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    Diana as Krystal
    Vay as Lucas
    Jinx as Bourbon
    Tetsuri as Keiskei
    Revision as Nadine


    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Krystal is probably not her real name. But that is the name she goes by. Krystal is sitting on the bus, wrapped up in a large coat even thought it's pretty warm outside. She's also VERY nervous!] <span class="time">-12:07 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Lucas was once a cop, a good one. But after refusing to fire into a group of rioters he was forsed to resign and bow drives the a bus. This bus.] <span class="time">-12:08 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>There were lots of people on the bus. It was just past 3pm and most commuters were on their way home or to errands. Most of the people didn't care two whits about looking around them. ...but a couple... It was a little unnerving how they seemed to be examining the faces of everyone they passed before they found a seat in the back. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Keiskei sat in the left seat next ot the one his friend krystal sat in and sighed. He had been protecting her for a while, since there were people after her and her child. He looked over at her for a moment then back out his window.] <span class="time">-12:12 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> &quot;Krystal, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, those thigs may be here on the bus. You can never be to careful.&quot; He said, looking at his friend with worried eyes. <span class="time">-12:14 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> Lucas rang the buzzer and the doors slid shut, Alan, his co-driver movign down the aisle to check the passengers' tickets as Lucas started teh engine. <span class="time">-12:17 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> Antsy and uncomfortable, she felt like <i>everyone</i> could look at her and just <i>know</i>. Keiskei's comment wasn't helping at all. She knew he meant well, but... &quot;What are we supposed to do? I can't pay for a cab and we don't have a car...&quot; Krystal had never been fond of her chosen 'career', but it was tax free and paid the bills. Yet now, she was thinking if she hadn't made that choice... she might not be currently fleeing a pissed boss and keeping the world's biggest secret! &quot;We just want to get out of town.&quot; <span class="time">-12:17 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> He only sighed and looked down and his plasma sword. It hung loosely from his pelt and rest on the seat. He folded his arms, and lowered his eyes to a slant. He knew that the ycould outrun her boss, and he had the power to protect her. But, just what would they do if the baby had been ready to be born? it would have been dangerous. He wouldn't be able to fight them all off and protect a still target. &quot;Krystal, they will follow us forever. We have to do something, other than just run.&quot; <span class="time">-12:21 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> &quot;I don't know what you think we're gonna do. At least we can deal with Big Jimmy,...but those other guys...&quot; Krystal was looking over her shoulder at the people on the bus again. She could have sworn one of the people in the back kept looking their way. The doctor at the free clinic she visited had to tell on her... None of it came out in the media yet, but someone had definitely come looking for her! &quot;I just want to go out to the country, somewhere no one ever goes. Like Kentucky...&quot; <span class="time">-12:28 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> Krystal had her mind set. She wanted to get out of town. He knew full well that no matter how much he would scold her, she would stick to her first mind set. That was just the way that she was. Keiskei peer out the corner of his right eye at Krystal. She was looking over her shoulder. He looked back without turning his head, and could see a person peering at them from behind. he turned his attention to the front of the bus, after getting a good look and spoke softly.&quot; Just relax, Krystal. If someone is really watching us, we don't want them to catch on that we know they are there. We can talk more about our destined location when we are alone. Right now, we don't need any of them catching ear to our plans.&quot; He gripped his right arm tightly. <span class="time">-12:34 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>The two in the back that had their eye on them were now whispering amongst each other. They were wearing long coats themselves, and one of them was reaching in to his but not yet pulling anything out. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> The bus slid into gear and jerked forwards, Alan still checking tickets getting nead the back. &quot;Right, six hours to go...&quot; it was going to be monotonous, but it payed the bills. <span class="time">-12:38 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Bourbon is one of the 'Last Generation', bearly thirty with alot of disreguard for pretty much anything else but himself.] <span class="time">-12:39 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> &quot;This is really starting to freak me out, Kei!&quot; she hissed quietly at him, trying not to raise her voice or start panicking. It always started like this. That suspicious feeling, followed by utter chaos. ...except stuck on the bus there was no where to run to! <span class="time">-12:40 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> &quot;You dont need to worry, Krystal.