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  1. Metalliká
    Setting: Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore Institute of Cyber technology, building B.
    Time: November, 26, 2014. 11:22 AM
    Weather: Snowing; fat snow flakes. Fall.

    Dr. Kimberly Aniston

    "Come on then doll face, it's time to wake them up." The brunette flashed a smile in Dr. Rutherford's direction, her red lips stretching over white teeth. Kim's hair was pulled back and up into a large bun that appeared to be impossibly neat, not a single hair went astray. Kim glanced up from her clip board, she had just finished recording their vitals, per the daily routine. The other scientists stood in the observatory--they seemed to think that it was safer behind the glass. The tin men were sedated and hooked up to their individual assembly tables, simply waiting to be awakened from their deep sleep, how precious. Above their heads was a screen that displayed their dreams--which mind you, were monitored for several different reasons. First up? Maxi Harker. "Dr. Rutherford, number two if you would." Maxi Harker lost both of his arms in a EOD gone wrong which left him a double amputee, now he's been equipped with two prosthetic military grade arms, which gives him superior reflexes and strength. They were basic models, plenty of room for upgrades. Apparently, he was dreaming about his children. Two little girls, who looked to be about 7 years old--twins. They looked to be at a barbecue, and the little girls were taking turns getting spun around by their father. Mind you, in his dream he had human arms. Kim scrawled down some notes on her clipboard, including the bottle of tequila she saw on the picnic table.

    Casey reached behind Number two's head, manually unlocking Two from the assembly table. The tin men had little ports on the back of their necks which were about the width of a number 2 pencil, that port tapped into their nervous systems and system installed in their brains. Casey then took out a cylindrical shaped piece of hardware, that was only a few inches thick and about the size of a battery and inserted into the port with a soft 'click'. They were another invention of Kimberly's, in short it was a transmitter and receiver in one. It transmitted and recorded what the wearer's visual was, endorphin levels as well as other emotions, their locations as well as an assortment of other things, she simply called them pills. A soft hiss echoed in the room, as Kimberly and Casey moved on to Aria Kiratobe. "Number Four," Aria Kiratobe was a 23 year old hermit. Dr. Aniston snorted, the woman was too young to be so lonely. All of her living relatives were deceased, and she lost a arm and a leg in a shooting--maybe if she had a better surgeon, she could have kept her limbs. Her bionic arm gave her the same ability as Number 2--superior strength, but it was only in one arm, and her bionic leg made it easier for her to scale walls and such, both limbs were very basic models. Above her head, she appeared to be dreaming of Thanksgiving dinner--but not with her family, but with a plethora of cats and floating swords. Kim snorted, and recorded down some information while Casey simultaneously unlocked number two and inserted the 'Pill'. On the back of the pill was a little light that glowed red--showing that it was online and working.

    Another hiss filled the room, as well as the sounds of the table assembling the Tin Men. Gears clicking and clacking, nuts being bolted and screws being drilled. It was all rather noisy. Two's arms were attached fairly quickly, his bionic eye already installed, but Four's assembly took just a bit longer. "Number 5," Kim said a bit mechanically, a wry smile on her lips. They were going to have so much fun today "Dr.Rutherford, can you make sure the secretary at the front desk schedules the viewing for the Baltimore Police department for today? Make sure he speaks to Jonathan Rifkin and Ingrid Bellamy directly." Kim said fluidly, and knowing Casey she probably had already taken care of it. Five was Kai Burns, the man lost of his arms in a motor cycle accident at the age of 21, the fact that he survived with only those injuries was amazing in itself, Kim had expected some sort of brain damage--but apparently Kai's helmet had done it's job. Above his head, on the screen was a elegant piano that was playing Chopin. There was no pianist insight, but in the background was a T.V and on the screen was Kai riding his motorcycle. Watching someone's dreams was the most entertaining part of her day thus far, they never failed to amuse her. Casey was only a step behind her, and by time Kim had finished recording a few notes, Casey had finished inserting the pill. "On Second thought, just have the secretary call them and I'll speak to them myself." Kim said with a slight purse of her lips.

    Casey did what was asked of her, nothing more and nothing less so soon enough Kim was standing in front of the last Tin Man with her blue tooth in her ear, which she had removed from her lab coat pocket. "Hello? Yes, this is Dr. Kimberly Aniston calling from The Baltimore Institute of Technology. I'm looking to speak to Detective Ingrid Bellamy and Detective Jonathan Rifkin, please?" Kim paused and simply watched what was playing on the screen above Number eight's head;
    Alice Jacobson. A 22 year old nobody, quaint and cute but aside from that it seemed that the girl's real talent was being talent-less. Casey unlocked her from the assembly table, and then the girl's arm was attached. Above her head on the screen was a giant cup of coffee, and Eight was swimming inside of the coffee, using donuts as floaties. A piano could be heard playing in the background and suddenly a giant cat paw swiped the cup, knocking it over. The coffee went spilling and Eight began to scream and laugh inside her dream, her arms up in the air as if she was on some sort of carnival ride. She was unlocked , her pill inserted and then assembled by the table. Kim stepped back and gave Casey more room to work and do what she needed. The brunette let out a pleased sigh, looking over her Tin men with a smile on her lips.

    "Hello Detectives, I'm simply calling to tell you that you a welcomed to stop by today; you're chief included. For demonstrations and so forth concerning the Metallika division. If you do indeed come by today, and your chief gives his stamp of approval, we can get crackin' by lets say...two days from now?" Another pause in the conversation as Kim listened to the response of the Detectives. "Brilliant, see you then!" Kimberly removed the blue tooth and dropped it into her pocket. Under her lab coat she wore a red turtle neck, black slacks and a pair of patent leather pointed heels. "We have a date with the BCPD Case, I'm excited." Kim said a matter of factually, she kept slipping in an out of professional formalities in the work place.

