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    Nobody in the past knew when it really started, nobody in the present even get what's happening anymore. This shit must have been going on for years, probably decades, but all was clear on one fateful day, in one fateful year. The year was 2001, May 2nd, all seemed normal to the average man, the normal woman, the playful child. Yet, like everyday, humanity thrived for something...extraordinary. And then, it happened...

    There was some sort of fight, as if a secret war had reached the surface, bringing the battle to the public. There was destruction all over the city of Chicago, IL. Building collapsed, the streets burned and rumbled with the force of god knows what kind of weapons. Though, little did the civilians know that the weapons were not that of missiles, tanks or any form of technology really, but of supposed 'ordinary' people. Flames blasted through the hands of a young boy, the strength of a giant made of stone and metal shook the streets, and a flying woman shot out missiles and bullets of energy at her pursuers. The ones they fought were of a different aura, with different intents. As most spread destruction and death across the city, a small collection of these, extraordinaires, attempted at saving the innocent, undoing the damage, and stopping the rampaging powerhouses of destruction.

    One such was a man dressed in leather and jeans, flying and holding cars before they hit the floor with his bare hands. He dropped down to the road, looking at the dozens of camera crews still alive, being either foolish or brave. The, aliased, "Flying Man" looked at the cameras and said "This is Marcus Miller, member of the Alphas..." and followed it up with 6 fateful words..."But you can call us MetaMorphs"

    By the year 2003, MetaMorphs were legally recognized as citizens of the U.S, though other countries weren't as...hospitable. In some countries, such as Russia, North Korea, China, Germany, even Somalia insisted on throwing these "Freaks" into camps like animals or prisoners of the second World War. Some countries even denied recognizing them as citizens, or humans at all. Other than that, some countries at least had the decency to recognize these Metas, yet it cannot go without persecution. Some people see Metas as freaks, accidents of god, against nature, and simply disgusting and dangerous. Hate-Groups rise against these Metas, and rebellions rise with them.

    Now is the year 2015, an age of evolution, rebellion, Change. Currently, the U.S is on the brink of starting a mandatory registration act on Metas due to criminal activities, acts of terrorism and riots. The lives of some Metas seem normal, though there is always persecution, they learn to control their powers in time and age. The studies on Metas have gone further than ever anticipated, with some more understanding and technologies based around them. Though still, some instances are still very, very unclear in the realm of science, some may even call it magic. The world's rotating and going as normal, with one side of the world persecuting and killing off the Metas, and another side recognizing and 'protecting' them in some sense. Now however, is a fateful day, a threat larger than any Meta or human may have ever witnessed. It's the time of alliances, partnerships, Convergence

    Additional RP Info
    • MetaMorphs (also known as Metas, MetaHumans, 'Freaks') appear to be an astounding product of human evolution. They begin with extraordinary powers, ranging from something that only affects your body (super strength, speed, physiological mutations, etc.) to something of the mind, yet another product of the human body we barely understand (mind control, telekinesis, kinetic manipulation, 'sorcery,' etc.). Further studies have revealed the extent and explanation of some powers, yet definitely not all, and still we don't even know how many possibilities of mutations there can be!

      Yet I digress, our studies though have paved the path for technologies and uses of science based around these Metas, yet our most important piece of research is our level of ranking the power of these Metas, with a system I call "The Lang System of MetaHuman Rankings" or the Lang System for short.

      Tier 1 - Novice, those that have just discovered their powers or have not exercised or evolved them belong in this tier. (Ex: Subject A with super strength, yet doesn't exactly know it's limits, extents or how to control it or further it's use).

      Tier 2 - Adept, those that have exercised and learned more of their powers uses belong here. Though control may still typically be a problem at time. A huge feature in this tier is a 65/25 chance of said Meta to gain access to an additional power or two. This additional power may however take time to get used to and control. Known as the "average" tier for Metas, where they usually decide to stay and not increase their alienation. (Ex: Subject A can now easily control their strength, and can now control rock and earth materials at a novice rate)

      Tier 3 - Intermediate, those that have better control of their base power and/or secondary power(s) belong in this category. A true honor for a Meta to go in this category really, as you are at the peak of an average Meta's power. Though beggining at this point, you may start to notice minor deformities in oneself, leading to alienation. (Ex: Subject A can now easily control the earth, use their super strength, but also appears to have small rock-like spines growing out of their back)

      Tier 4 - Advanced, much, much more power in this level. Those that have decided to move on from their humanity and decide to begin a form of 'evolutionary ascension' decide to go further into this tier, gaining more to their power(s), yet followed by more deformities and a large chance at losing some control at your large amount of power.(Ex: Subject A now hones mastery at their strength and earth-control, along with gaining a rock-like armor around their body and spines of stone replacing their hair)

      Tier 5 - Inhuman, very few actually reach this, and very few even actually believe in this tier as it is still debatable in the realm of science. Those that practically evolve into an entirely new species, or into an entirely new self go into this category, gaining the largest of deformities and power, with a cost and chance of losing control. (Ex: Subject A is now a master at their power of earth-manipulation and super-strength, yet he is now a hulking beast of rock and tends to cause earthquakes in hard times)

      Though even with this system, some Metas have been shown to be able to shift between a completely inhuman form and a normal homo sapien form at ease depending on the powers and mutations.
    • The M.C.S.D

    • The MetaMorph Control & Security Department, a branch of the F.B.I based around the actions and information based on MetaMorphs. Things including the rising acts of terrorism and crime convicted by powerful Metas and vigilante Metas that have an uneasy relationship with the M.C.S.D. Most info based on this group is classified...

      ReGen Inc.

