilight Realm. And so that he remembers it, Every full moon from now until then, I'll let him become a human again. Don't think you can just use the Master Sword either, pretty boy. You are my servant, and since I'm ordering you to do this, it isn't evil. You have exactly 390 days until you are mine. Make them count."
    With that, Midna gave a small laugh, then merged into the shadows and left.

    Midna, Zelda, Epona.
    Names used:
    Rain, David, Montross

    Midna will not be all powerful after this point, though she will be very strong.
    We are open to more people, so join if you want.
    Have Fun!

    Link is currently OPEN!

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  2. My characters.
    Species and Job: Link's Horse
    Made up: No
    Appearance: She is in the game

    Name: Midna
    Species and Job: Queen of the Twili
    Made Up: No
    Appearance: She's in the game

    Name: David
    Species and Job: Human farmer, lives in the Village
    Made Up: Yes
    Appearance: Dark Brown hair, Gray Eyes, normal sized, stronger than others, muscles don't show

    Epona ran up to Link. "Are you going to be okay?" She knew that he always felt odd after he changed. Worried about Link, Epona nuzzled his head gently.
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  3. Not getting a response, Epona nickered softly, the moved back to give Link some space.
  4. The villagers moved back into a circle around Link. Only Link and Epona were in the center. Epona was frantic by this point. The villagers were afraid of him, Link hadn't moved, and it had been an hour since Midna came. She went to him, and heard the Villagers.
    "Can he still be trusted?"
    "Of course, but where will he go?"
    "Perhaps we can keep him in the forest, or with the goats to herd them."
    "No! He did all of this to save us. He's still Link, even if he looks different."
    "But what is he bites the children?"
    They were divided, and it wasn't looking good. More wanted to lock Link up or keep him out of town. More wanted to keep him somewhere safely out of town. Epona moved to Link and gave a soft Nicker. "Link, get up. Show them that you can be trusted."
  5. Link looked up at his companion, Epona was the closest thing to family he had, he often thought that the villagers were his family but now having heard what they thought about him hurt, sure they called him a monster when he first came to the village as the beast to get the sword and shield but now....

    Now it was different, the tugging feeling in his chest it hurt knowing that they thought he'd hurt the kids, and that they wanted him out of the village.

    Sorrow filled Link's vivid blue eyes as he nods
    "How can I when they think that I'll hurt my friends? They want me out of here...it hurts knowing that's how they feel toward me. "

    But he knew Epona was right, sighing he walked toward the the nearest villager and he cocked his head to the left like a curious pup and wagged his tail, knowing that they wouldn't understand him in this form.
  6. David jerked at Link's approach, then bent down. Seeing the signs of affection, he grinned. "See, guys? He's still Link. Don't be afraid." He reached out and patted Link on the head, then quickly took his hand back, in case that offended him. "Well, since you can't climb up into your old home anymore, we need to build a new one for you. Until then, you can stay with me. Is that good?"
    Epona shook her head with laughter at David petting Link. She stayed back, though. Link might know better, but the villagers see her as a dumb animal. She instead nuzzled a nearby child, successfully getting a peal of laughter. It might help his case.
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  7. Strangely Link enjoyed the pat, he found it odd that whenever in his beast form many things appeared new and full of amazement much like how a small child would view the world.

    But when David mentioned he couldn't go back home due the fact he had to climb he silently cursed under his breath. He was looking forward to his literal treehouse but now....

    He knew David wouldn't due him wrong with his new home with the young man, Link nods showing that he agreed as he approached him once again nuzzling his leg to show his thanks.

    Hearing the laughter Link turned to Epona playing with a child, he loved how kind a gentle she was, though she could at times be pushy.

    He recalled many times she would tell him to hurry and return to normal.

    "Epona we should get going."

