Metal Legion

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  1. Metal Legion


    Game Masters: Khang, or Grandmaster Karsikan

    Accepting New Characters: Yes

    Posting Expectations: One to two times a week at minimum.

    Rating: HS(HOLY SHIT!)

    Genre: Warhammer 40k(Which is apeshit as it is) and putting Heavy Metal in it.

    Atmosphere/Mood: Snarky, bad-ass, utterly insane. Never heard of a witty Chaos Marine, but there is a first time for everything.

    Timeline: 41st Millenium. War is constant. Aliens threaten from without, and corruption spreads within. Well, for the poor bastards in the Imperium. Chaos Marines really only worry about how many people they can kill.

    Basic Plot: Chaos has always threatened the Imperium. Arch-Traitor Horus lead a massive host of traitor Marines against the Emperor he had once pledged to serve.

    The false god had almost been slain, but untimely intervention saw the death of our glorious leader at the hands of the loyalist scum. We fled into the Eye of Terror, from which we strike back at the foul worshippers of the Corpse-God. But it is not working. Chaos fights amongst itself, setting warrior-brother against warrior-brother, wasting lives that should be working to topple the Imperium. Not many are concerned with much beyond their own killcount. The servants of the True Gods are too blind to see beyond the blood.

    Deio, a Chaos Marine of the Emperor's Children Legion, was approached by a Greater Demon of Tzeentch. This Daemon called itself Ozzure. Ozzure showed him a vision, a vision of a new Legion. A Legion in which Chaos was united. A Legion powered by a force stronger than the most ancient archeotech.

    A Legion of Metal.

    Utilizing modified Sonic Weaponry commonly employed by the Chaos Marines of Slaanesh, to amplify the blessed Music to such levels, it tears the enemy apart. Intriciate instruments of death, empowering the Legion's warriors even as it eviscerates the enemy. Tear them apart with blasts of sonic energy. Rupture their eardrums and organs with extreme noise. Reduce their bodies to mush with concentrated power.

    For such is the power of Chaos Undivided.

    You will be one of those who has seen the light of Ozzure, and realize Chaos divided will ultimately fail. A new Legion must be founded.

    Character Sheet: (Go way overboard. Just remember, your enemies can always be stronger. We aren't going against Imperial Guard, we're being chased by other Chaos Legions, daemons, predators of the worlds we land on, mayhap some Eldar. Loyalist Marines are possible too. We will be flying around in a strike cruiser that can supply at least a thousand plus Marines, we're just going to have like, 7 at max, so suppries aren't going to be a problem. We may actually -later in the roleplay- get extra recruits but they will be simply cultists or death world recruits, and therefore NPC's. They make for excellent meatshields.)


    Former Legion: (For a list, see , you nubs)

    Class: (As a Metal-powered Legion, the classes will be variations on conventional Marine specializations. All ordinary classes are allowed as well.)


    Weapons: (Include instrument. If you want to personalize it, name it, give special powers, treat it to dinner, do it. Remember, overpowered, but not Godmodding. Think Thor's hammer, not Hellstorm Cannon.)

    Personality: (Okay, Chaos Marine personality is basically "Variations on batshit" Smooth, villanous, and crazy, or perhaps bloodthirsty brute.)

    Daemonic Presence?: (Feel free to throw in a Kragh'feras or a Borgh'as'al. Daemonic rages won't actually help, but it's fun to eat the enemies entrails. Those other GM's want stability and orderly and moral, whatever that is.)

    (You could add History if you want to, but it's gonna include "Kill this, kill that, blow that up, burn that, rape that, kill that" and not much besides. If you have a power that requires explaining, I might PM you and ask you about it, if you haven't added it to your character sheet, but a short explanation is all.)

    Appearance: (A description of your Chaos Marine. BE FUCKING AWESOME! If you find a picture, give me the site of origin and I will exploit it later.)