      A corporation based around evolution of Metas and technologies based around them. Creators of the "Nullifying Collar" and the "Meta Detector," this corporation is both hated and loved by Metas. Some see them as evil, an illusion built to entrap Metas into their cruel experiments to create more technologies to limit them. Though some love ReGen, as they are one of the few (and possibly only) company to incorporate Metas so deeply into their business, universities and vision. Some technologies are also used to amplify their powers, and some universities and special areas designated by the corporation are known for allowing Metas to freely use their traits to express themselves freely. With limitations and rules, of course...


      A terrorist group of Metas. They began as a street gang of thugs just looking for trouble, but they've turned into a rebellion against the persecution of Metas, and the enemy of the government, the M.C.S.D and ReGen Inc. They are more well known through our North America and Europe, though their influence brings the creation of more villainous groups like themselves and even vigilante hero groups. The most popular trait of this group is their leader, Titan, a Meta with a mysterious array of abilities, though he is known to be able to switch into an indestructible metallic form and a proficiency of blades (some even say he CREATES the blades of of his own body). Either way, he is very dangerous, as well as mysterious.

    * Simply, use your common sense. All Iwaku rules apply, don't be an asshole, don't do what you KNOW you can't do. Simple as that really.
    * Got any ideas for an arc or event in the RP? Big plans for your character or interactions with another's? Then feel free to PM it to me, or chat about it in the OOC chat we got here!!! I LOVE hearing ideas for story and character development by other RPers and would be more than happy to somehow fit them into my already big plans for this RP.
    * No meaningless uses of the OOC chat. This is for discussion on what to do in the Roleplay and how were gonna do it, not something to spam emoticons and words in.
    * Be respectful to the others around you, constructive and mature criticism is fine as long as you keep it subtle, but hatred and flaming is a no go. Simply if they need improvements, tell them how they can improve, not how much they HAVEN'T improved.
    * OOC chatting in the IC thread isn't TOO bad, but it kinda bugs me if it's something meaningless to the plot. If it's something for clarification at the quick moment, it can be OK. But reactions and questions in a sense should be in the OOC thread.
    * Please do post in high quality writing, with good grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.
    * IC, no god modding, metagaming or unrealistic & unnecessary actions in the roleplay (by that I mean no sudden "invasion of aliens" or any other event without consulting me about it before hand). Though this one is pretty obvious.
    * If you are going to go away from the roleplay for a while, please PM me before doing so and we can figure something out. Not posting within a week may get a message from me, and if you continue to go M.I.A I'll have to remove you from the roleplay.
    * Please no obviously overpowered characters, you can't go off the bat with somebody with omnipotentence, reality bending or power manipulation. If you ARE going to use some stronger power, please have some limit to it.
    * Character death is in fact a thing in this roleplay, and resurrection will be kinda iffy depending on the character, your situation and if you talk about it with me as part of a special arc or event you had in mind.
    * You may have as many characters as you want, as long as you can handle them.
    * Sorcery is considered a 'power' in this world, in a sense that they use magic to manipulate certain things (earth magic, water magic, healing magic, necromancy etc.) though science still cannot explain it.
    * Obviously, get creative and have fun! What roleplay would this be without creativity and a bit of good lighthearted fun as our characters!
    Character Sheet


    Name: Include aliases as well.
    Appearance: You can replace this with a real photo of somebody (preferred) or a description of said appearances. Another route is a picture and then describe some oddities and details not shown in the picture.
    Gender: Feel free to be trans or any other gender.
    Age: If you are going to play as a child, then I prefer they be between the ages of 16-18. Any other adult can go in any range.
    Personality: Include lots of stuff here, ranging from likes, dislikes, fears, dreams, sexuality, and general way that they act. Powers: So this is where things get iffy. You have to also include your Tier in the Lang System, which should be Tier 1-3, as I will not accept any Tier 4-5's in a while (though, MetaMorphs CAN evolve in one way or another). You may have up to two powers that sort of work together and you must be realistic with the tier you are working with.
    History: What is their story? How did they get here? What are there current whereabouts? Feel free to include any other details you want of your character! If you read these rules, include the words "PROJECT TITAN 2.0" in your character sheet.

    Adrian Cole
    Christelle 'Sonne' Meyers
    Laura MacEntyre
    Alex 'Specter, Ghost' Stermovik
    Malcolm Hayes
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  2. Interesting. Might whip something up when I get free time. :)
  3. This looks exactly like what I was looking for in an RP. I'm in.

    Project Titan 2.0. Also I realize you said you wanted the ages to be between 16 and 18, but this character simply isn't a teenager. Inquire below. Also also, with the general blueprint of this characters powers, I sort of struggled with what to put and what not to, especially when thinking of what would classify as a Tier 3 Meta or not. If there's too much or not enough then by all means, let me know and I'll change it accordingly. I was also wondering if there was a limit on mutations and powers correlating to a theme? Obviously I want to keep it simple to start, but as the character progresses would I be able to add on more and more so long as it stayed true to the theme?

    I'm rambling a bit, enjoy the app.

    Name: Adrian Cole
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Adrian is of average height at five foot eight inches tall. His hair is blond and his eyes are a deep ocean blue. Oft times he dresses in a stylistic manner, being aware of fashion and just what he does and doesn't look good in. He cares about his looks.
    Personality: Adrian is very much a lone wolf type of person. He does things on his own and has a hard time trusting anyone even a little bit. Because of this issue with trust, he often pushes people away by being honest - and by being honest, that is to say beating someone over the head with a baseball bat style brutal honesty as far as his opinions go. This should not suggest that he is a cold or uncaring individual. As a matter of fact he is a very kind and warm person by nature. He has a good heart, it's just very small. What few friends he does have he keeps at arms length, refusing to let anyone get any closer than that. Adrian is eager to pick fights with someone for whatever reason, any reason he sees fit to. He's a drinker and a smoker and all around an indulgent person, but he has his limits and he knows what they are. He's also a sweetheart and a flirt, a lover of music and social gatherings. He has a bewitching smile that can make people swoon and he knows how to use it, making him mildly manipulative though he hates that he can be and keeps that part of himself in check as often as he can. Adrian is quick to anger these days and can be very threatening when he wants to be, though like his manipulative tenancies he tries not to be so as to remain approachable. For the most part, he likes people. He just can't trust them.