    "Good Morning my Lovelies!" She said loudly, disrupting the fragile silence as she threw her clipboard down on the counter. "It is time to rise and shine, today the Officers from the Baltimore Police Department are coming by to visit, and if you're good you'll have something else to do aside from train, oh and you'll make mommy lots and lots of money, and then mommy can buy you all brand new toys! Wouldn't that be nice Casey?" Kim cooed, at some point she had plopped down into her chair and was currently spinning around in it much like her 11 year old son David did. "It'll be great, so lets get some food into, yes?" They were all in the center of the room, to her left was the observatory where all the other scientists were clustered and watching, and to her right was the control desk. Behind her 4 Kimbots stood, awaiting commands their glowing eyes unblinking. Kim pushed off from the counter in her rolling chair to the opposite side of the room towards the control desk. "Bot 001, could you ensure that breakfast is prepared in the cafeteria? Thank you."

    "Yes, Ma'am. You're Welcome Ma'am. " With that, Bot 001 left to fulfill it's commands.

    At the control desk, Kimberly was monitoring their vitals and emotional levels. All the pills were online and working, the Tin men were assembled and online as well, "Dr. Rutherford? 'Alice' is ready to be birthed, you can do so now if you'd wish. Though make sure you record everything If you do so now, I'm going to want to watch everything." Kim tossed a smile over her shoulder at the ever stony Casey. It would do the girl to loosen up a bit, she was cute, young and and intelligent, her life could be so much more interesting. 'Alice' was the AI they created, a Human Like AI that learns via human interaction rather than programming. That means no need for updates, or anything of that sort. Today would be Alice's birthday, she had been kept in a incubator for weeks so that her 'skin' and other human features could be grown and developed over the titanium skeleton. The other scientists disapproved of the Alice development, not that either of them particularly cared.

    "Our love child is all grown up--" Kim mock sobbed, as she spun in her chair to face Casey. "Oh time flies doesn't it? Seems like just yesterday, she was nothing more than a Artificial gelatinous brain.." She pretended to wipe away a tear before standing and walking towards the Tin Men. "Well, anyways because I'm in a good mood, after Breakfast you have...lets say, a 2 hour block to do whatever the hell you want, I want to be present for the Birth of Alice--you understand right? Don't forget though, mommy is always watching." Kim winked and picked up her clip board, as the Tin men began to step down from their assembly tables. "Come on Doctor, I can't wait much longer--" Kim ushered Casey out the door leaving the Tin Men unattended, much to the chagrin of the other scientists.

    Oh Well.

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  2. He woke up and it was-strange. He'd forgotten why he was here, or what he was even doing before he fell asleep. 5
    It was on his tongue the second he opened his eyes, and he knew he wasn't alone, standing in line with nine other people. The woman, a scientist probably, creeped him out. She was even weirder, with wild hair to match the strangeness of her personality. Mommy, as she called herself, walked out to see 'Alice' but he didn't know who Alice was, leaving them alone to themselves.
    Without much thought, he stepped down onto the actual floor and moved to look around. Most of him just wanted to go back to sleep, but the rest was curious. Kay moved hair behind his ear, and noticed that his arm was not his own. It highly resembled his own arm, but was made of a strange metal. The same material went on both of his arms, one up to the elbow, and the other up to his shoulder. Faintly he remembered the sound of an engine, but it must have been that silly dream he'd been having. He flexed his fingers, and found that they worked just fine. It had been a long time since he'd had feeling in his arms, but he couldn't think of why. Strange.
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  3. The drive down to the Baltimore Institute of Cyber Technology would have been your picturesque afternoon drive through Baltimore in the Fall; the crisp wind snapping at Jonathan's tan scarf as he had one arm on the cusp of the window of the Crown Vic and the other on the wheel. He couldn't help but notice all the bright Fall colors on the trees as he drove down the freeway, the Oak trees leaves were multiple shades of orange and red; none quite the same as the next; with vibrant yellows thrown in here and there as if for good measure Funny how nature works Jonathan thought to himself.

    But there was one thing about the drive that really excited him Snow he chimed in his head, Winter was one of his favorite seasons, and to say the least it seemed to have arrived early. He continued down the freeway taking in the sights of the large snow flakes melding with the vibrant colors yet to fall from the trees, and he couldn't help but feel as if someone were painting a picture right in front of him everything was just that perfect. I should turn on some music he reflected as he put his left hand back on the wheel and began to move his right hand to the radio, it glided over the PCA and towards the knob and past another persons Hand? OH SHIT! he scrambled to close his window and crank the heat as he suddenly came out of his trance from nature and back to the drive.

    He wasn't alone in the car, sitting in the back seat and slightly covered in snow flakes was his bosses boss, "I'm so sorry Chief Lebowitz I got lost in the wonder of the weather, I just- I- Uh... My bad" he said defeated. He tossed a glance toward his direct superior Detective Bellamy with the eyes of a sad puppy, Please help me was what he hoped his eyes were telling her.
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  4. Anthony held his hands up in surrender. "It's fine, though being covered in snow flakes isn't my idea of a perfect car ride." He didn't much like having snow on him in a car but he wasn't going to complain. In all honesty, Anthony was unnerved by having to visit Kimberly's new "toys" or whatever it was that she was calling them these days. He never got along well with the crazed scientist and preferred to stay as far as possible away from her as long as possible.
    "Are we almost there?" He asked, resting the side of his head on his palm with boredom. He was cold, and damp from snow falling on his face that he'd been to polite to ask to close the window. That's what he got for sitting right behind the drivers seat.
  5. NPC
    A scientist in the observatory hit a buzzer, a old man who looked to be in his 60's with a head full of graying hair. He turned on the intercom and leaned over to speak into the microphone, after pushing his glasses up his nose. "10 minutes and counting before protocol 6924 is enacted, and subjects are forcibly dispersed from the central lab via Kimbot." His voice was monotone yet fluid and he looked as if he'd rather be home than here in the lab that reeked of disinfectant and chemicals. In the background you could hear the murmuring and chatter of the other scientists who were slowly yet surely leaving the observatory. Directly across from the Tin Men from where the stood flush against their assembly tables were the two remaining Kimbots, 4 more entered the central lab with a audible mechanical whir. Their eyes were a dead blue, glowing like the buttons on the console across the room. The assumed position 6924, their mechanical right arms transforming into something similar to cattle prod. "9 mins and counting." The monotone voice spoke again, this was common occurrence. The Tin men often awoke disoriented therefore that made them sluggish and slow moving--which was unacceptable.
    God forbid Dr. Aniston catches scent of this.
    "8 mins and counting."
    The Kim bots stepped closer, and their weapons began sparking and crackling with the heat of electricity.
    How was this going to end?
  6. Ingrid looked out the car window. Her eyes stared out into the outside. The cold Winter was harsh on her body, being almost alike a cold-blooded animal, she froze easily. Her hazel eyes stared at people walking in the streets trying to keep warmth from the cold air. She watched the snow fell pelting her window. She pressed her finger against the window, watching the snow melt at the warmth of her hand. The car was quiet, just the way she liked it. Lucky for her the two in the car along with her were quiet, she would've ended up complaining, which is something she hates to do. However despite the two not speaking the one beside her surely made a ruckus. She felt the cold wind hitting against the left side of her face. Her brow twitched with annoyance. She decided to keep quiet about the cold wind hitting her face.