&quot; His voice was soft and low, but high enough for Krystal to hear.&quot; It they make a move, I will take them out. But, we can't make any wrong or sudden moves. That could startle them, or cause them to attack. Just relax, as I have said and it will be fine. I promise, Krystal. I won't let them get you.&quot; He looked over at Krystal and smiled, slightly. <span class="time">-12:43 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> Bourbon, a rather shiftless 'youth', had been carrying on a rather... Unsavory conversation with his fellow 'Last Gens', making most of the other passenger with in ear shot feel uneased. &quot;Ya know what I don't fuckin' get, Brah? Nobody ain't makin' babies, but bitches still be on the rag, and bleeding and shit, throwing all their emotionals and tantrums out at you. Shit you figured with humanity dying out, God or whoever has it out for us, would give us a break and at least have chicks that don't want to snap your dick off in our last few days.&quot; He got a couple of chuckles out of his cohorts, a small band of four other equally unsavory indivuals. <span class="time">-12:47 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>With the bus moving, the two men in the back finally rose. One speaking with the Alan guy that was checking tickets, the other coming down the isle. Here and there he would stop and specifically talk to female passengers. And he was systematically moving towards the front. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> The most hilarious part of the whole thing, was that she never even wanted kids. Not being able to have them made life easier... and here she was pregnant, in a world without babies, and she was about to <i>flip</i>. Krystal just nodded at Kei. Twisting up the sleeve of her coat in her hand from nerves. She cast a look over her shoulder at the two men now standing, that lurching feeling of fear washing over her again. She rediverted her eyes to the front. &quot;I think that's them...!&quot; <span class="time">-12:53 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> He looked back slightly, when Krystal had spoken. He could see the two men walking down the isle like cops. They were questioning various women and he had a good guess, that they were looking for Krystal. -damn it, I can't let them get to Krystal!- He exclaimed in thought. He could feel his right arm twitch and shake slightly. He had to remain calm. Even if he wanted to, he could not fight the men. But if they made a move on Krystal, he would take them out without a second thought. The movement of the bus only added to the tension of the atmosphere and gave him clouded thoughts about their situation. He slid his left hand down to the hilt of his sword and rested his palm on it.&quot;Krystal, don't move a muscle.&quot; He said, as he turned his head to the from again.&quot;Just keep your head facing forward.&quot; <span class="time">-12:59 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> *front* <span class="time">-01:00 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> Bourbon gave two taps to the side of his neck, giving the signal for the boys to do their thing. &quot;Heh, alright folks!.&quot; He casually opens his long coat jacket to reveal what seemed to be small generator of sorts. &quot;Me and the boys want to spend some time in New Vegas tomorrow. Grasshopper, give the driver our new route, please.&quot; He smirked as his co horts pulled out various threatening looks and Plasma and Anti-Plasma weaponry. &quot;You see this, folks?&quot; He taps against the small generation he wore like a vest on his torso. &quot;It's one of them fancy ass Anti Momentum Generators! That shit they won't stop talking about on the news! I just have to press a button, and BOOM, me and the bus' front tires stops completely. If ya'll don't wanna end up as red stains against hte pavement, I suggest you give my good friend Fuzzy Navel here all your valuables so that we can enjoy our vacation while on New Vegas. Hell, we might even give some shit back to you if we win something!&quot; He smiled as his cohorts waltzs downt he ailse. &quot;Give all you got, after all, this is for next generation after all.&quot; <span class="time">-01:02 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> Had to be on the day he quit drinking... There was some goon coming up to him with a guna dn a map. <font color="white">&quot;Next right driver and don't try anything.&quot;</font> Lusas' service pistol was too far awy under his jacket so he kept his hands on the wheel. &quot;Whateer you say.&quot; He said as he eased the bus into the corner... No one gets hurt.... Thats was the most important thing. <span class="time">-01:07 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>The stalky gentleman didn't look at ALL pleased about this sudden bus hijacking. In fact, the one that had been questioning females seem to draw out a large weapon of his own. It didn't look like anything recognizable, even by military standards. Standing in the middle of the isle, he was pointing it at the thugs. "Desist and put your weapons away. ...That generator is a dud. We have business on this bus." His associate also pulled out a weapon. All the passengers on the bus were having the screaming crying fits by now. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> if things could not get worse. Krystal sank lower in her seat next to Kei. A hijacking AND she was right...! Those two in the back were there looking for her. &quot;Kei, we're in trouble.