    Powers: Tier 3 - Bloodling
    For all intents and purposes, Adrian's powers make him a vampire... though, not nearly a typical one. His powers for the moment include enhanced physical capabilities. He is strong enough to rip through steel though with effort and his fastest running speeds clock in at around fifty miles an hour. His reflexes are likewise enhanced in equal proportions. He can see in the dark much better than your average human, much like a cat, and his hearing is good enough to hear through concrete walls. His secondary power is the ability to sustain his existence on human blood and blood alone. This is not to say that he requires it to live though. He can eat and drink regular food just like anyone else, although it should be said that without blood for any prolonged period of time he will become weaker as a whole and, should there be any significant amount of time since his last feeding of blood, he can even come to crave it to the point of necessity, like dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Through the consumption of human blood comes the added benefit of extremely accelerated healing as well.

    These are what truly set Adrian apart from your typical "vampire" and makes him his own unique Meta. For starters, he doesn't have two fangs but eight - four on the top row of his teeth and four on the bottom. These fangs are omnipresent in his mouth and replace his regular canine teeth. The most major mutation however would be his reflection in reflective surfaces. His reflection turns into a negative colored image of himself minus clothing. Another thing that betrays his being a Meta would be his relationship with the sun. Without some sort of protection over an extended period of time such as sunglasses and sunblock, Adrian's eyes will deteriorate in sunlight to the eventual point of blindness. His only other reaction to the sun is being easily severely sun burnt. The last mutation he has is being sterile.

    Adrian was born in 1988 and grew up as a boy in Germany, Dusseldorf to be exact. For a long time, no one knew that he was a MetaMorph. The only early signs were his teeth which were noted as being abnormally sharp and oddly shaped, but these were written off as simple unique traits and so he lived a happy childhood. It wasn't until he was ten that the first real signs that something was different about him appeared, when he first ingested another human beings blood. He was just trying to be helpful by cleaning a friends' wound, a scraped knee. He licked his thumb and wiped the blood away, stuck his thumb back into his mouth to get it wet again and repeat the process until his friend stopped bleeding. After that, he said he would run home to get some bandages. He was gone a total of ten minutes. His house was five miles away

    The ingestion of blood seemed to be the trigger for the rest of his development as a MetaMorph. Over the next few days after he had helped his friend he felt much weaker but didn't know why. He began to get sick and no one seemed to be able to help him. It wasn't until his friend came over to visit him, showed him his knee and how it was healing and then was subsequently attacked beyond Adrian's control that everyone knew without a doubt something was wrong with Adrian. He was faster and stronger than he should have been, and he grew sickly often after he drank blood. His parents learned to modify their behavior around him, to make sure the house was safe from causing anyone to bleed. He didn't have many friends after he bit his friend's knee. He was labeled a freak and was outcast by his fellow students. People wondered if it was perhaps just puberty affecting him in a unique way.

    Then came May 2nd, 2002. The world was introduced to MetaMorphs on a massive scale and age the age of 14, Adrians parents knew that he was one of them. Barely more than a month later, Adrians reflection changed in the mirror and has never changed back. Life was hard for Adrian after that point. Living in Germany he was faced with many persecutions, accusations and flat out racism. His parents didn't know what to do with him, but they still loved him. In the end, they decided to send him away to live with his aunt and uncle in Leeds, England. There weren't any persecutions there. They believed that he could live a somewhat normal life again, in a society that was actively trying to accept his kind rather than kill it off. Adrian didn't see it that way though. He saw it as his parents abandoning him. In his eyes, they were relieved to have him gone. He told himself for years that they had told everyone that he was sent off to one of the camps he heard about on the news.

    His aunt and uncle did what they could for him. Thankfully, his abilities were more subtle than others and for the most part he was able to go by undetected. He didn't do well in school though and eventually just dropped out entirely. He became infatuated with the night life that England had to offer. At 16, he was already an experienced club hopped and now that he was of legal age to drink he joined in the hopping. This was how he met Angelina, another MetaMorph like himself. They fell in love and, both having dropped out of school and joined the work force where they could, found an apartment together and moved in with one another. Together they mastered the clubbing life, and he improved his English and his accent because of her. She always thought it sounded funny and so he worked hard to change it and managed to do so to the point where no one would have guessed he was a refugee from Germany. Those were the happiest years of his life.

    They got even happier when Angelina announced she was pregnant with his child. He didn't know if it was true or not, the doctors had told him that he was sterile for the most part. The thought crossed his mind that the child wasn't his, but he honestly didn't care whose it was. He planned to raise it as his own. At twenty, he was a father.They moved away from Leeds and found a little cottage somewhere along the country side in the southern part of the country. He was there when Angelina gave birth and he held his daughter, Eleanor, before anyone else. At that very moment, he was the happiest that he'd ever been.

    That all changed when Titan came. The gang, or at least a faction of it, showed up in Leeds shortly after Eleanor's birth. They were looking for any and all Meta's to join their gang, to join their cause. Neither Adrian nor Angelina thought it was good news, and since they were parents now they weren't going to get involved. One night, Adrian came home from his job as a club bouncer to find that Angelina and Eleanor were missing. The house was a mess, and there were signs of struggle. He feared the worse and went out to find her. His search lead him to a junk yard some miles up the road. There, he watched as a sort of ceremony took place. Angelina was there with what looked like a bunch of Titans. Eleanor was in her arms. A fire bit was burning bright and hot. Before Adrian could do anything about it, Eleanor was tossed into the fire and left to burn.