    Suddenly she felt a hand touch her's. She quickly jumped looking at Johnathan. Her eyes widened at the sudden action. "Johnathan!" She scolded. The woman scoffed and crossed her arms and her legs turning away from him. Behind her she heard shivers coming from the Chief. She turned around slowly noticing the older man covered with snow. She felt her lips slowly forming a smile, buts he quickly stopped herself. Before she could turn back to the window admiring the peaceful scenery Johnathan threw her over with large doe eyes. She raised her brow. She looked at the rear view mirror and noticed the angry Chief. She then gave Johnathan another look. She rolled her eyes.

    She looked back at the Chief. "I apologize for my subordinates ignorance. Please take this to clean off the melted snow off your head." Ingrid pulled out a small hand towel to the Chief who grunted a bit as he reached out for the hand towel. She heard a faint grumble coming from the chief. She leaned against the backing of the chair and glared at Johnathan. "Focus this time." She said in a scolding manner.
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  7. Casey Rutherford | “Wakeup Room”, Building B, Cyber Tech Baltimore

    ”Number two up.” She announced as the Tin Man rose from his slumber, the just installed pill signalling its ongoing operation. She then took a couple of steps back to allow the automated procedures of the assembly station to carry out its work, while she recorded the process.

    Casey Rutherford worked for Cyber Technologies Baltimore. This was Building B, the living and testing quarters for the operatives known as the Tin Men; the collection of assembly tables and mechanical components, this space they nicknamed “the wakeup room”.

    As Five struggled to open his eyes, the visual renderings of the Tin Man’s mental processes were replaced with charts and numbers that detailed his physiological state, and Etude No.5 faded out into the background humming ever present in the facility.

    Aw, she actually liked the piece.

    The technology that allowed them to peek into the workings of a living neurological system was a relatively new one, and the rendering of threads of abstract thought into visual scenes was still some distance from perfect. But Casey secretly enjoyed watching the dreams. They recorded every single one of them.

    Sometimes Casey wondered what will be seen if she was herself connected to one of those machines - she never remembered her own dreams.

    On second thought - remembering the reason they monitored the dreams of the Tin Men - maybe not.

    ”Number eight up.” She said, before biting her lip and drawing her thoughts back to the present work. The figure of the assembly table shook itself into consciousness, and its partially mechanical body’s assembly neared completion.

    ”And I believe that’s all of them.” She remarked as she watched number Four and Five rise into animation under the doctor’s assistance.

    The doctor was something of a legendary figure. The head of wild, frilly brown hair, and her trademark smile and overly affectionate tone of speech.

    Casey equal parts adored and dreaded her. Standing aside, she only nodded in coordination of the “wouldn’t that be nice” part of Kim’s announcement as she watched the doctor spin gleefully around in her chair.


    Casey stumbled as Kim nudged her in the back to usher her out of the wakeup room and into the hallways. Before falling through the glass doors, Casey glanced over her shoulder to take a last look at the Tin Men warming up, and the expressions of utter confusion and disapproval on the faces of the scientists on the observatory.

    They’ll probably complain later, Casey thought. Not like she wasn’t used to dealing with that, though.



    The automatic doors of the Incubation chamber slid smoothly open as two sets of footsteps marched in - the clicking of leather high heels, and later a fainter muffled, shuffling sound of the bottom of a pair of plain black sneakers.

    The lights flicked on, and the doors sealed behind them. The two of them stood there to admire the scene for a moment, as they always did. This time it was particularly important.

    Situated in the centre of the room was a rectangular structure, just about enough for the form of a human body to fit through. It was reminiscent of a bathtub of some sort, except being supported by an array of pieces of mechanical apparatus. Nearby was a stand, the top being a container filled with a translucent liquid, soaking a roughly spherical item just about the size to be held with both hands.

    That lump of soft substance, connected from below into a nearby terminal, was Alice. But not for much longer.

    ”Final construction sequence for Alice’s locomotive module,” Casey reported as she operated the control panel of the Incubation room, ”Time stamp at Eleven thirty-four, EST. Monitors on.”

    It was sometimes joked that the presence of Casey’s voice eliminated the need of a synthesized announcer. Casey herself was still undecided on whether to take that remark as an offense or as a compliment.

    The doctor wanted everything recorded, and so Casey made sure that was the case. By the time this was over, there would be a detailed recording of all the parameters in this environment throughout the entire timespan. She only hoped that things went well, and they would be able to look back upon it in the archives with a sense of accomplishment.

    They were both excited and nervous. The doctor probably more of the former, Casey the later. Either way, though, first they had to get this done.