  2. Classes:

    Tactical Marine - Thrash Marines: For conventional Legions, they are all-purpose Marines. Trained in a manner of heavy weapons, they are to respond to any kind of threat on the battlefield. They traditionally carry a bolter, and a chainsword or power sword(For more distuinguished Marines). The Metal Legion is slightly more specialized, they use a modified Sonic Blaster in the shape of a guitar, but they are trained with other instruments as well.

    Assault Marines - Speed Marines: Assault Marines are expert shock troops, rocketing right into enemy ranks to disrupt incoming fire or to surprise and disorient. They are equipped(usually) with chainswords and bolt pistols. Speed Marines, rather than traditional jump packs, use back-mounted Amps and exstensive suit modification. Their suits use modified servo-motors to lend speed to their limbs. They can run twice the speed of the most hardened Assault Marine and jump higher than one (when unassisted). They use their Amps for extra bursts of air and higher jumping. The technology is new and experimental, so breakdowns happen often. Speed Marines carry a large allotment of explosives, and a compact version of the Doom Siren.

    Sorcerer - Metal Sorcerer (Basically a Sorcerer, just with Metal-like powers! Uh...)

    Scout - Scout: Basically, just that. They are masters of stealth, prowling the battlefield silently, picking off the enemies officers, leaving it an army of grunts, cowering in "cover". The only difference between conventional Scouts and Metal Legion Scouts, is that they use less demolitions, trading it for a Discord. They carry a Sniper Rifle, a bolt pistol, and a combat knife.

    Instrument List: (You don't have to choose from this list, if you can make a suitably compact instrument into a weapon of war, list it and I'll see if it will work. You may also modify your weapon, personalize it and it's effects. The entire roleplay is going to go over the top and beyond, with almost everything. Remember, these are just the bare modifications from the sonic weaponry of the Noise Marines.)

    Doom Siren - "A Doom Siren is an arrangement of pipes and tubes that magnifies the war cry of the Chaos Marine to make a sonic attack." - Chaos Codex
    The one difference between a typical Doom Siren and Metal Legion's are that sound clarity is retained at the devastating levels of sound.

    Guillotar: Modification on the Sonic Blaster, the Guillotar is the personification of both Guitar and Weapon. Six Adamantium strings, stretched and treated to the point where even this strong metal will create a high-pitched screech when plucked. From the neck protrudes a barrel from which emits shaped(depending on the notes played) blasts of sonic power when the Guillotar is played. Super charged blasts to high-speed cutting waves.

    Bassaxe: Similar to the Guillotar, the Bassaxe emits deep notes that resonate within the chests, extreme nausea to the enemy, while it excites the Metal Legion soldiers. It also has a chain running around the large end, and activation runes along the neck, allowing for close quarters use as a chainaxe.

    Discord: Typically employed by Scouts as a Distraction, a Discord is a small floating bot which blasts out Metal to demoralize the enemy. Variations are packed with explosives, or walk along on legs.



    Each God of Chaos reflects a particular aspect of the materium, as do all their minions. A quick rundown of each God, and their daemon's typical abilities


    Khorne, god of hate, violence, murder, blood. His servants are only ever comfortable with a blade in hand and blood soaking the dirt beneath their feet. Chaos Marines possessed by a daemon of Khorne are bloodthirsty, vicious, and strong. Leaping into the fray like a fish to the sea. In combat, they are submerged in a killing rage, driven to bring Blood to the Blood God. A Daemon possessed Metal Legion Marine would leap higher, run faster, hit harder, and bite deeper when taken by the black rage. Out of combat, they are short tempered(And that's an understatement), quick to anger, twitchy, think little. While you would perform exemplary in combat, outside you would be drained, a step away from turning on your allies. Khorne, outside the Metal Legion, is at war with Slaanesh, his soldiers exalting pleasure and pain, opposing death, blood and Murder, Khorne's domain.