    It destroyed Adrian. He didn't know why and he didn't care. Angelina had killed their child, and a fury grew in him like never before. He went back home and burned it to the ground, taking off his wedding ring and leaving it on the front lawn. He left England then and went to America where with a bit of help from a newly made friend he started up a nightclub of his own, an underground nightclub with the code name Triple T.N.Z because of the numbers etched onto the door: 1323-0. Adrian never spoke of his past with anyone that he met with and because of Angelina's apparent betrayal, he never trusted anyone again. Life, painfully, brutally, moved on for Adrian as did the rights of MetaMorphs like himself. He wasn't a very political person, for obvious reasons, but he kept an eye on current events that concerned him. Today, he is the owner of Triple T.N.Z in New York, New York.
  4. The character looks very nice! But an answer to your age question, by that I meant be ABOVE or between the ages of 16-18, adults are perfectly fine but any sense of children have to be between those ages. I should help clear that up later on in the OP.

    Everything seems fine, your Tier and the theme of the powers are good. You MAY add more to their power or more additional powers, depending on how you get them and they should work well with what you've got already. For instance, you can always go up a tier through whatever reason and gain a bit more power, but at the cost of more deformity.

    Other than that, still reading over your sheet but he looks great!

    EDIT: Accepted, I love his backstory and, though his powers look intimidatingly big at first glance, they are actually simply part of a single "vampire" power. Just a question though, and feel free to PM me the answer, why did Angeline throw her baby into the fire?
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  5. I'd like to make a Tier 5 for character purposes rather than battle, but since they're so powerful I thought I'd ask first anyway.
  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Alex Stermovik, also known by some as Specter or Ghost.
    Appearance: There is a deep black discoloration on his left shoulder. It started out as a small spot but has spread all the way down to his elbow and is still spreading. He's pretty self -conscious about it and wears long sleeved shirts to cover it up.

    Age: 25

    Personality: Alex is a very sarcastic and rather laid back individual. Pressure does not apply to him. He walks the line between good and evil and takes whatever side benefits him most. Unless it involves genocide. If you have a hankering for mass murder you can go shove it. He also likes to joke around and mess with peoples heads, usually in a mischievous way but if he wanted to he could probably make you doubt your life choices.

    Powers: Tier 3. Alex can transform into a floating cloud of black smoke with red glowing eyes. In his smokey form he can squeeze through anything that isn't airtight, and inhaling his smoke can cause a psychedelic reaction to the person or thing that inhales him. The reaction varies by victim. He can also drain the electricity from electronics but it's weak and he can not redirect it. As far as weaknesses go bullets work just fine in his physical form. In the smokey form strong winds, airborne anesthetics and extreme cold are effective. Project Titan 2.0.

    Alex's life was pretty normal until age 10. That's when his abilities began to surface. His parents pulled him out of school and other social activities out of fear of being persecuted. But people did find out. Luckily, it wasn't horrible because America was generally nice to Metas. Still, their home was repeatedly vandalized and Alex couldn't leave without fearing for his life. Things eventually started to unwind.

    He convinced his parents to let him go to normal school.
    He was bullied by some and protected by others. He made sure to help those that helped him. With the help a girl with the power to inhibit other peoples powers he learned to control his over time. He fell in love with her. And then she was murdered. Whether it was a hate crime or not, no one could tell. The perp was never caught.

    He realized that normal humans were not worth it. Not deserving of mass murder, but still not worth saving. Today he lives in a condo in downtown and works for the local crime lord. The gang doesn't discriminate and with his talents he has risen pretty high in their ranks. He refuses to take sides in any Meta vs human conflict. He is out for his own interests, mainly money.
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  7. Sorrynfor being so absent everybody. Ive lately fallen very illl and have been travelling so its difficult to make a post.

    What exactly is the "character purpose"? If you just want a big mutation you can say that they were badly deformed by their meta genes but still act like a tier 3
  8. I'm working on my sheet now, but a couple of quick questions before I post. Would I be able to use two characters, and does it matter where exactly each character starts out at? Say there's a character who's living in Morocco and no one else has elected to place their character there. How would that impact the IC, if it does at all?
  9. ... I seem to have forgotten why I wanted a tier 5. Well that makes this discussion easier.
  10. Well then have fun doing...whatever you were doing before wasting my time.

    You can have more than one character, yes. And most of our characters are OBVIOUSLY going to be spread out across the whole world, I can always figure something out to spice stuff up and bring everyone together somehow. Morocco sounds like a cool place to roleplay, so have fun!

    Character looks interesting, I'll wait until his History is finished so that I can read over it and officially accept it!
  11. [​IMG]
    (Sonne in Germany means Sun)
    "Oh thank you, I know I'm 'hot', yes, literally hot."



    Curious, Expressive, Outspoken, Playful, Rebel
    Christelle has unsatisfied curiosity that makes her keeps asking things she doesn't know or understand. Because of this, Christelle loves to read books, any kind of books. She loves to know a lot of things. Not only from books, Christelle also uses the internet and any kind of resources to feed her curiosity.

    It's easy to see what does Christelle feel because she is so expressive. When she is sad, Christelle will act mellow and people can perfectly see her gloomy aura. When she is happy, Christelle's face will always be brightened by her smile. Her emotions are easy to read. Her expressiveness also can be seen from how she speaks. Christelle will always tell people about her feeling and mind. She will not sugar coat anything. Her enemies will know how much she hates them, while her friends will know how much she cares about them.

    Christelle is full of high spirits. She loves to hear jokes, no matter how lame it is, and throws joke as well. Laughter is her only medicine when life gets hard. Christelle believes that laughing even can save a broken heart. Her active and jolly personalities, somehow make her a little bit rebel. She hates being restricted by rules. She wants to be free where no one can tell her what to do. Her life is her choice and Christelle adores freedom more than anything else.