  8. "Okay, Link. But, quick question, where are we going?" Epona trotted over, wanting to help the boy she had come to love. While she would follow him anywhere, it would be nice to know ahead of time for once. For you could never be sure with this kid. She remembered one time, they were rushing off to the village, when suddenly, they turned and went fishing instead.
    David smiled down at Link, glad to see that he was the same young man that grew up in the village. He turned to the village. "Anyone who has a problem with Link has a problem with me. He is part of our family. We didn't give up on the children, and we won't give up on him." He shifted his weight to his left foot, then sauntered off to his home. When he entered, he left the door open for Link. David knew that Link would come when ready. He went ahead and put more blankets on the spare bed, pulled out a chair from the table, and did other things to prepare for his new room mate, even though Link might never show up.
  9. "We're headed to David's home, he's allowing us to stay with him until Midna turns me back." Link barks, he could sense the tension linger among the villagers and he lowered his ears slightly.

    He knew it would take them sometime to get used to his new form, he figured he'd do thinks around the village to prove he was the same old hero.

    He could help out in Lon Lon Ranch, or fish. Yeah, that's a good idea.
  10. Shaking her mane out, Epona clopped after Link to the house, but was stopped by Ilia. "Come now Epona, lets get you settled into your stable."
    "Sorry, girl, but I belong with him." She reared up, ripping the reins out of Ilia's grasp. She then went to Link's side, showing that she still trusted him. She swished her tail a little in annoyance. How dare the people try to separate them! It was extremely rude. She reached her head down to pull up some grass, then chomped away on it. She glanced up at the sky, deep in thought. Then, she realized something amazing. "Link, the full moon is tonight. If you can survive until then, everything will be okay." she trotted away from Link again, seeing that she had hurt Ilia's feelings. She nuzzled her, trying to get a smile. She allowed Herself to be led away this time, nickering a goodbye to Link.
  11. Link nuzzled Epona, before watching her leave "Don't worry Epona, we'll get through this together!" he said allowed despite no one heard or understood him.

    He nods his blue eyes flashed with determination as he ran toward David's home.

    When he slowed down upon reaching his destination he looked up and his breath caught in his throat, Epona was right it was a full moon! And he knew what that meant.
  12. Watching the proceedings from the shadows, Midna was confused. Almost none of the villagers trusted Link. Why did he want to save them all so badly? Why did he care, since they clearly didn't care for him? It made no sense. She continued to watch until the sun set. The moment the last rays disappeared, she revealed herself. She silently dropped all of Link's items on the ground, pulled the amulet out of Link, and then vanished with a promise. "I will return at sunrise. Enjoy being human again." She watched as the shadows left his body, leaving a human where the wolf once was. She had altered his wallet so that he could wear it as a wolf. She had also filled it. She didn't want her servant to starve, after all.
  13. Link sat up gasping for air, despite the fact he had went from both forms multiple times when he had agreed to help Midna the first time, the shadows always made him feel like he was drowning.

    He looked at his hands and feet, before grabbing at his hair and face. Joy washed over him as realized he was human again "Yes! I'm back to normal!" He cheered.

    But frowns recalling that Midna will return the following morning and most like turn him back into his beast form.

    He sighed as he collected his items and his wallet, was much heavier than he remembers "Midna...." he whispers under his breath.

    He notices that his wallet is now much like a necklace. He puts the wallet around his neck and begins to plan what he could do for the rest of the night, he knows he should really prepare for for the next day but he felt exhausted. He was thankful for the fact he was just steps away from Davids house.

    He approached the home noticing how the door was open, he considered knocking but honestly when has he ever knocked?

    The hero of Hyrule walked into David's house "Oi, David you home?" He asked curiously.
  14. "Link! You're back!" David jumped up from his seat on the bed and ran towards Link, wrapping him in a hug. Quickly letting go, he coughed awkwardly. "So. What will you tell the other's?" He was worried about Link. He had always thought of him as a little brother. Looking him over, he couldn't believe how much he'd grown on his adventure. He's not the same boy that left the village so long ago. Thinking to himself, David noticed all the changes in Link. He was a little bit taller, his muscles were more defined, and he carried himself with more pride. His very being had been changed.
    David knew that the villagers were a fickle lot. While they might trust Link now, they might change their mind about it by the end of the week. They would notice these changes, and they would see the small changes as proof that the old Link was no more.
  15. Okay! Thanks! ^^

    Zelda woke up with a jump. She had foreseen something wrong. It wasn't evil, actually. And it seemed to be a -how would you say?- familiar presence. It wasn't Ganondorf, she was sure of that. Link had gotten rid of him.
    It was not long time ago that she rebuilt her castle. A portion of the town had been destroyed by the rubble, but that also was taken care of.