&quot; she whispered. <span class="time">-01:10 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> &quot;Whoa....&quot; He really didn't expect people to carrying such heavy weaponry on this bus. He was just looking for a small bluff to get where he was going, but it seems these people were waiting for him... Or was it some other reason these guys who were armed to the teeth would have any sort of business on the bus? &quot;You got a sharp eye, Son.&quot; With a flick of his wrists, two small cuffs seem to pop out of his sleeves and fit snugly on around his fists. &quot;But nah. There only you two and we got five. My maths ain't that great, but I sure as well know when we got the upper hand. 'Sides&quot; He nodded to Grasshopper. &quot;We got the driver at our mercy. Shit's pretty much checkmate, son.&quot; <span class="time">-01:15 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>The first man looked back at his associate. The partner nodded affirmation, thus the first man turned back to Bourban. Gun still raised, the man shifted his aiming. ....Without warning he was firing at the head of the bus at the bus driver! <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> He kept his eyes ahead of him. What could he do? He couldn't put Krystal or innocent people in danger. He had to think rationally in this situation. Keiskei bit his lower lip for a few seconds. He looked at the bus driver as he was being forced to pull the bus over. Once the bus was at a complete stop, Keiskei looked at Krystal out the corner of his eye. &quot;Krystal, i am going to get you out of here.&quot; He looked back to the front at the bus driver. -I'll have ot help him out as well. There is no need for him to be put in harms way- Keiskei thought to himself, unknowing that the bus driver was armed. <span class="time">-01:18 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> Kei barely got that comment out of his mouth before the guys in the back started shooting off their guns. Krystal was screaming as she leaned to duck, grabbing Keiskei down with her! <span class="time">-01:19 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> There went his cap! Disappearing along with half of the windscreen. THAT WAS IT. Lucas put his foot down on the break and turned the wheel snding everyone standing and not braced to the floor. He also ducked low to avoid any further shots and pushed the door release. All of his caution was for naught as the bus almost tipped over the right suspention colapsing. <span class="time">-01:22 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> Keiskei was pulled down quickly after he had spoken. When Krystal let out an ear shattering scream, he quickly pulled her close and covered her mouth with his right hand. He placed his left hand and placed his right index finger to his lips. The sound of gunfire rung loudly and he looked up. The driver had avoided the bullets. He blinked in surprise and watched quietly. <span class="time">-01:24 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> Poor Grasshopper didn't even have a chance to see what happened, ducking his chubby head down from the gun blast, with his hands covering head head, thinking that some how that was going to protect it from a shot of whatever the hell those suits wear carrying. It was because of that that he had nothing to grab on to the railings when the suspention collasped, tossing his obese fram clear throught hte window, shattering it on the pavement outside. Chaos ensued in the bus as nearly everyone was flung forward as the momentum suddenly stopped, Ironically, this was what Bourbon was threatening to do to the bus just moments earlier. <span class="time">-01:27 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>Chaos definitely reigned. Those that had not been knocked unconcious by the sudden jerking stop, or accidentally shot in the crazy cross fire between the thugs and the two men, were now leaping out of their seats and stampeding for the open bus doors. Both of the associates had barely managed to stay on their feet as well, but they were in hot pursuits of those trying to flee the bus. The first was now charging down the isle to rush past Bourbon. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> With Kei's hand over her mouth, Krystal could do little more than HRRMPH in startled fear when the bus stopped and the chaos started. Where they were ducked and hidden between seats, no one seemed to notice they were there. ....yet! But even Krystal was itching to get up and take off running! <span class="time">-01:32 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> The sudden jerk cause some of Bourbons more antsy cohorts to fire their weapons, the shots widly inaccuratey as they all were flung forward. In a moment of quick thing, Bourbon slammed his fist into the two opposing set of sit next to him, using the force from the Pulse Knuckles to counteract the momentum shift, trying to gain his sense of balance. His quick thinking rewarded him with stability at the cost of the back of the seat being blown out, luckily, the people that were in those seats were already flung one seat up, avoid the impact. <span class="time">-01:35 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> &quot;Krystal we have to move now!&quot; He exclaimed, as he stood up. He grabbed Krystal's left hand with his right one and then stood up. He looked at the back door of the bus and then at Krystal. &quot;We can use the back door as an escape route.