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  1. Hey there.

    Just in case - I can be quite chaotic here. I'm always like that when I'm excited. Welp.

    I know there's lots and lots of post-apo roleplays around, but I haven't noticed any (I may be wrong) that took place in the Metro 2033 universe. As a huge fan, I would love to get into that at some point, and for now, I'm just checking whether people would be interested as well.

    The main difference here? Metro. No happy prancing on the surface, this isn't your world and home anymore. You're stuck in metro, the stations warped into small towns and it's just a huge mess with monsters, random phenomena and batshit crazy people around. All in that creepy, enclosed space of the metro.

    Once someone shows interest, I'll probably go more into that. It would be awesome if you had at least some knowledge of Metro universe, but if not, I can go and make a post where it would be more less described. As for the plot, we'll see. I have some ideas that can be used, but brainstorming would be much appreciated. It would probably be a group roleplay (though I would be happy to have it as onexone as well).

    So, anyone? I have no candy to lure people at the moment, but I may get some later.
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  2. Sign me the fuck up. You know this damn disheveled beast can dominate any role required.
  3. Great, now we wait for others (hopefully).
  4. You should know that by now, anything you want to do, I'm all for it. It's only nature.
  5. I would be more than interested in this. How can I say no to a Metro-Post-Apocalyptic RP, especially when the main inspiration is Metro 2033?
  6. Mwuhahaha. I am getting in on this. Nothing more.

    Prepare for my character to be evil as fuck. :D
  7. Awesome ♥ Since we have four people already, I'll try and put up an OOC/info thread soon - but if anyone else is interested, feel free to post here!
  8. I think I might get my character to speak in third person. That'd be amusing.
  9. Well, mine will clearly have to be the one with the insane, but capable mind and sporadic personality, maybe some voices here and there.
  10. His name will be "Station", and he will call everyone George.
  11. I have a strong feeling that character interactions might be a little hilarious.
  12. I agree. Although this is supposed to be something along the lines of a "survival horror" kind of genre.
  13. Yeah, but there should also be some more comedic points, too, especially if it's survival/horror. It gives a slight relief to tension that builds up and can actually help to clear your mind to help relax when thinking about such things as creatures in the dark, it's pure psychology.
  14. We are so fucked up ♥
  15. Station might be a little threatening though. He isn't exactly the easiest creature to understand.
  16. Nemo Smith. A murderer on the run who is pretending to be a cartographer. Mwuhahaahaaha.

    Flight of the Concords <3
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  17. One murderer, one psycho and one delusional stalker. We're so good to go.

    Now, do we keep it in Moscow and the metro there? There's a great map for this one in the books, so it should be easy to follow it. Then again, we can go for something else, perhaps New York or whatnot. Or simply make stuff up. Seeing as most of the roleplay will take place in the metro, I guess it's important to decide beforehand.