    Reading Books
    Mystery Movie

    Strict People

    Cats, because her first hamster was eaten by stray cat
    Airplane, she feels nervous whenever she needs to travel by airplane

    TIER 2

    Christelle can control her body heat. She can increase her body heat until it's hot enough to melt things only by touching it. When she increases her body temperature until it surpasses human limit, Christelle will cover herself with fire. However she can't stay too long in this fire form or she will burn herself to death. With this power, Christelle can withstand extreme temperature by keeping her body warm in extreme cold, while in extreme hot, her body can adjust with the temperature effortlessly.
    Nowadays, Christelle finds out that she can also increase other things' heat. However, she still can't control this new power well. Instead of increasing its temperature, Christelle often accidentally burns it.


    Christelle was born in Frankfurt, German. Her mother passed away right when she was born, so she lived with her father and older brother, Camry. Christelle never knew that she was MetaMorph, nor her family until she was 10 years old.

    That day, Christelle went picnic with her friends at the park not far from her house. It was a perfect day for them, chatting and playing together. However, fate decided to twist Christelle's life a bit. One of her friends suddenly made a joke about her having no mother. Christelle was not mad at first, but when they kept joking about it, she lost control. Christelle started to yell at them and burst in tears. Her friend tried to calm her down, but right when she touched Christelle, her hand was burnt like hell. Christelle and the rest of friends were shock. Christelle tried to touch her again and ended up burn her other skin. Christelle's friends screamed in fear and ran away from her. Christelle remembered it clearly when they started to say that she was a monster and left her alone at the park, crying and confused.

    Christelle went home and told her family about this. Her father couldn't take this news and locked Christelle in her room. He didn't know what to do, all he knew was her daughter had turned into monster. Confused and stressed out, her father went to the bar and drunk himself. When he came home, he took Christelle out from her room and started to beat her. Camry tried to save Christelle, but he couldn't do much because of his weak body. Christelle could only cry as her father hit her. When she thought she had enough, Christelle grabbed her father's leg to beg for mercy, but instead she burnt his leg.

    That night was a total chaos. Her father must lost his right leg because of the burn. He didn't blame Christelle, but he still didn't want to admit that Christelle had some kind of strange power. Since that night, Christelle never spoke to her father again. All she could see was his cold back and silence.

    Thankfully, Camry didn't act like her father did, he tried to find out what happened to his little sister. But he couldn't find what was wrong with her. Because of this, Christelle mostly spent her days in her room, her father told Camry to keep Christelle in her room to prevent her from causing problems. Camry couldn't say no and ended up caging Christelle in her room all day. Christelle quit her school because her friend's parents threatened to sue the school and Christelle if the school didn't drop her out. School had no choice, but to let Christelle dropped out.

    Two years without school and friends, Christelle spent her days by reading books that Camry gave her. He said that Christelle still needed to know about the worlds even though she didn't go to school. At the beginning of 2003, MetaMorphs were legally recognized as citizens. A bright new hope had come to Christelle. Finally, she knew what was wrong with her and there was nothing wrong, instead she was special.

    However, it didn't change her father's point of view because MetaMorphs were legalized in U.S, not German. Though he was scared of her, Christelle was still his daughter, she shared the same blood with him, so he didn't want Christelle to be taken by the government. If in the past few years, Christelle could be hidden in her room, now she was no longer safe in this country, keeping her in her room wouldn't save her. With all money he had, her father sent Christelle to Florida where her grandmother lived. She was only 12 years old when her father sent her away to Florida with some pocket money to live with her grandmother.

    (Christelle and Alan)

    5 years living with her grandmother, Christelle must faced another abandonment, her grandmother passed away. When she finally could blend in with the society and had some friends, fate gave her life another 'amusement'. Christelle tried to live by herself using all that her grandmother left for her. Christelle started to work at nightclub as the bartender to pay her tuition. She wanted to go to college, so she worked extra hard at the nightclub. There, she met Alan, her current boyfriend. He helped her by giving her a place to stay and foods. Alan also paid her college tuition so Christelle didn't have to work at the nightclub anymore. But, Christelle said that she loved her job and wanted to keep it until she found more stable job. Alan agreed with her as long as she promised to take care of herself. Her life slowly became better and better, especially since Christelle and Alan started dating when she was 18.

    Christelle never paid attention to her power before until she was 19. She started to accept herself as MetaMorph and began to learn more about her power. Alan supported her and this was one of the reasons she wanted to train her power, she wanted to protect someone she loved, Alan. She never heard any news from her father nor her brother, so the only one she had now was Alan. She loved him so much up to the point where she would sacrifice her life for him.


    = Christelle is vegetarian =
    = Christelle owns two hamsters, Milo and Oval =
    = Christelle is a party animal and slightly heavy drinker =
    = Christelle has a boyfriend, Alan, who works as DJ. They live together in Alan's apartment =


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  12. Very nice sheet, however I see quite a few grammatical errors. Accepted, just try to fix the grammar a bit when posting.
  13. Laura MacEntyre
    Alana Bunte.jpg
    28 \ Female \ Bisexual \ Brown Hair \ Green eyes \ 5'7" \ Chaotic Good

    "I'm here to help. That doesn't mean I'm going to put up with being bossed around, by you or anyone else."
    Project Titan 2.0

    The first thing one would notice about Laura would be either the dark tattoos covering her arms, legs, and belly, or the big wings sprouting out of her back.

    The tattoos are primarily in black and various shades of gray with an occasional one in color, and they are beautifully done. Skeletons, daggers, demons, flowers, even a wolf and a pinup girl are all illustrated on her skin, among much else. There isn't a real pattern, and all of the tattoos are of varying sizes.