    Slaanesh, the Prince of Excess. He reflects pain, pleasure, sensuality and taboo. His servants drive themselves to the peaks of physical experience, be it pain or pleasure. A possessed Marine would seek out pain, and enjoy as it is dealed or dealt. Enjoying the peak of agony, he would continue to put holes in his foe, screaming in ecstasy even as his lifeblood is drained from him. This also means he will be quick to enter situations he might not escape. Were Chaos divided, Slaanesh would war with Khorne, his senseless brutality the opposite of pleasure and agony, Slaanesh's domain.


    Nurgle, god of plague and decay. All disease and plague goes back to him. His servants are bloated, covered in decay and pestilence, the slightest touch enough to cause an epidemic to wipe out entire cities. His servants are boisterous and cheery, seeing the wails of pain as their victims cry out as thanks for their "blessings", and their minions as children. With a daemon of Nurgle inside of you, you would become a vessel for lethal toxins and poison. Your blood would turn to acid, your flesh would writhe with miasma. Where a chainsword to pierce you, it would come out dripping in foul acids, its gearing mechanism decaying as the acid gets to work. Your spit would become toxic, melting the faces of the horrified enemies. Nurgle, outside of the Metal Legion, would war with Tzeentch, his cold magic and sorcery opposing the never-ending entropy that rots everything.


    Tzeentch, God of Change. He reflects ambition, change, psychic power, and forbidden knowledge. His servants are agents of motion, cunning sorcerers. He is associated with magic, and sorcery. Possessed by a Daemon of Tzeentch, you would become devious, cunning, and powerful. Wielding awesome psychic power, to potentially change the tide of battle. Great wards deflect bolter shell and chainblade. Perhaps were these wards to be broken(Pah, impossible!) A sorcerer might have grown too use to his protection, become lax in his training. The prowess of a Chaos Marine might not be enough to save him...

    Outside the Legion of Metal, Tzeentch would oppose Nurgle, whose plagues disrupt his coldly efficient plans and conspiracy.

    The Ozzfather:

    Show Spoiler

    Hull Integrity: 70 (Scale of 100)
    Dimensions: 5 KM long, 0.8 KM abeam at fins approx.
    Weight: 28 megatonnes approx.
    Crew: 95000, give or take. (Ozzfather will be largely automated, as a result, and until we build up a cult following(Chaos worshippers dedicated to us, instead of loyalist Space Marine Chapter's serfs.))
    Accelleration: 2.4 gravities max sustainable accelleration.

    Name: Deio/Ozzure

    Former Legion: Emperor's Children

    Class: Tactical Marine*

    Appearance: Hulking in his studded power-armor, he stand just shy of three meters tall. His chestplate is completely smooth(when not in combat), painted dark black, as is the rest of his armor, except for metal studs along the lines of his shoulder pads, kneecaps, and the bottom of his treads. He has an extensive array of tubes protruding from the powerpack on his back, his modified Doom Siren. In combat, he wears the helmet of a Noise Marine, one with the chin armor and neck guard removed to make way for the massive amounts of cable plugging directly into his throat, multiplying the tones made by his vocal chords and magnifying that. So indeed, it is only one Marine, but it makes the sound of hundreds.

    Weapons: His Doom Siren, the Hellvox. Ordinarily, a Doom Siren can only produce a shrieking, piercing scream distorted by massive amounts of amplification, but through Ozzure's daemonic influence, it will retain it's clarity at rupturing levels. In addition, he carries a bolt pistol and a Guillotar.

    Personality: What? You're asking what a Chaos Marine is like? Fucking Apeshit. Deio in combat is the commander. Level-headed orders, sound plans of attack.

    Daemonic Presence: Yes. Ozzure has possessed him, and merged with him.

    History: I don't bother. Killkillkill.

    GOALS: (In order of Priority

    Procuratio Unus:
    New soldiers. Without devoted soldiers, we are but a band of fanatics. We will be forced to plunder gene-seeds, experiment, but we must unite Chaos.

