Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley

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  1. [video=youtube;0M0RbaPxq2k]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M0RbaPxq2k[/video]

    Michael won.

    - ^-

  2. Jackson destroyed him. No contest.
  3. Presley sounded like he was freaking out in the end XD
  4. Presley sounds weird rapping. Very. Weird.

    I kept expecting the song to burst into Thriller too. Kinda wrecks things a little when that happens.
  5. MJ wins no contest.
  6. GTFO Elvis!!! This is Michael's Town!!!! >:[
  7. YUS.
    I'm glad to see you all have correctly tuned ears. - ^- <3

    "I didn't lose any chocolate, I just added vanilla." <3
    This is going in my top five of favorites. Maybe top three. I'm so in love with that kid. xD <3

    Does anyone else find themselves kind of like feeling the rap at the beginning running through your veins?
    is it just because I gots some soul inside of me secretly wanting to come out?

  8. Is there a Mercy Rule?
  10. I actually found this day one but not this thread o_o I should look around more!

    Michael definitely won. Elvis had some good zingers but Michael simply sounded and flowed much better.

    Also: The boy who played young Michael gets major props. He can sure dance.
  11. ​He had an immense groove, I could not resist.<3
  12. GO MICHAEL!!!
    now, i LOOOOVE Elvis...(not fat elvis) but MJ definately won on that one...and....there are sooooo many EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!!! O_O *should start thread for other rap battles*
  13. This exists.
    I'm barely past that.
    But yes... Jackson, without doubt.