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  1. Hello! SO as you know, I'm searching for a partner. Long term would be very nice. I have plenty of genres and ideas and categories for roleplays, so I will start off with my horror search that I already wrote up and then work to other roleplays. I am a genuine believer that everything is related in some way, so everything horror related that I write takes place in the same universe (Unless it has to do with a zombie apocalypse or something that completely alters the world in catastrophic ways) and make sure to tie them all together. I like to write up fictional cities and use them in other works of my own, and I reference important and past characters, and even use a character in more than one story. Every god, mythological species and figure, and so on are always reused in one or more way. But our roleplay(s) don't have to just revolve around the supernatural and extraterrestrial. We can do anything that can be considered scary, from clown serial killers to a village of cannibalistic inhabitants. Sure, it would be nice to tie in a god (like the Clown kills for a specific god's sacrifice and the people believe that eating human flesh will elevate them to higher status) but it's cool if you don't want to tie it together somehow.

    I have plenty of ideas that we can work out and into a story.
    -In the Medieval/Pioneer times a man tasked with watching over a watch tower that holds old and secret magic finds himself getting lonely after too many years of not leaving the watch tower, so he gets his hands around "The Book of Summonings" and conjures himself an artificial wife. All goes well at first, then she starts acting strange, then begins to act irrational, then during the new moon she mutates into a vile and grotesque creature who attempts to destroy every book in the tower, and eat the keeper of the tower.-

    -I've been listening to the album "This is no Fairy Tail" by Carach Angren, and in the album the lyrics speak about two children who run away from an abusive home after their alcoholic and heroin addicted mother commits suicide because of the way the house is. They run away and run to the city, and in the city they find a clown who makes them smile and laugh, he offers to take them to his gingerbread house and gives them candy that knocks them out when in his car. He murders children for an evil witch. I know that it's a highly upsetting and kind of realistic concept, but I was thinking that we could work with a serial killer clown, he could kill for a specific god, or he read in the Book of Conjurings that once the flesh of a hundred children is devoured the person ascends to a higher place in the chain of being. -

    -Two detectives in the 1940s search for leads on missing people throughout the city, and they slowly start turning up in strange ways (I want to keep all information on this idea a secret, in case we do use this idea because I have plot twists and surprises to do with it).-

    -A group of ghost hunters teams up with a Priest who travels and does exorcisms, when they go to do a routine investigation with the Priest they find themselves trapped in an abandoned apartment building with a mish-mash of different paranormal and supernatural creatures, and they need to find a way out before they meet their own fates (You play either a ghost hunter or the priest, I will play the creatures and NPC hunters, mainly because I enjoy bloodbaths. I will set up choices and opportunities for your character to do stuff to move the story forward, you just build on the choices and add more to it).-

    -While on a cruise around the world, a heavy metal band, a writer, and a few tourists survive a shipwreck on a jungle island just off the coast of Australia. They find that it's a portal to a whole other world, and out of pure curiosity they continue their adventure (Another one I want to keep a secret).-

    -A long distance couple finally meet each other and decide to instantly move in with each other, but things take a turn for the worst when one of the two turns out to be a serial killer and a cannibal, who murders all of the partner's friends and secretly serves the victim for dinner.-

    -A group of astronauts find themselves being hunted by Otherworldly creatures when their ship is pulled into another dimension.-

    -The new girl in the neighbourhood seems normal, a bit seductive and overfriendly and has a very alluring personality, so the main character attempts to go after her and date her, but he seems to be the only person to notice her. After a bit of them dating, after every time they have sex or do sexual acts, he seems to grow more and more tired, loses his appetite, and eventually dies due to the fact she is a variation of a succubus.-

    -other plot ideas-

    -A mob roleplay about the mob boss' son who falls in love with another family member from a rival family. A 1930s version of Romeo and Juliet.-

    -A soldier and a scientist go to a remote jungle to investigate an odd sighting, and find themselves being hunted by people infected by a new rage virus that the people the scientist works for created.-

    -In a sci-fi mixed with fantasy setting that is kind of like Pokémon or Digimon mixed with a Dystopia setting, summoning creatures and conjuring magic is the way of fighting and basically a way of life. A roleplay between a summoner and the creature being summoned would be fun to work out. Could work into a romance, or an action, or anything really.-

    -Someone to work out a science fiction world and do some world building, and work out a star wars like sci-fi opera would be pretty awesome.-
  2. I feel like you and I would get along very well. Horror is my favorite genre to play any day of the week, and if it's a non-horror genre; I like to sneak in some suspense.