    Procuratio Duos:
    A world of our own, to warp in the image of Chaos and Metal united.

    Procuratio Tertius:
    A Fleet of ships, to mar the stars.

    Procuratio Quartus:
    Slaves for labor and experimentation.



    Show Spoiler
    [ame=""]YouTube- Savatage - Morphine Child[/ame]

    Show Spoiler
    [ame=""]YouTube- Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King[/ame]

    Show Spoiler
    [ame=""]YouTube- Savatage - When the Crowds Are Gone (live)[/ame]


    Any of the Dragonforce songs. THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME! >:( You can't respect them as a band though, they speed their songs up.

    Show Spoiler
    [ame=""]YouTube- Dokken - Mr Scary[/ame]

    For some heavier shit,

    [ame=""]YouTube- Megadeth - Tornado Of Souls (Lyrics)[/ame]

    I'm not putting that in spoiler, because you have to watch it. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    I know its just Savatage and Megadeth(<3) but I'll add more later. The tab was just lying around....

  4. Name: Damus

    Former Legion Chapter: Space Wolves

    Class: Chaos Predator


    Weapons: Jump Pack, Chainsword, bolt pistol.

    Personality: Wild and driven to seek out new heights of feeling. Nothing is unpleasant anymore. In combat

    Daemonic Presence: Gerswern: Slaanesh

    History: Dresmear, a dead world now. It was not always been this way. Even after the battle there had been life here. A proud man stood atop a mountain of bodies. A man of the emperor's space marines. A man cursed, or so he thought.

    The battle barges has departed and he had been left. He prayed to the false emperor, but slowly his prayers became curses.

    But he was not as alone as he though and a daemon came to him and offered him salvation, all he had to do was renounce the corpse god and share his body with the daemon, A price he was willing to accept.
  5. Name: Omnibus/Gr'haar'nekkc

    Former Legion: Night Lords

    Class: Scout Marine (Headshot!)

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Weapons: Discord. SniperRifle/Bayonet? Pistol?

    Personality: Very smooth and criminal. Cold effective murder machine. Believes in utter domination of the opponent, both physically and mentally, enjoying in making his target into a helpless quivering pile of flesh, before putting them out of their misery. Voice Actor: David Hayter

    Daemonic Presence?:
    <!-- / message -->
  6. First roleplay. Third pair of pants.

    Right, Vay. Very nice. One thing right off, your class is "Assault Marine"

    That means you'll have a jump pack and get to fly. You'll wield a Chainsword and a bolt pistol. Maybe a krak grenade dispensor, but with limited ammo. Thanks for reminding me guys, need to edit more info on the daemons.

    Redd! *rapeglomp* XD Thanks for joining. Particularly liked the voice actor part.

    Only thing, your daemon, I'm assuming from our Skype conversation (>:D) that you wanted it to be Khornate. If you could edit that in there to prevent confusion, that would be good.

    Oh yes, and your weapons, you'd carry the Discord, a Sniper Rifle, a bolt pistol, and a combat knife. Maybe a melta, since we have ship that typically supplies an army of up to 1000, and so far we only have four marines. I have also edited further information into the posts, so if you're confused, look there.
  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe....
  8. MARCH 30, 2017

    The Hushcobb library was unusually full of activity. A heated argument was underway between Nathaniel Crippling and Raven Tallwood over a collection of grimoires and tomes. Sam gave it his best shot to ignore the pair.

    If interlocution were fencing, then the pair were fairly evenly matched as swordsmen, probing defenses and riposting with rebuttals. As heated as the argument got, Sam noticed the light on honest enjoyment in Crippling's eyes. The werewolf could appreciate a keen mind, even if her stance was firmly against his own.

    "Ellen Ripley took out aliens. With a flamethrower," Raven argued. "Aliens, as in plural. Sarah Connor was having trouble with just one Terminator."

    "She helped save the entire future by fighting just one Terminator," Crippling countered. "Less is more, as they say."

