Middle School Delusions?!

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    For anyone stalking this thread, a quick note that this RP is set on a different period in time to the
    High School Delusions private group RP, although it's in the same universe.

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    Hikari Amaya (Suzume)
    Hiromi Higurashi (the Chaos Phantom)

    The area suddenly became clouded with a mirror-like substance, the moonlight illuminating it to the degree of making the entire area glow as if it were ablaze with a powerful white fire. Potentially the work of a denizen of Netheros- no. More likely it was from the forces of Sacradia.

    "Tch. It appears that after my dimensional travels to this realm, the potency of my cloaking barriers has been reduced drastically."

    The two of them had been running for some time, and particularly Hikari was beginning to run out of breath.
    He pulled out the revolver from the holster on the side of his waist, which was previously hidden under his specially made coat which protects against unintended time distortions.

    "Perhaps they heard about our plans of sealing the city? Since we can only accomplish segments of it at a time during the crescent moon phase they must have come to stop us to delay the strategy."

    It was indeed a crescent moon out tonight, and although it is necessary for positioning the warding shards around the city, would provide excellent offense for anyone capable of utilizing the phases of the moon for attacking magic. Truly a double edged sword.
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  2. (Ooc: I can't make colored dialogues because I'm using my phone.)

    Hiromi or rather the Phantom just smiled at his ally's comment. He only met the young Suzume recently but has proven to be an indispensabl ally against the forces of both armies.

    Before long, legions of the Sacradion army had caught up and surrounded them.

    "Perhaps we need to split up. Complete the seal at all costs. I'll catch up." He said to Suzume as he readied his Taichi. It was time again to soak Hexcalliber in the blood of the guilty.
  3. Hiromi turned to Hikari with a confident smile.

    "Perhaps we need to split up. Complete the seal at all costs. I'll catch up."

    It wasn't too big of a secret that Hikari admired Hiromi since they met not too long ago- in fact, it was probably because of him that Hikari decided to go from a girl with no ambitions to guy with a whole universe full of them. Hikari had seen the 'Chaos Phantom' in their current school when he was still deciding where he wanted to go, and initially admiring Hiromi's freedom and near lack of self awareness to other people, he ended up putting on the facade of the Sparrow to hide his real (and uninteresting) life. Just thinking about that, he smiled back at the Phantom and nodded. There was no way that even the entirety of the Sacradion legion could defeat him with his blade, the legendary Hexcalliber.

    "I got it. I will be back by sunrise."

    Such a departure was common between the two of them, and it was in fact rather late out by this point. Even the most powerful of us have commitments, just they may or may not be to be home before a certain time. Hikari turned back to Hiromi after a few steps.

    "If you come back tomorrow with any scratches I'll be disappointed!"

    ((OOC: For some reason I tried to close this off so we could get the every day life aspect in the 'following day', but I'm not sure if it's actually too good of an idea. I was just imagining the intro sequence at this point xD. Also I'm not sure if you wanted to have them meeting for the first time as part of the RP, so if you want to make any changes at all please say because I may have messed this up. I'm confusing myself a bit ^^;))
  4. "Hoho... That sounds like a challenge. Though you knowing me, I'll crush these guys in just 5 minutes." He boasted arrogantly.

    He waited for Suzume to leave before he made his move.

    The entire legion attacked him after a fateful gust of wind but he wasn't fazed. He didn't even move from the spot he stood as he made a series of slashes. Within munutes, the entire attack force was reduced to a pile of carcasses. The wind sprites were really dependable.

    "4 minutes 59 seconds. Spot on... If only that kid could've seen it. Oh well... I better stir up a ruckus soon." He thought out loud.
  5. Hikari looked down at his watch while jogging to the park. 5 minutes had passed- and no doubt the Phantom had already taken out the legion previously surrounding them (allowing for Hikari to escape to plant the shard in tonight's location). Speaking of which, it seemed as if he'd make it on time.

    "Hm. The magical barrier usually set up here has dissipated before it's usual time. Could it be a trap?"

    Hikari took a couple steps towards the center of the park.
  6. The Phantom decided to go the opposite direction from which Suzume went. There, he arrived at a small town that was controlled by the forces of Netheros. He had previously stolen a Sacradian Soldier's uniform which he had defeated 5 minutes ago. His plan was to provoke the Netheros' forces so that they would attack Sacradia's forces, tying their hands and giving Suzume precious time. Plus, he could liberate the townsfolk in the process.

    "Oi, you Punkass Sacradian scum! Turn back or we'll kick your holy ass!" One of the Netheronian guards that spotted him shouted.

    "Heh... I hate people who are all bark..." Everything happened in a blur. One moment, the Phantom was in front of 2 dozen Netheronian soldiers, the next, he seemed to teleport behind them, sword unsheathed. A second had passed before all of them fell to the ground torn to pieces. "... and no bite."

    He had purposely spared one soldier so that he could report what had happened and soon enough, the entire battalion stationed in the town had come for him.

    "Stop that Sacradian son of a gun!" The Captain of the Netheronian Battalion shouted. The entire force charged the Phantom after hearing their leader's command. However, he couldn't help but chuckle to their feeble efforts.

    When they were only a few feet from him, the Phantom sliced the air between them with his sword, causing a black hole that sucked everything but him and the civilians. Within a matter of minutes, the Netheronian Force was reduced to nothingness.

    "Pathetic" He uttered as he sheathed his blade.
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