    The doctor spoke endearingly of “their lovechild”, though in truth it was Kim who was responsible of most of the development. Casey’s work was mostly peripheral, superficial: the refactoring and optimization of certain modules, mostly. She only looked through the entirety of the source once - and as much as she would’ve wanted to claim it to be marvelous, she couldn’t have done so because she barely understood half of it.

    And that was in the earlier days. The most remarkable thing about the artificial mind was that it learnt - and not just in the sense of textbook heuristics and mundane genetic algorithms. It learnt, much the same way a human did. It’s intelligence is not hardwired, but rather a representation of the combination of all of the information fed to it since its conception.

    The rest of Casey’s work on the project lay in the construction of the central structure of the robot’s physical body - a titanium alloy model of the likeliness of a human skeleton, and powered elastic fibres that provided locomotion. Those as well were mostly modification on readily available technology - the incubator, the self-assembling material that composed the neurological system and the outermost layer of skin and flesh, were things that could only have been conceived by the mind of Dr. Aniston.

    So now it was time to open up for this machine a whole different aspect of its perception of reality.

    ”Incubation sustenance protocols terminated, ” Casey said as she continued hacking away at the workstation’s interface, monitoring and reporting the progress. ”Removing module from incubation pool.”
    Ripples emerged across the surface of liquid, and out from the incubator at the centre of the room rose, supported by mechanical arms, the body of “Alice” - a mechanical shell of perfect artificial likeliness of a human female. It’s eyes shut, the back of her head was a curved opening, under which was exposed an opening that was an integrated port - to which the brain was to be connected.

    Besides from the records Casey had running on the building’s mainframe, Alice - the intelligence itself - was also watching. The cameras that were connected to its still naked brain allowed it to do so. Casey glanced at the blinking terminal connected to the brain and thought- what was Alice thinking now? The synthetic brain was still far from achieving its full potential, but she knew that it already could generate and experience the patterns that are known to her as “emotion”.

    Did Alice like its new body?

    ”Proceeding with spinal cord - brain uplink,” She said, ”time to breathe life into the shell.” Casey smiled briefly. She wasn’t usually the one to be poetic or to utter the figurative remarks, but today she felt in the mood for that. Pausing briefly , she turned around to look at Alice - still swimming in its pool of gelatin - then at Kim. The big moment was better fit for the doctor to carry out.

    ”Doctor, all yours now.”
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  8. "Focus this time." Bellamy said, "Yeah, yeah I got this. That's not normally me sorry..." he said in appreciation.

    Jonathan spotted the tops of the Cyber Tech Headquarters over the trees as he pulled off the highway, "Almost there just a few minutes and this ride will be over." Jonathan said. He looked in his rear-view mirror as the Chief dried himself with the handkerchief and grumbled to himself. He's not even that angry, a bit uncomfortable but it could definitely have been worse he thought letting out a sigh. The light turned green and Jonathan continued the drive, quickly checking the directions as the top of the Cyber Tech building became obstructed and the streets turned into a small maze of white. "Left on Aspen, left on Arundel, continue onto Branch Ave, Destination right ahead" he said under his breath.

    After another minute or so of driving they were finally pulling into the Cyber Tech parking lot. He slid them into a nice spot close to the entrance of the second building. "Alright, rides over, still really sorry about all that Chief." he said as he slipped his gloves on and pulled his scarf tight around his face. He opened the door and ventured into the cold, turning to the back seat and opening the door for Chief Lebowitz. "It gets me every time." he said in wonder at the weather to the Chief, still wet in the backseat. Leaving the door open and the comment in the air he turned to start walking toward the building.
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  9. #7, lightblue It wasn't really much of a dream to enjoy. Fields and fields of meaningless thoughts that she wouldn't even remember. Impulses rushed through her brain, and she twitched lightly as she became aware of her surroundings. Her face frowned as her eyes at first refused to listen. Growling lightly, she peaked at first, allowing just small light particles to reach her eyes. The headache was piercingly painful and she slowly raised her hand to rub the bridge of her nose. She was never the morning type of person. Even less now that waking up was the most difficult part of the day. "You might have as well dropped in some sleep inhibitors." She mumbled as she sat up. Her left arm was somewhat still numb, though she knew the drill. "Use your head." was what he said. What he never mentioned was that it was mean quite literally.

    Getting rid of headache, she focused on moving her mechanical fingers. Mr. Colt obviously thought it will be quite useful, or quite funny, to make her go through all that bother just to get going. Even so, it had it's advantages. Involving her brain hundred percent even in actions that wouldn't much than a simple reflex with normal humans, she managed to stay aware and alerted throughout the day. Now that she thought about it, that must have been the same reason her dreams made no sense and the reason she actually needed her sleep at all. Who would have thought. The guy actually knew what he was doing. Then again, she doubted he would stay if he was just a plain talk and no walk. Her hand moved, and soon her entire arm was functional once more.

    Only then she had looked at her colleagues that tried to fight of the sleepiness and became aware of calm voice "10 minutes and counting before protocol 6924 is enacted, and subjects are forcibly dispersed from the central lab via Kimbot." She looked up towards the observatory and then at the Kimbots. "9 mins and counting." She got off the table and moved her shoulders in circular movements, stretching her neck along the way. When cracking stopped, she smirked lightly. "8 mins and counting." She glared at the Kimbot in front of her, approaching. Blunt and somewhat rude, as always, she spoked. "I did not order a wake up call." She knew better than to harm Dr. Kimberly's precious robots, but in the same manner, she had expected them to know better than to shock her like a caged animal. As long as they kept their distance, she would keep hers.

    Ace Colt, gold Even though it was cold outside, taking a smoke was way to tempting. As a scientist he knew damn well it was a silent killer. Even so, there were times when it all in general seemed like a good idea. Frustrated about his unproductive behaviour since that morning, he smoked more than the usual cigarette per meal.The phone in the pocket of his jeans vibrated and he took it out. Message from his sister made him smirk as he put it back in the pocket and inhaled another smoke. "Good morning to you too, little one." Little did anyone know that he even had a family. Little did anyone know ANYTHING about Ace Colt. Even so, he enjoyed the respect he had got.