    My Key Interests:
    -Cruise to Another World
    -Cannibal Lover
    -The New Girl
    - Other Plot Ideas 2, 3, and (maybe) 4
    For the whole sci-fi opera, did you mean something similar to the Game Karmaflow?

    Also I have a character that you may be interested in playing with, she still needs development but she's got the most important stuff down. It's a horror/libertine character.

    (Warning: Sexual Context)


    Avalaina (Ae-vah-lane-AH)
    Also Known as "The Dream Seducer" or "Twisted Angel"

    Avalaina holds no physical body in reality and is able to appear as many, sexual icons in a person's dream. However, there is a reoccurring icon that some believe is Avalaina's truest from and known as the "Twisted Angel". As the Twisted Angel, she has long, ivory colored hair that flows like a gentle river. Generally there is no articles of clothing on her smooth, lightly tanned body; But her ivory hair can be used to hide the genitals and breasts from view. Other times, a revealing white dress is worn with black stockings just short from her round bosom. Those who have seen this image of Avalaina are told to become cursed or worse; suffer through eternal pain of any future erection or general location of the genitals.
    Avalaina has crystallized, aqua colored eyes and shares a highly seductive glance. With plump lips, and a perfectly curved body; she is considered "Every Beings Dirty Desire". When in the presence of Avalaina, a unique aroma of berries, roses and 'sex' can be smelled from just looking at her. Strangely, the only time one can tell they are being faced with Avalaina in their dreams is by her ears as they never seem to change. Her ears are elven-like, with tips of a brushed red. When clothed in her revealing, white dress; her hands near-perfect with vicious claws as nails. Sometimes they can seem
    'painted' with red, violet or black.

    Born on an Unknown Date
    Hometown is Unkown

    Dream Wanderer acts French
    Idea of Height was 5'6" and Weighed 115 Ilb.
    Bloodtype is Undefined
    Caucasian Pallor Tone (Pale)

    There is no specific diet Avalaina, however as the Twisted Angel; she craves the reproductive cells or sperm of the counterpart. Unfortunately, during this specific presence of Twisted Angel, if the counterpart successfully ejaculates on or in her, they suffer constant pain from future erections or general location of the genitals.
    She can be seen any sort of foods in a person's dream, whether if it's her true diet or not is unknown.

    Twisted Angel has a special "friend" that accompanies her during her haunting occasions known as; Breaker. Or as Avalaina would play with words, whisper "Break Her" in the counterparts ear. Breaker is a large bird of sorts that appears as a similar ivory coloring and red in it's feathers. While it can appear innocent, behind it's metallic mask is a monstrous being with it's beak split apart in four directions. Once the mask is removed, Breaker's beak blooms open and unleashes striking blades unto the opposing person.

    Known Languages are Any.
    *Is able to mimic all languages and accents, dependent on the counter part.
    With an IQ of ∞
    *How smart the Dreamer Wanderer is, is unknown.
  3. We can always roleplay multiple stories. Finish one go to the next. Also, I meant somewhere along the lines of a really dramatic story that takes place in and around space, such as Star Wars. But that game is something I need to play, seeing as how I enjoy every band that was mentioned.

    I honestly love your character! I got this idea, that since I tend to tie all my horror stories together, if we use her it could take place in the small town of Avery Falls (fictional town), which is a town that is watched over by a cruel god, who, if someone doesn't conform and sell their soul to him, he sends creatures after them to steal their soul. Maybe your creature works for the god, and she enjoys "playing with her food" more than the other creatures? Just throwing out ideas.
  4. KarmaFlow was a very interesting game no doubt, and with the bands in there I couldn't resist. However, that game comes to a screeching halt where you are left with two options; Buy it or Don't, Generally like with any game.
    While the story was moving and the very interesting, there (Use) to be a lot of bugs. I have not heard of anything about if they were fixed or not. So it comes down to, you want to enjoy the story...or gameplay more?

    To get back on track, I could do a Sci-Fi Drama that is rather huge like Star Wars, but not Star Wars. That would have to be something that needs a bit of time discussing because I can be rather picky at times if it's going to be a RP of that size.

    Thank you so much, She's one of my favorite ones!
    It could work, I will message you with another idea similar to that and we can keep adding or taking down till we find something we both like.
  5. I'd buy it for Dragonforce, Sonata Artica, Epica and Cradle of Filth. Reminds me kind of like Brutal Legend, in the sense that they have metal and rock icons in the game. Brutal Legend is one of my all time favorite game to be honest.

    Yeah, a roleplay of that magnitude would take a long time to set up. We can do it sometime down the road, after we have a few stories under our belt that we have written together, if you'd like.

    Sounds good! Also if my replies get smaller, its because I'm on a phone and it feels like I've written more than I actually have.
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