&quot; He hadn't taken a step before he thought about the bus driver who had a gun to his head earlier. He looked back at the driver to see if he was okay. <span class="time">-01:38 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> Lucas drew his gun and aimed it down the rength of the bus, someone would have called the cops by now.. &quot;Everyone with a gun and who wants to keep thier heads, put them down and get off the bus.&quot; his tone was commanding, a legacy of his former career. <span class="time">-01:38 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>Now there was a predicament. Kei couldn't get any father to the back with Krystal because one of the associates had remained there by the back door. The first associate was between them, and the bus driver who now had a gun pointed. The one in the back was no aiming his weapon at Kei and Krystal. The one in front, at Lucas. "We have authority to take someone from this bus. A woman. Put YOUR weapon down and allow us to continue our investigation." said the one to Lucas. The guy in the back was now eyeing Krystal. "...It might be this one." he called out. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> The shock of the near crash seemed to make the two assholes in suits forget about Bourbon and his gang. &quot;Allow this, motherfucker.&quot; The suit who had his gun pointed at Lucas completely seem to forget that Bourbon was still there. Lurching down to avoid the running folks, Bourbon sprung up with rising uppercut to the back of the suit's spine, the Pulse knuckles firing their shockwave, hitting the back of his spine with a sonic boom. <span class="time">-01:50 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> When he saw that the driver was okay, he looked back at the back door. There was no way that he would drop his plasma sword. &quot;Shit.....&quot; Was the only word that he said when he saw the two guards at the back entrance. This wasn't good. They were heavily armed and if he moved with Krystal, she would get hurt. He had no choice now, but to fight. &quot;Stay here, Krystal, I will clear the path to the back exit for us.&quot; He released Krystal's hand and kept his attention on the men. <span class="time">-01:58 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>POW there was a spark when Bourbon back punched the guy up front. Blood ended up spurting everywhere as the man's body dropped. the back, the second Associate was moving quick, trying to get forward and make a grab at Krystal. He had no idea that the second person with him was Fuzzy Navel, one of the hijacker thugs. Fuzzy Navel tackled him in to one of the seats and started pistol whipping him. Leaving the back door unblocked! <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Nadine is watching and confused from outside the bus, over near a newsstand. ] <span class="time">-02:05 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> Keiskei watched as one thug tackled the other. That was somewhat lucky for them. He made no effort in questioning it. Keiskei turned and grabbed Krystal's hand again.&quot;Come on! Now is the time for us to escape.&quot; He yelled out, in anticipation for her to run. <span class="time">-02:06 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> This was crazy. But Krystal didn't hesitate to follow Kei's instructions. They rushed for the back door of the bus, the emergency latch coming open with ease. There was little problem getting out... but no more than two steps away from the vehicle, Krystal was shouting and resting and resting a hand against her stomach. &quot;Oh.. oh gods...!&quot; Her knees collapsed out from under her from the stress of the pain. Krystal was seeing spots! <span class="time">-02:08 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> The blood splattered against him, not expect the impact to be so...Messy. &quot;Aww shit...This is gonna be a pain the ass to get dry cleaned...&quot; He nearly forgot about the driver as he griped over his stained outfit. <span class="time">-02:08 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> (Make that Completely forgot) <span class="time">-02:08 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> POW Lucas slammed the but of his pistol into the back of Bourbon's head and twisted the gun out of the gang leader's hand while placign the abrrel of his against his head. &quot;I'm puttign you under citiven's arrest.&quot; he said. &quot;And unless you want your leader dead I'd keep that man user wraps..&quot; the last part was said the fuzzy navel. <span class="time">-02:11 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #B13E0F;"><span class="username">Nadine: </span> Nadine saw the woman climb out of the bus and collapse. She wasted no time, dropping her coffee and racing for the woman, peeling her jacket off and setting it aside as the brunette skidded to a stop and dropped down next to the stranger. &quot;You alright, there, miss? Come on, talk to me. It's okay,&quot; she said in what she hoped was a calm voice, reaching out to take the woman's pulse and check for a fever. <span class="time">-02:13 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> &quot;Awww fuck...&quot; He didn't expect the old driver to be so gung ho. Fuzzy Navel was still beating the guy illreguardless of the drivers orders, FUzzy always had anger issues of sorts. Sex ont he Beach was knocked out cold by the impact, her head slamming agianst the railing while Purple Passion was busy tending to her. &quot;Look, Old dude. I know you got beef with us and all, but we ain't got none with you.Get that gun off of me and we can be straight. I got one dead and another one knocked out. Let me tend to my own, alright?