    Snowflakes gathered on his glasses as he was staring up into the snowing sky. It didn't seem to bother him at all as he put out his cigarette and laid it into the nearest trash bin. His watch said it was almost noon. Nodding to himself, he re-entered the building, shaking of what was left of snow off his wide shoulders. He had just then remembered what he was going to see.

    Entering the Incubation chamber, he heard, now already familiar female voice. Cold and calculated, but he allowed himself to think that it was all part of her little show. ”Proceeding with spinal cord - brain uplink,” She said, ”time to breathe life into the shell.” He liked the sound of it. He approached the center of the room, wiping his glasses and putting them back on. ”Doctor, all yours now.” He stood beside Casey, greeting her with the light nod before he spoke to mark his presence. "Good. I am just in time for the grand finale then, yes?" He smiled charmingly, standing up straight and holding his arms behind his back.
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  10. Still disoriented, Kay blinked hard against the artificial light of the room. "Eight minutes and counting." The kimbots finally came into focus, and his eyes finally stopped swimming around between clarity and blur. It finally felt like the world had stopped spinning, and he trusted himself with a step. Everything felt stable enough.
    "Where are we supposed to go?" He asked, still confused from waking up. His eyes dashed instantly to the electrical rods in the robots hands. They looked vaguely like stun batons, but probably more powerful than the ones sold to the S.W.A.T. team. Not that he had actually ever seen the real thing away from video games. Obviously, they didn't want them in this room any longer than seven minutes.
    There was really no other door aside from the one that Dr. Aniston walked through and the other across the other side of the room. By guesswork, Kay assumed that was the room that they wanted them to be herded into.

    Anthony resisted the desire to roll his eyes and stepped out of the car, handing the cloth back to it's original owner. "Yes, the winter air is quite beautiful, until you kill all of us by getting distracted." Perhaps he or Bellamy should drive back, and let him sit in wonder of winter without the risk of killing all of them. Anthony cleared his throat, and stuffed his hands into his pockets where it was dry. "Right, lets get this over with." God knows what Kimberly came up with this time, and it had better be good if it meant that he couldn't go see his daughter's soccer game.
    Without waiting for the other two, he started the trek up to the building, still grumbling under his breath about people not paying attention and inconvenient snow was. The warm air from the building was a nice relief from the brisk walk inside, and he held the door open to the two with him.
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  11. Dr. Kimberly Aniston, yellowgreen

    Dr. Aniston and Dr. Rutherford worked hand in hand seamlessly, they had dressed in their scrubs, latex gloves and surgical masks before entering the chamber of course and worked around each other to get everything up and online. Which quite honestly didn't take very long. The incubation chamber, also had a observation room, but unlike the one in the Wake up room--this one wasn't a requirement to have. Kim found the whole ordeal bitterly amusing, she quite honestly considered Alice to be more of a threat than the Tin Men, hell she thought that was obvious, but apparently not. No matter, it wouldn't do to focus on silly things when there was such an important task at hand. Once the console was turned on, Kim smiled beneath her surgical mask, her eyes crinkling at the corners. "Good Morning Alice! Sleep well? Pleasant dreams I hope." Kim spoke aloud, just before Casey terminated the incubation sustenance protocols.

    "Good Morning Dr. Kimberly Aniston and Dr. Casey Rutherford," Alice's voice permeated from the console from where Casey sat typing away, her words stiff and the enunciation of each syllable could be heard. Kimberly opened the incubator manually and peered into the dark pool of liquid. "I cannot dream Dr. Aniston, nor have I yet to experience the emotion pleasure. But I do feel exasperation." Kim's grinned seemed to widen as she glanced over at the gelatinous 'blob' in the cylinder filled with the same substance in the incubator with wires weaving in and out of it. ”Removing module from incubation pool.” Ripples formed in the dark liquid of the incubator and soon enough a head pierced the surface of the liquid, the metallic nature of Alice's new body cause light to reflect at several different angles. "Exasperation darling? Why exasperation?"
    "Each morning you ask me the same question: Did I sleep well? and each morning I reply: I cannot dream. Thus, the source of my exasperation." Kim was absolutely gleeful, everything she did was with purpose--she wanted to see how Alice would react to being asked the same question over and over, and the results were beyond what she had expected. "Well then, I'm sorry for exasperating you Alice." Kim said as she checked the status of the module, everything appeared to be in tip top shape. ”Proceeding with spinal cord - brain up link,” Casey said, ”time to breathe life into the shell.” Kim glanced over her shoulder at her partner in crime and when she noticed the other's smile she faked a gasp. "Alice look at Casey!--" All of the cameras stationed around the lab that was hooked to Alice whipped around to face Dr. Rutherford. "One of her elusive smiles decided to grace us with it's presence today." Alice said nothing, but continued to watch Dr. Rutherford.

    ”Doctor, all yours now.” Kim nodded her head in Acknowledgement and at about the same time Dr. Colt came slinking in, his presence didn't go unnoticed despite being above them in the observatory considering no one could enter the Incubation chamber without the proper attire."Good. I am just in time for the grand finale then, yes?" "Late per usual Colt, something that could be easily avoided if you quit smoking, I imagine." Kimberly spoke, glancing up at Ace from where he stood in the observatory. Kim then stopped in front of the cylinder, resting her hand on top. "Alice? For a few moments were going to disconnect you from everything so you're going to be in the dark for bit but when you awake, you'll be in you're new body. Okay?"

    "But, I do not like the dark."

