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  1. Hey there! It's me! Metal Blade! To help me with my Iwaku come back, I have some ideas for roleplays! These will ranger from strict plot lines, to loose plot ideas. Some roleplays could be short, others long running, or turn into a series.

    My writing styles and characters all depend on the type of story we are doing. I like to add character death and tradjety when appropriate. Please keep in mind that all of these plots and ideas are flexible and we can work on it all. There will be updates. I'm on a phone and can't put all my ideas up right now.

    Slice of life, modern, modern-horror and modern-action​
    • A classic case of boy meets girl, boy and girl fall for each other, cue the drama that enfolds.
    • Girl moves into a new house, finds herself being stalked by a local escaped convict.
    • A girl finds a genie's lamp, and it turns out to be a genie after all, willing to make her every wish come true in exchange for seeing her happy.
    • Motorcycle gang themed plot.
    • Mafia themed plot.
    • Buddy cop action/comedy
    • Cop has to guard a client while they go through witness protection.
    • Street gang themed.
    • Rage virus outbreak.
    • Zombie virus outbreak.
    • A romance story about rival gang leaders falling in love, can easily be based around Romeo and Juliet for all of those Shakespeare fans.
    Historic, sci-fi and fantasy​
    • Western epic about a gang of bandits who get into a bit of steam.
    • A western epic about a posse going after bandits and villains.
    • A western about a lone rider going after his arch enemy.
    • Two squires growing up and training to be knights.
    • Elves growing up as slaves in a time of war and oppression.
    • Mechs and space pilots.
    • A series about the newest show: mechs fighting and racing in multiple arenas.
    • An epic written like an anime series about demi gods who were thrown away by their parents seeking revenge and go on a blood thirty quest to kill their parents, devour their souls and become full gods. (I have a huge plot twist for the "season finale" on this one. Kind of a mix of God of war and Asura's wrath)
    • Aliens invade a fantasy version of Earth, meaning the fantasy creatures (humans included) have to adapt against the alien's futuristic technology and fight back.
    • A fellowship of different fantasy races is put together to assassinate the leader of the Orcish war party that has occupied the country (mix of LOTR and Shadows of Mordor)
    • An epic quest for destruction from the point of view of an orc war party.
    Fandoms and Fanfictions​
    • Naruto
    • Inuyasha
    • A grittier version of Ninja Turtles
    • X-Men
    • Fairy Tale
    • Bat man
    • Robin Hood
    • Song of Ice and Fire/Game Of Thrones Lord Of The Rings
    • Watchmen
    • Justice League
    • Terminator
    • final destination
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  2. I like the genie one and the witness protection one
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