MetaMorph: A story of Super-Humans and their 'ordinary' lives

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Nobody in the past know when it really started, nobody in the present even get what's happening anymore. This shit must have been going on for years, probably decades, but all was clear on one fateful day, in one fateful year. The year was 2001, May 2nd, all seemed normal to the average man, the normal woman, the playful child. Yet, like everyday, humanity thrived for something...extraordinary. And then, it happened...

There was some sort of fight, as if a secret war had reached the surface, bringing the battle to the public. There was destruction all over the city of Chicago, IL. Building collapsed, the streets burned and rumbled with the force of god knows what kind of weapons. Though, little did the civilians know that the weapons were not that of missiles, tanks or any form of technology really, but of supposed 'ordinary' people. Flames blasted through the hands of a young boy, the strength of a giant made of stone and metal shook the streets, and a flying woman shot out missiles and bullets of energy at her pursuers. The ones they fought were of a different aura, with different intents. As most spread destruction and death across the city, a small collection of these, extraordinaires, attempted at saving the innocent, undoing the damage, and stopping the rampaging powerhouses of destruction.

One such was a man dressed in leather and jeans, flying and holding cars before they hit the floor with his bare hands. He dropped down to the road, looking at the dozens of camera crews still alive, being either foolish or brave. The, aliased, "Flying Man" looked at the cameras and said "This is Marcus Miller, member of the Alphass..." and followed it up with 6 fateful words..."But you can call us MetaMorphs"

By the year 2003, MetaMorphs were legally recognized as citizens of the U.S, though other countries weren't as...hospitable. In some countries, such as Russia, North Korea, China, Germany, even Somalia insisted on throwing these "Freaks" into camps like animals or prisoners of second World War. Some countries even denied recognizing them as citizens, or humans at all. Other than that, some countries at least had the decency to recognize these Metas, yet it cannot go without persecution. Some people see Metas as freaks, accidents of god, against nature, and simply disgusting and dangerous. Hate-Groups rise against these Metas, and rebellions rise with them.

Now is the year 2015, an age of evolution, rebellion, Change. Currently, the U.S is on the brink of starting a mandatory registration act on Metas due to criminal activities, acts of terrorism and riots. The lives of some Metas seem normal, though there is always persecution, they learn to control their powers in time and age. The studies on Metas have gone further than ever anticipated, with some more understanding and technologies based around them. Though still, some instances are still very, very unclear in the realm of science, some may even call it magic. The world's rotating and going as normal, with one side of the world persecuting and killing off the Metas, and another side recognizing and 'protecting' them in some sense. Now however, is a fateful day, a threat larger than any Meta or human may have ever witnessed. It's the time of alliances, partnerships, Convergence

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