    "Ripley would eat her alive."

    Sam looked up from the files he was perusing. "Such riveting repartee. You two have spent the last two hours debating the best Star Trek captain, whether the Enterprise could beat a Star Destroyer, which version of Doctor Who was the best, and trying to figure out which female action stars could take out the US Army as a team."

    The werewolf, in human form, adjusted his glasses and cast the mercenary a knowing smirk. "Like you're one to talk, Sam. You're as bad a geek as anyone else in this room."

    Raven quirked an eyebrow in interest. "Oh?"

    "Oh, quite. For all his bluster, Mr. Ebayan is a voracious consumer of cartoons. I believe you were partial to Transformers and GI Joe, yes?"

    Raven found her lips curling up in a grin. She tried imagining a younger Sam Ebayan sitting in front of a TV set on a Saturday morning watching cartoons. She could place good money that he was cute as a button as a child. The fact that Sam had those kinds of interests left a warmth in her heart.

    Sam flipped through the files on hand. "Once upon a time. I...haven't exactly had time to indulge in the last few years."

    And just like that, the levity vanished. Crippling coughed delicately into a hand. "Yes...well. We've all been busy, I suppose. Speaking of which, how goes the investigation on your end?"

    For the last few days, Sam, Raven, Erika, Jill, and Natalia had been trying to find answers, dividing up the work and pursuing different leads. For his part, Sam had done a lot of surreptitious sleuthing around Emily Sternit.

    It was already evident from earlier investigations that Sternit employed powerful mind-erasing magic on the healthcare workers at the hospital where Natalia had been interred. Sternit's paper trail was similarly ephemeral. As far as psychiatric licenses and medical school transcripts were concerned, Emily Sternit never existed. The hospital didn't even have any records of Sternit's treatment plans on Natalia, any hospital privileges for Sternit, or even any billing for her work.

    However, the medications Sternit prescribed did leave a trail. Sam doubted that medications alone shattered Natalia's mind; the girl simply had too much power for mundane pharmaceuticals to have much permanent effect. However, Sternit had prescribed several hypnotics and sedatives to make Natalia more compliant under her care. And those medications had been logged by the nurses and orderlies as part of their protocols.

    Sam had to spend a few nights scouting out the hospital, sneaking past security, stealing keycards, and rifling through physician offices and records like a thief to find a trail. But he managed to find several inquiries by the hospital administration concerning "missing medications" -- the ones prescribed by the supposedly nonexistent Emily Sternit. Due to the magic involved, the inquiries went unnoticed and unanswered, but the administrators conducted their own investigation...the reports of which Sam swiped and was now reading at his leisure.

    "I might finally have something," Sam said, tapping the file he held. "Sternit has a permanent address in Boston. I checked it out on Google. Its actually an abandoned rec center. The hospital administrators were going to check it out when Natalia escaped. Might be worth looking into."

    "But still nothing on Emily herself?" Raven asked. "This lady just shows up out of nowhere?"

    "Seems to be the case," Sam said. "Her motives are just as elusive. We still don't know why she is so interested in Natalia."

    "And Sternit's connection to the elementals?" Crippling pressed.

    This line of inquiry was in Raven's purview. She had spent some time at Hyde Park after the Magic Girls' battle there studying the residual mana. Her Alchemist's Table came in handy in identifying the kind of spells woven to awaken the elementals. "The elementals are not the work of Emily or the Sanguinaar," she said with confidence. "The magic is just too fundamentally complex, not to mention powerful. The blood puppets had a completely different magical style in their creation." Raven paused, trying to find the right words. "If the blood puppets were a really good piece of modern art, then the elementals are an art piece from the Byzantine era. Very different mentalities went into the magic used."

    "In other words, a different spellcaster," Sam reasoned. Raven nodded. He went on, "And any idea who could employ that kind of magic?"