&quot; <span class="time">-02:15 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> kieskei watched as the woman tended to krystla. At first, he was skeptical, but he decided to just relax and let her do her job. <span class="time">-02:17 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> &quot;This is.. too soon! It's too soon, right...!?&quot; Krystal was mumbling out between gasps and groans in the middle of her panic. There was a peircing pain in her stomach and she was having a hell of a time catching her breath. &quot;No where near nine months... Oh gods. I can't do this now...!&quot; She was grabbing on to Kei's arm, trying to keep herself sitting up right. <span class="time">-02:18 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> Keiskei placed a hand over Krystals hand. Damn, it was just as he had feared. The baby was coming and at the worst possible time! He looked down at her and comforted her. &quot;It will be alright, Krystal...&quot; <span class="time">-02:20 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #B13E0F;"><span class="username">Nadine: </span> For a moment, Nadine paused, looking confused. She'd thought the woman was a bit fluffy, but maybe it wasn't extra weight? Could that actually be? She was startled out of her thoughts by the arguement on the bus, but pushed the worry about that aside and patted the woman on the shoulder. &quot;Take deep breaths. Exhale slowly and lets see if we can't get you to your feet.&quot; She stood, trying to help the woman away from the crazy bus. <span class="time">-02:23 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>Fuzzy Navel was pummling that associate. Until... CRACK! Fuzzy Navel went flying across the bus to land against the other wall. The associate didn't care about the other people remaining on the bus. Bloodied and battered, he was leaping out the back door. Stumbling on to the street and aiming his gun at Kei, Krystal and now Nadine. "Both of you back away from the woman. She has an escort." <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> &quot;Look pall.&quot; Lucas said. &quot;I've got hust passengers and a broken bus. I'm not staying here to lose my job without makign siure theres someone else to blame.&quot; <span class="time">-02:26 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> Krystal was trying to breathe, now on her feet with Nadine's help. ....but there was that guy pointing at gun at them. &quot;I don't know him.&quot; she pleaded with Nadine in her panic. <span class="time">-02:28 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> &quot;Can you at least get Sex some me-&quot; Fuzzy Navel was sent flying right passed them, making a huge CLANK noise as he collided into the bus. &quot;The fuck...&quot; Bourbon suddenly remember the gun that the Suit guy had. his eyes suddenly darting towards it. &quot;...&quot; <span class="time">-02:30 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #B13E0F;"><span class="username">Nadine: </span> Nadine gave the woman a nod, turning and interposing herself between Kyrstal and the man with the gun. &quot;She's sick. Let me tend to her,&quot; she spoke, trying to buy some time. &quot;Look, you're only going to make things worse, you know. Now calm down and but the damn gun away before you make her faint. She's my patient now and I'm not letting anyone upset her.&quot; <span class="time">-02:34 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> Keiskei growled under his breathe when the man pointed the gun at him, then at Krystal, and then finally at the nurse. He didn't move, only did as the man said. This was yet another situation, that he was forced into along with Krystal. Worst part was, she was going through problems with her pregnancy. He had to do something. <span class="time">-02:35 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> Fuck no... there was enough going wrong for that woman, a guy with a guy who never gave up.... &quot;Get the jump on that asshole...&quot; he growled &quot;Then I'll think about it...&quot; Lucas stepped out of the front door and pointed his jun at the thug. &quot;Maybe you didn't here me, Lucas Doran.. retired cop, what branch are you with?&quot; <span class="time">-02:38 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>"You do not understand the importance of taking her in to custody." The associate responded. Not taking his gun off the people He was stern, and especially wary of Keiskei. ....But Lucas' comments distracted him. "My branch is no concerned to the police, retired or otherwise. The woman is coming with me!" <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> He gave Purple Passion a look as he went along with Lucas. He snuck out the back door door as Lucas confronted the other suit. He Slowly approached the scene. hiding himself amonsgt the crowd of people who stood around still seeking some sort of medical care. His neck itself wasn't feeling too great from the sudden jerking motion, maybe he got whiplash from the whole thing, he would get that shit look at later... He was nearing the suit, whom seemed to be too busy focusing on the woman and Lucas to notice him... <span class="time">-02:45 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #B13E0F;"><span class="username">Nadine: </span> &quot;Look, you can take her into custody later. Right now she and a lot of other people need my attention, and you sure as hell aren't helping matters.&quot; She edged forward slowly. &quot;Now come on. Be a saint and lower the gun.&quot; <span class="time">-02:48 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> &quot;Why can't you just leave me the hell alone...! I don't want anything from you!