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  1. For thousands of years the three great kingdoms lived together in harmony. The three kingdoms consisted of; The Elfin Kingdom, The Dwarfish Kingdom and The Human Kingdom. Each kingdom had a great and wise Dragon watching over them, each dragon had his own powers and element. The wisest of all the dragons, was the Elder Dragon, he knew all, and kept watch over everything.

    For years everyone lived in peace as family, friends and lovers, until the late king of the Human kingdom passed away. The king had four sons, he left the throne to his second eldest son, Thedrick, for the Elder dragon told him that a dark path lies ahead if he chose his eldest as heir. The eldest son was not happy to hear that he would not become the next king, consumed by darkness and his lust for power he turned on his brothers, killing them all, except for the youngest one who had time to escape. The eldest son, now king let his darkness spread over the lands and consume the forests. He built high walls around his kingdom not letting one single person out.

    The other two kingdoms tried to warn him about the path that he was heading for, but he, now known as The Dark One believed that the elves and dwarfs only wanted his throne. He sent out his most mighty warriors, beings created of dark magic, to wipe out all magical creatures. This forced the Elves, Dwarfs and Forest Children into hiding. Soon The Dark One killed the dragons that guarded the kingdoms as well, the only dragon that remains is the Elder, who appears to be an old man living in the mountains.

    The Dark One forgot all about his younger brother, a boy of only five who went to live with the dwarfs, the young one who grew up on dwarf cultures will undo what is brother did wrong...

    Twenty years now passed since the darkness fell, surviving in the Human kingdom became harder with each passing day, and more and more people seemed to escape to one of the other kingdoms. Everyone awaited brave warriors to come and reclaim the land, but all seemed hopeless.


    Human: Humans have many talents that they can use. Humans are wise, but are easily consumed by greed and darkness, they can be heartless at times, and kind at times. Humans live all around the mighty forest, in small towns, villages or the kingdom (most rich and high society live here)

    Elves are wise creature, they are pure, gentle, light beings that live inside the Forest and have a connection with animals, plants and The Forest Children. They are amazing warriors and use daggers, bows, swords to fight. Only the royal family that lives inside the castle possess an amount of magic.

    Dwarfs are a mighty race, they love to fight and drink. They are makers of jewelry and weapons for only the finest taste. They use heavy weapons like, axes and hammers. They have a love for gold and any shiny metal. The dwarfs make their home behind the mountains.

    Forest Children:
    Forest Children never leave he forest and are rarely seen, they appear mostly to the elves. Forest Children are; Wisps, Fairies, Gnomes, Unicorns, Animals.

    Dragons are the wises of all creatures, there once was four of them, but now only the elder remains. He can shift forms, but mostly appears as an old man living in the mountains. He shows his true form only when needed, he can predict small portions of the near future and speaks in confusing riddles.

    Most wizards have been around for hundreds of years they have elemental magic.

    Guardians are animal spirits, each person, no matter which race, has a guardian. Guardians appear when a person is at least four years old, when the child no longer relies on his parents as a baby. Guardians grow up along with the Guarded, they only grow faster. Guardians serve as a voice of reason and protector to their person. When the guarded has grown old and is no longer in need of his Guardian, he sets his Guardian free. When a person is on a dark path, and chooses not to turn back the Guardian leaves him. When a person dies the Guardian goes to rest along side him.

    Main Characters that I look for
    I don't mean to push you persons into a box, but there a few characters that I'm looking for in this story. The character will still be all yours I'm not going to tell you what he/she has to look like, these are just the ones I sort of pictured in the story.

    My character : Princess of the elves.

    Elf prince: My character's older brother

    The dark lord: we need someone to play the bad guy!

    The youngest brother: the one who grew up with the dwarfs and will most probably start the whole thing.

    Dargon: the elder dragon.

    The rest is all open Humans, elves, dwarfs, wizard,. If we have about 6-10 people I think it will be enough.
  2. I'm totally interested! This is a cool idea
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  3. Really!! *happy dance* I know it needs a bit of work but we'll work it out, now I just need a more people
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