    The brunette replied, "What I'm seeing would require an almost primal understanding of magic. No modern mage could awaken elementals as powerful as the ones we fought at Hyde Park. About the only spellcasters who could do it are sorcerers and Fae."

    "And why would either take an interest in four young women?"

    "Wish I knew."

    Crippling piped up, "Well, I may not be able to help identify any sorcerers, but there is a tome in the library called the Fenway Tome that might shed light on the Fae. Just a moment." The werewolf went to his stacks and, after a few minutes of searching, returned with a large, thick, leather-bound, and dusty book. He set it down on the table and opened it.

    The writing was almost painful to read, the manuscript ancient and obviously magical in nature. With her training in magic, Raven could make out some of the patterns, but it gave her a headache. She shook her head to make the ache subside, and said, "This describes individual Fae."

    "Its a very old tome," Crippling explained, "written by a man named Fenway, who ate a slice of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge -- also known as the Fae Tree." He reverently ran his fingers along the ancient pages. "From that, he gained all the knowledge about the Fae and penned it all in this book. The forbidden knowledge of the Fae ultimately killed him...but not before he managed to write it all down. To avoid others suffering the same fate, Fenway intentionally coded the book in a language that humans could safely interpret...but Landel and myself have only managed to translate part of the text." Crippling looked to Raven. "I'm actually surprised you managed to even garner an inkling of what this book is even about."

    Raven shrugged. "Magical training, Mr. Crippling," she said by way of explanation. She reflexively rubbed her temples. "Ugh, but even a glimpse of the text is making my head spin. How about you, Sam? What do you see?" The mage in her was deeply curious, considering the mercenary's superpower.

    Sam looked at the tome and then said, "I...see scrawls that make no sense. I guess my Empiric Field protects me from harm from reading the book, but I also can't interpret it at all."

    "It's taken Landel and me months to translate this much of the text," Crippling went on. "Perhaps Natalia, as such a powerful mage, might be able to help us read it. It may give us insight into who awakened the elementals. At this juncture, we have enough enemies that it would be wise to gain some understanding of at least one of them."


    The trio decided to take a break, with Crippling off on a hunt for lunch while Sam and Raven stepped onto the concrete steps leading up to the library to enjoy the sunshine and a cigarette. The mercenary smacked a carton against his palm, popped the top, mouthed a cigarette to his lips, and offered the pack to Raven. The young woman took one to her lips and leaned in close when Sam flipped open a lighter for them to share. It was a surprisingly intimate moment, their noses nearly touching as they jointly lit up on the same flame.

    Raven leaned on a rail near the steps and blew out a cloud of smoke. "So...Saturday morning cartoons, huh?"

    Sam joined her, shifting his weight onto his elbows on the rail. "If I wasn't tinkering around on an appliance or under my parents' car, I usually watched something on TV." He shrugged. "In shows like that, the good guys always won. The bad guys always lost. Simple."

    "I can see you liking something like that."

    "...Real life, it turns out, isn't that simple."

    Raven brushed her long locks out of her face as a gentle breeze blew past. "No. It isn't." She looked up at him. "Is that one of the reasons you fight so hard? Or why you left Hushcobb?"

    Sam exhaled a cloud of smoke and nodded.

    The brunette probed softly, "Was Gray another reason?"

    He raised an eyebrow in surprise. "I assume Natalia let it slip? She managed to read my mind a while ago. I know Ruth and the other agents wouldn't dare say anything about it."

    "Yeah. She mentioned it to me and Jill." Raven placed a hand on his arm. "Look, if you don't want to talk about it...."

    "Its not that I don't want to talk about it. Its that I'm selective about whom I talk about it with."

    He didn't say anything after that; silent moments passed. Raven felt a little hurt that he wasn't sharing with her, but then Sam said, "Raven, what happened with Gray, Ruth, and me is...its very personal. I'm sure you've noticed, but I'm I've always been. I'm selective with whom I talk about my past because its a gesture of absolute trust -- a trust that goes beyond friendship or family."