&quot; Krystal exclaimed, still clutching her stomach from the pain. It wasn't as bad as before and was slowly subsiding, but she still couldn't seem to catch her breath and the stress of the situation was making her sick. <span class="time">-02:49 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>The Associate was moving his position. With Lucas and Keiskei being obvious threats and Nadine trying to advance forward on him, he was trying to get in to a position where he could fire at anyone easily. "That woman has something important. We will not hesitate to kill anyone that gets in the way." To make his point - he started firing at Lucas, the perceived largest threat! <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> Lucus was forced to dive out of the way... &quot;Shit! What the hell is that thing anyway?&quot; the ground seemed to explode into energy where it hit leaving a slight shimmer. But Lucus had good old fasioned lead in his gun and returned fire purposfully shooting wide to keep the man's attantion but not let anyone else get caught in the crossfire. <span class="time">-02:53 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> Oh shit! What the hell was that thing? That weapon was...Like nothing he seen before. Not one to waste an oppertunity, Bourbon leap out of the crowd as the Suit's back as turned, his weaponlust over taking his instincts as he swung out his fist wildly at the Suit, wanting to quickly finish the guy and steal his fancy as weapon. <span class="time">-02:56 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>Knowing what happened to his associate, the Suit was ready when Bourbon came pouncing. His attention was dropped from Lucas and the others as he spun around, swinging his weapon with full force to catch Bourbon hard across the face with it and sending the hijacker sprawling back. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #B13E0F;"><span class="username">Nadine: </span> Nadine flinched as the shooting started. She ducked back to the woman and her friend. &quot;Okay, let's get you out of here and make sure you're okay!&quot; She wanted them all away from the shooting and the panicking crowd. <span class="time">-02:58 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> Oh man, that wasn't good for his already throbbing neck pain. He go knocked back hard as the weapon collided with his face, sending him toppling into the crowds <span class="time">-03:01 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> This was crazy. These guys were crazy. This was too much stress for Krystal as well. He gritted his teeth, trying to keep his balance. He watched as the men fought to take down the other man in one move and he quickly drew his plasma blade and held it horizontally. The hijacker guy was hit in the face and sent flying backwards. Keiskei couldn't stand it. The more he watched them fight the more he became pissed off. But, he also knew that he had limits. He could fight wildly, but it would take a toll on his body if he went all out for too long. Keikei averted his attention away from the fighting and looked back at the nurse.&quot; Yes, we should make a run for it while they are all distracted.&quot; He looked at the nurse and put his blade away. keiskei placed held Krystal firmly.&quot; We have to find a safer place, so that she can rest. Once we do, I will come back here to scope out the scenery.&quot; <span class="time">-03:03 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>Speaking of people panicking. In the distance the sounds of police sirens could be heard. Someone that had fled seen had also called the cops. They were on their way. Which left the Associate getting really desperate. Once Bourban was shoved clear, he was snatching Krystal by the arm before Nadine and Keiskei could lead her away. "THIS WOMAN IS IN MY CUSTODY." <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> As he was trying to gather himself, there was a slight tap on the window of the bus. Purple Passion had Sex on The Beach slung over his shoulder while holding that magnificant gun in his other hands and was waiting for Bourbon to give the order. He looked over to see that Fuzzy was regaining conciousness and looked rather pissed, readying himself to charge out and bumrush the guy who knock him out. He was about to give the signal for their grand plan to go into motion... <span class="time">-03:08 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> Lucas was out of bullets and his plan had failed... he could only watch.. but if he was getting antsy about the cops comign he wasn't in any branch.... <span class="time">-03:11 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #B13E0F;"><span class="username">Nadine: </span> Nadine reacted instinctively, lashing out to punch the man in the face. &quot;I said she's my patient, let her go!&quot; How had she wound up in this situation, anyway? But not much was important but the patient's safety. <span class="time">-03:11 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>POW! There went the gun fire again. Nadine was hit, and though she wasn't dead, shove WAS easily shoved out of the way by the associate who pulled Krystal along with him. Now that even he could hear the cop's sirens, he was trying to flee with the woman, aiming his gun at the others in case they dared to try and charge him too. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="font-family: "Verdana",verdana,serif; color: #FFFFFF;"> <font size=1 face=verdana>[<font color=red>Nadine</font> logged out of the chat.]