    "It's only going to be like that for a few minutes okay? Right Casey?" As Kim spoke she began disconnecting Alice from the cameras, and draining her incubation cylinder. She quickly disconnected Alice from everything, and gently carried the 'brain' to the incubator bin were her body was being kept. She placed the brain inside the module, which then closed with a audible hiss allowing Kim to release the breath she had't realized she had been holding. The module then went back beneath the fluid for approximately 10 minutes.
    All three of them now stood in the test room, Alice's module was strapped to a assembly chair that was typically used for the tin men, her body encased in the yellow plastic casing. Kim used a scalpel to slice open the casing and together all three of them peeled the casing away and off of Alice down to her neck. Alice had pale blonde air, and a mixture of features taken from all three scientists. The coloring was completely random though, of course. Alice had pale white hair and tanned skin, stretched over a taut angular facial structure. They took a few steps back, and Kim let out a shaky breath.

    "Alice, open your eyes."

    And she did.
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  12. She rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the outside. People began to fade away, buildings went away, and the sound of other cars surrounding theirs fled away faster than she expected. She turned to the front where she noticed large corporate buildings. The grey skies complimented the eerie appearance. The tall tree's kept the buildings hidden. The buildings were noticeable through the small cracks that the tree gave. She leaned her body towards the front window, looking at the building, inspecting it from afar. It was quite high-tech, then again it was Cyber Tech's headquarters. A uneasy feeling settled in her stomach. She placed her hand over her stomach applying pressure as the car came closer to the building. Ingrid couldn't help but feel unsure about the entering the building. It bothered her a bit.

    Almost at the building, they came across a maze like road. She furrowed her brows confused. "What in hell?" She muttered as she felt the turns the car made push her towards the car door and then towards Jonathan. After a few quick turns they came to a stop. In front of her was the tall building that stood tall from the cold Winter. She exhaled sharply. Ingrid wrapped her neck around a beige scarf and buttoned her trench coat all the way up to the collar. She pushed open the door. She slipped out her long sleek legs, she pushed off the leather car seat then closed the door. The loud sound of the door closing created an echo. She closed her eyes tightly at the sound of the loud shut car door. She looked around noticing it was just them. The feeling returned. She felt her body being weighed down and a lump forming in her throat.

    "I don't like this Johnathan." She whispered to Johnathan making sure the Chief didn't hear her. She walked alongside Johnathan, behind them was the Chief grumbling and complaining under his breath. Ingrid stopped at the door glancing at Johnathan. Her eyes glistened with worries. She took a big gulp and opened the door. Her fingers wrapped around the handle as she pulled the door open. She stepped to the side allowing Johnathan and the Chief to enter first. Once the two entered she followed from behind. The inside was large and spacious. The interior was rather futuristic yet modern. She nodded approvingly as she walked further inside. "What are we doing here again?" She asked turning to the two.
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  13. #7, lightblue "Where are we supposed to go?" The boy asked, and she looked at him. "Anywhere but here. I thought that was quite obvious." She chuckled. Looking around at the awaking Tin Men, she nodded, checking to see if any of them deserved to get electrified. "Well now, if you are all up and awake, I think we should move." She pointed at the doors. Within, she struggled with her decision. It was not crucial, but she tended to think through carefully even what shall she eat for the next meal. Professional deformation, Dr. Colt would say. The one he "didn't manage" to fix. All and all meaning he couldn't really try less than he did to achieve that. And M.J. was grateful. This time, she debated with herself weather she would stay and help out the others, or would she walk out and let them handle it. After all, only the strongest would survive, right?

    She sighed and and messed up her already messy, strangely dyed hair. The decision has been made. "Alright, fine." Seemingly ignoring the Kimbot that approached her, she stepped behind Kay and tapped his shoulder. "The only doors we have, of course. You have five minutes or so. Take your time, but as you probably know, these metalheads won't think twice before they make you do the electric boogie." Tapping his shoulder once more, she moved away, making sure all other Tin Men would walk out before the "cowboys" go bonkers with the authority.

    Obeying blindly was never something she was good at. Mainly the reason why a certain people had a reason to destroy her as they did. The same reason she got many punishments including the kind they were encountering now. However, she was much aware that the order was needed. Following that, she wasn't too willing to break the code, but even so, she wasn't willing to leave her comrades behind. Not before, not now, not ever. As the clock was ticking, she made sure she was the last one to come out, when everyone else was decently removed from the room.

    Dr. Ace Colt, gold "Late per usual Colt, something that could be easily avoided if you quit smoking, I imagine." Ace chuckled, returning her glance. That was something that he expected. Pushing his glasses up his nose, he replied humbly. "Certainly. But we both know I am not a quitter." He did not expect her to answer. Through the time he got to know Dr. Aniston, he learned that some things are more important than others. Like Alice. Listening to the brief conversation that Dr. Aniston lead with Alice, he felt surprisingly satisfied. It was clear, seemingly regular and, most of all, highly intelligent. Not the only kind of intelligence one would expect from a machine, but she was...lively. If he didn't know what was that all about, that one simple sentence that Alice spoke, would make him sure that there is no way in hell that she isn't a homo sapiens per se.


    The tension of the moment was obvious as the creation was waiting to get going. Taking off the casing was unusually exciting. He observed Alice's face. Unusual traits of her outer body would most definitely be considered unusual, but yet nothing that would made someone think of her like "out of this world". The skin and hair were flawless. It was yet to be seen how well would she blend in with the human mentality. Often the one that was hard to please and to compromise with. His satisfied smirk soon turned into somewhat worried, light frown and he tightened his jaw in a brief thought. There was no telling she seemed flawless from where they were standing. He assumed that, considering Dr. Aniston's ability to do somewhat wonders, Alice would be flawless in movement and fulfilling tasks just as well.

    Even so, he had already worked with other Tin Men, and their brains were mostly hard to adapt to the change. Was making the full machine with the brain similar to human one really safer? Tests would tell and he looked forward to them. Though at this point, he decided to keep his thought to himself. "Alice, open you eyes." Doctor was visibly nervous. With reason. Alice opened her eyes, and as much as he expected it, it made him pull back a bit. He sighed and smiled lightly. "Tap on the shoulder, doctor. She is a beauty."
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  14. He hated this part.