    "Does that mean you don't trust me?" she asked quietly.

    "I'm beginning to," he replied. "You have to understand -- in our line of work, trustworthy individuals who have your back no matter what are the most special kind of magic. Trust is earned, not given. I'm hoping to earn yours. And you're gradually earning mine. You and Natalia both."

    Raven actually smiled at that, feeling a little better. "Thank you for being honest with me, Sam." Her smile turned sly and flirty. "So...guess that means you like me, then? I must've made an impression at the boardwalk."

    To her delight, his returning smile was genuine and his gaze swept her up and down, taking in her lithe physique. "You certainly know how to fill out a sweater," he said. "And I did enjoy being with you. I...wouldn't mind going again."

    Raven flicked her spent cigarette into a nearby trashcan and coyly spun away toward the library with her hands delicately clasped behind her. She coquettishly looked at him over her shoulder with an unnecessary flick of her hair, letting it cascade across her back. "Well, handsome, all you have to do is ask me out. Come on, let's go call up Natalia to translate that book."
  9. Each squad is a Band. Each Company a Discord(record label, heehaw) Name us Bolt Thrower. You're also free to spam Spoiler'd band music links and we must are encouraged to listen. Bolt Thrower is cool.

  10. Name: Razarius

    Former Legion: Iron Warriors

    Class: Black Metal Marine (Heretek Techmarine)

    Show Spoiler

    Weapons: Servo Harness with Lascannon and Blastmaster mounts, The Daemon Bass-axe Cleaveland, Tool Mechandrite, His Daemonhost Quadritan.

    Personality: Razarius follows the path of Chaos undivided simply because he wants to make bad-ass machines to kill shit with, in reality he doesn't give a fuck about which chaos god is greater than any other, just so long as there's shit for him to blow to hell.

    Daemonic Presence?: Razarius wears no armor, instead trusting to his daemonically mutated skin (which protects as well as the finest power armor) the vast majority of his body has been either Daemonically enhanced, or Mechanically enhanced. ON TOP OF the genetic enhancement he received when he still fought for the emperor.

    Appearance:The Razor you ask? He's massive even for a Space Marine, and his body is covered in short, but solid spikes. what isn't Daemonically empowered was replaced by Bionics, including some heretekal enhancements that have been added since his fall to Chaos. In short, Razarius is a daemonic machine hellbent on death, destruction, and METAL!!!!
    Voice Actor, James Earl Titty Fucking Jones Bitches




    is wayne brady gonna have to choke a bitch?


  14. RAPTOR.

  15. Name: Unknown. called "Little Alpharius" due to his resemblence to the Primarch of the Alpha Legion.

    Former Legion: Alpha Legion

    Class: Traitor Marine


    Weapons: Bolt Pistol, chainaxe
    Daemonic drumkit (Drachlee'yen)


    Daemonic Presence?: none.


    Voice Actor: Kurt Russell (from Tombstone when he played Wyatt Earp)
  16. Yay!

    Application denied until you acknowledge existence of Chaos Assault Marines

    Only thing, Drums were going to be mounted on a Dreadnought and be AOE kind of thing if they were gong to see the battlefield at all. So if you're using drums explain their use upon the battlefield.

    Oh yeah, AND THERE WILL BE AN ORGAN ON THE SHIP!! How pirate-y!
  17. like an exorcist.

    the drunmkits mounted on a rhino, and Little Alpharius plays it. the sound sends out waves of blessed metal that start to convert all who hear it to the Metal Gods.
  18. *points at post above* The point was overpowered, not Godmodding.
  19. slowly khang.

    grimdark isnt as awesome when its super serial.

    grimdark is at its best when it ahs elements of humor.

    for instance, rather than blasting shit to ash, ahve the purpose of sonic weaponry being SLOWLY FUCKING SLOWLY converting our enemies.

    its much more metal to enslave them to our will than it is to jsut annihilate em