</font> <span class="time">-((03:15 Apr 04))</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> Krystal couldn't even catch a breath to scream, but she WAS trying to struggle out of the other man's grasp. He had a solid grip on her jacket, so she shrugged herself out of it. Without the cover of his coat, it was VERY easy to tell she was a few months along in pregnancy... She stumbled when she got a few paces away. <span class="time">-03:15 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> They were making progress. They were slowly, but steadily getting away from all of the violence and Krystal was going to be safe. That was until the sound of gunfire rang out behind them. There was smoke and the sputtering cough of the nurse. Keiskei turned his head in the direction of the nurse. When she was pushed aside, a man holding a weapon jerked Krystal away from him. Keiskei's eyes widened in shock and he could feel the air thicken around him. He shook slightly and sputtered a little. He looked over at Krystal who was struggling to get away. When she broke free of the man's grasp, Keiskei immediately drew his blade and charged the man, even though he had a loaded gun in his hand.&quot;YOU BASTARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!&quot; He yelled out in fury as he stepped side to side in attempt to confuse the man with the weapon. Each step took him closer to the thug and he was soon face to face with him, glaring with and pissed look in his eye and gritting his teeth. He had the intent on killing the man now and he was going to do just that. <span class="time">-03:19 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> with a* <span class="time">-03:21 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>The suit tried to fire his weapon at Keiskei, but he missed! And that miss was a fatal mistake. Kei was on him in seconds, and before he could dodge, block or defend, that plasma sword was right through his gut. As blood spit from the associate's mouth, he glared at Kei. " don't know what you've done..." He dropped to his knees... and was dead. Lying bleeding on the ground. The police sirens were getting louder. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> He smirked at the balls on the dude that was with the lady, making a bi- Wait. He stopped as he looked over at the woman again. Was she.. &quot;Oh shit...&quot; She was pregenant? <span class="time">-03:22 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> Kei looked down at the man and glared, he swiped his sword and put it away, then quickly made his way over to Krystal and picked her up in his arms. &quot;We have to move quickly.&quot; <span class="time">-03:25 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> Lucus coulfn't believe it... the girl was... but no one had been. &quot;Well.... Shit.&quot; <span class="time">-03:26 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> Krystal was lift off her feet, and the only reason she didn't complain was because she was seeing spots and doubt she'd stay on them herself. She nodded quickly. &quot;...the cops are gonna be here! I need somewhere to sit down...&quot; Normally Krystal was the one with all the plans, but she was having a hard time focusing her thoughts to think of the next step. &quot;Somewhere to hide... take another bus?&quot; <span class="time">-03:28 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> &quot;Not too fast!&quot; In the chaos of things, no one noticed that Bourbon's gang had regrouped and rallied around the small band, Purp weild one of the weapons while Fuzzy quick too the other one. &quot;Now what do we have here?&quot; <span class="time">-03:29 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> Kei looked down at the man and glared, he swiped his sword and put it away, then quickly made his way over to Krystal and picked her up in his arms. &quot;We have to move quickly.&quot;Keiskei's eye twitched at the word &quot;bus.&quot; &quot;Hell no!&quot; He exclaimed. After the little incident on the previous bus, he didn't want to take chances. Krystal wasn't all that heavy and that was surprise. The sound of the sirens grew closer and closer with eack second. They had to move fast. He took one last glance behind him, before making a dash for the bridge over the river. &quot;Hang on, Krystal. We'll get you to a hospital.&quot; <span class="time">-03:31 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> Bourbon gave the signal and Fuzzy fired a warning shot near the ballsy kid. &quot;Hey! I know you're handy with that little sword of yours, but you got the little mama to be in your arms. Don't you think you are being just a bit reckless now?&quot; He eyed Lucas for a bit. &quot;Old dude, i kinda like you. You want in on this or not? We can make a grip of money try to sell this chick off to people. What do you say?&quot; <span class="time">-03:36 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> Lucus scratched his chin... &quot;Well I've lost my job anyway...&quot; he sais walking up to Bourbon. &quot;I think we might be able to make outselves a deal.. But first we need to get these lovebirds away from the cops..&quot; <span class="time">-03:38 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> [Krystal is being carried away by Kei, and now being chased/threatened by crazy thugs?! How much worse can it get!] <span class="time">-03:39 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> Keiskei stopped for a moment, when he was shot at. Were these guys serious? They had shot at them without hesitation and disregarded whether or not they hit her or him. Those bastards had to pay, but what could he do? He couldnt just put Krystal down and leave her in this condition. <span class="time">-03:39 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> &quot;Not the hospital, Kei! I can't go there!