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  1. Would anyone be interested in a RP based in Middle-Earth? I would follow the lore, but allow liberal interpretations of it, and I may or may not take some liberties and expand the lore to make the RP more fun. I may even go so far to make it a Alternative Universe. It may be based in the War of the Ring (Time of Lord of the Rings), or the time around the Hobbit, or even further back in time. Maybe if everyone played elves we could start way in the past and start an RP that goes through all of its history, we would probably skip over boring parts. I would prefer people with good amount of substance in their posts it doesn't matter how long, just along as its got enough substance to reply to. You don't need to be a Tolkienite (Lore Fanatic), I will explain any info you will need and we can use wikis and stuff, but if you are a Tolkienite I would love you to join! Anyways just checking to see if anyone would be interested. Then we'll get down to plotting.
  2. I'd go for it.
  3. Yes. YES.

    Interested. :3
  4. Bumping to see if their any more interest in this. If people are put off by a lack of plot, post and tell me that. I'll develop one and set up an OOC/Signup. If you have any of interest in this do post.
  5. I'm very interested:)
  6. Okay well 4 people seems good enough if we want more characters we can just make multiple character. So does anyone have a particular time they would like to set the RP in? War of the Ring (Lord of the Rings), The Regaining of the Lonely Mountain (The Hobbit), or are you interested in maybe doing multiple RP's maybe from creation of Middle-Earth. Anyways, just give me your opinions.

    Also if we do do an RP that goes over a long period of time; all the characters that where hobbits, humans, or dwarves would have to die so people would have to continuously make new ones.... unless we stretched the lore a bit and allowed them to be given a kind of agelessness ..Hmm I'll think about it. Anyways...
  7. I not so picky about which era although playing through the times of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings would be good and familiar, it also would be very nice making an rp placed before those two, in times that aren't so well known. Several rp's would also be nice, having them all connected in some ways as well.
  8. Hmm okay. Eternal and Silver? Opinions?
  9. I think in the Hobbit or especially in LOTR would be the most familiar, maybe with our characters on their own quest and hearing news about the main events in LOTR?
  10. I totally agree with that. The question is how would this be all set up? Hunter all we need is a plot.
  11. I will be getting down to plot this out and make an OOC after I finish setting up my Wheel of Time RP...:P I shouldn't bite off more then I can chew.