    She wiped the sweat from her brow, gathered up her hair and pushed it back, so that it wasn't sticking to her face. She got out of her bed and stretched. As she put her clothes on, she kept on wondering what the familiar presence in her dream was. How weird. It was the middle of the night, and nobody was awake. Only the guards were, and they were patrolling the castle.

    She needed to ask Link if he had heard or seen anything. If there was some evil happening, Link might possibly know a thing or two.
  16. Link sighed his expression shifted to one of slight hurt "I don't know...but seeing their faces when I was that wolf hurt. Especially when they felt they couldn't trust me...." he ran the hand with the tri-force on it through his hair "Seeing that makes me often wonder why I bother trying to save world...."

    He always wanted to that off his chest, he was grateful for David an the ability to tell him anything. He loved that about him.

    He remembers asking him about why he looked different from the other villagers, he had pointy ears and no one else did. But the people in town looked like him, at that bothered him. But that was years ago.

    Despite what he had just said a smile forms on his lips "Then I remember you, Malo and the other kids, and not to mention Princess Zelda...you guys mean the world to me and you help me keep going. I know that you are safe and thats my reason for going on."

    "Zelda...oh yeah."

    "Do you think that Zelda knows about my predicament." He asked David.
  17. David thought about what Link had said. He knew that he would never tell anyone what Link had told him. Sighing, he faced the young man. "Zelda has the power of Prophecy, or so they say. She might know what's happening, she might know that something is wrong, or the legends could be wrong. She might have no idea." He sat down in the chair and flexed his fingers, not liking the thought of sitting idly by while his friends suffered. "Well, we have to do something about this curse. Since the Master Sword won't work, we'll have to find another way."
  18. Zelda had been pacing around her room for about 10 minites now, but she couldn't shake off the nagging feeling that preoccupied her. Finally, she decided she would go to Ordon Village and find answers for herself. Standing there idly would do nothing.

    She took her cloak, and covered her face with her hood. She pressed her ear to the door, and waited until the guard passed. From there, she took shortcuts by hidden passages, all the way to the stables. She opened a trapdoor which was covered with hay, got out, and hid the trapdoor once more with the straw. Zelda saddled her horse, Rain. As she got up onto her mount, she waited for the guards to pass, and rode into the endless grass plains that was Hyrule Field.

    Ordon wasn't long ways from Hyrule Castle, but it took some 30 minutes to get there. She didn't need a lantern, the moonlight was bright enough to see far away.

    Finally here.
    She stopped at the spring, just before the town, in fear of waking up the townspeople. Rain walked up to the spiritual water, and began drinking from it as Zelda stroke her fur.

    "We'll just wait here, hm?" she spoke softly as she listened to the waterfall's calm sound.
  19. Epona heard the there horse's approach. She left her stall and wandered into the forest to the spring, whinnying at Rain. She then saw Zelda, and grew a bit excited. She trotted up to the other horse and nickered softly. "Hey, there. What brings you here in the dead of night?." She hoped it was to help Link.
  20. Link shifted his weight on to his other foot "Oh, yeah I forgot...well I still have my wooden sword, I know it's a mere toy but it'll have to do."

    He turns toward the door thanking David "Thanks, I know I can always count you, for now I should head into town and see what Zelda knows."
    Not waiting for a response the young man dashed out the home and headed for the stables to get Epona, but as he passed the Spirit Lake he noticed a cloaked figure and two horses. He recognized Epona but the second felt he knew but wasn't to sure.

    Assuming the figure was a enemy he made a move to grab the Master Sword but stopped remembering it was useless now.