    The wings are the mutation she gained after achieving Tier 3. They're feathered, a pale gray in color, and useless for the most part. Her full wingspan is about twenty feet from wingtip to wingtip.

    Beyond those two things, her mannerisms are unremarkable. She walks without sway in her hips and leads with her shoulders. Her posture is somewhat bad, thanks to years of hunching over people while applying ink to their skin. She tends to chew her lip when concentrating and likes to doodle on nearby surfaces or scraps of paper, from receipts to napkins, when bored. Her wardrobe mostly consists of bold but cool colors and the color black.

    Several small scars dot her skin, but all are covered quite intentionally with one of her many tattoos.

    Persistent[BCOLOR=#090909], Sarcastic[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909],[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909] Extroverted, Confrontational, Easily Irritated, Creative, Blunt, Confident[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909], Tou[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]g[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]h, Empathetic, Independent[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#090909]Laura is ferocious, in a word. She's tough and passionate and strong willed, the sort who takes obstacles as challenges and will fight, often literally, those who tell her she can't. She doesn't spare anyone's feelings in the phrasing of her opinions and she tends to argue her point further instead of apologizing for causing offense. That isn't to say she doesn't apologize; give her time to cool off and she's usually the first to do so, if she feels she should. If she doesn't believe she was the antagonizer and one wants to patch things up, a gift of coffee or treats usually works as a peace offering.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#090909]When interacting with people, Laura is usually the one to initiate conversations. Conversations about important subjects, like science and the universe and the meaning of life, as she hates small talk with a fiery passion. She's confident in herself and her abilities regarding her trade. She's also a decent friend, surprisingly objective when it comes to problems in the lives of people close to her and also understanding about more emotional issues.[/BCOLOR]

    Tier 3 Aerokinesis
    - Her primary and only ability is the manipulation of wind. It's no deadly power, but it's invisible and versatile. She can create light breezes to shift objects from a distance and gusts powerful enough to knock a person off their feet or a door off its hinges. Her ability is limited by the fact that there has to be wind present in order for her to manipulate it, though something as small as a vent system or air conditioner can work. Using her ability underground is highly unadvised with the general lack of air available.
    Mutation: It's fairly large and nearly impossible to hide, given that she has a pair of full on feathery wings attached to her shoulderblades. Perhaps there are other Metas with functional wings, perhaps there are not, but she is simply not strong enough to use hers, even for something as basic as gliding. She does have complete control over them, and they do work basically like a birds' wing, she just lacks the muscle required to keep herself airborne with them. She's never tried using her powers in junction with her wings. She feels she lacks the endurance rquired, and that it would be too easy to break one of her delicate wing bones with a misjudged gust of wind.

    Laura was the only child of a well off couple, and she was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Her early life was decent enough, especially for a Meta. The first time her power presented itself was when she was eight. She had a squabble with another child over who got to use a particular swing, and she ended up getting so frustrated that she pushed the other child off the swing entirely. From no less than eight feet away. The other child walked away with scrapes and one or two bruises. Both of her parents along with the staff of the school refused to believe her when she said that she'd done it on purpose.

    She didn't mention that incident, or her power, to her parents for the next six years. That didn't stop her from practicing it, though. Empty water bottles and pop cans served as good, lightweight targets, and she usually kept four or five in her room. Over that same six years, her control improved, and she learned to control the wind even when she wasn't emotional. Then she worked on strength, and continued improving that until she was fourteen.

    Fourteen was a big year for the young Laura. It was 2001, and her family was still living in Chicago on May 2nd. She got to witness both the destruction and the heroism first hand. It was as incredible as it was terrifying, and she couldn't help but wonder if she was like those people who had been acting like real-life superheroes. She couldn't help but wonder if she was one of them, one of those MetaMorphs, and the idea that she might be was exciting. So she went to her parents. She told them what she'd seen. She showed them her power and what she could do with it. She expected them to be as excited about it as she was.

    They were not. They didn't agree with much of the US that Metas were heroes. They found the idea of beings with powers to be terrifying, and the fact that their daughter was one to be even more so. What would happen to the reputation of herrors mother's business if her daughter's "freakishness" ended up in the news? So they made her hide her ability. Made her stop using it, even to practice.

    A year of treatment like that, and Laura had begun to resent her parents. She didn't take that resentment and lash out, or do anything drastic like running away. If anything, she seemed to submit to her parents's desire for her to hide her ability. She was granted more freedoms and free time outside of the house, more personal privacy now that her parents felt she could be trusted. She used that freedom and that privacy to do research and file paperwork. After Metas were granted citizenship in 2003, she filed for legal emancipation from her parents and actually got it.

    Laura was moved out of her parents house at the tender age of sixteen, free to do as she wished. Of course, being a sheltered child from a rich family, she had no idea how the world worked. The next eight years were spent on the streets and in with the wrong crowds and she even did a year and a half in prison for burglary at one point, not to mention multiple weekends spent in jail for DUIs or public intoxication. She got more than a few of her tattoos during this period. She also ignored her powers, for the most part, her dreams of being a superhero forgotten in her pursuit of pleasure.

    Towards the end of the eight year span, she got into an emotionally and physically abusive relationship with a woman named Morgan. Outbursts of violence and insults from her weren't an everyday occurrence, but they happened often enough to become routine. Then, one particular time, Laura just...snapped. She got angry like she hadn't been in years and blasted Morgan off her feet. Terrified by the sudden re-emergence of her Aerokinesis and how Morgan would react when she got up, Laura ran. She ended up hitchhiking all the way to New York City and spent a couple of weeks on the streets there. After a night spent in the alley behind a particular tattoo shop, she was found by its owner and taken in by him. She earned her keep by doing work around the shop, and eventually became the apprentice to one of the artists who worked there. She began practicing with her abilities after getting her own place, and the wings developed over time as her control over and precision with her ability increased.