&quot; It was pretty clear to her, that any public place she went to, crazy shit was going to happen. ....and as proof, apparently now those hijackers wanted to use her?! Kei stopped running, but she still had her arms tight around his neck. &quot;Doesn't anybody give a shit about what I want?!&quot; She yelled at the whole lot of them. The woman was practically close to tears. <span class="time">-03:40 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> he was tired of it. Tired of everyone wanting to hurt Krystal. She was the closet person he had and he would be damned if he let anyone take her from him especially those thugs! He could hear her voice cracking as she spoke, followed by her eyes filling with tears. &quot;What you want does matter, Krystal. Which is why, I will protect you nd your child. No matter the cost.&quot; <span class="time">-03:45 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> &quot;Hey, Purp. Give thiem a taste of what happened to Sex.&quot; The flamboyantly dressed cohorted that went under the name of Purple Passions hoisted the still uncocnious female member Sex on the Beach around for the two to see. &quot;Deep lascerations to the skull, the impact might havecause some concusion to the Sex's skull. I've suppressed the bleeding and suture the wound with butterfly stitchings, but we need to get some where if we want Sex to wake up. She is the one that knows the most about baby making since they did all sort of stuff to her in t he lab.&quot; BOurbon stared at the the two. &quot;We've been around science types and doctor types all our lives. We can help your girl there, Guy. And I am sure you don't have many options at the moment. Come with us without fighting, yeah?&quot; The sirens were dangerously close to them by now. <span class="time">-03:48 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> Krystal could see the police now. Almost on the scene. They were far enough away that the cops wouldn't notice them at first.... but they WOULD be noticed. She was desperate and they needed to get somewhere safe and hidden fast. &quot;....we can go with them, Kei. They have a doctor right? We just need somewhere to hide!&quot; <span class="time">-03:53 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> He looked down at Krystal. &quot;Thes guys just shot at us an you want us to follow them?&quot; he was skeptical to follow the guys that just shot at them, but with Krystal's condition, he had no choice&quot;fine, we will go. But I still don't trust those bastards...&quot; He turned around and made his way towards them.&quot;lead the way....&quot; <span class="time">-03:57 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> he turned to Lucas. &quot;Old Dude, you were a cop right? What do we do to attract the least amount of attention?&quot; <span class="time">-03:58 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF;"> <font size=1 face=verdana>[<font color=red>Krystal</font> has timed out.]</font> <span class="time">-04:01 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> &quot;Lucas..&quot; he said, before gerking his thumb at the crowd of gawkers. &quot;Blend in, slip out, bluff if we need to and no visible weapons. We say we're getting Sex here to a doctor. Poor Sex was in an accedent that had nothign to do with here right.. not we should move.&quot; <span class="time">-04:01 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> &quot;Hard to do that with Fatty McBaby there.If they press her, the will find that she isn't just fat. We need to get ut of here and get out of her quick. Our hideout isn't far away, but there isn't any way to get to it without taking the main roads.&quot; <span class="time">-04:04 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #AADD00;"><span class="username">Keiskei: </span> keiskei's left eye twitched in annoyance.&quot; can you guys hurry up! The cops are getting closer!&quot; He had a right mind to run off. <span class="time">-04:06 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #32CD32;"><span class="username">Lucas: </span> Lucas took off his bus driver's jacket and handed it to Krystal.. &quot;Better do what he says... This way!&quot; <span class="time">-04:08 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>To add urgency to the situation, an ambulance arrived first and was pulling over a little bit down the street where the bus was stopped and there was a crowd of panicked civilians. The cop cars with moments behind. <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>
    <div style="color: #56A5EC;"><span class="username">Krystal: </span> Krystal shifted awkwardly in Kei's arms in order to pull on the bus driver's jacket and zip it up good and tight. It was loose enough to hide her shape very well. <span class="time">-04:09 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #c0c0c0;"><span class="username">Bourbon: </span> &quot;I got an idea.&quot; He grabbed one of the guns and fired it at the top of the bus, toppling it over onto the street, the vehcile crushing the ambluances. &quot;There. Distraction. We should take off on foot now they they have something to preoccupy them.&quot; He Started run towards the city. <span class="time">-04:10 Apr 04</span></div>
    <div style="color: #CCFFFF;"> <p class=ngm>TO BE CONTINUED....??? <span class="time">-Krystal</span></div>