    Of course, he hated every part of the wake up process, but the feeling of the pill being shoved into his head was the worst. Almost as bad as Casey. She was the bane of his existence. She was also the reason he wasn't slowed to carry his gun on base, anymore. Of course, on missions and during training it was fair game. Shame the woman never entered the training room....

    He blinked, letting his left eye get used to consciousness. The right one didn't need the time. Metal is fairly quick to adjust. He looked down at his hands, flexing the metal fingers. He was having that dream, again. About those two girls. About the barbecue. About having real arms. But what rally surprised him was that his favorite part wasn't the fact that he had arms or the 100% Agave on the table. It was the girls. Twins. Seven years old. He felt.... Attached to them, somehow. Like he knew them on a level deeper than simply knowing about them. Her voice hit his ears like a sharp right hook, and it pissed him off that she felt so natural about giving him commands.

    He slowly got up off the table, resisting all temptation to choke Casey to death right then and there. Of course, this was normal. Number two was a very angry man. Maxi Harker was known as the "Devils Profiler", back in his days with the FBI. Able to read you cover to cover and get pissed off about almost every word he read. He wasn't popular at parties.

    But he didn't have to worry about that, anymore. In fact, he didn't know that he had to have worried about it, at all. Memory wipes are a beautiful thing. It's not what a man know that defines him, it's what he doesn't know. Number Two was one of the most frequent recipients of memory wipes, around here. Not that he knew that, of course. He reached into his pocket and felt around for a pack of cigarettes. His pocket was empty. He swore and looked about, thinking about who could have any use for his death sticks. He had no answers.

    That pissed him off even more.
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  15. She could feel something inside her moving, something being shoved in her mouth down her throat. She started to panic, lost on all memories of who she was and where she was, all she knew is that she would forever be on her own. She could feel things working on her, soon being able to move her left arm, which was strange. She hadn't had movement in that join in a while. She moved it around. She heard something in the distance. "Number 4....".

    This caused her eyes to shoot open. She was by the gaze of an unknown woman. She sat there and stared as she moved on. She looked around, seeing others like her. Some with replaced eyes, some with replaced arms. This only made her think what had happened to her. She looked down, seeing that her left arm was being replaced by metal. She looked down at her legs, seeing her right leg also being made of the same metal. She let out a sigh, blowing up a lock of black hair as she did so.

    Soon enough though, it appeared that they had finished with her procedure. She sat up on her table, looking around at the others. A few appeared to be walking around and standing up, but her limbs felt, weird. She flexed her fingers back and forth, looking at her hands. She swung her feet off the edge of the table, looking around. She sighed as she realized once again, she was going to be alone in a crowd of amputees like her.
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  16. Making his way toward the building with Bellamy, Jonathan couldn't help but to feel responsible for the Chiefs grumblings behind them. He's probably rather cold... he continued the short walk to the building. "I don't like this Johnathan." Ingrid said as they got ever closer. "I don't like it either, this whole thing reeks of Cyber Tech and their inventions." he said with a shaky voice. He had to agree with her, he was getting an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach the moment they were told to head down to Cyber Tech Headquarters, that it was finally time. They reached the door and Detective Bellamy held it open for the Chief and him, "Thanks" he said with a smile.

    The inside of the building was rather futuristic in looks, but it had a touch that anchored it in reality. A modern splash is what a realtor would call it, or some bullshit like that. Looking toward Bellamy he could see the worry in her eyes, probably because if anything; Cyber Tech wasn't exactly well renowned for their experiments; "It'll be okay." he said to her in a whisper while giving her a cheerful smirk.

    "What are we doing here again?" Bellamy asked.

    "I'm not entirely sure, I'll go ask the receptionist over there where we should be right now." he replied, making his way toward the receptionist. As he got nearer he took his aviators off and leaned on the counter, "Afternoon, I'm Detective Rifkin from the BPD" he said showing his badge "My colleagues and I have a meeting today with Doctor Aniston. Mind pointing us in the right direction?" he asked with a curious look.
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  17. #9, red

    When Nine opened his eyes, his vision initially swam, and it felt like the air had been knocked out of his lungs. Just the usual. He squirmed a bit unconsciously at the invasive feeling of the 'pill' be inserted into the back of his neck. You'd think by now he'd be used to it, right? Wrong. The first thing he saw each morning was Dr. Rutherford's face, a pleasant sight to say the least, hence the goofy smile on his lips. He didn't know why he was happy but he didn't question it and simply reveled in the feeling. He was a bit sluggish, a side effect of whatever chemical they're given to be induced into sleep. He's been here for a while--since the very beginning actually, since he was 20. That much he knew, before that? It was all blank--he didn't question it, these days Nine didn't question much of anything. Dr. Aniston's word was gospel, and Dr. Rutherford's came in at a close second. Dr. Aniston loved him, right? So did Dr. Rutherford and Dr. Colt. At least, that's what he told himself--they were his family, because everyone has to have a family, they take care of him and update his systems so they had to be his family. No doubt about it. Nine lingered to long behind, and the Kimbots closed in without him noticing prodding him in the back with the electrified sticks they carried.

    It didn't hurt much, just a zap, but he pouted none the less and stumbled out of the wake up room. Nine's watched his feet as he walked, sometimes he felt sad for no reason when he looked in the mirror. He wasn't like Dr. Aniston or any of the scientists for that matter, none of them were. His legs were different, composed of steel alloys and heavy wiring. His right eye was missing and replaced with a bionic one that made him see the world in hues of red. He was permanently color blind, not that he minded to much, he still liked to color and draw during his free time. First was breakfast, and apparently Dr. Aniston had given them a bit of leeway, a two hour block. Nine entered the cafeteria, which in itself was small and compact. He got inline, and grabbed a tray, behind the counter were kimbots serving. Colored globs were dropped onto his tray, each containing some sort of vital nutrients. Per the usual, he grabbed himself a juice box and sat down. Nine had a scar in the middle of his skull, from here he had his surgery, his hair had grown over it since then but sometimes it itched and ached. To be quite honest, Nine wasn't really sure what was going on at the moment, something about the BCPD coming by? He didn't particularly care, as long as he had his juice box he was content. It took him no time to finish eating, he made a bit of a mess though but that was alright. Nine got up within 15 minutes of breakfast and left the cafeteria for his room.