    She currently lives in New York, New York, and works at the Twin Devils Tattoo Parlour as an apprentice/receptionist/artist.

    -Questions about her past tend to irritate her and make her uncomfortable.
    -She is somewhat allergic to peanuts.
    -She shares her apartment with a Sphynx cat named Charlie.

    Malcolm Hayes
    Jai Courtney.jpg
    26 | Male | Homosexual | Red hair | Blue eyes | 6'2" | True Neutral

    "Oh, believe me when I say I am aware of your feelings on the subject. But, you see, the thing is that I don't care."
    Project Titan 2.0

    Malcolm is a fairly intimidating person, with his height and the muscle he rigorously maintains and the cold confidence he wears like someone else might wear a favorite jacket. Scars dot his hands and arms, from various fights he'd gotten into over the years. There is a tattoo on the back of his neck of the ace of spades and there is skull on his right shoulder, both of them being put on his skin in prison, with two more from a different source on his back. Gao Yord, Nine Spires, is placed at the nape of his neck and Paed Tidt, Eight Points, is placed closer to the center of his back. Both are Sak Yant, a kind of traditional Thai tattooing that is usually put on Buddhists.

    As for his mannerisms, he walks and stands and sits with excellent posture, and has a tendency to lift his chin a bit as if to look down his nose at others. His smiles and laughs are rarely genuine. If they are, it's easy to tell, as he covers his mouth with one of his hands.

    His manner of dress varies, though he tends to prefer the color blue. For work, he wears clothing that would be appropriate for it. In public outside of work, it is rare to see him in anything that might be considered less than "business casual". In privacy, though, he tends to dress for comfort rather than style, in warm sweaters and the like.

    Loyal, Stubborn, Practical, Thoughtful, Self Possessed, Spiritual, Proud, Suspicious, Argumentative, Complicated, Opportunistic, Difficult
    Malcolm is practical before nearly everything else, to the point of being morally questionable. He does what he deems necessary, what he sees as most advantageous or convenient, neither shirking from what he feels he must do nor embracing it. He has accepted that he is a being suited to violence, but he has also accepted that people like him are not what humanity needs to better itself. To that end, he pursues Buddhism as best as he can, meditating every morning he is able and maintaining a healthy body, with the hope that in his next life he will be something better.
    However, all of that is buried under the surface. Most just see him as a cynic and an ass. He cares little for being around people, thanks as much to his experiences as his abilities, and tends to be upfront with his opinions and criticisms. That isn't to say he can't hold his tongue or pretend to be charming in the right circumstances, but he finds being proper to be draining. He's a difficult person to like, and even more difficult to get to know. If one can actually manage becoming friends with him, however, he is a startlingly loyal person and willing to follow someone he's committed to wherever they may go and regardless of what they may face.

    Tier 3 Empathy - Malcolm is an empath, able to sense the emotions of those around him. He can't change or affect those emotions, and he can't "turn off" his awareness of others' feelings while he's conscious. The ability also has a limited range, topping out at a little bit more than fifteen meters (50 feet), and the precision with which he can sense a person's feelings lessens with how far away they are from him. His control over his ability has allowed him to focus on one or two individuals and sense their emotions far more precisely, to the point that he can sense suppressed feelings or when that person is lying. Touching a person gives the same kind of detailed sense without requiring him to focus, and he can't stop himself from doing that, either.
    Pain Inducement - His secondary ability is to inflict pain. He doesn't do so by causing any actual damage to the person he's using the ability on, he's merely stimulating the nerves under their skin so that they send false pain signals to the brain. False or no, it feels like real pain. The limitation is that he must be touching a person, skin on skin, in order to use this ability. The amount of pain he can inflict depends on how hard he is concentrating and where he is touching, and the rule of thumb regarding the latter being "the closer to the spine, the more it will hurt". The head is the most painful area. As for how this pain affects his target, that depends on the person.
    Mutation: All of the blood vessels in his hands and wrists, from about halfway up his forearm down, are discolored in an odd fashion. They act as an extremely accurate mood ring, basically, except the colors can be as difficult to read as the person. Emotions don't correspond to separate colors, like one might expect. Happiness isn't yellow, envy isn't green, embarrassment isn't pink. Each emotion has its own distinct shade of red, blue, or gray. For example, happiness is a light, soft blue, and sadness is a darker blue, harsher against his skin. Anger is a vibrant red, bright as blood, and love is a warmer, more welcoming shade of the same. Bitterness is a dark gray, while calmness is a silvery color. It's difficult to glean the meaning of the colors without spending a considerable amount of time with Malcolm, but he tends to cover his hands with gloves anyways.

    Malcolm was born a middle child, between two sisters, in one of the poorer districts in the London Borough of Haringey. His ability had always been present, for as far back as he would be able to recall in adulthood. As it was a mental one instead of a physical one, he was able to keep it fairly well hidden once he was old enough to understand that he needed to. Though, even without his abilities putting him at risk of discovery, his childhood was no easy one. His father was employed as a criminal, so the family's financial situation was always questionable. Neither of his parents were particularly open minded or accepting. His father's response to Malcolm asking if it was okay to like boys when he was six was an angry rant, and his mother responded with a simple no.

    Amelia, his older sister, was the only member of his family he was close to. Malcolm liked to follow her around while she walked their neighborhood, visiting her friends and doing small errands for the household, and it was on one of these outings that he met John. John was a year older when they met, only seven, but already made to look after his younger sister. The two were fast friends. They'd only known one another for a couple of short months when Malcolm decided that he loved John. He didn't know it, then, but that love was going to shape the course of much of Malcolm's early life.

