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  1. While this is an interest check, I'm going to be doing some slight rambling; I am happy to take advice, get help with storyline ideas or if there should even be a main storyline. I'm a new member, fresh as fresh can be; alas I hope my first Idea/Interest Check can turn some heads.

    Many of the tags accompanying this thread are subject to change.

    For this roleplay, I'm not really set on what I want it to be focused on; whether it be an offshoot of some canon stuff, an alternate universe where only the factions, monsters, etc are canon, or even just be a post-apoc loosely based on it. As for the storyline, I'd like the RP itself to be completely free to develop based on player actions and slight outside interaction with NPCs (maybe a sort of 'Quest' or 'Mission' mechanic, with a main storyline being long term and the Missions being short-arcs)

    I know I want the setting to be somewhere in Russia and the roleplay setting be dominated by a Metro system, the frequency of surface exploration up to the roleplayers themselves.

    No one is tied down to be a 'supporting' character, a part of a faction, or be involved with the main storyline even though that what happens in the main storyline might indirectly effect other characters. The only thing that might be required is that the character will most likely need to be of Russian decent or from neighboring countries; Characters of another ethnicity or nationality not natural to the setting will have to be considered for approval.

    Player choice will be much like that in RPGs like Dragon Age Origins/Inquisiton, The Witcher, etc; in that short or long term effects can and will be apparent, though said effects will be appropriated to the seriousness of the choice, number of choices, the consequences of not picking a certain choice. Game ending choices might be fun, but that's something I'd save for late game or something that was extreme.

    I'll add onto this thread with new ideas, and more ramblings.

    As of right now, I don't want to create an exclusive RP.
  2. sounds interesting. If this gets more attention i would be happy to help.
  3. I do hope it does get more attention, but I'll be working on some basic concepts then throw them onto this thread or PM interested Roleplayers.
  4. If there's anything I might suggest (not promising joining, though I do love Metro 2033, both game and book), I'd suggest it not being in Russia. While there's nothing wrong with the country, and certainly nothing wrong with Glukhovsky's depiction of post-poc Moscow, he's already told us what's there: Semi-dead Dark Ones, Librarians that look mostly different in my mind than they do in the game, freaky dog things that look way different in my mind than they do in the game, gargoyle things that look way different in my mind than they do in the game (seeing a pattern here?), and people. What happened in the French Métropolitan, or the London Tube, or, hell, even the Tokyo subway when the bombs fell? How was life changed in Paris, London, and Tokyo?

    I won't be so Western-centric as to say "Why the hell are you doin' Russia, man? You don't love your country?" but my humble suggestion is to move away, ever so slightly, from the source material, if not just for the sake of originality, but to also offer yourself some creative freedoms.
  5. That is a very good idea. I remember once upon a time, thinking of the world aside from Russia. The Métropolitan was one I thought of regularly due to it's central location in Western/Midwestern Europe, so it'd offer more character creation choices than it being in Russia. I'm not very familiar with The United Kingdom, as for using Tokyo; I assume it'd be a more expansive environment 'Subway' wise than the Tube or Métropolitan.

    Setting aside, creatures could have adapted to the Nuclear Fallout in different ways, of course; I'd have to scour Google or DeviantArt for some inspiration, but the idea of diverting from the canon location and using a new one has given me some already.

    I am prepared to research the London Tube, the Métropolitan, and the Tokyo equivalent for this RP.

    All this being said, the RP being created is not guaranteed; the research, as well as a conceptualization are a given. Thank you for the advice, Professor Philosoraptor Sensei.
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  6. It's what I'm here for.

    *flies off on wings of Cretaceous awesomeness*
  7. Alrighty folks, an update:

    The setting will be the Paris Métropolitain (Thank you Philosoraptor for making it the first suggestion), about ten-fifteen (Maybe twenty to stay aligned with the canon) years after the Nuclear Detonations in 2013. The 'playable' areas will be decided later, but I have a very real curiosity about how Disneyland Paris is in the aftermath of nuclear fallout. Of course landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Notre Dame will be considered accessible.

    The fallout is still causing the surface to be uninhabitable, but still allotted enough time for creatures to be evolved/disfigured/mutated/etc at a moderately accelerated rate.

    Factions will be relevant to the Fascist Nazis, Communists/Socialists, some sort of Freelance Mercenary group, a democratic Council (most likely inherited/inspired by the Federal Council in Switzerland), and most definitely neutral 'cities'.

    Character Creation won't be terribly limited, but culture will have a more French persuasion. Not that there can't be cities that developed from other cultural backgrounds, this possibility will be under review and decided on later.

    A few warnings: There will be racism and sexism IC and even towards one's character, but it will be realistically balanced; it really depends on how others want to consider it.

    There are numerous amounts of aspects of the game that I'd like to carry into the RP in the form of RP Mechanics; these will involve the currency, gas masks, weapon overheating/jamming, good/bad choices, and so on. I'll make a checklist of some interesting mechanics that don't actually have to be necessary to the RP, so those who join can assist me in deciding what stays and what goes.

    On a side note, I'm contemplating making this a Red Star RP due to there being at least some suggestive content.
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  8. Oh ho, yeah. This is Redstar material if ever there was any.

    While I'd most certainly advocate there being Reds and Swastikas in the tunnels of Paris, remember that there are more than just leftists and rightists in the world. There are those who refuse to subscribe to any system, there are monarchists (France was a monarchy, after all), and there are even crazy cultists who may worship a breed of mutant.
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