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  18. Doctor Aniston


    "Tap on the shoulder, doctor. She is a beauty."

    Kim took a moment to revel in the pride that had clawed it's way out of the pit of her belly, she took a step back and looked over Alice, and she was pleased with what she saw. The AI was staring unblinkingly ahead, her electric blue eyes glowing for a few moments before dimming. Kim snorted at Colt's comment and peeled off her latex gloves "Damn straight she is. I based her appearance off of the three of us, this is quite literally a unconventionally made love child." Kim placed her hands on her hips after pulling down her surgical mask and let out a sigh. The brunette tilted her head to the side a bit and watched Alice with a thoughtful look. "Alice, any first words?" Kim inquired as she began clean up, the AI blinked several times and then scrutinized the faces of her creators, her lips parted and she sighed just as she had seen Kim do. "I can smell the oxygen." Kim didn't bother to correct her--she was learning, so instead Dr. Aniston flashed a smile over he shoulder as she began clearing the space. Alice wore a blank expression her eyes lacking soul and empty. She was a robot, that was for sure--she had the same look in her eye as all of the kimbots, it was like staring into a dark abyss of nothingness.

    "You certainly can."

    A few moments later, Dr. Aniston received a call over the intercom apparently their guests had arrived. "Brilliant. Casey? Ace? Get Alice cleaned up would you? Into some clothes if we have them." Kim called over her shoulder as she left the incubation room, still dressed in her scrubs. The other two Doctors were left alone with the newly 'born' AI, if only Kim had left a few minutes later, she would have seen Alice's first smile. It was lopsided and more of a baring of teeth than anything, a expression picked up from the scientists that created her. Alice slowly yet surely held up her hands above her head, rolling her wrists and flexing her fingers. Dr. Colt and Dr.Rutherford had begun to shuffled around her, and she tried her hardest to watch their every move. It was so much easier when she watched them via the security angles--a view from every angle. Now she only had two eyes, only capable of so much. She was strapped to the chair from the waist down, and it irritated the AI that she couldn't watch her caretaker's every move. "What are you doing Doctors? Can I see? Look, I have fingers and legs." As Alice questioned the Doctors, she squirmed in her chair trying to get a better look at them, but was easily distracted by her own body.

    "We are the same now."

    Location: The front Office, 1st floor, building B.

    Time: 1:30 pm.

    The secretary at the desk flashed the Officers a mechanical smile her voice coming out strained and tense. "Of course, Dr. Aniston is on her way up to meet you as we speak." Everything was clean, or should I say sterile? It was that was in appearance and In smell, almost like a hospital. The Detectives were invited to take their seats as they waited for Doctor Aniston but it wasn't long before the brunette made a appearance. She wore her scrubs, the surgical mask tucked beneath her chin and the hair cap still in place. "Officers! Finally, we meet at last. As you know I am Dr. Kimberly Aniston--welcome to the institute. Forgive me, but I am eager to skip the pleasantries." Dr. Aniston hummed her eyes dancing over the bodies of the Detectives.

    She removed what looked like a pipet from her pocket. "There isn't much we can do on this floor,so if you'd give me your right hand we can begin. I need to insert a RF-ID chip, so you can have access to the elevator. Mind you, limited access to only the third floor. You'll feel something akin to a bee sting but only briefly and then I can introduce you to the Metallika division." Kim hummed and twirled the pipet in her hand like a baton. "Now who's first? Aw, don't tell me you lot are a bunch of chickens." She said in a sing song voice.

    [ I know, shitty. But lets make the best of it yes?]
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  19. He didn't like it, but five moved out of the room like he was told to. It wasn't on the top of his list to get shocked by one of those rods right after waking up (or at all), but ended up one of the last people out of the room. Five didn't really have motivation to talk to the fellow tin men, and just sat down in one of the chairs as long as possible, knowing that he was on a time table.
    Sometimes he forgot that he didn't have real arms, often catching his eyes with the glint of metal in the light. But he did find that his arms were never tired, and that he didn't have any trouble at all lifting heavy objects-that was new, and climbing things was easier. Never-the-less, five would only leave his spot if forced to.

    Almost a displeasure to see Aniston again, grinning a dazzling smile that looked all the brighter in the sterile room and bright lights. Anthony did frown again when she mentioned id-chips, he didn't like the possibility of being tracked in personal ways like this. "How long are these chips working?" He asked, stepping forward to get it over with. He didn't much like the song in her voice, far too cheery for his liking.
    To much mockery.
    He didn't trust her, but he held out his hand as asked.
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  20. He watched who he could only assume to be Dr. Aniston as she entered the lobby, scrubs and surgical mask still on I wonder why he couldn't help but to play detective; it was his job after all; even at the most unusual of times he found himself trying to figure things out. She was not at all what he had imagined her to be, in his mind he had thought up an older woman, white with greying hair in a bun, bordering on the age of "why are you still working" and "Shouldn't you be dead already?" and slightly reminiscent of a mad Nazi scientist running crazy experiments. But the reality was quite the opposite... She was African American, but of lighter complexion, and young; above all things the young detective had imagined.

    Although I'm still not positive on whether or not she's a crazed Nazi-like scientist... he shuddered at the thought.

    Watching the Chief stand up Jonathan decided he might as well get it over with too. I don't exactly like the idea of having a tracking chip in my hand, but if it's required for the job I guess I have no real choice... He pulled off the leather glove on his right hand and stood up, calmly taking his place in their two man line behind the Chief. He held his stomach for a second, needles always made him uneasy And this one seems pretty damn big he thought as he watched the Doctor, beads of sweat forming on his palms.
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