    Amelia died when he was twelve. She was only seventeen, involved with exactly the wrong type of people, and ended up accidentally overdosing on heroin. Malcolm was deeply affected by her loss, but his parents weren't so moved. They both disapproved of their daughter's actions and the company she kept. His father was adamant that Amelia made her own decisions and her death was her own own fault. His mother felt she deserved it. His younger sister, barely eight, blindly agreed with them. Their reaction and their disgust is what turned Malcolm into such a cynic.

    It was also that which turned Malcolm to crime. He ended up joining a street gang with John, soon discovering his gift for fighting hand to hand and then honing his skills at it. By the time he was eighteen, he was good at it. Good at reading opponents, good at blocking strikes, good at taking hits, good at throwing punches. Also, during the passing years, he hadn't even attempted to develop his power. Thus far in his life, all it had gotten him was pain. Pain from his parents, before he'd stopped trying to impress them. Pain from John, who did not and would not love him back. So, he'd ignored it as much as he could and did his very best not to focus on it. Even the general acceptance of Metas in the UK didn't spur him into training his ability. That would change, however, after he was put into prison.

    John had always wanted to get he and his little sister out of London and the UK, to get her somewhere safe where they were not criminals. He came up with a plan to accomplish just that a few months before Malcolm's nineteenth birthday. The gang they were apart of worked under the leadership of a businessman named Levi Castor, who owned a club in which he operated a profitable drug ring. John's plan was for the three of them to break into the club and take what money they could get before burning the place down and running away. Malcolm was originally supposed to come with the John and his sister, but he knew Castor would pursue them until he got his revenge for such a massive loss of money. So Malcolm stayed behind, after the deed was done. He stayed behind, he was arrested, and he was sentenced to four years in prison for arson. John left with his sister. Safely, as Malcolm didn't mention his involvement with the deed or the money that had been stolen.

    Four years. Four years, he spent around boys and then men he couldn't trust. Four years in which he worked on his ability, gaining control over it and skill with it, discovering his secondary ability by accident a year before his sentence was up. Four years he went without so much as a single letter from the man he'd decided to love when they were both children. After he got out, he was no longer sure of who he was as a person and he lacked John, who had served as his moral compass. He ended up turning to the same drug that had killed his older sister: heroin.

    It's ironic, perhaps, that using it was what triggered his advancement to Tier 3. It gave him a rush, then induced a nearly catatonic state without slowing his brain function, allowing him to do nothing but focus on his empathy. He spent a year and a half as a travelling addict, making his way in a mostly illegal fashion across Europe and down into Thailand and hardly noticing the discoloration spreading up the veins of his fingers. It was on a street in Bangkok he met the Buddhist monk who dragged him back into sobriety and inspired him to seek a better path for his life.

    He spent many months in the city, trying to learn to cope with the longer lasting withdrawal symptoms of heroin, dealing with the emotions he'd tried to get rid of through the drug, and learning of his new found faith. Then, when he decided he was ready to strike out on his own, he went to America and settled in Boston. In prison, he'd been taught mechanics, and found work in a shop with an owner that could accept his criminal history.

    Malcolm currently lives in a small house in Boston, working as a mechanic and trying to keep to a more peaceful path.

    -Has a young pitbull named Vera he found on the street
    -Many things make him uncomfortable, from heights to spiders, but he is legitimately afraid of tight spaces
    -He was born on Christmas, but teasing him over it is unwise
    -He has quite the love for baked sweets like cupcakes and cookies
    -Speaks fluent Thai
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  14. They look very interesting, I'll put in Malcolm as soon as he's finished. Other than that, Laura is accepted and I'll add her to the list shortly, a very nice character!
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  15. Oh I will ^^ Just tell me when I have grammar error like that since English is not my first language, I'm trying to make my English better by joining this site, so I will be glad to hear feedback ^^ I will check it later when I'm on my computer~
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  18. WIP


    “People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.”

    Aaron Zuckerman






    Glass Manipulation – (Tier 3) Using this ability, one can move glass telekinetically, and can create anything from glass. One is able to destroy anything glass, and to fix broken glass seamlessly. One can also create glass objects such as shields/walls/weapons, and transform existing materials into glass i.e. sand. Any form of glass can be manipulated. He can also affect the properties of glass such as color, opacity, flexibility, speed, density, hardness, and sharpness. Aaron can also affect mirrors to a certain extent allowing him to cause the reflective surface to become opaque, frosty, or transparent. He cannot however affect or manipulate actual reflections.


    Glass Mimicry – (Tier 3) Due to further mutation of his ability, Fragment can also turn his body into a hard flexible glass form. He must transform all parts of his body, rather than selectively transforming certain areas and can remain in this form for an undetermined amount of time. Aaron will also be able to camouflage himself in this form. Because of the chemicals and gasses in the human body, his glass form is as hard as diamonds making him invulnerable to most conventional attacks and physical injury. He is immune to bullets in this form for the most part, but excess shooting of them or larger projectiles will cause him to revert to his normal form or worse; shatter him into a million pieces. If he is rendered unconscious, Aaron's body will automatically transform into its normal state. He does not have access to his glass manipulation abilities while in his glass form. In his glass form, Aaron's physical strength is increased to superhuman levels. At his peak, he is able to lift approximately 2 tons. While transformed, Aaron's muscle tissue becomes infinitely more efficient than the organic musculature of normal humans, or most other organic beings for that matter. His muscles produce almost no fatigue toxins during physical activity, granting him almost limitless superhuman stamina, or at least until or unless he is forced to resume his normal state. His body is sensitive to extreme temperature so any harsh climates could potentially cause him to melt or shatter. Aaron is also self-sustained while transformed, requiring no food, water or oxygen. He will soon be immune to other telepathic powers in his glass form.




    I'll finish it up soon :)
  19. I am done with my second character sheet, just in time for the great big update. c:

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